tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 25

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 25


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After dinner we took a long, meandering walk to our rooms. The men were looking all over very surreptitiously. It became a game to find the cameras nestled in the walls.

Kein was good and hard to beat. His sharp eyes could easily pick out the aberrations in the solid stone walls. It was Christof that determined the pattern, though.

The cameras watched entrances and exits to the mountains. One pointed to watch women leaving and one pointed to watch them coming in. During the long stretches of closed in caves, there was no one watching. Once you moved deep into the mountain a single camera would occasionally watch places where men would congregate. Essentially the cameras were on the women, though.

Damien understood defense and he understood what the cameras were for. The women didn't really care what the men did, but comings and goings were monitored. The threat here was other women.

Evan imagined this mountain home had to be hard to defend. There were too many entrances and exits. If there were an attack you'd waste valuable fighters guarding superfluous openings in your defense.

They should limit access in order to limit the number of defenders necessary to hold off an invasion. The way it stood now all your fighters would be busy watching openings that may or may not be attacked and none would be in reserve. The danger would come at you from all sides. The attackers should be funneled to a few key access points. The men were surprised the women had not thought this through.

"It wasn't designed, though," I argued as we walked down a corridor heading for our own lodging. "The women mined here and then used it once the mining was done. This is a secondary use for this space."

Bane grunted his displeasure at such obvious ignorance of defensive strategy. If the women were just passing through, camping here would be fine. The women knew they would stay. They should have built a mountain stronghold and ignored the hunt for the ore in this area.

"Wasteful," I chided knowing how much had probably been pulled from these walls.

"Strategically foolish," Bane argued as we entered the short hallway to our rooms.

My mind was bombarded with what they knew about defending your territory. It was crash course in military tactics. Bane was right, from his perspective. The women had left themselves wide open to attack.

Basin's family and Stayne's family were both lounging in the pool as we entered. They called a greeting to Damien and we responded. I was stripped of my outfit and we all got into the large, warm pool.

"They told you your slave would clean your dwelling for you?" Basin asked pulling Rose onto his lap.

Damien responded that's what I'd done last time. The admission did nothing to lessen the anger on Basin's face.

"And the swimming?" Basin asked splashing the water with an angry hand.

No one had said anything to us about swimming.

"The human slaves are required to swim back and forth," Basin indicated the longest length of the pool, "thirty-seven times per day."

Damien was surprised and so was I, but Basin continued to talk.

"Damned Healers did some calculation. They determined inactivity would damage the humans. This is to be their exercise every day," he finished gripping Rose.

I knew Rose and I knew she feared water when Basin was not around. Frankly I wasn't sure she even knew how to swim. Poor girl was being tortured since coming here with every fear she'd ever had.

"Can your girl swim?" Damien asked gently.

Basin was silent for a moment before he admitted Rose could not. They had tried to teach her, but she couldn't move in the water like they did. The men feared the women would come and punish Rose for her inability.

Damien did not understand human psyche, but he understood that Rose felt safe with Basin. Perhaps she could learn from another human with her owners present.

"Ciara will teach her," Damien offered, "while you are here."

Basin agreed and moved closer to us. He did make a point to remind Damien slaves are not women. Rose was not a 'her' or a 'girl'. She was an it.

"Don't be foolish and believe everything you have been told, cousins," Damien laughed. "There is much to learn if you are open to it."

That first night with Rose, I just taught her to float. She was so panicked that she could barely accomplish that. Eventually, I realized if Basin kept a hand on her she calmed down. By the end of our evening she could float without any support.

"That is not swimming," Kein informed me several times.

"If she becomes fearful in the water, Master Kein," I finally explained, "she can float on the surface until she calms. It is an important first step."

"Don't call me Master," was the terse reply. "You are not my slave. You are family."

I looked up at him stunned. Kein looked impassive, but I felt a tiny bit frantic. His friends did not look at the world like he did. They would hurt me if they thought I was an unowned slave.

