tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 27

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 27


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I went to the Keepers as usual the next morning. Damien reminded me of my mission as he sat me down.

"Help her," he whispered in my ear glancing at Rose, "you understand why you must."

I looked into his eyes and saw the promise of freedom.

"Yes, Damien, I will work," I whispered up to him.

All morning I did my best. I tried to concentrate and help Rose. It was my job to keep my mind alert and awake. I had to stay strong and powerful. We had to escape.

Christof came to feed me at lunch. We sat under the trees in the forest with Basin and Rose. She assured them I had tried and stayed faithful to the job. Christof smiled at me as we ate. He believed I was trying.

The afternoon was difficult. I stepped into the warm water I loved and wanted to just slip into the quiet beneath the waves. Rose would not let me. She faced her own fear and we started to swim.

Back and forth we went, feeling the water rush over us as we moved through it. It was relaxing and invigorating all at once. Rose had been right, the exercise felt good after a while.

The men showed up to pick me up and I saw the happiness in Damien's face. He clasped my shoulder and smiled. Bane did the same thing and Christof hugged me. They saw the improvement the right mindset had made in me.

I wasn't dull or clouded. I had not given up. For the first time in a long time, I felt energetic.

The men handled the transport themselves today. Kein took the controls and we went to an area I'd never been before. It was set apart from the main compound and there were just a few buildings.

"Look around," Damien encouraged as we stepped off the transport.

Right away I saw the cameras in the tall walls. They were embedded in the rock faces around us, just like in the mountains. The women watched this area very closely.

"This seems familiar," I murmured turning around and looking.

The central area was walled off. In one section there was stadium type seating overlooking the main space. It was like standing in the middle of an arena.

My eyes lit up when I realized how I knew this space. Damien had "fought" with me in my dreams in a place like this. The central area was a sparring ground. The seats were so other men and boys could watch and learn or be entertained.

I asked if I was right and Kein explained. This was the training ground for the children slated to be Warriors. Inside walls just like these was where my family spent a good portion of their childhood.

This would be the perfect place to train me. Other Warriors would not bother us and the boys were excused from this area for the day. It would be our private training ground.

"Come on," Christof encouraged pulling off my sparse ornamentation, "we have to get you dressed for this."

The outfit they had bought me to fight in was quickly pulled over my head and up my legs. Within a few moments I stood before them in boots, pants, a white linen shirt, and my collar & cuffs. Everything I wore, but the jewelry, was a replica of theirs. My hair was even pulled back and bound the way Evan did his own.

My blood was pumping with excitement at the idea I was dressed like this in the compound. This had always just been our secret. Hurriedly I looked around, but the yard was still deserted. It was quiet and secluded, just like they'd promised.

"Here," Christof sighed, handing me a long shaft of wood with a handle, "you are untrained, essentially. It is not proper for you to hold a sharpened weapon in this arena."

I cocked my head at him and Damien just shrugged.

"This place," he gestured, "has certain rules. We feel inclined to follow them when we are here. It was easier to just train you with your own sword, but here that is not how it is done."

"We had to earn the right to sharpen our blades," Kein said wistfully.

The men all chuckled at the memories. Training had been hard work. They reminisced about bonding and learning together. It had been something they enjoyed.

"You will respect the blade more when you have earned the right to use it," Evan informed me as he gestured to the center of the field.

The "training" we had done in the past was markedly different from what we did now. The men had found giving me a blade fun and treated it like a game before. In this place, sword work was taken seriously and there were rules we had to follow.

The first night I learned how to hold a sword and how to stand with one. There were standardized positions the men moved me through. The slow motion exercises were excruciating.

Over and over again we moved through the prearranged pattern. Bane told me the movements would eventually be rote. My muscles would move me through them in fluid synchrony.

"When you have learned them well, we will go faster," Bane promised as we did a slow step-turn combination. "They will be so ingrained you will not falter when you must strike."

