A Son Comes Good


She looked at her son and smiled in a little amusement, 'he has no idea has he?' she thought to herself. 'He hasn't a clue that he has just given me my best climax in years, if not ever?' She remembered when she was a girl how often boys had made her cum by sucking her nipples, she reached for Will's cock and moaned in appreciation as her hand closed around it, she also remembered how hard a boys cock could get, and the powers of their recuperation.

'Lie down on your back darling, let me?' she said. He did and Lena lifted her knee over and straddled him, his cock in her pussy crack, she looked down at the red rock hard weapon and knew with an unerring certainty that her commitment to her boy was about to be made total. Lifting up, she took hold of him and guided him to her; the billiard ball sized hard spongy head brushed against her lips and made her gasp.

Lena settled over him and sank down, his prick pushed any resistance firmly out of the way in her super heated pussy.

'He is bigger than his dad,' she thought, 'not massively bigger, but definitely bigger by millimetres all round.' She wriggled back and forth, then side to side to make sure she had got him all in her, their loins were melded together now as one.

She sighed, this wasn't her son now, it was another man, a stranger, a lover, she was being unfaithful for the first time ever, it was wonderful to feel him in her. She drifted off into contentment. Will clipped her nipples and Lena slid in to another orgasm, she put her hands on his chest to support herself, he pushed her back, then brought her forward by pulling on her distended nipples and firm tits. Lena raised and fell on his hard prick, she was confident he wouldn't cum too quickly this time; she had just made him do that downstairs 10 minutes ago, hadn't she?

Lena exploded inexplicably, she wasn't ready to be hit as hard as she was by the orgasm that swept through her, unaware she was going to cum, she fell backwards, the power if it moved her axis from upright to flat on her back laying on his legs, her knees doubled up below her, it raced through her unabated, unstoppable. 'God what is happening to me?' she thought, as the orgasm washed ashore on the beach of her bombed out mind.

She found herself being pulled upright; he had grabbed her hands and hauled her up. As she reached vertical again she went forward and into his waiting arms, he held her and began to hump her from below. The sensation of having a proper full hard prick in her again was more than she could take in. The very feel of it made her whimper to him how much she loved him. How wonderful he was, how she didn't know, never knew she needed him like this, that she would never ever deny him or say no to him again. He had taken his mother for his own, and she was his, she now belonged to another.

Her legs slowly stretched downwards, she half pulled at him, she wanted him on top where he could fuck her to his hearts content, where he could do all the damage to her mind and body he felt like doing, with no possibility of refusal or resistance from her from now on.

Will got to work, his hips rose and fell with alarmingly regularity and power, he was increasing the pace, the strength, he was not in control of himself, he gave his mother a fucking she had really never experienced from anyone, no one had done her like this. He went on and on until she became almost a rag doll under him, every orgasm she had recoiled into the next one, until finally he reared above her and with a shout he thudded back into her for the last time. Will filled her every internal crevice and hole with cum, his sperm spilled out she was so full of his spunk.

Will literally fell off her, he had never felt like this, his sometime girlfriend had no idea of what a woman was, she pretended she knew things, but he knew now she knew nothing, nothing at all. His mother was everything he didn't know a woman should be, her sensuality was immense, her very being smothered him. Her presence knocked him out of kilter with the view he had had of his world, he had entered a new dimension.

He looked silently into her eyes waiting for her to speak, to say something, Lena stroked his cheek gently.

'Well honey I have to say that that was something else, oh baby you have no idea of how I'm feeling right now, what you have made me feel, I can't remember feeling quite like this before, you are something very special darling, I love you, I do.'

Then she kissed her stunned son lovingly, wantonly, like only a woman in love kisses her man.

Wills eyes were closed as the kiss lingered, he felt his eyes burn, with pleasure, love, thankfulness, his utter relief that she was being like this instead of hurrying away and telling him it was over, never again. He loved her so much his heart snapped, his tears washed down onto her pillow, his face crumpled, he was so happily sad, the torrent of emotions running through him returned him to the little boy that so loved his mother, and begged for her to love him.

