A Slow Seduction


I already knew the answer to the question. If a young man who had Laurel's looks, her personality, her intelligence, her dry, quirky humour, her warmth towards me, if such a man had asked me out, not only would I have agreed in a moment, I'd be making damn sure I had a packet of condoms in my handbag as well, just in case. The realisation really scared me. Licking my lips nervously, I said, "But...Alice, please don't take this the wrong way, but I've seen you with girls -- several girls. I'm not ready to be hurt again."

She grinned at that. "Not all dykes are like me. I'm not into commitment, I like variety. Laurel isn't like that. She told me once all she wants is to find true love, but if anything she's been more unlucky than you. She came down to London with a university lecturer she was involved with, but she dumped Laurel almost as soon as they got here. Then Jenny -- you remember she used to come to the pub on Sundays when you started coming? Well, Laurel and her were together for a few months, and Laurel was just starting to think it might be the real deal, when she walked in one day to find Jenny with her head buried in some other girl's twat. To be honest, I never really thought Jenny and Laurel were right together, Jenny was too controlling. But you and Laurel, every time I see you together it looks like a relationship waiting to happen. The only one of our Sunday crowd who hasn't already cottoned onto that is you."

My mind reeling, I stood and thanked Alice. I started to return to my office, then a thought occurred to me. I turned back to her. "Alice, I don't know if Laurel asking me out is a good thing or not, not yet. But I do know one thing -- the real best thing that's happened to me in a long time is you becoming my friend." For the second time in a few hours I made a lesbian blush, but this one gave me a big grin and told me to piss off!

For the next few hours I couldn't concentrate on my work, or anything else but how I really felt about Laurel asking me out, and about her declaration of attraction to me. That evening, when I wandered into our lounge to be with Alice, she looked a little surprised to see me. Hesitantly, she said, "Tine, you're not pissed off with me are you, over what I said? Only you hardly said a word to me all the way home from work today."

Now it was my turn to feel embarrassed. I crossed quickly to Alice and brushed a hand across her hair. "Oh I'm sorry Al, no, of course I'm not pissed off with you. I was just a bit pre-occupied." I was about to offer to make her a fresh cup of coffee, but at that moment my mobile phone buzzed.

It was Laurel, sounding even more nervous than at lunchtime. "Hi Tina, sorry to bother you, I just wanted to check we're still on for tomorrow night, that you haven't changed your mind."

I sat opposite Alice, and locked my eyes on hers as I replied to Laurel. "No Laurel, I haven't changed my mind about tomorrow night. Only...I think we should call it a first date." Laurel sounded delighted at my comment. As I disconnected Alice leapt out of her chair, threw herself down next to me on the couch and, for the first time, we had a big sisterly hug. It felt lovely.

I was so nervous at work the next day, and finished early to get home to prepare. Alice helped me choose my outfit -- a pale blue dress that emphasised my curves and my cleavage, and flat shoes for comfort -- and she showed an unsuspected talent for hairstyling. I wore my hair up, with little ringlets hanging down in front of my ears. As I left Alice gave me a kiss on the cheek and another hug, and said, "Just relax and have a good time, okay?"

Laurel and I were going to a local Indian restaurant, and had agreed to meet there. She looked absolutely stunning, in a figure-hugging black trouser-suit, with a low-cut black silk blouse. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail with black silk ribbon. She's naturally about three inches taller than me, but with the court shoes she was wearing her height advantage was doubled. We gave each other friendly pecks on the cheek, and she placed a hand in the small of my back to guide me into the restaurant, murmuring how lovely I looked. We were both a bit reserved until we'd eaten, but over liqueur coffees Laurel asked, "So tell me, what was it that changed your mind about this being a date?"

I smiled. "I had a chat with Alice -- she talks a lot of sense, I think she'd make a good psychologist. And what you said was true, as well: if you like someone enough, it really doesn't matter whether they happen to be male or female. I love spending time with you. I mean, I'm not saying that I've definitely decided to...erm..."

I couldn't think of the right words to say what I meant, but Laurel understood. She reached across the table and squeezed my hand. "I know. Let's just take things slowly, and see what happens. At the very worst, I've got a really good friend in you, and I wouldn't want to do anything that would mess that up."