It felt like I was doing the Tai-chi movements I'd seen my grandmother do at the gym. I did understand the motions grandmother did were for fitness only, but I was learning to fight. Still the memory of my grandmother made me smile as I worked.

Boys from inside the Child Keepers wandered out to watch us. They sat in front of us in the stands and I dropped my eyes to avoid looking at them. Damien noticed the second I did it and expressed his displeasure. He got right in my face to explain.

"You are family," he said sternly. "We do not stare at the ground in the presence of others. You can't fight staring at the ground and you will not train doing that. Keep your eyes where Bane instructs them to be."

I shook my head and pleaded with him. "The boys will not understand. They will be confused. They are just children."

Damien didn't care. My argument fell on deaf ears. I would act honorably.

Several groups of boys sat in the stands watching us as the sun fell in the sky. At first they seemed confused. As they watched my little display, I heard them snicker and laugh. I had to agree, this probably looked silly to them.

One group finally got bold enough to come down into the arena with us. I heard their friends placing bets on how long they'd last. The boys all thought Damien was going to beat this young family down for watching and now approaching his slave.

The five youngsters drew closer to us and I judged them to be in their older teen years. It still wasn't clear to me how the beings on this planet aged, but that's how they appeared to me.

The young men walked with confidence, so I assumed they must be a more powerful family. Bane had me occupied so I wasn't able to pay too much attention to them. I did notice how familiar one of them seemed, though.

"Damien," the lead boy said seriously, "it is an honor to have Warriors on our training grounds. We wish you a good day."

The little family stood and stared at Bane and I as we trained.

"It is no longer day, Tyle," Damien told the boy while motioning to the darkening sky.

The kid took Damien in stride and thanked him for the rebuke. They stood silently watching as Bane moved me through the poses.

"Feet are all wrong," one of them said pointing, "there is no balance in that stance at all."

Bane agreed with the kid named, Aryn, and told him he had a good eye. My stance was made a little wider and my feet were rearranged. The way I'd been standing would have made it easy to knock me off balance.

The boys stood brazenly near. They were curious, probably one of them had human ancestry. Damien and his Brothers talked to them pleasantly. I could tell the interaction must be peculiar. The boys seemed too hyped up for this to be a normal thing to do.

"It would be better if your slave had someone to follow," Aryn told Bane. "I could stand in front and let the slave copy my movements as it moves."

That didn't make any sense to me, but it did to the men. That was how they were accustomed to doing this exercise. The older boys stood up front and the younger boys stood in the back. Everyone did the exercise together as the less trained watched the more trained.

We started again with Aryn in front of me and it was interesting. I tried to model the way he looked, but felt I was failing miserably. His movements were like my family would have made, smooth and controlled.

I watched the boy in front of me and really thought he looked like someone I should know. He was tall and broad with deep brown hair and eyes. The stubble on his young skin was thick. I imagined he probably had to shave twice a day to keep it looking clean. I kept thinking I knew him from somewhere, which was obviously impossible.

We worked until the light was gone from the sky. I was exhausted and sore, but I felt good. My mind was clear and I felt alert. Rose had been correct; exercise was good for me.

Damien thanked the boys for the help and Tyle answered for his family, he was evidently the lead Brother.

"May we watch the slave train tomorrow eve?" the boy asked. "We will help again," he promised.

"You are free to do as you wish," Damien informed him. "This is your time of day to do with as you will."

Damien's answer seemed to please the boys. They enjoyed knowing this time was theirs. Much like everyone else they relished their freedom.

The boys gave a parting greeting and walked toward the exit. Bane grinned at me as they left.

"You did well, little Sister," he said motioning back toward the spot we'd changed my clothes in. "We will enjoy training you this way."

We stood in a small alcove as the pants and shirt were pulled from me. My boots were the last thing to go and my sandals quickly replaced them. Thanks to the exertion, my body was wet with sweat. I'd been working very hard in the yard. The blue fabric they lay over my breasts stuck to the prominent, raised nipples and adhered to the plump underside. The fabric hung around my waist and clung to my thighs, front and back.

