tagMatureA Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 02

A Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 02


Tim stood in front of the toilet and looked down at his erect cock. For the last 2 weeks, he had gone through the same routine every morning. He awoke with a raging hard-on and tremendous urge to pee. He had to sneak into bathroom hoping his mother wouldn't see him. At first, it didn't seem to be a problem but now Tim was starting to become concerned.

He noticed the change about a week ago. His cock had become visibly larger, both in length and girth. It felt heavier, fuller. He felt good about it at first. Every guy wants a bigger package, he thought. He never imagined that it might become too big. His erections had become harder, almost painful. The head of his cock appeared almost angry, purple red.

His balls had become larger also, which caused more concern. When he came now when he jacked off, it seemed likes gallons. Cum was everywhere.

Speaking of jacking off, Tim felt the need to do it more often. Once a day was not enough. He was up to three times a day and yet he wasn't satisfied. He could feel the tension built in his balls, throughout his whole body, as they grew heavier. He'd jack off and it would go away only to return, each day quicker and more often.

His work as a lifeguard at the local pool was becoming a nightmare. Pretty girls in their tiny bikinis were everywhere. He was afraid to even look at them in fear of getting a hard-on. He wore his baggiest swim trunks over his Speedo hoping to hide what could happen. Swim practice was becoming impossible because he barely fit in his racing suit.

No, this was becoming something out of his worst dreams. Who could he talk to? His mom? That didn't seem right. "Doc" Amy? Maybe, because this might be a side effect to those acne pills. His acne was all gone on his face and from what he could see, his back looked much better. He had fantasized about Amy and him but this would be so different, not what he dreamed of at all.

He need to do something, talk to someone real soon because this was becoming a "big" problem.

Kristi was exhausted. These past two weeks had been like hell. Reports, meetings, deadlines had all come together at work. It had been crazy. She came home late every night and even went in on Saturday. She had no time for herself or even to talk with Amy. She was just as busy with her deadlines and reports. Home late every night, a glass of wine and then off to bed was the routine.

All this work had made her incredibly tense and nervous. She knew what she needed to do but she was even too tired for that. When this was all over she was going to use her toy until the batteries died. Better yet, perhaps find a man who she could use just for a good time. She knew she couldn't do that but it might be nice for once.

She also felt she wasn't being a very good mom to Tim. She had rarely seen him during the two weeks but she sensed something was wrong. She didn't know what but he seemed more withdrawn and sullen than ever before. This last week he was home before her and shut away in his room. He was missing swimming practice too. Normally they joked around and genuinely had a lot of fun together. In the few times she had seen him, he had a hard time making eye contact and seemed to keep the conversations short.

No, this wasn't like Tim and it bothered her.

On Sunday Kristi wanted to get up early and see if she could have a talk with him, just touch base and see if everything was all right. She missed him as he left for work so she decided to go to his room and get his laundry. When she opened the door she was shocked. His room, normally very neat, was a mess. Clothes were everywhere and there were even some dirty dishes in there. The mess only added to her feeling that something was wrong.

She gathered up the dirty clothes and wet towels and put them in the hamper. Next she stacked the dishes on his desk. As she was doing this she bumped his computer. Tim must have left it on because the screen brightened and then came on. What Kristi saw made her stop and look.

Tim had been watching porn and this was definitely a porn movie of some type. What made her look was the woman on the screen.

The woman had brown shoulder length hair and wore glasses. She seemed about 30 years old. She was dressed in a white lab coat that showed off a lot of cleavage. Kristi looked closer.

"Damn!" she thought. "That looks like Amy."

Kristi didn't know what made her take the next step but she clicked on "Play" and the video started. It was very tame at first. "Amy" moved around what appeared to be an examination room, bending over, exposing more of her breasts and showing her ass. She was wearing white stockings too. Kristi surmised that it was for the nurse effect.

"Not much going here," Kristi murmured to herself.

What happened in the next few moments took her breath away.

An off-screen voice announced that the patient had arrived and "Amy" told her to come in and make herself comfortable. When the patient entered and faced the camera, Kristi gasped and dropped the dirty plate she was holding. What she saw hit her like a punch in the stomach. The "patient" looked like her! Same hair color, same height, same eye color, slightly larger breasts but she could have passed as Kristi's twin.

