tagGroup SexA Spa Built for Three

A Spa Built for Three


Ali and Cloud were relaxing in the warm, bubbling water of our spa while I popped open another beer in the kitchen. As soon as Al and I had installed the new attraction the girls had decided to spend some together and Cloud had appeared on our door step. The first week had been nice and quiet but with tonight being Friday night they had opened a bottle of champagne before their swim. Laughter and the sounds of relaxed chat could be heard as I left the house to join them.

I knew I was lucky to be with two girls so gorgeous. The mere thought of their tiny bikinis had sent a surge of blood that stiffened my penis and there was something of a bulge in my pants as I approached the spa. Unfortunately it was obvious enough the girls began whistling and cat-calling me as I crossed the patio and I had to hurriedly hop into the warm water.

"You can't blame a guy for admiring beauty," I laughed. Noticing for the first time how close the girls were sitting together in the corner.

"Hahaha" laughed Ali sarcastically. "I'm sure the sight of your old wife still turns you on."

"Honey, we have all seen you photos on lit. There's nothing with a pulse that doesn't get turned on by you." Cloud said patting my wife's knee under the water before turning her attention to me. I was surprised she had touched Ali so intimately but I was shocked as she glided around the spa to sit next to me. "And if his cock is this big without being turned on, I can't wait to see it at its full size" She added as she grabbed my cock through my boxers and gave it a quick squeeze.

I felt my face turn crimson as I watched the small waves of her movement crash against me. I was a flirt. Hell we were all flirts and I knew Ali and Cloud talked about sex but I never thought anything would happen. As Cloud settled back down next to Al I moved my eyes to my wife's face and saw her lips curve in a little smile. Her left eye closed in a wink and I read the look on her face. Everything was happening as she wanted.

The kings of Leon were playing on the stereo inside as I slouched in the warm water. The bubble jets combined with the warm water were relaxing and as I watched Ali whispering into Cloud's ear I felt anxious tingles in my belly. Things were transpiring and it looked like I had no control over it. The whispering back and forth continued broken only by giggling every time I tried to inject myself. Despite the cool air I was perspiring and it felt like my sex was on fire.

Finally the whispering stopped and I saw Cloud's lithe figure climb out of the spa as Ali swam over to me. With her hands on my thighs she climbed up into my lap and through her arms around my neck to give me an enthusiastic if not reassuring kiss. "Mmmmm, that feels nice." She cooed as my hard member was pressed against her soft little ass.

"Wait here for about 15 minutes, then come looking for us in the bedroom". She gave me a quick kiss and wiggled her bum again before leaving me alone.

Those next 15 minutes were the longest minutes of my life. I was a married man. I couldn't believe what I was thinking about doing, but I was more than ready to do it.

Finally I stepped out of the spa and stripped out of my soaking boxers, wringing out the water as I walked toward the house. Coming down the hallway I could see the flicker of candlelight. It was emanating from the darkened spare bedroom Cloud was staying in. Softly I tip toed toward the source of the light and the door wide open. Inside on the bed I could clearly see Cloud's naked body lying spread-eagle on the bed, while my baby lapped at her pussy. Ali's luscious ass looked incredibly inviting as she knelt between Cloud's legs.

Cloud's eyes were closed and her hands were twisting her nipples as she wriggled her hips under Ali's care. Opening her eyes she saw me standing in the doorway and her mouth drew into a big grin. She crooked her finger and between moans of pleasure motioned me to join them. I slowly walked across the room. The sweet smell of sex was mixing with the scent of vanilla from the burning candles and it causing my cock to get even harder.

It appeared that Ali was so engrossed in her efforts that she didn't even hear me as I stood completely naked behind her, a sense of disbelief and appreciation sweeping over me. When it passed, I knelt behind my love and I could see the moisture glistening from her pussy, mere inches from my face. Stretching my tongue out, I licked Ali from her the beginning of her moist lips to her tight little asshole. I was expecting her to be at least somewhat startled, but she only moaned with pleasure. I needed no more encouragement and continued.

My nose was pressed against the crack of her ass as I licked and sucked on her dainty lips. My hands massaged her ass cheeks and thighs as I slid my tongue into and out of her pussy, occasionally drawing back and giving her bottom a quick lick or two.