While I was accustomed to nudity, the filmy fabric, when dry, did give me the illusion of privacy. I tugged at the delicate coverings and my hands were pulled away.

"Why did you..?" I started to ask looking up at Kein and noted his attention was glued to my top half.

I didn't fight as he placed my hand at my side. He continued to stare as his fingers began to trace the areolas behind the gauze. My whole body shuddered at the light stimulation and my nipples rose to attention. It was easy to see Kein's teeth were already dropped down watching the subtle change.

Looking at the other men I noted they were paying equal attention to my glistening form. A bead of sweat rolled down between my breasts and Evan seemed riveted on it. He moved in slow motion to bend over and run his tongue up my belly and over my sternum.

They'd never taken me publicly and their attention now made me nervous. While I preformed sexually in front of an audience every time, it was always the same audience. The yard was just not a place I wanted to do this.

"Damien?" I asked hesitantly, looking into his lustful gaze, "could we go back to our rooms, please?"

Despite my best efforts my voice trembled softly. Usually when they looked at me like this their needs were almost uncontrollable. I hoped they would understand my desire for the bedroom. But, it was foolish of me to have ever doubted.

Kein's hand fell away and Evan straightened up immediately. Damien's face lost the look of rampant desire as he spoke.

"You are quite attractive to us like this," he said sounding apologetic and slightly formal. "We would very much like to be back at home with you."

"Come," Christof said motioning me to our transport, he put his hand on my lower back and steered me to stand in the middle as the rest of the family jumped on.

Kein wasted no time in starting the machine and raising it off the ground. We were in the air a moment later.

Other than Christof's hand laying lightly on my back, no one else touched me. I looked up at them and saw their faces each held the same nearly blank expression as they looked forward. Whatever they were thinking about had their entire attention.

Christof caught me looking at him and smiled down at me. His head dipped until his mouth was at my ear.

"We want you very much," he said calmly, "and right now. My Brothers have never lost their control in a public place before. You are...so tempting to us."

I watched as he stood back up and looked forward again. His face held the same calm, stoic demeanor. Knowing how badly they wanted me, I shivered at the implication of the hand on my back. Even waiting, they didn't want to lose physical contact.

Kein dropped us right at our door today. I followed Damien off and into our quarters. Three of the Brothers followed me inside and we stood in the anteroom for a moment. The transport obviously had to be taken downstairs and I wasn't sure what to do with the few moments before Kein arrived.

"Perhaps I should bathe?" I asked looking up into Christof's eyes, he still looked stoic and calm like he had on the transport.

"Of course," he answered beginning to remove the damp fabric from my skin.

We moved to the shower room where Bane started the water and moved out of its way. I stepped beneath the spray and let it hit my head and run down into my hair. Lifting the thick weight in my hands and twisting, I rung out the excess. The water felt wonderful on my over heated skin as it hit my bare back.

Turning to face the showers I let the water hit my face and breasts. The steady drum over my nipples made me remember the slight stimulation Kein had given them. I felt them flush and rise in preparation for more attention. The water couldn't take the burgeoning flush out of my cheeks as it rinsed the sweat away.

Strangely enough, no one was touching me. Perhaps the men wouldn't bathe me tonight. Maybe they were waiting for Kein in the other room. Arching in the water, I stretched out my tired muscles. The exercise had been fun, but strenuous.

Where was my family anyway? I never bathed alone.

Wondering about the men, my hand strayed over my bare stomach and down to my hip. I missed the gentle massage that always was part of my baths. A low groan made me open my eyes and turn.

All five of my men were fully clothed and watching me. They stood in a tight semicircle just outside the spray of the showers. Not one of them had even bothered to take off their boots. If the looks in the yard had been dangerous, now they were downright feral.

It had been a long time since I'd been tempted to call them Master or felt the urge to back away. The raw hunger that seemed to consume them right now made me feel slightly nervous. There was power in my vulnerability, though. I'd never seen them look at another woman the way they looked at me. No one else raised this emotion in them.

