tagErotic CouplingsA Soldier's Tale

A Soldier's Tale


"Captain Chbooky this is a dangerous mission. You are doing this on your own. We will not acknowledge that we sent you on this mission. Do you understand?"

"Yes, you need a crazy pilot to get a stupid Lieutenant General out of the enemy's hands. If captured I can bet my black ass that I will not be getting a rescue mission." I stared ahead at the Major General. I'm sure if it wasn't for the fact that my father was a General and that I was the only pilot who would even consider flying into Iraq alone and get a Lieutenant General who was supposedly on vacation out; he would have had me court marshaled or at least stripped of my rank.

My reddish brown hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail and the ends wrapped around the tail so my hair stayed above my shirt collar. I was wearing my military blues or my service dress uniform; a dark blue jacket with matching pants over a lighter blue shirt buttoned shirt. My dark blue hat was tucked into my belt and hung just on the outside. I liked the service dress uniform not only because it looked good with my light brown skin tone, but it also hid my well endowed bosom. Something that a lot of male servicemen it seems cannot look past. Also with my long legs, and thin waist I look more like a model than a soldier.

Being born and raised in the military with a father who would rather take you out of school to play "war games" than for you to learn English Lit. this had been a problem for me. Fortunately, I also grew my father's balls and had earned my reputation in this Air Force. Yes, I was crazy and daring and I will do anything to get the job done. A lesson my father had instilled in me.

"You are dismissed, Captain."

I saluted, turned on my heel, and walked out. I closed the door and paused putting on my hat. I started to walk away, but not before I heard, "Are you sure that's the General's daughter. I mean...she's black."

"It seems the General likes his coffee black." I heard a snort. "If you thought she was hot you should see the mother and don't even think about trying to taste Captain Chbooky. She doesn't have a reputation for being crazy for nothing."

I walk off. I knew where that conversation was leading. They were going to start talking about my ex-boyfriend. The fucker thought it was funny to bet his friends on how he could bed me and all the women in the dorm. The only problem was the women didn't realize it until he was halfway through. They whipped his ass. I took his balls. They can't prove I did it. I was never brought up on charges. I smile thinking of it. The bastard deserved it.

I walked to my car and drove home. Since that incident I now lived off base. Usually off base housing was for families, but it's great having a father that is a General in the Air Force. I pulled into the driveway and climbed out. In less than 24 hours I'm to fly out and I needed to sleep.

... * * * * * * * * * * ...

"Good luck Captain, Chbooky."

I stared at the air men and nodded before checking the gauges one more time. It was time to play rescue and I was going to be flying a little more than 20hrs. I took in a deep breath and took off down the runway. I loved flying. Always have. I loved the way you felt alive, like you could do anything, and I liked how you're in control. I loved everything about it and even the danger of going to save some man who probably deserved to die doesn't make me feel bad when I'm way up here.

I glided into some sand. It was night and that along with me cutting off the engine miles back is what saved me from having to shoot my way out. There's no hiding a plane in the desert or in mountains. Someone's bound to find it, but if my Intel is accurate I should be able to make a short hike to where they're hiding the General, break in, get him out, and we'll be gone before sunrise. Easy. The best plans always are.

I saw the bunker and instantly knew he's in there. For a bunker hiding a General it's awfully empty. There should have been more guards, snipers, something, but all I saw was a few men and they all moved into the shadows down a ways to take a group piss. I shook my head and realized they were just simple villagers. They weren't the soldiers I had come to believe. I almost laughed. The General has been kidnapped by a bunch of villagers.

I crept in the shadows down the mountain edge toward the bunker doors that has little bars at the top instead of a glass window. It wasn't even really a bunker. More like 4 or 5 rooms built into the side of a mountain. Primitive, but the doors were made of metal. I withdrew my desert eagle, my favorite, and peek through the first door's bars while keeping an eye on the group of laughing males. Empty. I go to the second door and it's also empty, but the third room has him.

I tried the door and naturally it's locked. I look at the men and move closer to their group; 4 men. The only advantage I have is that they have put their guns down to hold their dicks. I approached the first one and with the back of my pistol hit him in the back of the head. I turn my arm and slammed the back of the pistol into the second guy's forehead. They both drop like a sack of potatoes. The third man bends for his gun and I pointed the pistol to his chest and held a finger over my mouth as the fourth man raised his hands.