Cloud's moans were getting louder and louder. To me it sounded as though Ali knew exactly what she was doing and it amazed me it was her first time with a woman. The bed was bouncing under the combined weight of our three bodies and it felt like our pleasure was joined into one. Perspiration covered our bodies and the scent of sex had even begun to over power the candles when I heard Cloud scream out. "I'm cumming!"

I could feel Cloud's feet drumming on the mattress as she writhed in her orgasm, but Ali never paused in her licking. Cloud was screaming as her oversensitive clitoris was being tortured in exquisite ecstasy. It was fantastic. I had never been part of a love making so passion as the one involve the two women and it caused me to increase my efforts as I drove my tongue deeper into Ali's slit.

Ali was wiggling her ass in rhythm to the strokes from my tongue, when she turned her head and said: "Fuck me baby, I need your cock", before turning her attention back to Cloud's bare pussy.

She didn't have to ask me twice. I rose to my feet behind her and lined my rock hard cock up with my wife's sopping wet pussy. Her normally tight tunnel was well lubricated and with the first push I had half of my cock inside. Pulling out I grabbed Ali's hip and thrust thrice more before I was fully one with my wife. I heard her muffled moans radiating out from Cloud's pussy as I began to slide my prick through her slick channel.

I could now see Cloud and I watched as her eyes roll up in her head when she began to climax again. Ali was suckling on her clit and as she thrust three fingers through her sopping hole Cloud was bucking her hips obscenely. This time though, when Cloud's orgasm had subsided, Ali backed off. She arched her back to allow my cock to penetrate even deeper into her and focused on her own pleasure.

"Fuck me hard. Fuck me!" she screamed as I rammed my cock into her faster and faster, my balls slapping up against her clit with every down stroke.

I grabbed Ali by the hair gently and spanked her ass as I fucked her harder and harder. Cloud was watching on from her seat on the pillows and I found it incredibly sexy to have an audience. I pulled her back toward me by her hair so that I could grab and squeeze her large, soft breasts. Squeezing her nipples between my thumb and forefinger I heard her moans intensify. Three more thrusts and I felt her pussy tighten around my dick as she came hard. I slowed my pace as Ali collapsed forward between Cloud's legs.

"I want to taste her juices and swallow your wild oats, Dave" Cloud cooed.

With that, I slipped from my wife's pussy and moved forward on the bed. I walked on my knees until my cock was right in front of her best friend's mouth, Ali's juices still dripping from its length. Cloud began like the tease she is. Long licks made me feel like a lolly pop before she finally took the head of my dick into her mouth. Opening her lips wide she allowed me to slide my dick into her small mouth until I felt the head pressing against the back of her throat.

"Mmmm" she moaned as she sucked and licked Ali's nectar from the length of my shaft. Cloud gave my balls a quick squeeze as I slid my cock backward so that only the head remained in her mouth. I held her by the ears and slowly began fucking her face as she sucked and slurped it in with each stroke.

Ali had apparently regained her bearings and crawled around behind me, lying on her back between my legs as I fucked her friend's face with my dick. Ali then began licking and sucking my balls as I slid my dick back and forth, in and out of Cloud's mouth.

I felt my balls tightening as Ali sucked one into her mouth, and I grabbed Cloud's head tightly between my hands and she took my dick into her throat as I shot my first load straight down her throat. I could feel her throat contract around my dick as she swallowed every drop. I pulled back a little and let my second shot fill Cloud's mouth as I felt her tongue swirl around my head, again swallowing each drop of cum. I felt my cock pump at least three more times before my cock became so sensitive I had to pull it free.

Exhausted for the moment I sat back onto the mattress. Ali sat up and took my place as she kissed Cloud square on the mouth. With hands all over each other they began to kiss. Exchanging fluids and swapping the last remnants of my sperm between them.

Even exhausted the site of my sperm being swapped brought life back to my member. I realized with a start that I still hadn't tasted Cloud yet. I decided to end that drought right away, sliding down the bed and lowering my head between Cloud's legs I started slowly licking her outer lips very softly, noticing the tremendously musky, yet sweet scent leaking from her. Her bare pussy was so smooth and soft as my tongue delved deeper, tracing the outline of her inner lips.