As Laurel started to walk me home, she slipped her arm around my shoulders. It felt nice, and entirely natural, and I rested my arm in turn around her waist. When we reached my home we stood with our arms around each other's waists, gazing into each other's eyes. Laurel said softly, "May I kiss you goodnight?"

I nodded. "Mmm, that'd be nice." I closed my eyes as she lowered her head and her soft lips met mine. It was just a nice, affectionate kiss with closed mouths -- but my pussy gave a lurch that caught me completely by surprise.

I asked Laurel if she'd like to come in for coffee, but she smiled and shook her head. "Not this time. I'll see you tomorrow at the gym. Take care, sweetness." Then she turned and left. I didn't go inside until the click of her heels along the pavement had faded away. I wasn't entirely surprised to find Alice waiting up with a cup of cocoa for me, and we sat up for two hours talking excitedly and giggling like schoolgirls.

The following day was Saturday, and I bounced out of bed, eager to get to the gym and see Laurel again. She was waiting slightly nervously for me in the fitness room. Nobody else was around, and I walked straight over to her and kissed her on the cheek, telling her how much I'd enjoyed our date. She smiled happily. "Well, if you'd like to do it again, you could come round to my place this evening if you like. I'll cook us dinner then walk you home," she added quickly, obviously worried that I might get the wrong idea from her invitation. "That's if you want to. There's no pressure, tell me if you think I'm going too fast."

I shook my head. "No, I don't think having another dinner together is going too fast. I'd love to see your place." All through our gym session I could barely take my eyes off her. Every time we touched, just brushing each other's arms or whatever, my skin tingled excitingly. I rushed home from the gym and spent the rest of the day readying myself for the evening. As I soaked in the bath, I thought long and hard again about what I really felt for Laurel; and how my feelings seemed to have changed in the last few hours.

I decided to go for a more casual look than the previous evening, wearing my hair down, with black jeans, a plaid lumberjack shirt and trainers. After much debate with myself, I chose thong panties and a half-cup bra that pushed my boobs up and left my nipples exposed. They were clearly visible pressing against the material of my shirt.

When Alice saw me she gave a long, low wolf whistle and waggled her eyebrows suggestively. I sat down in front of her and said, "Alice, I...I think I might want to sleep with Laurel tonight. I don't know what to do."

She looked momentarily taken aback, then gave me a wicked grin and said, "Just go for it girl."

I shook my head, laughing quietly. "No, I mean...I don't know how to...oh God Alice, you must know what I mean, how do lesbians make love? I mean obviously I've got an idea, but, well..." I trailed off, feeling embarassed and pathetic.

She looked at me for a moment as if I'd gone made, then burst out laughing. She stopped though when she saw a look of pain on my face. "Oh Tina, I'm sorry. Are you seriously asking me to tell you how to have sex with another woman? Did you ask someone how to do it the first time you screwed a feller?"

I shrugged helplessly. "That seemed pretty obvious."

Alice nodded, serious now. "And so's this. Just do what you feel you want to, I promise you it'll come naturally and you'll be fine. Think about what you like men doing to you -- apart from the obvious, I mean." She could see how worried I still was, and squatted on the floor in front of me, taking my hands in hers and kissing my palms. "Look babe, Laurel knows you haven't done this before, and she'll be gentle with you, I know she will. Try not to be scared, just relax and enjoy it, and everything will be great." She sat on the couch next to me for the next half hour, cuddling me, stroking my hair and reassuring me. Then she saw me off at the door with a worried smile.

When I reached Laurel's place she greeted me with a huge beam. As her eyes passed up and down me my stomach knotted nervously and my pussy tingled again. I would never have believed just a few days earlier that another woman could have such an effect on me. She looked as lovely as ever: this time she was in a dress, a simple black one, buttoned to the waist, knee-length and sleeveless and a modest V neckline. Her hair hung loose down her back. She had a studio flat above a row of shops, and what she had done with it was amazing. It was an oriental look, with silk prints of Japanese figures, cranes and so on on the wall, and paper screens decorated with Chinese lettering separating the bed from the lounge area. I told Laurel I thought it was quite beautiful.