Lena guessed that he was being over taken by his reaction to what they had just been to each other; he was too young to deal with the power of love in this way. She put her arms around him and moved to him, held him and caressed him, loved him, her tender heart was his, she told him.

'I'm so happy mum,' he mumbled into her hair, 'you aren't disappointed with me or sad at all?'

'Disappointed, sad, Oh baby no, no I am not, you have made me feel alive again, loved, wanted and needed,' she murmured into his face, her sweet breath washing over him, 'and I promise you darling, I will not say no to you ever again, I will be here for you as long as you want me honey, okay?'

'Oh mum, oh mum, do you really love me then, not as your son, who I always will be, but as your guy too?'

'Yes baby,' she breathed, 'you are my guy, I am your woman, if you want me to be?'

'Yes mum, I like that, my woman, lovely,' he beamed and kissed her. He reared over her, 'her man was taking control,' she thought happily, as she slid under him as kisses, tongues and holds took place.

Lena's hair spread out adoringly, her lips tasted like the most exquisite wine, her body warm and soft, yielding to him, moving in time to his. He cupped her breast and she moaned with the sensitivity of it. His knee pressed up under her pussy, she gripped it between her legs, the love they were sharing was truly joined. Her hand cupped his balls causing him to moan into her mouth, he twittered in her arms, 'oh mum, oh mum,' he quivered between her lips.

'Yes baby yes, relax honey, let it go, love the love Will, just love the love.' He did, he somehow knew what she was talking about.

The next thing either of them knew was, the telephone was ringing. Lena jumped awake, looked at the clock, it was 7pm, it had to be her husband, her son's dad, who was lying naked next to her as she was naked too. She closed her hand over his mouth and said, 'be quiet darling, this will be your dad, so shush okay?' Will nodded his head as she picked up the ringing phone.

'Hello?' she answered. Will heard a muffled word or two.

'Yes we are fine, both of us are good Bob, better than good anyway,' she said, and took hold of Wills prick, she looked at him and shook her head, pursing her lips, 'shush,' she said silently. Will lay back and waited.

'You won't, so when will you be back then Bob?' she enquired, a grin spread across Will's face, he wasn't coming back for another day?

'Okay yes that's fine, let me know then?' she said.

'Yep okay Bob, bye.' And the phone dropped into the cradle, his mother turned to him.

'He isn't coming home for another two days baby, what on earth are we going to do without him, we'll be here all on our own, I just can't imagine what we'll find to do to keep occupied here all by ourselves?' she said wickedly.

Wills prick was already hard in her hand as she rubbed and squeezed it.

'Well now would you look at that Will, you are hard again, now let me think what can I do to relieve such pressure from it, hmmm, I think I might know what to do darling.' She said gleefully.

And before Will had fully sat up to take her in his arms again his mum dove at his standing young cock and engulfed him in her hot wet mouth, it threw Will down again onto his back, the suddenness of it left him breathless.

'Oh mum, oh mum, oh Arggh, mum, mum, mum... his hands went into her hair, held her head, he pumped his hips as the heat from her mouth fired him up. Lena sucked him in hard, she pressed his prick by clamping her mouth shut tight over it, the tension was too much for him, this was his first ever blow job and he had no idea of what the experience would be like, he had imagined it, but reality was so far away from thought, his body was stiff.

Her head bobbed, her hands worked his balls gently but insistently, then his balls started to boil, he was going to cum, his body went stiffer, his grip on her head tightened, he blew a load of hot steamy thick cum helplessly right into her waiting mouth. She pursed her lips around the soft, silky firm head and sucked while he ejaculated into her, Lena took it all, the sensitivity surrounding his prick made him squeeze into a ball around her as she finished him off, at last he was empty, she had taken all he had, and all he was.

Lena stayed where she was, her lips still on the stricken head of his cock, she loved this, the feel of spent cock between them, it gave her a wonderful sensuous feeling of total power over her man when she made him cum.

'I am the only woman on this planet that could have made him do that,' she said to herself proudly, immensely pleased with herself.

She felt Will subside over her, relax, the tense tightness that he had been forced into dissipated.

'Mum, mum that was er, it was so erm, I can't say..., oh I love you mum, with my entire heart mum, I do.' His words were like music to her ears.