I mimicked a key turning in a lock and the third man dug in his pocket and pulled out the keys. I point to the door holding the General and he nodded. I motioned for the fourth guy to approach and as soon as he's in range I slam my barrel against the side of his head also knocking him out. The third guy stared at me and I motioned for him to unlock the General's door. Which he does quickly. He doesn't even realize I'm right behind him and as soon as I hear the lock click he also goes down with a knock to the head.

There's no use wasting ammo, risking someone will hear it, or see the spark from my gun. Also they were just simple villagers probably forced to watch the man. They didn't deserve to die. Times are tough and when your own government forces you to either pick up a gun and fight or they'll kill your family and you. Well I can understand the motivation of the villagers.

I holstered my gun and quickly go to the General. His face is bloody, one eye looked like it was swollen shut, and he doesn't look like he can walk on his own, but we must go.

"General? General Singletary? Can you hear me?"

He's just sitting there in a chair. He's not even hand cuffed; just sitting there looking defeated.


I go to his side and shake him. We have got to go. I don't have time for this.

"General, I'm here to rescue you. Let's go."

"We can't. Andaaf will find us. Andaaf. Andaaf." After that the General would only rock back and forth while chanting that name. Shit! I pull on his arm and was going to knock his ass out and carry him when I hear a scratch behind me.

I whipped around in time see an arm coming at me. I bring my arms up to my face and block it while I kicked out hoping to connect with a knee. I connected with something and only hear a grunt before I could blink or even think I feel something connect with the back of my head. Damn, there were two. My last thoughts before darkness claimed me.

I woke up slowly. I gently peeled my eyes apart and sat up just as slowly. I can feel a knot on the side of my head. I tried to reach up to touch it and realized that my hands were cuffed. I look to my holster to see it empty.

"Good morning."

I looked up and see a man wearing all beige. Mission failed.

"Do you want some water?"

I cocked an eyebrow at him. His hair is dark, darker than any I've seen before. A deep black and silky strands that seem to catch the sun's light. His chest is wide and muscular from the tight shirt he's wearing. He doesn't look like a simple villager actually he doesn't even look Iraqi, but what do I know. They all look the same to me.

"What do you want," I cough out. Damn, it seems that water would be a good idea after all.

"Why are you here?"

"I'm Captain Chbooky. Serial number 66-9987."

"You know your people aren't coming to get you."

I stared at him. He would look so much better if he didn't have that scruffy black beard and goatee. He looked like a terrorist. I chuckled at myself. That's irony at its best, but even I felt the electricity in the room coming from us. It's like if the situation was anything different than what it was we would be together. It was that instant attraction of two people; two bodies meeting. I rubbed my legs together as if I'm trying to ease any ache in them when what I'm trying to do is ease the ache between them.

"So that means I can do whatever I want to you." It seems I'm not the only person who noticed the feelings in the air.

"Are you Andaaf," I asked.

He blinked for a moment. "No, Andaaf is the man who was enjoying playing with you. I'm Maasif, the guy who hit you from behind." I snickered. He meant the chicken shit that sucker punched me. "I answered one question for you. Now you can answer one for me. Why are you here?"

I snorted. That's not how this is going to work. He suddenly pushed against the wall aggressively and stood over me. I merely glanced up at him. Perhaps I can wrap my legs around his neck, snap it, and search for the keys before that Andaaf guy noticed anything.

"You're very beautiful."

That threw me for a loop. "What?"

"And stubborn as a mule. Why are you here?" I don't say anything. This guy sucked at interrogation and I'm prepared for a slap or a punch, but he does something more unexpected. He tangled his hand in my hair, pulled down, and kissed me. This kiss knocked me better than any punch could. He shoved his tongue between my lips and tasted me so sensuously and thoroughly that by the time I thought to bite his tongue off he already released me.

He crouched in front of me. "Listen to me. I don't want to do this or be here. This isn't my war and my family that they've been threatening me with..." He shakes his head. "They're dead. I want out, but I need to know why you're here."

"I came for him."

