tagBDSMA Special Day In The Life Ch. 13

A Special Day In The Life Ch. 13


Elisha and I clean the table. Well, I bend over to pick up stuff, she just stands there like a table. I see low slaves of all sorts whipped to direct them to clean a spill, put away silverware, polish a scuff on the table from a girl's manacle, mop the floor, all the normal work you'd expect. Girls are let out of the steel sculptures and lick the feet of their Mistresses in gratitude.

That last licking thing reminds me. My lips are very dry even if they do look like slick mirror-finish gold. I try to swallow but my mouth and throat feel like a dirty sock. I've had nothing to drink since lunch.

Four Guards are still drinking and singing and wobbling around all goofy-like on Their stiletto heels even though the feast ended. They're only three table legs away, thirty feet or so. I decide I must chance it. Elisha has all the dirty plates and glasses on her tray now anyway, so I kneel as seductively as I know how.

Mistresses?" I call out very boldly for a slave, "Perhaps this slut could serve Your pleasure? This slave begs 'Mistress wine' from You please. slave is very very thirsty," I beg as respectfully as I can.

The four Guards poke each other in the ribs, wink at each other far too much, laugh, giggle and stumble toward me. The highest rank one is only a Sergeant. The other three are Battlement Guards, not even Dungeon Keepers or Slave Drivers. They're Clitoris Alliance lowest rank troopers and a feast is a rare treat for Them. They might not have even seen a 9 grade slave before today. Suddenly, I wonder if I made a mistake. To them, I'm a flame broiled, well-marbled steak when They're accustomed to hot dogs. I smile seductively and lick my lips suggestively anyway. The Sergeant lifts Her skirt and wobbles toward me unstably but grinning. I kneel up and tilt my head back.

Forty-five minutes later I'm no longer thirsty. I've had the honor of slurping and licking and sucking the "Mistress wine" of the entire squad. They were very tasty. They gushed beautifully in my mouth so many times. I'm very grateful and I tell each one of Them so repeatedly. I beg permission to lick the boots of each one after being used. I'm thrilled They let me. They ruffle my hair, pinch my nipples and anything else They can get Their hands on. I kiss and lick Their hands when I can and when They let me.

The Maîtresse d' stands with Her hands on Her hips, staring at the clock by the entrance arch. I hope I'm not whipped for taking too long but I was doing my job, and I truly was thirsty. She turns away and just leaves me still ankle chained to the table leg. I guess i'm not going to be punished. I didn't know what else to do since Mistress Carolyn and Mistress Nancy just walked away like that. I feel a pang of deep sadness. I had hoped so much that I would go home with Them.

Soon my chain Driver returns for me. I can not look sullen or pouty. I'd be lashed. I pose like a lingerie model but feel like a robot inside. She unlocks me from the table leg and adds me to Her line of slaves.

We are led out of The Great Hall. I don't care. As a high slave, I guess I'm going to be taken back to my cell, alone. I sigh and don't care if I'm tortured for it, but no Mistress hears me I guess.

We go through the kitchen, out the back by the storerooms, down hallways and down spiral stairways back to the dungeons. The Mistress stops us at the wardrobe room again and my leash is unlocked from the back of Sarah's collar. She hands me off to the staff like taking a car into the shop to be serviced. I'm used to this. I'm just a thing here. My wrist and ankle cuffs are removed so I can be undressed easier. They take off my booties, my hosiery and gloves, my corset.

I'm saddened to be taken out of my cute latex that matched Mistress Nancy's outfit. Despite my best effort, tears fill my eyes. I so had hoped it meant something special. Now I'm just naked again. Plain, just property, unwanted. This is how we are stored, like cereal boxes in a grocery store on shelves. I stand numbly as shackles are locked back on me, longer chains this time but I barely notice. My arms can now hang loose, not chained close to my collar. They hand me back over to my driver Mistress and we start down the corridors again. I try very hard to bounce and jiggle and sway with a sultry smile plastered on my face even though I feel totally worthless.

"Hmmm," I think, "this is not the way to my cell." Then I remember my promotion. I wonder where 9s are kept. I never saw that before.

We are led to a part of the dungeons I don't know. It's not way down deep. It's near the shopping mall for Dommes. I gasp seeing what must be where 9s are kept. I've cleaned it before manacled on my knees but I always thought this was some special slave trading area.

These are not dark dreary stone cells with heavy iron doors. They're open, lite, airy like gilded bird cages. The floor is white marble with gold veins running all through it. They're elegant displays spaced several feet apart so a Mistress might walk around them examining the merchandise, us.