Appropriately, she'd made us a beef teriyaki with stir-fried vegetables, which was really delicious. We didn't chat much, just ate in easy silence, smiling at each other and sipping a gorgeous red wine. Afterwards I sat on a couch patterned with jasmine flowers with Laurel opposite me in a matching armchair while we listened to a CD of jazz music, the lights turned low. I've never really heard much jazz, and this was wonderfully mellow, original recordings from the 1920s and '30s featuring artists with names like Bix Beiderbecke, Kid Ory and Ma Rainey. I closed my eyes and drank in the sweet melodies. Then I felt my shoe laces being untied, and a moment later Laurel's warm hands closed over one of my feet, massaging it gently but firmly. I couldn't help groaning with pleasure and in a quiet voice, she asked, "Do you like that?" I could only moan again in confirmation. The feelings her hands were creating in me were quite incredible, and were racing straight up my legs and into my pussy.

After a few minutes she stopped massaging me and stood, taking my hand in hers. She smiled down at me and whispered, "Would you like to dance?" I stood and we held each other close, both barefoot, shuffling around the tiny space, our bodies pressed against each other, completely ignoring the changing rhythms of the music.

As we danced, I whispered to Laurel, "Why are you interested in me? I'm just a dowdy old frump, and I'm so much older than you."

She shook her head emphatically. Then she said, "Age is just a number. Anyway, I've always gone for more mature women. And you're not dowdy or frumpy, you are so, so beautiful." She kissed me lightly on the lips, then continued, "Do you know why Jenny left me?"

Slightly embarrassed, I said, "Well, Alice said you caught her with another woman."

She nodded, then spoke again. "That was only part of it. That day, when I walked in on her with the other girl, she knew what time I'd be home. She wanted me to catch them, to save her the hassle of having to tell me we were over. The reason she did it -- well, part of the reason -- was that she accused me of wanting you, said I'd fallen in love with you and I was cheating on her in my mind. The absolute truth is, she was right." She kissed me again, and for a moment her tongue flickered against my lips.

Just as my body began to meld into Laurel's, she pulled way and said, "Well, I suppose I'd better walk you home."

Perplexed by the sudden change of gear, I stuttered, "But I thought..."

She stopped me, placing a finger on my lips. "Not yet. I'm terrified of freaking you out, and driving you away. I want you to be absolutely sure before we make love for the first time."

Her eyes widened slightly in surprise as I pulled her to me. Wrapping her in my arms I said, softly but determinedly, "Laurel, I am sure. Absolutely. I love you, and I want to express my love for you."

Before she could react I kissed her, our most passionate kiss yet, pressing my tongue past her lips and circling it around hers. Her eyes closed and she pushed against me with a moan, the fingers of one hand trailing through my hair while her other arm pulled me even tighter to her. After a while she broke away, gasping for breath, and clung to me, whispering, "Oh God darling, I want you so much."

Without breaking our clinch we shuffled in the direction of the bed. I suddenly felt incredibly nervous over what was about to happen. As if she understood that, Laurel lay me on the bed then broke our contact, walking quickly round to the other side. For probably a full minute we lay about a foot apart, just smiling at each other in silence. Then I felt her toes stroking my foot, and she leant in, placed a hand behind my head, and kissed me, with infinite tenderness. Her arm slipped down to my back and she gently pulled me to her. I began to reach out to hold her too, but my hand fell short, cupping around her breast, outside her dress -- it just felt the natural thing to do. The intensity of our kiss began to increase, and Laurel's thigh pressed between mine, rubbing against my jeans. I could feel my thong dampening, and beginning to stick to my pussy.

Acting of their own volition, it seemed, my fingers undid a button of Laurel's dress and my hand slipped inside. I eased it under the silky material of her bra and, for the first time in my life, I held another woman's breast. She moaned into my mouth and pushed against me. The boob I was holding was a little smaller than mine, but considerably firmer. I squeezed it timidly, and felt her nipple press against my palm. Laurel quickly unbuttoned my shirt and began to pull it off my shoulders. We sat up, rather awkwardly, our lips still locked together, so that she could remove my shirt entirely, leaving in it only the arm whose hand I was reluctant to remove from her chest. She whispered "Wow!" against my mouth when she saw my half-cup bra.