Turning to look at him, she said. 'I know you do baby, and I know now that I have truly found the love of my life in you, I thought I had it all, and I did in a way, but now I have you in my heart as my man now, my guy, my lover, my soul mate.'

'I'll never let you down mum, never.' He insisted.

'I know that too baby, but you know we must never let anyone know about this don't you'' She muttered softly.

'Yes mum, my lips are sealed forever.'

He put his arm around her waist, rested his head on her shoulder and went to sleep. Lena looked at her son, kissed his forehead, pressed her cheek to it and drifted off herself.

When she opened her eyes it was dark outside, she glanced at the clock, 4am in the morning, she slid away from Will, put on her short dressing gown and went downstairs, she was dying of thirst and famished, he had given her one enormous appetite.

She made a drink and was eating a sandwich when two arms encircled her waist and something thick and hard pressed into her ass.

'Not again Will, you are wearing me out baby,' she laughed to him as he kissed her neck.

'Oh honey, don't stop, oh I love the way you do that baby.' She murmured softly.

She put her unfinished sandwich on the table and reached behind her for him, 'if he wants me again, he's got me again,' were her thoughts, as her hand found and took hold of his rising cock.

'Where do you want me Will?' she mumbled.

'On the table,' he answered.

Lena got a thick heavy towel, laid it on and bent at the waist, she didn't have anything on except her short gown which rode up beautifully over her tight toned rump, she was wet already. Will got behind her and pushed in in one swoop, he bottomed out bringing a loud moan from her.

'Oh my God Will, oh Jesus yes baby yes,' she howled quietly. He held her by her hips and began rocking backwards and forwards; soon building a rhythm that made them both happy, Lena's pussy was on fire, it burned out of control like a fire in the bush. An orgasm came out from her nipples rubbing on the towel, it crushed her. Will pushed his hand under her a groped for her clit, BOOM another one exploded as it hit her, then Will reacted to his mother cumming by cumming himself, he crashed his prick in one final time and exploded within her, filling her pussy, cervix and womb with large cup full of his thick hot sperm.

He leaned over her breathing hard and fast, Lena gasped for breath too. Will bit into her neck on her shoulder, leaving a huge mark along with impressions of his teeth as they sank into her, crumbling her mind in bits, she made no protest, she laid flat waiting for him to let her up, she would have willingly stayed there for the rest of the night if that was what he wanted to do.

Eventually he slid away from her but brought her up at the same time, he picked her up in his strong young arms, she grabbed the unfinished sandwich and she was on her way back to bed. They shared it along with kisses, and went back to sleep. She looked at him, love light shining in her eyes. He had gone from being her king, her man, her true lover back to her little boy again as he slept peacefully in her arms.

In the morning he was awake first, this time it was he who went downstairs silently, and was busy with bacon and eggs when his mother walked in, the sight of her made him stop chewing, he could swear he heard his chin hit the table as he jaw dropped wide open, his breath caught in his throat. He had never seen anything so beautiful. Lena twirled in front of him, and teased.

'You like?'

She had obviously showered, done her hair just the way he liked it, down and on her shoulders, parted in the centre, her face beautifully made up but lightly so. On her slim shoulders was drifting around her, a sheer see through short frilly open fronted top with no fastenings, under that was a skimpy tiny bra that hardly contained the soft contents, the half brown circles were on show along with a fleetingly glimpse of nipples, below that was a thong that looked like a piece of string, and attached over them was a suspender belt that held up sheer stocking, all supported by tiny backless high heels. His prick jumped to attention, he started to get up to go to her but she held up her hand, he stayed still waiting.

'Mum,' he croaked, his prick was torturing him.

'I bought this lot months ago,' she told him, 'but have never found reason to wear them, are you pleased baby, do they do anything for you honey?' Knowing full well he would already have a hard on for her.

Lena danced around him and the table lightly, turning this way and that, pirouetting balancing on one foot as she spun on the ball of her foot arching her back and pushing her breasts out at him.

She briefly laughed to herself as her husbands face popped into her mind, and she thought.

'Oh if you could only see me now Bob, if you only knew what your wife and your son were up to!' She dropped into his lap. 'Feel like playing babe?' she whispered in his ear as she felt the solid lump of his meat under her ass.