Being last in the chain, I'm taken to mine first. It's far at the back of the room which I guess is because I'm a lousy 9, undoubtedly the worst 9 in the world. I hang my head a little, then remember my training and fake a seductive smile anyway. I still feel like poop though.

As Mistress unlocks my anklets and wrist cuffs, I look at the cage. "Not bad!" I think. It's like eight feet tall at its arched top and maybe nine or ten feet wide across its circular floor, quite roomy, and does look just like a bird cage. I'm thrilled to see an actual Persian carpet on the floor near the slave ring recessed neatly into the floor. The carpet is like six feet long and three feet wide, looks an inch thick. I can hardly imagine having a plush oriental carpet to sleep on! There's my very own litter pan too! AND it has the sparkly little crystals mixed in the clay to absorb .... ummm.... smells and fluids. There's a folded comforter, not just a blanket. It's beige satin and quilted! It must be nine inches tall and two feet across even folded! "Gawd! How ritzy!" I think.

Mistress unlocks the door to take me inside but pauses by the door. She points to a gold plate on the door frame, which I realize is actually a LCD display. She touches it and bright red letters appear against the gold background, very pretty, very clever, very convenient for Dommes.

"Look slave," She commands. I look. It's my name and summary of my records.

It shows....

Slave Name: hotbox

Property#: 000-172-358-771

Training and Usage Events: 8,923

Grade: 9.697

Current Bid: 450,900 US$ = 309,663 EUR = 36,915,184 YEN = 8,475.515 GRAMS GOLD

High Bid To Date: Mistress Carolyn Sternn

The eyes of some of the other girls bug out. I even hear one girl mutter under her breath, "Lucky bitch!"

"Day-em!" I think in wonder as it all slowly sinks in. "Someone thinks I'm worth as much as a really really nice house!" I'm being bid on to BUY as a personal slave!!! I ponder Who has an option to buy me and my mouth drops open finally noticing it's Mistress Carolyn. I realize She's bidding on me. It looks like... it might be.... could it be??? OMG! I'm probably going to be a surprise gift to Mistress Nancy! OMG!!

The enormity of it all overwhelms me. I must have been graded ten like a couple thousand times! One Domme must have keypunched for hours, or several Mistresses, or a whole platoon of Guards, I have no idea. Then the drunken Guards spring to mind. I'm filled with love for those rough, tough, DD-cup boobed galoots. They ALL must have graded me multiple times in Their dazed drunken state!

Then it hits me. This cage is far from the BACK door to this area. It's actually at the FRONT nearest the entrance Mistresses would use. I swallow hard. This is the FIRST cage. I must be THE prime meat now. My mind reels. I tremble.

I strut proudly into MY display cage. I slither sensuously to a half reclining, half sitting position on MY rug. I flip my head around, letting my hair swirl across the floor to come to rest behind me. I slide my fingers across the soft inch thick nap of the colorful ornate floral design carpet. It's SO plush!

Mistress locks a glittery chain to the back of my collar, then removes the leash from my front ring that She held. She locks my new leash to the slave ring on the floor behind me. I hardly notice that it's an incredible eight foot long chain now.

I reach forward and hug Her legs. I quickly slide around to kneel at Her feet, the palms of my hands alongside of my head on the smooth marble floor. I delicately lick then passionately kiss Her boots.

I kneel up. "Thank You Mistress," I coo, sincerely grateful, smiling up at Her, "Thank You very much!"

She playfully pushes me over onto my butt. "Go to sleep slut," She says with an actual smile. She lashes at my tits playfully. I think it feels just great. I place my palms close together on the floor behind me, arch my back, jiggle my tits and make kissey faces at Her.

She grins and wiggles my left nipple with the tip of Her crop. "SLUT!" She yells but with a smile. Then She turns, leaves my cage, and the door clicks locked behind Her. I am very pleased to see some of my sisters are almost awed, studying my behavior. I blow kisses at them as they are led away.

I reach for my unbelievably soft luxurious comforter. My leash jingles on the marble floor. I roll over on my side and curl up, wrapping it around my shoulders, clutching it. It's SO big it even covers my feet!

Soon I'm asleep, happily dreaming of a golden collar and shackles like fine jewelry that only ONE Mistress can unlock. I grin in my sleep.


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by Anonymous06/29/18

A perfect slave

Highly charged erotica. A slave who loves being a slave. A slave who prays to be owned by a Mistress she loves. Can I bid on her? she seems rather expensive though darn it.

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