He nodded and went to the door. I thought that was the last I had to see the man, but he spoke through the bars. He turned and I saw his eyes rove over my body. I shook my head slowly left to right. I'll fillet this bastard if he thinks he's gonna take anymore liberties with my body. He slowly approached me and stared down at me. I stared into his eyes challenging.

He pulled me by my upper arm, uncuffed one hand, slammed me against the wall, pulled my arm up, and had me cuffed again before I could think of a move. The bastard was quicker than I thought. I shook my head. It was pounding harder now and I needed it clear. I glanced up to see I'm cuffed to some sort of metal thing sticking out of the wall. I placed all my weight on it and bounced. It's sturdy and I knew it looked as though I was just testing the metal and seeing if it'll hold my weight. I was, but I was also seeing if it'll hold for when I lifted my legs and snapped this fucker's neck.

He smiled and I narrowed my eyes. I have the uncanny feeling he knew what I was doing, but that's not going to stop me from doing what I have to do. He stood just out of leg range and I watched him.

"You can scream and no one will hear you for miles."

"You plan on killing me?"


I don't say anything else I knew what he's planning. In two strides he's close enough for me to strike. I raised my legs; he grabbed them and held them tightly. "We don't want you doing anything smart, do we?"

His smile oozed sweetness and I wanted to kill him so badly. He slid a hand down my pants and I snapped my teeth at him. They close on air and he chuckled at my actions. It's been a while since I've had any hands down there aside my own, but I will not be raped. I just needed him to slip up and he will. He's a guy and he thought he had me helpless. He'll slip and that's when I'll strike until then the only thing I can do is ground my teeth and glare at him.

"Lacy underwear?"

I only glared. I like lacy underwear and it's not like they don't have a cotton lining in the crotch. His fingers rubbed against my clit and I ground my teeth even harder. I can't take this any longer and I feel my pussy flood. He dipped a finger into me and I closed my eyes to block out his satisfied grin. I can conquer this. He inserted a second finger and slammed it into me. My eyes snapped open and he's staring into them. He wanted me to see him staring at me. He slowly withdrew before he thrusted them back inside.

"Oh fuck," I gasped as I feel my orgasm approaching. The fucker; I can't believe my body has betrayed me. He crushed his lips against mine and this time I couldn't stop my body from kissing him back. He's pumped his fingers in and out of my sopping pussy while he ravaged my mouth and all I could do was lean back and take it.

I felt my body tingle, every part of me was on fire. Much too quickly I felt electricity zipped down between my legs and explode. I shook and jerked as my orgasm came over me. I didn't even feel him uncuff me and slam me against the table. My pants were pulled down to my boots and he shoved his thick meat in me.

He was so big, so thick, and his hand was in my hair gripped tightly as he fucked me hard. He pummeled into me over and over as I moaned loudly. One hand pinched at my nipples and pulled them so tightly they formed triangles. I could hear our bodies as they slapped against each other.

His hand pulled down and I was forced to lift my head, my back arched, as he drove deeper into me. My pussy muscles started quivering against him and I heard him suck in a breath. His other hand left my breast to come between my legs and twirl around my clit. I pushed back against him wanting him deeper, much deeper, faster. I could feel that electricity zipping through my body to land between my legs where he was driving himself into me.

I felt his cock pulse in me, his hand tightened in my hair, and that was all I needed. I came hard as I felt my pussy fluttered against him. His head rested against my shoulder and I felt satisfied.

"I'm no rapist. I'm sorry."

I knew I should have said I enjoyed it or something to make him feel better. We were both feeling the attraction, but fuck it. He's a terrorist. I'll let him believe he's worst than what he was.

"Tomorrow we're transporting you and the man out of here. To a heavier secured area."

"What? Why?"

"We know he's someone important, because your government sent you. We also know this bunker is compromised since you knew to come here. I learned all that just from what you said."

I glanced back and I knew I looked murderous. He used my earlier words against me. What did I think? He's a fucking terrorist. I'm a dumbass to think any differently.

"The men you knocked out have been returned to their village. It's just me and Andaaf here. You can knock me out easily when we try to move you and then you have to deal with Andaaf on your own. I'm not going to make it easy on you, because it'll seem suspicious, but the keys are in my pocket. The long silver one unlocks all doors and the short gold one unlocks the cuffs. You're plane is also where you left it. I haven't reported that."

