tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Spanish Beauty

A Spanish Beauty


Beatriz had come along to Madrid to care for his children while he watched the play, but at the theatre his children had run into some of their friends and were now playing in the long hallway behind the private booths lining the second floor. She felt a tinge of pride and excitement being with Señor Chingar in this private booth at the theatre. It was something out of a fairy tale, she thought. Everyone was dressed up in dazzling gowns and dresses, and the men were in tuxedos. The theatre itself was glamourous. She'd never been to Madrid, she'd never experienced any of this extravagance, or been alone with Señor Chingar. She thought to herself that this must be the best day of her life, and that she must savor every moment of it.

Señor Chingar had really never looked twice at the young eighteen year old girl who'd taken on the role of his children's caretaker and tutor, as she knew French and English and got along well with kids. He'd known her father for years, an able accountant who'd lived on his country estate outside of Madrid running the finances of his trading company. That accountant and his wife had both died, along with a quarter of Madrid's population during a fever breakout five years ago. Beatriz had been young when it happened, and his wife had pleaded with him to not throw her out into the streets. It had taken some skilled negotiation on his wife's part, but finally he agreed; not happily. He was against any form of welfare for the poor, and taking Beatriz in went against his values.

Yes, he'd never really looked twice at the young girl with the pretty face until last month. He'd walked by the dayroom where she was watching his two children and saw her sitting in a chair. It was as if she had transformed overnight into a woman. Her small breasts were swollen against the thin white blouse she'd been wearing. Two small nipples easily visible in the morning cold of the house. She wore grey riding pants that hugged her fleshy thighs. Her plump behind swelled out deliciously under her. Her long black hair was straight and shiny and magical....and now his mind had become uncontrollably filled with her. Her youth was vibrant and exciting and her eyes sparkled with life. Her body was so innocent and tight; compared to his wife, who was beautiful, but had grown old like him.

And so he invited her to Madrid with him and children. His wife never liked coming to the city, or riding in the automobile, as she was a country girl and preferred fresh air and horses. So, Chingar knew he'd be alone with this fresh young beauty with the vigorous body and breath taking good looks. As soon as they'd arrived in the city he'd sent her with an assistant to the department stores along the Gran Via to buy her an array of dresses to wear in the spring weather, and to tonight's showing at the theatre.

Tonight, their first in the city, she wore a red dress, probably the most expensive thing she'd ever touched in her life. It was short and loose above her knees. Imported from Paris, he'd given her some black nylon stockings to wear over her legs, which he noticed she liked to touch with her fingers when she thought nobody was watching her, exploring the new fabric tinting her otherwise young white skin.

His wife would never wear such a short skirt, nor stockings, as they were a new fad that only young women chose to sport. The wonderful thing, he knew, about his child's tutor, was that he didn't have to hide being around her, as he did with his regular mistress he slept with while in Madrid. He'd been sleeping with his mistress for fifteen years, and she was just as familiar as his wife.

Señor Chingar's hand reached over himself and laid on her leg quite naturally. He been planning to touch her all night, but had resisted, fearing she would resist. But after several minutes of thought, his hard dick urged him on and pressed down into the flesh of her shapely thigh as if it was something he did every night.

He looked and saw that Beatriz stiffened up at the touch, and glanced down at the hand on her thigh, but said nothing, in fact, it was as if she tried even harder to focus on the happenings on the stage far below. He kept his hand there for a few minutes, savoring the soft touch of her thigh beneath the thin fabric, savoring her young flesh and the closeness of her virgin pussy and mouth.

The softness of her leg, and the way she didn't push his hand away like any other woman would have done excited him. He felt his cock stiffen beyond belief while he stared down at her nylon covered legs. His dick ached now and throbbed inside of his pants. He couldn't remember the last time he had been so turned on.

Beatriz felt her heart pounding away in her chest. What was he doing? She asked herself over and over. What should she do? Remain still? She didn't want to upset him; she owed him everything after all; the clothes she wore, the warm bed she slept in, the beautiful estate she lived on, and all the luxuries provided to a rich girl. She should be poor and living on the street, but because of him she was well off, and had the chance to marry someone well off. She knew this more than anyone. So though she was frightened beyond movement she would do anything not to upset him.