'Get back on that table now! He growled at her, Lena giggled, got up and ran off, she was in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs before he raced after her.

'Come here you,' he shouted laughing. Lena got to the bedroom kicked off her shoes because she knew what was coming, just as he caught up with her, he threw her over his shoulder and dived for the bed, she was giggling madly, and shouting.

'Leave me alone you bully, unhand me sir I say!' The bed was remade, clean linen, all the sticky and now smelly cum laden ones replaced, and they pulled down as if ready for the next bout of action.

Lena managed to get her thong off before he ripped it to shreds, and plonked herself on her knees before him.

'Get behind me baby, do me that way, I want you in me from the back again, fuck me as hard and for as long as you can darling, rip it into me, make me take it, make me have it, do me baby do me, split me in half darling, now Will now!'

He did as she told him, the instant he was behind her he drove into her as hard and as fast as possible, he was demented in his fucking of her, she wailed and cried as he ripped his prick in and out, battering her hips, driving her up the bed with each thudding thrust. Lena was in heaven, orgasms started as soon as the first bang into her super heated pussy. She had never ever in her life been as aroused as she was this day.

'Will is just pure magic,' she said to herself.

Her pussy was as sore as she could ever remember, she was bruised from top to bottom, and front to back and she love love loved it. An orgasm just about flattened her, just managing to stay on her knees, it caused Will to slip out, he shoved it back in with a vengeance, but accidently rammed it right up her unprotected and slightly open ass hole, she screamed out in utter agony. He didn't know what he had done, his prick suddenly felt squashed a little but he just carried on, in and out as he held her tight in his hands, thumping home each time.

Lena could only accept it, her voice had gone. Her body went into defensive mode, she seemed to close down, ignoring the pain and waiting for redemption from her ass fucking. She had always steadfastly refused her husband, and had always said she would die with the virginity off her ass intact, not anymore! Suddenly her body seemed to waken, she was pushing back at him, the roll of thunder rolling through her was her body answering the call to him, unbelievably an orgasm of unusual intensity hit her.

'What's happening to me?' she asked in her mind, as her humping boy lover behind her built her and him to roiling point, he gasped, gripped her hips tight and roared out like a lion, he blasted a full fresh load of cum into his mother, falling on her back and forcing her down onto the bed. She was helplessly trapped under him, his prick pulsing and convulsing as it still spewed his cum.

Will was addled, his mind wasn't there with him, he knew now that had had been up his mum's ass, it appalled him, although once in there he had no way of stopping what he was doing. He wasn't in control his prick and his body was. He gently slid back, his prick being held tight by her rectum until her pulled it back hard, it popped out and a pain shot through him and it, but he also knew that what had happened was something rare, good, and fulfilling, new and because it was his mother, it was right.

'Mum,' he whispered, 'are you okay, I'm so sorry, I didn't know where I was, please forgive me?'

'Darling I'm fine, in fact I think we may have to try that again sometime, but controlled, don't you think?' she said with a small smile. 'I do believe I quite liked it once I had got over the shock!'

Will grinned in relief, kissed her shoulder and hugged her.

'Mum I have never seen anyone or anything as beautiful as you are today, you are breathtaking, I love it and I love you.'

'Why thank you kind sir, but I must admit I dressed like this to get you going, can I assume from from what you've just done to me that it worked baby?'

'Mum, nothing could have worked better, although you can get me going simply by being you.' Will flopped over on to his back, Lena rose on one elbow, leaned over him and kissed him sweetly.

'Now,' she said, 'go and shower babe, clean this off, and properly I might add,' she added, and flicked his shitty brown cock with a finger nail, 'and I'll have a meal ready for you in 30 minutes, okay?' Both laughed.

'Yes mum, I will.' He answered her.

'Oh and by the way honey,' she added, 'you had better start calling me Lena now, but only on our own, I am your lover baby, we have equal rights, yes?'

'You got it Lena,' slapped her ass and shot off into the shower, 'and I'm hungry woman, hurry up!' Lena sniggered delightfully, and went downstairs, hobbling but happy; her ass felt as if a bomb had gone off up it.

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