"Wh-Why are you helping me?"

"I think you would have been mine in another life. Maybe when I'm reincarnated we'll be together if I do this one good thing."

I nodded and watched him pull up my clothes. He recuffs me and sits me in the chair. I stare at his gun. It's one of those open holsters. Oh yeah, I can take care of Andaaf.

The next day couldn't go fast enough. Every second felt like minutes, minutes like hours, and hours like days. I watched the sun slowly go past the sky and sipped the water Maasif offered me. The last time he entered I saw a bigger man just behind him. The man was huge. He looked like a walking boulder and I can see how this man could have broken the General.

Maasif pulled me roughly by the upper arm and I positioned myself so that I was on his gun side. If I'm swift enough I would have to reach up a bit, grab the gun with my hands cuffed behind my back, knock Maasif out, and than shoot Andaaf blindly. A piece of cake.

Andaaf bent slightly over to unlock the General's cell. At his hip I grab the gun from his holster, use my thumb to take the safety off, and as I feel Andaaf's hands on my hair I pull the trigger. The hands stop, but they haven't released me. I pull the trigger twice before bringing my knee against the back of Maasif's knee. He dropped and I kneed him in the back of the head. He hits the steel door which opens. I glanced down at him. He's breathing, but unconscious.

I ran into the cell. "General Singletary! Get up. We need to leave now." I turned to the table and put the gun on it. I stood in front of the General who's again just rocking in the chair. "General! Get up! Now!"

I glanced back at the keys on the floor and wondered if I should get the cuffs off than knock the General out or if I can shake him out of his stupor. Who knows how long Maasif will be out.

"General it's me Captain Chbooky!" My last ditch effort.


"Yes, gawd yes!" I glanced down to see the General staring up at me. He's seeing me, but he's not seeing me. There's some sort of panicked look in his eyes. It's a crazed look and I don't like it. I backed up, but his hands are on my waist. "General?" Oh shit is he going to kill me?

The general undoes my belt and I can only stare before I back up. He reached up and smacked me hard; hard enough for my ears to ring. My pants feel loose and they're down past my boots, inside out. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"

He doesn't answer, but grabbed my waist and slid me down on top of his erect penis. I screamed, but he ripped a strip of his shirt and stuffed it in my mouth. I don't bounce, but I don't have to. His hands are on my hips and he's weak enough to not fight the terrorists, but strong enough to bounce himself in and out of me.

Maasif's cum has made me slippery enough for the General to slide in and out. He leaned forward and bit down hard on my nipple through my shirt. I screamed through the gag, but he ignored it. He leaned back driving himself deeper into my snatch. He rocked me back and forth on his lap. I could hear his cock slurping as it left my pussy and then squelch as it entered my cunt. He kept pumping inside my slippery hot cunt and with one final thrust he burst inside of me.

I stared down at him with my eyes full of fury. I realized this is how he gets off; the lust in his one good eye. I was like a gift for him. I wondered how many other women he raped and gotten away with it. Finally he lifted me up and stands. He goes over to Maasif's keys and uncuffs me. I rubbed my wrists.

I pull my pants off and pull them right side in. I step back into them and turn to the General. His face is still busted and I nod my head. He stared at me. "Look Captain, there's no point in trying to press charges. I was out..." He doesn't finish. My palm smacked into his face, breaking his nose. He grabs it as the blood poured out.

"If you say a word to me I'll kill you." He nodded.

Maasif didn't awaken. I search Aandaf and find my desert eagle. I holstered it and we make our way back to my plane without seeing a single person. I fly us back home and delivered the General back. After debriefing I'm awarded 1 week leave; a sort of vacation.

....* * * * * * * * * * ....

My 5th day on leave I'm walking from my house to a nearby bar. I'm wearing a black sweater shirt that stops just below my belly and a skirt with slits in the sides. My knee high boots click on the street pavement. I hate wearing heels for the simple reason that when I was smaller I was slew footed. Meaning that if I, to this day, don't think about it one foot will turn slightly inward. Not really a problem since most people don't notice, but when you wear heels instead of hearing a steady click of the heels you would hear a click and every third or fourth stride you'd hear a slide of the foot.

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