tagLoving WivesA Slippery Slope

A Slippery Slope


Andrea had been away for a week. She was in Toronto visiting her family during her summer break but I had to work. We spoke each morning and every night; it was mostly the same. Talking about how each of our days had been and how we missed each other. Then, yesterday she admitted that she was extremely horny and really wanted me. She had been so horny that she had masturbated a little but then felt awkward about it since I wasn't around to enjoy it. I told her to do what she had to and she accepted that.

Andrea is a little shorter than me, about 5'8" and a little on the plump side but not overly so, although she certainly thinks she is. She is a brunette with natural red hi-lights. Her best feature various depending on my mood; being either her DDD-sized breasts or her amazing ass. All she has to do is slightly flaunt one and I am horny and ready to go.

The truth is, I had been masturbating every day imagining all sorts of "trouble" that she could get herself into out there without me around, knowing that she wouldn't even show an excessive amount of cleavage let alone do anything naughty.

The call had ended shortly after that as she headed off to bed and I proceeded to masturbate, imagining her masturbating and getting caught by her sister, or even better, by her sister's boyfriend.

The next morning she admitted that she had masturbated and came (of course, no one caught her), but that it hadn't helped; in fact, she was hornier than before. I jokingly replied that maybe I should e-mail her some photos of my erection to get her even more worked up. Surprisingly, she didn't object so I decided to go a head and do it right then and there while she was on the phone.

When she saw the pictures, she started masturbating again with me on the phone and I joined in. Very quickly we both came and I said I better go to clean up and get to work. She bade me goodbye by telling me that she wanted me so bad she could barely stand it. I reminded her that she had another week to go and to have a good day.

My mind wasn't on work much that day, I was too distracted thinking about Andrea masturbating to pictures of my erection. When I got home I found a message on the machine from Andrea asking me to call her as soon as I got in. I called her quickly since her voice didn't sound quite right. When she got on the phone she was very subdued and she told me she had something that she had to admit.

"What is it honey?" I asked.

"Please don't hate me, " she plead. I could nearly hear tears in her voice.

"Why would I hate you?"

"I've done something really horrible."


"Will you promise not to hate me?"

"Of course I won't hate you, just tell me what it is."

"I can't, you'll hate me forever."

Knowing that it couldn't be anything that horrible I decided to push her a little. "If it is that bad, don't you think I deserve to have you tell me?"

"I ... I ... I cheated on you. Don't hate me, please."

"You what? When? With who?"

"I had sex, today, with Chris."

"How did it happen?" I asked in stunned disbelief. I wasn't angry or even upset, I was too surprised. I never expected that Andrea would cheat on me. I have to admit, I was also a little turned on.

"Well this morning after we got on the phone I still had the pictures up and was looking at them when Katheryn came in. I tried to quickly close them but she caught me and stopped me. She looked at them as I tried to get them closed. Then I noticed that she was rubbing herself a little. I yelled at her, saying that you're my husband. She said it didn't matter, that I could see Trev if I wanted. She told me to go to her room right now as he was getting changed. I figured turn about was fair play and I didn't think you would mind me looking as you have said before that it wouldn't bother you."

"True, that doesn't bother me."

"So I walked in and Trev was standing there naked. He was exactly in the middle of changing. I stopped and stared. He had a nice dick. He also stopped and we stood in awkward silence for a few moments, until he started to get a little erect. Then I stammered an apology and he tried to cover up as I backed out of the room, looking for as long as possible. Once I closed the door I could feel that I was dripping wet and I rubbed a bit. When I got back to the computer, Katheryn had your pictures open again. I told her to stop and I closed them and then logged out of my e-mail."

Andrea paused here. "Go on," I prompted.

"After a few minutes, we started discussing your and Trevor's dicks. She admitted that prior to seeing the pictures of your penis, she hadn't seen anyone's except Trev's. She said it had made her wet. I admitted the same about seeing Trevor's. She then decided to go back to her room, I think to do it with Trevor, and left me alone. I started to masturbate again as I was extremely horny, both from seeing Trevor's dick, and I have to admit, a bit from Katheryn seeing pictures of yours."

"You enjoyed your sister seeing my penis?"

"Yes, don't tease me about it, I feel bad enough as is."

"I'm not teasing, I just would not have expected that to turn you on."

"Well it did. Anyway, I came again but still no relief. Later, when I saw Katheryn and Trevor, we pretended like nothing had happened but I couldn't stop thinking about his penis and I think he stayed partly erect the entire time he was around. They went out a little while later, just after mom got home. Chris and his mom, old family friends, were supposed to come over for a visit this afternoon but Margarite wasn't feeling well so Chris came on his own. Mom decided to let us visit and she went out to run some errands. While we were sitting talking, I started to wonder what his dick looked like. Eventually he noticed that I was distracted and asked why. At first I wouldn't tell him but finally I told him I had walked in on Trevor naked and told him that other than you, that was the only time I had seen a man's dick, and it was just for a few seconds. He then asked if I wanted to see his and I responded yes without thinking. I tried to take it back but he stood up and said that I had to undo his pants. I tried not to but he talked me into it. Soon he was standing there naked from the waist down and he had a fairly solid erection. I immediately started to get wet, even worse that that morning because it was right in front of me and I could examine it plus Chris was more erect than Trevor had been. Chris asked what I thought and I said I liked it but I wish it was more erect. He told me to stand up and I did. Next thing I knew he grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. His penis immediately responded as my breasts, in my bra, came into view. I objected but he said that I had wanted it erect. He then told me to remove my bra. I did and as my breasts were totally exposed he rose to full attention. He then started fondling my breasts. I didn't even object since I was so horny, I just started playing with his dick."

She paused but I chose to remain silent so as not to stop her since she was on a roll telling me the story. At this point I was fully at attention too and was slowing playing with myself.

"He bent down and began to suck my nipples. It felt so wonderful I didn't even notice that he had undone my pants and I spread my legs as he pulled them down. He then started to rub me through my soaking g-string. All I remember next is I was laying on the couch and he was between my legs. He rested his erection against me and slowly slid in. After what felt like hours I came and I finally began to feel relief. He came as soon as my orgasm slowed and then I realized what I had done. I tried to get him off but he stayed put and continued to fondle my breasts. He only stopped when I told him my mom would be home soon. He got dressed and left. I then called and left the message for you. I am so sorry."

"Why are you sorry?"

"For cheating on you," she responded in a slightly confused tone.

"Did you do this because you love him?"

"No, I was just really horny and couldn't control myself."

"Then you didn't cheat on me, you just had sex. You didn't make love."

"You're not mad?"

"No, in fact, I'm quite aroused. I like the idea that you were so horny that you couldn't control yourself and I loved hearing about you having sex."

"What?" she asked in stark surprise.

"Yeah. In fact, I was masturbating while you told the story and I came when you got to the point of you two coming in the story."

"You're really not mad? You don't hate me?"

"No. I think it's fine that you had sex because you were too horny and masturbating wasn't helping. I would have preferred if I had known first that you were going to but I am fine with it. You didn't lie to me or try to hide it, that is what would have made me mad."

"So you're okay with me having sex with other people?"

"Well it depends what you mean by other people. I don't want you going out and having sex with any guy you can find but with select people is okay. As long as you still love me and still want to have sex with me when you can, I don't see a problem with it. As I said, I actually like it."

"So if I wanted to have sex with Chris again, you would be okay with it?"

"Yes, as long as you tell me about it after."

"You're dirty."


"Okay, well I might then. Anyway, I need to go to bed. I love you."

"Love you too sweetie. Have fun."

"I will," she replied with a twinkle in her voice.

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