He touched her knee and the hem of her skirt, then the black pantyhose covering her legs. Up his hand went, under her skirt and she bit her lip. Before she could stop herself her hand went to his wrist and she gripped it as tight as she could. This was wrong, she could feel it in every bone of her body. She knew he was married. She knew she wasn't supposed to let someone touch her like this; all of it was wrong.

"Please, Señor." She whispered, surprised at her boldness with a man who intimidated her more than any other.

Señor Chingar stopped himself for a moment, before gently pulling her hand away from his. Her voice was as thin and fragile as a voice could be. He didn't consider himself a forceful, or aggressive person, but in that moment, with the intense feeling of her pantyhose stretched tight over her supple thighs, and his cock aching hard in his pants, he couldn't help himself.

She was so pretty and tight and fresh, he thought to himself, and he wanted to explore her young body. He wanted to do things with her that his wife and mistress would never do. This was the perfect situation, he'd told himself. She was most likely a virgin, though he'd seen her running around with a young cook on his property and he'd seen the secret glances they'd exchanged.

With all the courage he had, he took her hand and laid it over his throbbing cock. Her small fingers spread and she tried pulling away but his hand held her firmly by the wrist.

How wonderful it felt to feel a young woman's hands press into his throbbing erection, a woman other than who he was used to, a woman he was forcing to touch it.

"Yes." He spoke to her now, whispering into her ear. "You made it so hard. Did you know that?"


"Grab it."

"Please, Señor Chingar..."

"Squeeze it with your fingers, Beatriz. I need you to touch it for me. I never ask you for any favors, not a peseta for all the years spent under my care. Can you do me this favor and squeeze it?"

She was frightened, and in her fear she did what he asked. She felt her eyes beginning to water she was so scared and she fought back the tears.

Her fingers slowly closed over the sides of the hard thing in his pants. He wore dress pants and the material was thin. She couldn't believe how hard it was, how warm it was. Beatriz didn't squeeze it too hard, but held it firmly enough between her fingers.

"Like that beautiful. Hold it for me. Now I'm going to touch your leg, and you will let me." He told her, and his hand roamed further up her leg, up to the elastic band over her thighs holding up the nylon stockings. When his fingers found her skin he was shocked by how soft it was, a velvet innocence.

He couldn't believe how wonderful it was to look down and see her small white hand over his erection. She looked very hesitant, and that excited him almost to the point of ejaculation.

Chingar looked around the theatre. Nobody was watching them, he thought. They were in their own private booth, with a small handrail and wall before them, hiding their hands from view if anyone dare look back and up at them. He'd made sure to lock the door to his private balcony.

He reached down and unzipped his pants, pulling out his hard cock. It sprang up and rocked with his heartbeat, the cool air of the theatre could be felt by his erection. Beatriz yanked her hand back and stared down at the engorged organ before her. She could barely see it in the dim light, but it was visible.

Chingar grabbed her frail hand and pulled it over his erection. She struggled to free herself but he held her tight.

"This is my penis Beatriz. Have you ever seen a man's penis before?"


"Grab it now, Beatriz."

She did so. Her cold fingers wrapped over his cock and he inhaled sharply from the unsure touch. He watched her as she looked down at his raging cock. She was unable to take her shiny, youthful eyes from it.

"I want you to kiss it."

She hadn't heard him correctly, she thought.

"Kiss it?"

"Yes. You can do that for me, right?"

"I...I don't know."

"Here. Let me show you something."

He moved his hand from her breast and put his arm over her thin shoulder, pushing her head against his shoulder, so that her head was leaning against him. He smelled her wonderful scent, she must have bathed with lavender soap. Then with his index finger he touched the full, puffy lips on her face. Her traced the softness of them and it reminded him of the touch of silk.

"Beatriz, open your mouth." He sounded very demanding, and there was no reply to his tone, so she did so. His finger entered her wet, burning mouth, past her small even and white teeth and over her wiggling, restless pink tongue.

Beatriz tasted salt as his finger probed her mouth. It was very awkward for her.

"Close down with your lips and suck in."