"They won't harm you," Damien answered my unspoken plea while watching Basin's family over my shoulder. "They know what we would do if they wronged our family."

The large room seemed to freeze in time for a moment. Basin broke the silence as he lifted Rose out of the water and then leapt out himself.

"You have some strange ideas," he said calmly, "but we have no wish to challenge you. If you say the human is under your family protection, we believe you."

Stayne's family had watched the encounter with amusement and followed Basin out.

"I wouldn't advertise such strangeness to the other men, though," Stayne added thoughtfully. "They probably would not respect your wishes."

Damien agreed and pulled me out. Evan wrung the water from my hair with an absorbent cloth as Kein dried my body and we bade the other families a good sleep.

Stayne laughed openly as he slung Fuji into his arm.

"We don't rest yet, cousin, there is still much to do," he said grinning and turning toward his leather flap.

Damien and his Brothers laughed at the implication. I blushed furiously. Although I'd had the displeasure of watching them with Fuji on many occasions, I still was embarrassed for her. Sex should be private and not advertised.

"Then we will be quiet..." Bane whispered in my ear.

They wanted me. I looked into his eyes and saw raging desire.

My hand travelled from his muscular shoulder down his arm until I held his hand. Pulling gently I guided him into our quarters. The air hummed with longing as I tugged him toward the sleeping chamber.

"I want you, big Brother," I said pulling his broad shoulders down.

It was a sweet gentle kiss that gained fire as it went on. Bane's tongue swept into my mouth as he pushed us further toward the bed. His Brothers followed, each thinking of how they would like to relieve their now rampant erections. The sexual energy started to make me much more excited than I had been.

"How do you want me, little Sister?" Bane whispered into my ear.

I liked to face my lovers and be buried under their masculine forms.

"As you wish," Bane said softly before capturing my lips with his own.

While we kissed Bane's hands ran down over my hips and the ample swell of my bottom. He squeezed it lovingly and caressed the round cheeks. Where he and his Brothers were all hard muscle, I was soft and pliant. Bane loved my curves.

The image of my bottom striped came into my conscious mind suddenly. As I kissed Bane, I saw an image of myself as Bane had seen me. My hair was mussed and my skin sweaty. I'd been looking back at him as he touched the lines Damien had put across my ass. The look in my eyes had been seductive and confident.

Bane broke our kiss to look down into my eyes now. The idea of being hit terrified me and I could not understand his memory. Bane's big hand cupped my face gently as his thumb ran over my lips. Their velvet softness reminded him how fragile I was.

They'd made a horrible mistake. Although I was family, I wasn't like them. They couldn't hurt me to teach me. It only left panic.

"No more, little Sister," Bane murmured sincerely, "only softness. Do not fear the pain. Let me pleasure you."

"Never pain, again," Damien promised from the side before walking into the closet.

The way I felt was not healthy. I didn't trust them not to hit me and that just would not do. We would solve the problem tonight.

Damien brought out all the things the men from the red mountains had sold them. The whips and floggers had been bundled into the bags my men had brought with us on the transport. Now the noxious items were carried out and marched into the main room by the pool. Damien laid them down beside a fire pit.

Bane pulled my hand and led me back out to the fire pit. I stood beside it and stared at the pile of things. A large part of me wanted to just throw all those evil things into the fire. It took great control not to start just burning them.

"Then do it," Christof said quietly, "that's why we are out here."

These things would create smoke when burned. It wasn't like the fuel we used usually. Kein was sure that the smoke would move harmlessly out the hole in the ceiling out here. This was a good place to rid ourselves of this mistake.

My hands and arms worked before I'd really thought it out. The family decision was made and I was only doing what we all wanted. Piece after piece of carefully crafted leather was discarded into the pit.

The material smoked and burned in the hot fire. It split into pieces and sizzled with an odd smell. I was happy, elated really, to see it go. That had been all of it, every piece they'd had. I looked up and found Bane watching me.