I stretched a second time with my arms raised above my head. Slowly bringing them down I passed my hands lightly over my own nipples and held my breasts out, for a moment, in offering. My fingers skimmed along my ribs and down to stroke across the cleft between my thighs.

"Do you want to wash me?" I asked seductively. "I could do it myself if you all are busy."

Their boots were gone, quickly followed by shirts and pants. Evan was done first and I took a half step back as he quickly approached.

"Do I frighten you, Ciara?" he asked teasingly.

I shook my head 'no' as I stared defiantly back at him.

His blue eyes were bright and full of mischief as he leaned closer to me. He grasped my hair and pulled steadily to expose the line of my throat. Both my hands came up to rest on his chest. I didn't push him away and just felt the steady beat of his heart under my hands.

Evan's tongue ran a long slow line from my collar to my chin. He repeated several times until he'd covered my neck. Moaning slightly I was forced to enjoy the rasp of his tongue sweeping against my skin. Twisting my head gently, he sucked the water off my right ear. The warmth and wetness made me quiver and I lost track of time as he tasted.

A soft rubbing started on my back as Evan blew into my ear. I recognized the soapy sponge moving in steady circles. My legs felt weak as Evan chuckled and stood up straight. He kept a firm grasp on my hair and tugged it up and out of the way. I was pulled flush to his chest as my back was washed.

The arousal had been playing tricks on my senses and I came back to myself with Evan's firm manhood pressed against my stomach. I looked up into his smug face and wanted very much to feel irritated with his game. He'd made me as crazy as I was making them.

My irritation was short lived as the sponge started to rub across my backside. Fingers separated the bouncy cheeks so the sponge could reach every nook and cranny. The feel of the sponge was maddening on the sensitive skin. Even worse was the finger that swirled tauntingly around the edges of my tight star. My back arched involuntarily as the sponge changed hands and slipped lower between my legs.

The wicked little thing was dragged slowly across my womanhood several times. It was almost too much and not nearly enough. Whispered pleas were met with several laughs and my legs were pressed farther apart.

"We will make sure you are clean," Christof whispered in my ear.

It was his long fingers that cleaned the lips of my pussy. Those same fingers worked the soap diligently around my hardening clit until I was panting and writhing in Evan's grasp. He only smiled and added a hand against my back. The feel of a strong hand pressing me against his cock made me squirm with desire.

Evan lowered his lips to mine and I kissed him voraciously. He still controlled my head with his hand fisted in my hair. Suddenly he pulled back from my lips and I he wouldn't allow me to follow. He smirked at my desperation as Christof slowly started to slide his fingers into my aching center. Evan seemed to be enjoying the frustration on my face as his Brother teased my sex.

"More," I begged gripping Evan's strong arms, "please fill me."

Christof's thin fingers were not enough to satisfy the needy part of me. I craved the length and thickness that only one part of them could provide.

"Not yet," Damien said crouching down beside us. He picked up the sponge and started to soap the leg on that side.

Piteous little begging sounds escaped my throat as he ran the sponge up and down my legs. Damien made sure he cleaned all the sensitive parts very thoroughly. Behind my knees and between my toes received extra exploration and cleaning. Before long I found myself licking Evan's muscled chest and grinding against his full erection.

"Time for the front," Kein announced happily.

Without missing a beat Evan pushed me backwards. I would have stumbled, but was stopped by Bane's hairy chest. He took over Evan's job and grabbed my hair, pulling me tight against him.

"Wash yourself, Brother," Damien said to Evan while leaning on the wall and watching Kein come toward me, "we will assist her with her bath."

This was the way they'd done it the entire time, I realized. Each of them had quickly bathed while the others tormented me. My arousal had been a well planned game from the very beginning.

"You win," I said hoarsely watching Kein build a lather up on the sponge. "I want you, please take me to the bed."

I knew what Kein would do, how he would take his time working my breasts into over sensitized mounds of flesh. My large nipples would ache for his touch because of it once he was done. I was already wild with need and mistakenly I tried to stop him.

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