Kristi sank into the chair, mesmerized at the scene on the screen.

The "patient" removed her clothing revealing her black stockings and garters. She wore nothing else. She hopped on the table and "Amy" began the examination. Some lame story line about being unable to orgasm or something.

"Amy" began to fondle then suck on the patient's breasts. Kristi had become so immersed that she could feel what she was seeing. Her pussy began to throb as she squirmed in the chair. She slid her hand under her t-shirt and cupped her breasts. Her nipples puckered up as she pulled on them like woman on the screen, She suddenly wanted more. She slid one hand under the waistband of her sweats. Heat radiated from beneath her panties, beckoning for her attention. She brushed her fingers over the smooth surface of white satin, and her gaze lowered, desire colored her cheeks. She continued to watch the screen.

Her pussy clenched beneath the thin covering of clothe. The urge to slide her finger into her pussy grew out of control. She had to surrender to it. She eased her hand into her panties, searching for the source of the irresistibly moist warmth. A smile came to her lips and she gasped. Her pussy clenched, hungry for more. She brushed her fingers over her clit and she gave out a deep low moan. A jolt of pleasure rocked through her. Her pussy dripped with desire.

She moaned as "Amy" moved between the "patient's" legs. She felt as if she was watching herself.

Heat flushed her cheeks, shame and need combined as she slid a finger deep inside. Her thumb rubbed her clit. Kristi bit down on her bottom lip, her panties wet, and her thighs tight.

Her hard nipples strained against her t-shirt. Her breath came in short, sharp gasps. She groaned. She couldn't hold back much longer. She didn't want to hold back. She craved the release that was just out of reach. No! She wanted more. Her hips danced; passion claimed her thoughts and movement. Tears stung her eyes. She didn't want the moment to end.

Kristi gave a long low moan. Her hips shuttered. It hurt. Oh God, it hurt but she wanted more. Needed more.

Her thighs clenched; she couldn't stop it. Pressure built and began spread outward from her pussy. Her eyes stayed focus on the screen as Amy began to eat "her"pussy. Her fingers moved feverishly beneath the soft satin of her panties. Her nipples ached. Her breath burned in chest.

Her body no longer her own, Kristi began to whimper. The woman on the screen moaned and cried out as she came. Kristi was right with her. Pleasure rippled through her, tore into her. She gasped, her back arching as it hit. Hard. Fast. Without mercy. "Oh God!" she screamed. She tried to ride it but it was like nothing she had felt in a long time. Trembling, sweat coating her skin, Kristi didn't move. Her heartbeat slowed, her thoughts settled, she shivered. As she stood up, her legs felt like they might give out. She leaned against the desk and watched the screen fade to black.

Suddenly she realized where she was and a bit of panic came over her. She grabbed the hamper, put the dirty dish on top of it and hustled from Tim's room. She couldn't get caught in there. She moved quickly into the hallway and shut the door. She looked around as if someone might see her. She smiled then laughed. "How silly of me," she said.

Kristi went about doing the laundry, the dishes, and generally straightening up the house after 2 weeks of neglect. As she did, she gave some serious thought to what had happened. The last 2 weeks were pretty stressful and she needed some relief so that part was easy to understand. What wasn't was her reaction to the video itself. Did she really want to try it with a woman? She couldn't remember ever thinking about it.

Was it because the woman looked like Amy? They had spent a week in Cancun together and they had been naked a lot of the time. Amy did have a great body. One Kristi liked to look at but nothing remotely came close to any sexual thoughts. When Amy suggested Kristi shaved her pussy, Amy had helped check for any stray hairs. Again Kristi didn't think it was overtly sexual.

There no denying it thought. Seeing "Amy" eat Kristi's video twin's pussy had turned her on and had lead to a great orgasm. Was there something to all this?

The other questions that wouldn't go away were Tim and why was he watching this video? She always suspected that he watched some but why this one? Was it just a coincidence or did he pick this one because the woman looked like Amy? More disturbing was the other woman looked like her. Again a coincidence, she just happened to be in this video or was there more to it? She couldn't very well come right out and ask Tim but she felt she had to get some answers.

It wasn't till Wednesday that Kristi was able to get away from work and have dinner with Amy. Try as they could, they just couldn't find the time. Tonight they did and they met at a nice French restaurant, just the two of them. Kristi had made reservations so they didn't have to wait.