She wanted to answer but his finger was in her mouth, so she nodded her pretty face and took a deep breath through her nose. Her lips closed down and she sucked. She still wasn't sure what she was doing, but it still felt wrong to her. A tear fell from her eye, slowly falling down her reddened cheek.

"Now move your head forward and back over my finger."

She obeyed her benefactor. Her head tilted forward very unsure, then back. His finger slipped down her tight innocent mouth, then out as she did what he asked.

He knew he'd be in for a great night the moment his finger found her shy mouth. She did whatever he asked of her. He was sure that if she'd of protested enough he would have stopped. Chingar took a hold of her hand, which was still gripping his cock, and moved it up and down his shaft, so that she was jacking it off.

He took his finger from her mouth and she licked her lips. He could tell she was still unsure about everything. He held the finger in front of her face.

"Now, lick my finger. Lick it all over."



She nodded and her tongue wandered out of her mouth and touched his finger. Slowly licking it. It reminded him so much of a cat lapping milk from a saucer.

"This is what you will do to my penis. Tell me, what will you do to my penis?"

"Lick it."


"Suck it in my mouth."

"Good. I won't tell anyone about what you are going to do, and you must not either if you wish to remain working for me. Now get on your knees before me."

"What? On my knees?"

"Beatriz, be a good girl and get on your knees in front of me."

She took a second, thinking, composing herself, before she sighed and slowly dropped from her seat to the carpeted floor. There was plenty of room for her between the railing and Chingar, and she knelt before him. She was scared. His penis was even bigger from this view. It intimidated her and she felt her stomach turning inside out.

She grabbed it with her hands and felt the stiffness and the constant pulse of his heart beat within it.

"Kiss it now." He ordered and grabbed her firmly by the hair, pushing her face to his cock. Her lips brushed against it and she turned her face away.

"Señor, no. Please no. I don't want to." She was almost sobbing.

"Then you will be put out on the street tonight, here in Madrid."

"I'll do it."

"Yes you will."

He grabbed his erection and rubbed it over her puffy lips and her mouth opened. Her small scared tongue touched the head of his cock and he felt immediate relief that she had decided to pleasure him. He wasn't sure what he would have told his wife if he let her go. His wife would have found out everything. She would have had her picked up and brought back to the estate. His wife loved Beatriz, but not as much as Señor Chingar did.

Her tongue licked about, rubbing, pushing, exploring his cock. Her small hands held onto the base of his dick as she poured her tongue and lips over the head. She had her eyes closed as she licked him and he released his tight hold of her beautiful hair. He leaned back in his seat and got comfortable, glancing down to the stage below, but his attention was on pretty Beatriz, licking a cock for the first time in her life.

Finally she put the head of his cock in her mouth, past her pink lips, and she squeezed down against her benefactors hardened sex. She didn't like what she was doing, but it wasn't that bad she thought. She could hear Señor Chingar grunt and grab a hold of her head, pushing his cock deeper into her virgin mouth. She sucked as hard as she could once his cock was in her mouth half way, and then she slid her head up and down, her lips locked tight over his slippery hard shaft. She had no idea what she was doing, but he seemed to like it, so she kept it up, trying to think about something else other than this older man's penis in her mouth. She was so scared and unsure that she felt her legs trembling.

She wondered what his wife would think about her sucking his cock. Surely she would kick her out of the estate if she found out. His wife was such a nice lady, she felt guilty about doing this to her husband, but she had no choice. He wanted this done, so she would do it. Still, her eyes teared and wept silently as her head bobbed up and down the cock in her mouth. Her tongue naturally wiggled and pushed and swirled over his cock. Beatriz didn't think about what she was doing, but she liked touching his cock with her tongue. If it was going to be in her mouth, she might as well rub her tongue on it, she figured, and she did.

The tip of his penis sometimes went to far down her mouth and she felt herself almost heave and choke, this brought water to her eyes. He seemed to like having his cock buried down her mouth deep, but she didn't like it. If she had a choice she would only lick it, and maybe suck the head, but he kept pushing her head down and in turn his cock went in deep into her cramped mouth.

She couldn't believe that she was actually putting a man's penis in her mouth. It was so wrong that she felt dirty and nasty, and found herself thinking about washing her mouth out and taking a bath as soon as she returned to her apartment.

