A Spider's Web


The characters in this story are property of Marvel comics. I have used them in honor of the comic series and admiration for the characters. This story is original and is in no way tied to any of the canons of the Marvel Universe (to save myself the grief of working with time lines). This story contains adult material of a sexual nature. If it is illegal for you to view such material, turn back now. This work is copyrighted to the author. Do not post this on any other site or use it for personal gain. It is for entertainment purposes only. Thank you.

* * * * * *

"Here's another one for ya, compliments of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman," read off the police officer once again appearing a minute too late to see that his job was already done for him and a note pinned to the upside down punk's web wrap. Crumpling the paper in irritation, he tossed it aside into one of the many festering trash cans that so elegantly complimented the alley so perfectly. Signaling to his men to cut him down and cuff him, he turned and walked back to his car to fill out the paper work.

Watching the scene, curious as to the reaction of his nightly help, Spiderman leaned over the roof top edge and sighed, once again seeing that the cops were more annoyed by his vigilante justice than eased by it. Nothing new, though, so he excused himself, not wanting to press his luck with time. A few speedy steps and a daring leap of the edge later and the familiar *thwip* sound was heard as a stream of science created web fluid sprung from his wrist and the web swinger lived up to his name as he left the police officer with that one glimpse of him before he took off for the night. Despite having been in the city, fighting crime and foiling other costumed super powered crime involvers, people still liked to look up and watch as he swung by over their fair city, gawking at the grace and agility they witnessed for only a moment's glance. He loved how he could cause a New Yorker, one who had grown old of craning their neck skyward, do it all over again like a tourist. That took some of the sting off the glare the police officer gave him.

No time to swing around to relieve stress that night, no, he had plans. Tonight was a very special night for him, it was his and Mary Jane's first anniversary of marriage together. He had already sent her the gift, elegant and expensive, but it was to make up for the fact that he couldn't promise her a romantic evening out. He relished in how understanding she was, though, to that effect. She knew that when she married Spiderman that she would not get the typical husband, she admitted that, but she told him that she got a better one through that. A smile spread under his mask as he day dreamed about how perfect she was for him, and his lapse in focus nearly caused him to come crashing through the window of a Times Square billboard. That was a close one, he thought. The last thing I need is to splat right onto the Virgin sign and have someone take a picture of that and run it on the front page.

Five more minutes of swinging led him nearly all the way to his New York apartment before he heard a blood curdling alarm sound mixed with coming sirens. Halting his swing by perching upon the ledge of a building, joining a gargoyle in stare, he saw that the cause of this was a bank robbery and the perp was making her escape just as he had come into play. It was the Black Cat. More of a nuisance than a danger, really, but she was making away with what looked like a cliche bag of money. He hung his head low after looking to a large clock that over looked the street and gave himself an hour to get back to Mary Jane while it was still technically their anniversary. Focusing himself, he leaped off the granite and swung into action, literally.

It didn't take him long to catch up with the voluptuous cat burglar, but her acrobatic skills were still something to be pitted against. She had noticed the web head with a few choice glances over her shoulder, peering out her black mask that complimented her face. The black leather clad woman with flowing ivory hair leaped and leaped, but Spiderman was still able to make further leaps with his webs and superior agility. Just as she was about to make one more dash off the building, a snag upon her out reached wrists came and snapped her backwards. Wrists had been bound by the familiar web and a stream of it from it was led back to good ol' Spiderman.

"Yeehaw! Caught ya, partner," jested the wrangling super hero, lifting the web up to hang and twist over a pipe and let her hang just inches off the ground, her back to the wall of the doorway that lead up from inside the building. Easing himself down, upside down, as he was prone to do, he stared Black Cat in the eyes with his big white saucers and smirked beneath the mask. "How many times do we have to go through this, Cat?" he inquired.

Her full lips pulled into a smirk of their own, and her eye lids dropped a tad in a sultry manner, working herself into her seductive manner in order to escape police capture yet again with, no less, the aid of her current capture. "Until I get properly punished, I guess. Perhaps a spanking would set me right?", she reasoned, pursing her lips innocently and fluttering her eye lashes in form with that. Her hips slowly swayed, wantingly, and the web crawler fell distracted by her charm.