I was mesmerized by Bane's brown eyes and smiled looking into their familiar depths. He had no urge to harm me, even lightly. My willingness to play with them had been based on trust and that had been broken. We would not do that again.

I was tugged back into the bedroom and Bane encouraged me to lay on the large round bed. Stretching out on the surface I waited for him to join me.

"You were uncomfortable for many days," Bane said putting a hand on my foot and admiring my toes.

The big man knelt on the bed between my knees and ran his hands over my feet and past the cuffs on my ankles. His hands smoothed over my calfs and behind my knees. The soft skin there was sensitive and his touch felt wonderful.

Goose bumps traveled up my legs and Bane smiled tracing the funny bumps. He hit a spot on my hip and they started again until my nipples puckered.

"I like this game," he whispered running his fingers over my chest until an area under my clavicle gave him the desired result.

I knew where I wanted to be touched and pulled his hands between my legs. Bane touched everywhere except where I wanted him. He avoided my clit and the soft wetness below it until I was ready to scream with frustration.

"Do it yourself, then," he said coyly sitting back on his heels. "Show me how you want me to touch you."

I stared stupidly up at him and saw the challenge in his eyes. The idea of watching me stimulate myself turned him on for some reason. He wanted to see what it would look like if I put my own fingers on my flesh.

It had been the equivalent of years since I'd masturbated. The last time I'd tried I had been harshly rebuked by Stayne's family. Frankly, I wasn't sure that I could.

The rest of the family saw the unfolding drama in my thoughts and would not have it. They masturbated themselves when they wanted. I had the same right.

My men surrounded me as I lay on the bed and slowly brought my fingers between my legs. I didn't think I could do this, but they were sure I could. Their assurances gave me the confidence to slide my fingers down over my clit.

On Earth when I'd done this it had to be quickly and quietly. This wasn't Earth and there was no rush right now. I used my one hand to open the lower lips and the started to slowly rub my own moisture over my sensitive, distended flesh.

My uncles on Earth all had pornographic movies. On those the women touched their breasts as they did this. I assumed I should be doing that to give my men the right picture. Damien and his Brothers stopped me from moving my hands, though.

"We want to see how you do this," Kein quietly said. "We don't wish to see you repeat things you have seen."

It took a moment of practice to remember how I used to masturbate. The subtle motion I made with my finger was similar to what Evan did with is tongue. A low sound escaped my mouth as I relished the freedom of this. My toes curled at the fast approaching climax. For the first time in a very long time, my release was all mine.

As I came on the bed, the sexual energy in the room seemed to elevate to new heights. I clenched on nothing for a moment, but all I had to do was ask.

"Fuck me, Bane," I moaned a moment before his big body covered mine.

He drove his staff into my convulsing depths and ground against me. I felt him press me into the bedding as his lips sought mine for a fierce kiss. My wet fingers grabbed his shoulders as he started his relentless motion between my legs.

The loving was frantic and didn't last long. Bane's staying power was limited by his excitement. Seeing me touching myself had been the most erotic thing he'd ever witnessed. He crushed me to the bedding as he poured inside of me.

I took each of them that night. They were sweet and gentle. Just as they'd promised there was no rough play. As it was the lovemaking wore me out and I lay exhausted on the bed once we finished.

Damien laughed as he carried my body to the bath. He was quite proud of the happy, sated look on my face.

It was late and the men were tired. They had something to do before we went to sleep. Since I was no longer distracting them with my waiting body, we went to work.

The only camera we found was in the birthing room. Not surprising really that Nu-reeh might want to watch us in there. The men pulled the leather drape tight across that room and we vowed silently not to enter it unless we had to. The idea of the women watching us made everyone uneasy.

"Time for sleep, sweet woman," Kein finally said pulling me toward the bed.

I followed willingly, crawling under the soft covers. The main room was a little chilly without my dress. The bed room was much warmer. In the bed, Christof's body curled around my back and I drifted to sleep.

The dreams were back in full force. With all the men completely relaxed, the little girl in me explored their memories. She was inquisitive and wormed her way into their most private thoughts. In a strange way the dreaming was intrusive.