"So what's the occasion?" Amy asked.

"No occasion," Kristi answered sipping her wine. "It's just been quite some time since we gone out to dinner."

"This is some restaurant for no occasion!"

"Yes it is and it's my treat tonight. No arguments."

The two made small talk through out the meal and as they waited for dessert, Amy asked, "Ok, what's the real reason you took me here? What's on your mind?"

Kristi put her napkin down. "Is it that obvious?"

Amy changed her seat and moved next to her. "I can read you like a book. You're upset about something. You can tell me"

"Ok then" Kristi began. "I'm very concern about Tim. He seems depressed and very withdrawn. And then Sunday I found he had been watching porn on his computer."

Amy didn't understand. "All men his age watch porn."

Kristi smiled. "It wasn't that he was watching porn. I assumed that. It was the type of porn."

Again Amy asked quizzically, "Was it gay porn? Not animals?"

Kristi shook her head. "No, no not that. It was girl on girl."

"Look, Kristi, I don't see the problem here. Are most guys' fantasies involving 2 women going to it?"

"I suppose but wait there is more. The one was a brunette, with glasses and a lab coat. Get my drift?"

Amy smiled and nodded. "So Tim has a fantasy about me," she thought. It suddenly made her feel good that a young man thought about her that way.

"Yes," Kristi continued, "She could have been your twin!"

"So you are upset about that? Tim fantasying about an older woman, your friend?"

"Well at first yes but I can understand, a little."

"I'm not following you, Kristi." Amy moved a little closer. "There was another woman involved, right?"

Kristi lowered her head and blushed. This was going to be harder than she thought. She took a long drink of her wine and then leaned closer to Amy.

Before she could speak, Amy did. "Oh God, the other woman looked like you, didn't she?"


Amy moved her chair closer. "Did you watch it? What did they do to each other? Tell me!" She was now very interested in what happened. "Tell me."

Kristi told her all about what she had seen, all they had done. She didn't know why but she described it in great detail, not omitting anything she saw on the screen. As she did, she could feel herself growing flush.

Amy was hanging onto to every word. She felt herself getting exciting. She could picture what Kristi was saying in her mind as if it was really happening. She could feel her nipples growing hard beneath her blouse. She squirmed in her seat. She really wanted Kristi at this moment.

"So, what do you think?" Kristi said as she ended the story. "Should I be concerned about Tim?"

Amy just looked at her and smiled.

"Amy, have you been paying attention?"

How could she tell her? Yes, she had been paying attention, very much.

It was getting late and the restaurant crowd was thinning out. The two women were off in a corner, away from the mainstream of people. That was good because of nature of the conversation and what was said next.

"Did he fuck her?" Amy said, her voice a little husky.

Kristi looked at her. "Fuck who?"

"Did a man show up in the video and did he fuck her, either of them?"

"No, no man. When the video ended, it said to be continued. I didn't watch any more. Why?"

Amy moved over very close to Kristi. She placed her hand on Kristi's thigh. It felt warm and smooth to her touch. "Relax," she whispered. She meant in more than one way. "I don't think you have any thing to worry about. It seems to me it is normal for a young man to have fantasies like that, even with older women."

"So you think I'm overreacting. Even if one of women looks like his mother?"

Yes, I think it is just a coincidence. Beside there isn't any actual fucking in movie. It's not like he is watching his mom getting fucked. It is just two women getting it on." As Amy said this, she slowly moved her hand on Kristi's thigh.

Kristi absentmindedly moved her legs apart. "So you are Ok that the other woman looks like you, and she is eating the other woman's pussy?"

"Yes, eating the pussy of what appears to be my best friend!" With that she gave Kristi's thigh a squeeze.

Startled, Kristi said quickly. "Look at the time. Let's get the check."

The two women walked slowly to their cars. Amy again reassured Kristi that she nothing to worry about. Reaching her car Kristi turned and faced Amy.

"Thanks," Kristi smiled. "I 'm still worried Tim but I do feel a little better. Still need to talk to him to find out why he seems so down." With that, she gave Amy a hug.

Kristi was up against her car as she hugged Amy. Breaking the hug, Amy still kept her arms around Kristi.

"You are so beautiful," Amy whispered. With that she kissed her. The kiss met with no resistance and as she slid her tongue against Kristi's lips, it easily passed between them.