Shaking it off, remembering his set time limit, he quickly reached down and snatched the bag of bills that was held to her hip. "No, I think staying tied up until the web disintegrates will be well enough of a lesson for you, Cat," he bargained. For anyone else he would turn them in, but he sensed good in Black Cat, unlike his other costumed foes. Her antics were typically a method of getting his attention, which always worked, and she rarely meant harm, so he rarely turned her in. It caused more grief for him to catch her time and time again only to release her back into the sea of the city, but he knew that putting her in jail would be fruitless. A woman of her expertise and charm could find her way out of the bars in no time flat. Speaking of flat, she certainly wasn't, and he noticed this every time the met. Her breasts were incredibly large, but did not sag in the least. They filled out her suit to burst, with a large cut down the suit that showed off the valley of her chest and just below it. He would theorize that the reason why her charm usually didn't work on him, even though it did, was because she turned it on right after a good chase, leaving her breathless and her chest heaving up and down, up and down, up and down. Sweat would sometimes glaze her tanned skin and the moon light would reflect off it, like it was now, to match the sheen of her leather cat suit. Of course, it would be criminal not to mention the legs and ass of a woman as athletic as she. Whenever Cat would pin Spidey, she would straddle him and he would feel those tight firm muscles of her thighs wrap around his hips. When in hot pursuit, he was always inclined to check out her full and heart shaped ass, just begging to be freed from the tight leather constraints.

Despite the obvious sexual tension, they had never once done anything about it. Not even a kiss. Spidey was valiantly tied to Mary Jane and would never betray her, even if it was with a woman even more voluptuous than her. An abrupt clearing of Cat's throat, with a pompous tone on it no less, Spidey snapped back to the there and now and realized he had been staring at his captive's breasts for some time now. It wasn't easy to tell where Spiderman was looking through those giant white eyes he saw through, but it was all too apparent to her that he was staring at her generous chest.

"Once again, I'm glad you approve, Spidey," she playfully put, having caught him several times before looking at her tits. She raised her torso a bit, bending her back some and gave him a 'come fuck me' look as she made her breasts look all the more big and perky. She didn't know if he would go for it, though, as she had put on that look every time they had met in the past year and all she got from him was a nervous crack in his voice and a half chubby in his spandex. Even if she never got any from the man she admired, the hero she had fallen for, she found it fun to mess with him all the same.

"I'm afraid I c-can't," there was the nervous crack, "do this tonight, C-cat. I have other arrangements". With bag of money in one hand and growing erection in pants, he began to pull himself up the web line he had created just before he heard her speak up again.

"That's not all the money," she simply put.

Stopping, he peered down, getting a good look down her top, though it didn't show any more than any other vantage point, and saw her smiling up at him. Easing himself back down, he let go of the web and stood on two feet to speak to her face to face. "What do you mean by that?"

"Exactly what I said. That's not all the money. There's about...two thousand you're missing," she devilishly played upon him, her lips smiling even wider and flashing her pearly whites.

He raised a brow and looked at her strongly to try and catch if she was lying. "You're full of it. You're just messing with me, AGAIN," he replied and turned his back on her, raising a hand up and ready to shoot web to the nearest building to swing away before she could sink her claws deeper into him.

"Perhaps, but if I'm right and you hand over the money and they see two grand is missing, they're going to think their friendly neighborhood Spiderman is skimming off the top for himself," she reasoned. She wasn't wrong, either. Although the people of New York loved and cherished Spiderman, many were looking for a reason to throw him into jail, especially the police. Knowing this, Spiderman hung his head low with a sigh and turned around.

"Alright, then where is the money?" he simply asked.

"Strapped to my thigh," she revealed with the sultriest of looks, raising her leg slightly to get his attention to it even more.