As I tasted Cloud's pussy lips, Ali tasted the lips of her mouth as they continued their make-out session. The assault on Cloud's senses must of been overwhelming as she fell back on the bed and spread her legs wider, providing me easier access. I continued to lavish attention on her pussy, as Ali was massaging Cloud's small, firm breasts. She was beginning to suck on Cloud's nipples, causing her to arch her back and moan in pleasure.

"Ooh, that feels so good." "Don't stop." "Don't stop." Cloud commanded as my partner and I tongued some of her most sensitive areas.

Just then I noticed Ali begin to move down Cloud's body, tracing her tongue across Cloud's flat belly. Circling her navel with kisses, and continuing down, placing soft kisses on Cloud's hip bone. Before long Ali was lying next to me, straddling Cloud's right leg and she moved her face next to mine.

"Kiss me love. I want to taste the storm on your lips", Ali panted.

With that, I leaned into her and pressed my lips to hers. Our mouths opened and our tongues met in a frenetic dance within our mouths. As we kissed, Ali and I slipped our index fingers into Cloud's tight pussy and began massaging her G-spot together. We began taking turns, kissing, licking Cloud's lips, and clit, and tongue fucking her slit until her hips were thrusting to meet us.

Within a few seconds, Cloud let out a scream: "I'm CUMMMMING!!!!" as juices gushed forth from her pussy.

We disengaged from each others mouths and began lapping up Cloud's juices which were liberally distributed across her inner thighs and all around her pussy. One thigh each, we met in the middle, swapping the small girls clit between our mouths. I still wasn't sure of what to do next when Ali whispered in my ear. "I want to watch you lover. Show me how you make love to me."

Ali sat back to watch as I slid up Cloud's body. I was sexual heaven, completely uncaring of my marital vows as I left a trail of kisses from her clit to her chin. As our lips met in a soft kiss, I could feel my again hard cock brushing against Cloud's wetness.

"Mmmmm" Cloud moaned as Ali's hand aligned my dick with her dripping pussy. Gently I pushed the bulbous head through her slick opening.

"Yeeesss" she called out as with one smooth, slow stroke I slid the entirety into her. The tip of my dick pressed against her cervix and my balls were flat against her tight asshole. She was tight and if I hadn't just already came I don't think I would have survived. She was tight in her youth but also strong in her fitness and I felt her amazing muscles gripping me.

Cloud's legs were wrapped tightly around the small of my back and we rocked back and forth in a slow, leisurely motion. Ali's hands moved to my bum. Gently pushing Cloud and I back and forth, setting the rhythm for us. I was completely engulfed in what I was doing with Cloud and so I didn't notice what the love of my life was up to, when all of a sudden I felt something wet and warm slide across my puckered star. I turned my head and saw that Ali was kneeling behind me, giving my ass a nice hot tongue bath.

I had never had anybody lick me there before, and I have to admit that the sensation was spectacular. I could feel my cock getting bigger and bigger as Ali lapped at my ass. It was a wonderful mixture of sensations as Cloud's sweet walls massaged my cock and Ali's tongue slid back and forth across my bum.

Ali's saliva was covering my crack from top to bottom as I began to pick up the pace of my strokes inside of Cloud's cunt. Cloud was begging me to fuck her harder as I continued my long, deep strokes into her steamy slit.

I could tell we were both close to orgasm as Cloud's breathing was becoming ragged, and my balls were beginning to tighten and boil. I thought I might have another ten or more strokes in me when all of a sudden, I felt Ali slide her index finger into my well-lubed hole. At first I tightened up, but quickly I relaxed as I adapted to the feeling.

Before I knew it, my balls felt as if they were exploding and I shot the hugest load of my life deep into Cloud's pussy. I could feel it splashing deep inside her, and backwashing out around my cock and down my balls.

"Aaarrgghh", I growled out as I had the most intense orgasm of my life, collapsing upon Cloud as her own body thrashed in the throes of her own climax.

I rolled off of Cloud and lay in between my wife and her best friend, trying to recover all of my senses. I could hear their soft rhythmic breathing on either side. Their soft skin under each of my palms and the warmth of their flesh against me. I was a happy man.

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Dude written stupid fantasy. Totally childish.

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