Her jaw bone began to ache from her little mouth having to stretch so far and wide open. In the background she heard the actors talking on stage and the audience laughing. Oh, how she wished she could have just enjoyed the grand show. This was supposed to be an exciting night, one like in fairy tales.

Her mouth was getting extremely wet, full of her own saliva, and the thicker viscous fluid dripping from the tip of his cock. She could barely hold the wetness in her mouth and felt it dripping from the sides of her tight, glistening lips, dripping and sopping down to his thick batch of pubic hairs, and even dripping down her chin, down her neck. In a natural reaction, she swallowed the wetness in her mouth and felt the odd sensation of his thicker fluid getting caught deep in the back of her throat.

Chingar watched her working, going to town he thought, as her small head pumped ferociously up and down. It felt wonderful. His wife had only given him head twice in their twenty year marriage, and only because she had been inebriated by too much wine. His mistress also despised oral sex. But Beatriz on the other hand, she did it as if her life depended on it, and it did, he guessed, smiling to himself.

She sucked hard and tight. Giving pressure to his dick in an unimaginable ecstasy which made him curl his toes and bite on his lip. The sensations he was receiving from this young, innocent mouth took him on a high to which there were no bounds. He was the luckiest man in the theatre he thought, maybe in all of Spain. How many men get to sit here and have a young, beautiful woman suck his cock while in theatre, around so many unknowing people? It was spectacular.

Her tongue nudged and nudged his cock head. Her lips slurped him up. Her teeth slightly glanced off his skin. On her own, she would take his wet shiny cock from her mouth and smack her lips, then use her tongue to lick the excess wetness from them, in a seductive slow manner, then giving her mouth a break, slowly lick the sides of his erection. Starting from the top and working down to his hairs. The tip of her tongue was so small and delicate, yet it pushed against him, and glided over his veins and head. Each small movement from her tongue tickled him with pleasure and he watched as her brow furled in concentration as she licked.

"My seed is going to come now, my pretty Beatriz. I want you to swallow it. Do you understand me?"

She stopped her work and looked up at him. Her cheeks were flushed red, her eyes swollen with wet tears, her small white chin glistening in her saliva and his pre-cum, her silky hair looked a mess from his grabbing it. He reached down and touched her soft full cheek with his finger, stroking her tender face. He touched her jaw bone and her neck, then went to her big breasts and took a hold of what was now his. He squeezed her and held her in his hand, every ounce of her flesh was worth more than gold to him at the moment. She was so full of flesh, very shapely and he loved it. He loved her mouth too, even the way her watering eyes looked. Beatriz was under his command.

"Yes. You want me to swallow it."

"All of it."

"All of it."

With that he took her by her hair so forcefully that she gave a small squeak, and pushed her face to his cock. He hadn't meant to hurt her, but his lust over powered his will. He wanted to own her mouth and fuck it. There was something so exciting about pleasuring his cock in her young mouth. She was so pretty, so extraordinarily sexy, and she was all his. He would cum in her mouth and fill it with his white sperm.

She opened her mouth when he thrust her towards his cock and she sucked down on him, like she had been doing. He moved her head up and down while she tried her best to keep her lips locked on his cock, but he was being forceful and it was difficult. The friction crated by her mouth and his hardened cock warmed up, and numbed her tongue and lips, until finally he stopped rocking her head up and down and held it in place, his cock halfway in her mouth.

"Suck Beatriz, here it comes. Suck it my precious darling."

She was heartened to hear him call her his darling, and decided she would do what he asked and swallow his seed, whatever that meant. Her tongue swirled around his bulbous cock head and she heard him grunt, then a hot stream of thick wetness entered her mouth. It was extra thick and creamy, and burning hot. It filled her tiny mouth, up against her teeth, and between her cheeks and gums, and under her tongue and up, bursting against her lips.

She had to swallow or it would spill. So she did. She gulped some of it down, but then he spurted again in her mouth, and again. She needed to keep gulping and swallowing or it would over fill everything. She didn't like it, but she swallowed as much as she could. The thick seed dripped slowly down the back of her throat, and it tasted sharp and strong. She swirled some of it out of her teeth with her tongue and forced it to the back of her throat where she swallowed it down into her belly.

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