Hannah had been straightforward in her quest and never like this. Even in the dreams I felt the men's frustration with this incessant curiosity. They were kept on edge and nearly awake. The life inside of me wanted to know how and why about everything they'd ever done. It was maddening.

I awoke completely in the middle of the night and wandered groggily to the bathroom. I sat on the cool pot and faced the wall. As I yawned I felt a presence behind me. Evan was waiting, as patiently as he could, for me to finish. Once I'd gone he patted me dry and helped me stand. His eyes were flashing in the low light.

"You must make her stop, Ciara," he said quickly. "The questions are too much. It is not enough to see every moment of our lives. This compulsion to dissect every impulse and determine the root of every decision..."

He was frantic, annoyed, and sleep deprived. The new life connected to them was asking for more than the Brothers could give. We needed to rest.

"Hannah allowed us to sleep. She did not need to keep us nearly awake and thinking all night," he said sounding unnerved.

This girl was insanely curious. There had to be a way to satiate her desire, so she'd leave the family be. Desperately, I thought of ways to entertain her.

I remembered the pad suddenly. I'd absently drawn the word for scar on it and then that information had presented itself. Perhaps I could do that again and read her to sleep. I knew even this little life must rest eventually.

Evan was gone in a flash, retrieving the pad from in front of our rooms. I followed him into the main room and settled on a chaise. The room was cool and I rubbed my arms for warmth and then pulled a blanket over myself.

"Get up," Evan ordered, "you may sit in the bed and read until she is satisfied. It is too cold here."

I shook my head and reached for the pad. I'd be fine out here. The men should rest without me disturbing them.

My refusal to just do as he directed infuriated Evan. This last eleven nights had been too frustrating. It had drained his, not overly large, ability to control his emotions. He couldn't deal with my stubbornness right now.

Evan's teeth grew and his stripes darkened. I'd never been subjected to his feral nature. He was controlled and contained by his Brothers usually. Right now Christof's gentle constitution and Damien's demanding presence were not limiting him. It was just us, and I was pissing him off.

"Calm, Brother," I warned in a low, firm voice.

I didn't move from my position and met his fierce stare with a controlled one. This was not a situation to cower or show fear. Evan was dangerous right now. Showing anything less than strength would not do.

Evan liked his routine. He knew when he would sleep and when he would wake. This child was driving him mad. After days of being kept on edge, he needed tonight to regroup, the thing in me was preventing that.

Damien and Bane stalked soundlessly into the room. Evan felt them and was not threatened by their presence. He was calmed by it. Christof further soothed him as he entered and Kein made him feel complete and in control.

Stepping between us, Damien allowed Evan to find his center and balance himself.

Evan had nearly attacked me. In fact, he had wanted to hurt me and make it stop. The presence in his head was maddening. It had moved him past the point of reason and now the guilt crushed in upon him.

Evan knew, as well as his Brothers, that my life force was a flicker compared to theirs. His hands could destroy me before I'd known it was happening. They had to maintain control, especially around me. Evan felt himself an utter failure.

"You are only...," human was the word I wanted to say, but he was not human.

Evan was a creature that built strong connections. The family he choose was more important to him than his own beating heart. It horrified him to have acted so.

Evan did not know what to do. He'd never before wanted to hide from his Brothers. Never in their life had he felt shame like this; it was horrible. The collective shuddered at the stress.

"Forgive him," I ordered standing up and pushing on Damien's back.

No, was the resounding answer. Evan had acted worse than they'd ever seen, baring his fangs at me in threat. No one did that to family.

"You did, too," I argued pushing past Damien, "on the transport when I refused to talk about...things. Forgive him and go back to bed. I'll sit and read to amuse the little one."

I reached for Evan and he jerked back like I'd burned him. He was not forgiven and he had no right to touch me. For a split second he felt as though he was not family.

"Apologize to me and come to bed," I ordered stepping closer to Evan.

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