He watched those leg muscles tighten and press against the leather. He gulped, knowing that the only way to get it would he to be to reach in, and with that tight suit, there wasn't much room to maneuver. He then realized that this must be a trick. This is exactly what she would say to get him to grope her thigh and seduce him further. "...You're lying," he finally said after several seconds of deduction.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not, but what have you got to lose if you try? If I'm telling the truth, you get the money and New York loves you even more. If I'm lying, well, at least you got under my suit," she reasoned. Again, she was right. He had nothing to lose, but perhaps may gain some guilt for touching her in such a way. To egg him on further, she slowly licked her upper lip, dragging the tip along it just enough to wet the tier while keeping the purple painted lip revealed. Just as the tongue reached the end and retreated back inside, the corner of her lower lip was pulled underneath her canine and let to spring back with the naughtiest of implications behind it; lips still parted in a sexual manner, then right back to the seductive smile.

Swallowing his pride and guilt, he apologized to Mary Jane in his head and put the bag of money down as he approached. The ring at the end of her zipper shined in the moonlight, the only piece of metal on her uniform. He gave one last look up at her and then back down. It was all or nothing time. Index finger looped into the ring and tugged down slowly, revealing more and more of her flesh as the sounds of the city were drowned out in his mind, only the sound of parting leather and the slow unzipping resonating around him. The suit was so tight that he always saw every outline and indent of her body, but when he saw it just as flesh, his skin jumped. She didn't make things easier by swaying her hips very slowly, almost unnoticably, bending her abdomen back and forth, showing her muscles dance seductively.

His face snapped up to look her dead in the eye and he firmly demanded, "Stop that".

Her lips pursed in an O at the firm order. "Ooo, I love a man who is all dominant," she teased, blowing him a kiss without hand.

Shaking his head, he ignored her as best he could, and continuing unzipping her. The zipper led all the way to the top of her pelvis before it stopped. He breathed a sigh of relief that it didn't go any further, but now was the hard part. "Okay, which leg is it?" he humbly asked. He didn't need to reach in and find out he was going on the wrong leg. It was a 50/50 shot, but he didn't like those odds.

"Right, Spidey," she honestly replied. She decided to throw him a bone, and then perhaps later he'd throw her one.

Nodding, he began to tuck his fingertips under the tight leather. She purred and smirked as his hand began to venture into her suit. She rocked her leg a bit in response to his touch, but that was completely involuntary, and he kind of knew that in an arrogant way. Taking another deep breath he placed his hand all the way into her suit, trying desperately to avoid the cat's pussy. Even so, he could feel the heat pushing from it, even through his glove. This perplexed him. Was she really horny right now? He looked up at her and saw a face of loss of control, her lip being chewed on slightly and the moment he spotted her she switched back to her proud seductive smile. She really was hot for him! All this time he thought she was just messing with him. Despite his developed muscles and heroic acts, Spiderman always saw himself as mild mannered Peter Parker, whom no girl but Mary Jane would go for. He had to get his mind off that, though, as he was starting to react in his pants as well.

With the suit so tight there was no room to really get any maneuvering going, so his arm would have to plunge straight down. Again apologizing to Mary Jane in his head, he stood closer to her, chest to breasts, and straightened his arm around to begin to dip it further. Her lips pulled into a smirk as he was so close, and he tried to avert his gaze, moving blindly in her pants as he searched for the strap that kept the bills. He found it, running his fingers along it to follow to the outside of the thigh and find the money. But there was none! He snapped his eyes once more to her and she shook her head, amused.

"Inner thigh, web head," she happily corrected, whispering into his ear with the sultriest of tones. Her voice had gotten smokey and alluring, and a soft purr accented the background of her words.

Of course, of-friggin-course, he thought. No no, it couldn't have been simple and been to her outer thigh, not Black Cat. It had to be on her inner thigh, directly below her. He shook his mind clean and thought of baseball. Gulping, he began to move his hand again and directed it towards between her legs. He began to feel the edge of the bills and breathed a sigh of relief. She was telling the truth. Now, to pull it out. It was tight between the leather and her leg, but as he gave a good slow tug he began to pull it out, but not without inadvertently rubbing his forearm against her dampness.

Unbashfully she threw her head back with moan, softer than silk, as friction was brought to her nether lips. Biting her lip her head fell back, staring at his arm as it pressed against her pelvis and stomach. Once his hand was out, he reared away from her and tossed the money down. He didn't bother to count it, he trusted it was all there.