The kiss lasted no more than 30 seconds. It was sensual and warm, not frenzied. Breaking the kiss, Kristi gave an awkward smile and started to say something.

Amy placed her finger on Kristi's lip. "Don't say anything. I know. Remember I'm here for you, any time." With that, she lightly kissed her forehead and walked away.

As Kristi drove home, her mind was racing.

"What had just happened?" she thought.

She knew. Amy had just kissed her and Kristi liked it. No, she really liked it and wanted more. Watching the video had set something in motion that she might not want to stop. It made her feel uncomfortable and she wasn't sure if she could go through with it but at least she knew Amy would be open to it. She thought about doing something out of the ordinary with her sex life. Possibly this could be the answer.

She was concerned about Tim. Her conversation with Amy about the video eased her mind somewhat but it didn't really explain why he was so withdrawn and sullen. Maybe there was more to this. Maybe he felt guilty about watching porn or maybe he felt guilty about that video. The more she thought about it, the more she decided that she needed to talk to him.

Kristi got home and went straight to her bedroom. She tired after a long day and changed quickly into her nightie. "A good night's sleep ought help clear her mind," she thought. She couldn't get Amy's kiss and comment out of her head so she figured a good sleep could help her decide on what to say to Tim. She went to the bathroom, cleaned up, brushed her teeth and then headed back towards her room. As she did, she noticed a soft light coming from under Tim's door. She didn't know why she did but she slowly, quietly opened it and stuck her head in. Maybe he is still awake and...

What she saw made her freeze. There in light of his computer screen she saw Tim was lying on his bed with his pajama bottoms pushed down to his knees and he was jerking off. His head was turned towards the screen so he didn't see her.

Tim jerking off wasn't what made her freeze. What did was the size of his erection. She stood there at the door staring at her son's dick and his dick sticking up in the air, seemly staring back at her. It looked like a banana on steroids. His hand was wrapped around the base and there was still quite a bit sticking up past his hand, curving slightly towards him. It was very thick and the head was very large and it looked almost freakishly long on his hand. He was pumping it up and down.

She stood there for almost good 10 seconds; staring. When she finally gathered her wits, she slowly backed out, and quietly shut the door. She stood dumbfounded in the hall outside Tim's door for a few seconds then tiptoed quietly back down the hallway.

She fell upon her bed, dazed and confused. She couldn't get the picture of Tim's huge erection out her mind. She began to think about what a cock that big would feel like fucking her. Then she cursed herself for thinking that way about her own son's dick. She fell into a fitful sleep.

As she tossed and turned, she dreamed.

She was tied naked, spread eagle, on to a wooden table. It appeared to be a dungeon. Amy walked towards her. She was fully clothed. Kristi wanted to ask why but Amy kissed her hard, stifling any words. The kiss sent tingles straight to pussy. Amy moved to Kristi's breasts, sucking, biting, and pulling each nipple taut. It seemed an eternity before she moved down to her pussy. She licked Kristi's engorged clit causing her to moan louder. She was on fire and tried to raise her pussy off the table.

"You're so wet," she heard Amy say. "I think you are ready."

Next appeared a man. Kristi couldn't see his face but it didn't matter. She focused on his huge erection. It moved between her legs. "I can't take that," she yelled. "It's too big!"

Amy grabbed the huge cock and rubbed it between Kristi's pussy lips. She covered the head with the juices flowing from it. "Yes, you can."

With that, the head of the monster slipped inside her. Kristi arched her back. She cried out, "Oh God!"

Slowly more of the huge cock moved into her. "No more, it's big!"

Instead Amy told her, "You can take it. You know you want it all!"

The cock made one final push and filled her, as she had never been. One long moan came from her. She began to cum.

As she did, the man's face came into focus. It was TIM'S!

Kristi awoke with a start. She was drenched with sweat, her nightie stuck to her. The bed sheets were torn from the bed. Her pussy throbbed and she could feel her juices running between her ass cheeks. She lay there trying to gather her wits. She was totally spent.

After a few minutes, she got up and stumbled to her bathroom. She turned on the shower and let the stream fill the room. Disrobing, she stepped in. She let the water cascade over her. As the water rejuvenated her body, she tried to make sense out everything that had happened in the past twenty-four hours. She couldn't.

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