tagIncest/TabooA Special Present

A Special Present


It was early morning on December 25th as Anna woke up to the sight of snow falling outside of her window. Anna was twenty-two years old, long blonde hair and hazel eyes; she was 5'4 and had a 34 C bust. She sat on her bed looking out the window as the snow was falling. Christmas was always a special time for her.

Anna's sister Rachel was also waking up. Rachel was 5'0, nineteen years old; she had dark brown eyes and short black hair. She had a 32 B bust. Their Mother Gina was forty-three years old, long brunette hair, brown eyes and a 40 D bust. Gina had been busy last night getting ready for this morning so it was difficult for her to get up.

Anna realizing what day it was raced down the stairs to see what was in her stocking and underneath the tree. The presents were all wrapped and it was part of their tradition that they only opened them when everybody was downstairs. Anna looked into her stocking and was surprised to find a vibrator in there. She heard someone else coming down the stairs and quickly dropped the vibe back into the stocking.

Rachel came down with a happy look on her face seeing all of the presents. She looked into her stocking and found a vibrator as well, looking up at Anna with a confused look on her face not sure what to think or who it was from. Rachel then realized how strangely aroused she became by looking at the vibrator in her stocking and wondered if Anna had gotten one as well.

"Anna what did you get in your stocking?" said Rachel with a small quiver in her voice. Before Anna could speak they noticed that there mother was walking down the stairs.

Real quickly Anna whispered "a vibrator" to which Rachel whispered back "me too". As Gina walked into the living room she saw both girls looking into their stockings. Knowing what was in them she let out a small sigh. When they saw their mother, both of the girls hid their stockings.

"What did you get in your stockings?" asked Gina. Both of the girls reluctantly pulled the vibrators out of their stockings. Gina let out another sigh. Both of the girls knew that their mother had put the vibes in there and were looking up at her for some sort of explanation.

"Well, I know that both of you girls are more than old enough to have one and I have seen the magazines that you girls keep" She couldn't say anymore except for "Have fun" and then left to go into the kitchen.

The girls looked at each other again, grabbed their stockings and raced upstairs. Anna went into her bedroom sat on her bed and looked at the vibrator it was small and red with five different speeds. She quickly took off her pajamas and panties then lay back on the bed, the sweet smell of her sex made her even more aroused. However, before she even reached for her vibe she heard her sister moaning across the hall.

Anna loved her sister very much and knew her sister had beaten her to the punch. She then imagined her sister using her vibe and had to see it for herself. Anna moved across the hall, nude with her vibrator in hand, peered into Rachel's room. Seeing her sister play with herself, the vibe going up and down Rachel's glistening pussy made Anna even more aroused. Rachel looked up and noticed her sister watching her.

"Anna, what are you doing in my room?" All Anna could say was "May I?" With a surprised look on her face knowing what her sister meant, Rachel was a little hesitant with her response. Rachel also loved her sister but never knew that Anna felt that way about her. Rachel slowly nodded. Anna walked over to her sister and kissed her deeply. When she broke off the kiss she flicked her tongue across Rachel's nipples until they became erect. Rachel moaned softly. Rachel was always slightly jealous that Anna's breasts. She decided in the heat of the moment to return the favor and lick Anna's nipples. Anna let out a small gasp.

Anna then started kissing down her sister's body getting closer to her glistening wet pussy. She could smell the sweet aroma of Rachel's sex as she got closer. Anticipating her sister's mouth, Rachel then laid spread eagle inviting her pussy even closer towards her sister. Anna realizing her sister's anticipation slowly kissed down lower and lower. When she finally got down to her Rachel's pussy, she loved the musky smell of it and took it all in.

Anna held Rachel's legs open as she started to gently suck on her sister's clit. The instant sensation of her sister's mouth sent a shiver across Rachel's body while she moaned loudly. Back downstairs, Gina was in her robe still, sipping her cup of coffee. Hearing the moans coming upstairs she knew that her girls were enjoying their presents.

"Oh I suppose it wouldn't hurt to go up there and peak." Gina thought to herself. When she got upstairs she noticed that Anna wasn't in her room so she went and peered into Rachel's room and let out a soft gasp when she saw Rachel eating her sister out. Rachel saw her mother then to her surprise watched as her mother disrobed. Gina walked over to them and slowly ran her hand over Anna's ass. Anna turned around and was speechless at seeing her mother naked watching them.

"I thought you girls were using your vibrators, but I never pictured this." Before the girls could even try to speak, Gina ordered Anna to lie next to her sister. Anna had no idea what her mother had in mind but was so horny she couldn't object. Gina picked up both vibrators and asked if they had even used them. Anna said she didn't and Rachel slowly nodded. Gina sucked on Anna's vibe, then turned both vibes on and slowly slid them into both of her daughter's pussies.

Anna and Rachel grunted as the vibes sent wave after wave of orgasmic bliss through both of their bodies. They became even more surprised during their orgasms as they saw their mother's hairy cunt becoming wet. Anna tried to speak but couldn't as she moaned louder and louder.

Rachel screamed as she came all over the vibrator, her juices running down while her body started shaking from the orgasms. Anna followed suit moments later. A smile came across Gina's face as she removed the vibes then cleaned both of her daughter's pussies as they started moaning again. As their orgasm's subsided and they finally caught their breath.

"That was amazing." Rachel uttered. "Mom, you're wet." Anna said. Gina looked down at her soaking wet pussy.

"So I am." Gina said. She rubbed her hairy cunt then lay back on the bed. Before Anna and Rachel decided to do anything they still remembered the presents downstairs. Anna told Rachel to go down and get one of them.

While Rachel went down stairs, Anna sucked on her mother's breasts as she did when she was a baby. Rachel got one brought it upstairs and opened it. It was a set of anal beads. She knew what they were.

As Anna continued sucking on her mother's breast,"What do you want me to do with this mom?" asked Rachel. Gina began directing traffic.

"Anna please go down on me, and Rachel I would like it if you used the beads on your sister." Rachel looked a little surprised but after everything that has happened so far it really didn't seem to faze her. Anna scooted down as her mother held Anna's head down to her pussy; Anna began to lick while hearing the grunts coming from her mom.

Rachel knelt behind Anna and slowly inserted bead after bead into Anna's asshole. Anna began to moan on her mother's pussy, making her mother moan in pleasure. After all the beads were inserted into Anna's asshole, Rachel decided to go back to her sister's pussy causing Anna to moan even louder.

As Gina was getting closer towards her climax, she wrapped her legs around Anna's torso. Gina gripped the sheets and moaned loudly as she squirted into her daughter's mouth. When Rachel saw this she slowly started pulling the beads out of her sister's ass. Anna swallowed her mother's cum it tasted so sweet.

As her mother collapsed, Anna let out one more moan from the beads being removed. Anna and Rachel both lay back next to their mother. They all softly kissed each other and wished each other a merry Christmas. These gifts definitely brought them all closer together.

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