He was about to tell her something witty, something life changing perhaps, but when he saw her face, that hot and heavy face, that wanting face with a real 'come fuck me' look, he lost his words. He slowly walked back and stared at her again, watching her intently for the first reason to walk away and forget her, but it never came. She just breathed heavily, her breasts rising and falling, so large that they brushed against his chest, tantalizing him, but he was more focused on her eyes, for once. He said nothing as he lifted up his mask to just beneath his nose and plunged forward, locking his lips to her far more impressive pair as a gloved hand lost itself in her white waterfall hair and pulled her head to his.

For once, her eyes widened by something he did. She was surprised to say the least, amazed she had actually roped him in, but they soon fell closed as she lost herself in the kiss with the man she had been flirting with for almost two years now. Her full purple lips danced against his, threatening to engulf his mouth under their plushness. She would suck on his lower lip for a good minute before she threw her tongue into play, restless that he hadn't done so with his yet. The muscle parted his lips past her own and invited itself into his mouth with expert grace. Her tongue ran down one side of his tongue, crawled over the top, and pulled up against the other side, running her tongue stud, spherical and smooth, against his ill experienced tongue the whole time. Her leg would have bent at the knee had a wall not been right there behind her.

He couldn't believe what he was doing. He had a wife, a happy marriage, and was madly in love with Mary Jane. Yet even so he was making out with this voluptuous criminal on a roof top on his anniversary, no less. He told himself over and over to stop, but all that happened was his hand pressed to the small of her back and pulled her body against him. He told himself to run away now, but his body responded with a growl to her tongue. He told himself that he loved Mary Jane, but his cock wanted this pussy. However, eventually reason took over and he pulled himself off of her, using the moment to catch his breath. Before his exposed lips could utter a word of protest, Black Cat was free.

Using her claw like gloves, she cut through the webbing with ease, putting the fact to him that she could have escaped him long ago and, more importantly, gotten the money out of her suit herself. She had a face of pure sexual want. Her energy focused like a laser beam, her eyes sparkled with determination. Now that she had his taste on her lips, her tongue dragging across them, she was not going to let him get away. "Lose the costume, keep the mask," she said, giving the demands down, before pulling his mask back down around his mouth. She wanted to fuck Spiderman, not the man behind the mask. That's whom she had fallen for, not whoever wore the costume.

Oddly enough, Spiderman did not argue. His suit was removed with much fumbling, like a teenager about to lose his virginity, but his mask remained. It was hotter inside of the covering than usual, but he'd deal. He wanted this now, his cock had taken over his mind and he thought only of taking her right then and there. Wait, right then and there? A bit of civilized mentally ran back into his mind to inquire on that. "Wait, you want to do it here?" he asked.

"Why? Do you have some place else we can go to?" She excitedly asked, running her paws up from his stomach to his pecks, all well defined. "A...Spider Lair, or something?" she giggled at the idea.

He was ready to say they could go back to his apartment but two things stuck out as big no-nos to that. For one, it's not very impressive. Hey may be Spiderman, but Peter Parker paid the bills, with some help from Mary Jane's modeling career. Secondly, Mary Jane. That was the clincher, they would do it on the roof top then. "No, the city is my lair," he said, trying to be debonair. He thought it sounded better in his head.

She smirked and gave his chest a little teasing scratch before sinking to her knees. The white fur that lined parts of her costume ran against his skin as she lowered herself and the soft feeling of it send shivers through him. That was nothing compared to the feeling of her tongue against the underside of his cock. She spared no time and went immediately for the taste, starting at the base and gliding up all 7 1/2 inches. She opted not to use her hands just yet, instead gripping his hips and pressing her nails against his skin, threatening to pierce, all while he was relaxed by her masterful tongue. The whole while her eyes were looking up at him for approval, not needing to see what she was doing, like her tongue had taken the helm and was taking care of everything. She licked his dick up and down like a Popsicle over and over, getting it thoroughly wet before her lips would engulf the head. She held it there for a moment, watching him writhe and moan, hands gripping her wrists for support, before she let it out with a pop and smirk. She would repeat this, each time taking another inch into her mouth. Eight rounds of this later, she was beginning to use a hand, gripping the base of his cock as she took the rest of him into her mouth, almost deep throating, and wrapped her tongue around the pole as she bobbed her head.

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