We fell back into our lying position, and Laurel immediately detached her mouth from mine and, easing the cup fully down with her fingers, sucked one of my breasts between her lips. As her warm mouth closed over my tit, and her tongue began to caress my nipple, I felt my eyes pricking with tears. I couldn't have explained why: what she was doing just felt so incredibly right, as if I'd been waiting my whole life for it and only just found out. Struggling to breathe, let alone talk, I murmured, "Laurel, I want to get undressed."

She released my boob, held my face between her hands and kissed my nose, then whispered, "Good idea, honey."

For some reason I felt ridiculously shy in front of this woman who was about to become my lover, and turned my back to her to quickly slip off my clothes. I had to peel off my thong -- I couldn't believe how wet I already was, and she hadn't even touched me there yet. When I turned back to Laurel, she had slipped under the duvet, but had rolled it down to her waist. I just stared at her, thinking she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her body was quite pale, her neck long and graceful like a swan's; her breasts stood up proudly -- when I lay on my back mine spread out across my chest. My nipples are round, like little berries, but Laurel's were long and slim, a dark pink colour. Her slim waist began to taper out into full hips where the duvet covered her. I realised she was taking in my body too, and slipped under the duvet to join her.

I felt momentarily awkward, but Laurel wrapped me in her arms and pulled me to her, and for the first time I felt a woman's breasts nestling against my own, her soft belly pressing against mine. It was an incredible experience, and I got an attack of the shivers. Laurel held me tightly, pressed her cheek to mine and stroked my hair, whispering, "Shh, shh, it's okay honey." Cupping my face in her hands again, she looked into my eyes, and asked, "Do you just want to cuddle up for now, and get used to it? We don't have to do anything else, really."

I shook my head determinedly. "No, I'm sorry, I...I really want us to make love tonight, Laurel."

She smiled, a lovely sight, and kissed my cheek, whispering, "Oh Tina, I am so in love with you." We kissed deeply and I began to relax into her embrace. Again Laurel pressed her thigh gently between my legs, this time meeting my bare pussy. My hips started twitching back and forth, wetting her leg with my juice. A sudden surge of emotion overtook me and I bear-hugged her to me, pressing my face into hers as I threw all my passion into our kiss. Any reluctance I might ever have felt was a distant memory -- at that moment I wanted that woman more than I'd ever wanted anything in my entire life.

Laurel giggled at my enthusiasm and eased me onto my back, laying half across me. Dragging her lips from mine, she attached them to my throat, then kissed her way back to my breasts. She kissed one then the other, over and over; each time she stroked the other one with her hand, her fingertips flicking against my nipples. Somewhere, a long way off, I could hear someone moaning wildly, and I knew it was me. I closed my eyes and my head arched back on the pillow, feeding my breast deeper into her mouth as the most amazing sensations coursed from my chest, down through my body and into my pussy. Her hand followed. I shivered as her fingers trailed across my sensitive belly, then I felt the heel of her hand resting on my neatly trimmed blonde pubic bush, as fingertips entered the top of my pussy. I jumped and squeaked as they brushed across my clit. Through a mouthful of breast, Laurel mumbled, "Oh angel, you're so wet. Can I kiss you there?"

I'd lost all power of speech, and groaned assent, nodding my head desperately. My eyes still squeezed shut, I felt her kiss across my tummy, then her tongue connected with my clitty, her fingers simultaneously sliding smoothly into me and stroking my tender inner flesh. It felt as if all the breath had been driven from m body. Immediately the most incredible feelings began passing through me in waves. It felt as if my blood was boiling in my veins, and my entire being was concentrated in those few inches of myself between my thighs. Tim had done this for me a few times, with little enthusiasm, but as Laurel alternated her hands and her mouth between my clit and my inner pussy it was like experiencing the finest wine ever bottled after previously tasting only tap water.

My throat was becoming raw with my moaning, and I honestly thought I might die from the sheer ecstasy of what Laurel was doing to me. I felt my legs pulling my knees upwards, and I reached down and wrapped my hands behind them, trying to give Laurel as much room to pleasure me as possible. I could feel my climax building inside me, and when it came I screamed and sobbed, rolling from side to side, clawing at my own legs as it felt as though my internal organs were actually pumping themselves out of me and onto Laurel's sweet tongue. She moaned too as I released, but continued stroking me with her tongue, nose and fingers, and within seconds my hips lurched again as I enjoyed one of the first double orgasms or my life.

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