tagErotic CouplingsA Splash of Color

A Splash of Color


I grumbled as Amy pulled out the first can of paint. Somehow, I'd been roped into spending a good part of my vacation helping her paint her new house. We'd been friends for a long time, and we'd dated very briefly. Yet whenever she needed help around her place, she always called on me.

This time around she had two rooms and a garage to paint. I figured that it would take at least two days to make it through all of this. Of course, I'd happened to have planned some vacation for the same week, so I was stuck. I didn't have an excuse not to help, unless you counted the fact that I just didn't want to.

We knocked out the two interior rooms on the first day. It was a long day, but she supplied me with plenty of beer and pizza when we were done. We made plans to start early the next day, since the garage was big enough to hold three cars easily. I was sure that it would take us all day.

I woke up sore the next morning from all the physical activity. It's not that I'm a wimp, but I'm tall and thin. I am more of a runner than someone who does repetitive motions for exercise. So I had a few aches going into the paint session.

Maybe I was just in a bad mood, but the garage was incredibly humid as well. The temperature today was supposed to top out at 90, which meant I'd be a damp rag by the end of the day.

Amy was already there. She'd opened a paint can and had started on the wall closest to the house. She had on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a bandanna around her head, but she still looked good. I grabbed a beer from the cooler, which raised an eyebrow. After all, it was only 8:30 in the morning. I didn't say a word, but popped the top off and took a long hit. I had the roller with the extension arm attached to it, so that I could reach the top of the walls without getting on a ladder.

I set the beer down next to the paint can and started. The extension arm made the work go fast, but I had to grab the pole in an awkward way to get it into the paint tray. We worked in silence for about an hour before Amy went inside and turned on some music. We both liked Pop and Country, so she'd picked a station she knew I'd like.

I finished off the first beer and started on a second. Amy was drinking water, which was probably a better choice given the temperature and humidity, but it was my vacation after all. By 9am, I'd worked up a sweat. I didn't have a bandanna, so I spent time wiping my face off with a towel.

Between the sweat and beer, it wasn't a huge surprise when I brought the roller up and managed to splash paint across the front of me. I wiped it off my face and neck, but the t-shirt had a wide swath of gray across the front of it.

I cursed, hoping that at least I'd get out of painting, but no such luck. Amy came up to me, wiped the paint off my arm and put her hand out. "Give it to me."

It sounded like a bad pick-up line at first or something from a porn movie, but that was just the buzz talking. I realized that Amy was going to wash my shirt. I peeled off the shirt and handed it to her. She paused for a moment, taking a long glance at my upper body. I realized that she'd never seen me shirtless before.

As I said, I wasn't a muscle guy by any means. I was lean with flat abs and a thin waist. Most of it was covered with a layer of hair that ran from my navel to my pecs. I started to feel a bit self-conscious, so I turned and started to work again. Amy went inside with the shirt.

I looked over at her when she returned, but she hadn't returned with another shirt for me. Granted that the day was incredibly hot and humid, but still I'd expected a little better hospitality.

She did order pizza for lunch, which was great, but I still felt a little odd standing around shirtless. We got back to painting, which was going much faster than I'd expected. For the wall above the garage doors, I had to rig up a couple of ladders and planks between them. It wasn't secure, and it definitely wasn't up to OSHA standards, but I thought it would do for the couple of yards I had to paint.

Amy didn't look convinced, and she kept her distance by painting around the door to the house and then the door to the outside. She did turnaround a few times to check on my progress, but even with two beers, I was steady on my feet.

I was getting ready to paint the last few feet of the wall above the garage doors when the paint can began to tip. I managed to grab the can of paint, but not before I got some more on my pants.

Amy was trying to suppress a smile, but I didn't look amused. I certainly wasn't going to let her take my pants from me. We were about done. I finished the last of the wall, and tapped the lid back on the can of paint.

I pointed to the door to the interior of the house, and she nodded. I knew where things were in the house, so I headed to the laundry first. The washer had stopped, so I threw my shirt into the dryer. The pants were another matter. I stripped out of them, dumped them in the utility tub with some detergent, and left them to soak. Fortunately, there were some towels down there, so I grabbed one, wrapped it around my waist and headed to the shower.

I turned it on hot, even though it was a scorcher. I figured that between yesterday and today, I'd used muscles that I hadn't worked in ages. So I wanted the heat to loosen my muscles before I left. The steam was soon pouring across the room, and I let the water run down my back, feeling my muscles relax. I washed off all the paint I could see and turned off the water.

I grabbed the towel, wrapped it around me again and headed back downstairs. I threw the jeans in the washer and headed back upstairs. I wasn't sure what I was going to do in a towel for an hour, but I did get a beer and sit down.

My neck was a bit stiff from looking up for so long, and I used my right hand to reach across my chest and squeeze the shoulder muscles. Amy came up behind me, and said, "Let me do that. It's the least I can do for your help."

She brushed my hand away. Both of her hands replaced mine, and she pressed firmly against the tight muscles of my neck and upper back. A small moan escaped me as she pressed down on the muscles. "You're awfully tight here. You either need to work out or paint more." She laughed at her own joke as her fingers pushed deep into my flesh.

I just sat there in silence as she worked me over. As the knots in muscles began to loosen up, one of her hands moved over my shoulder to my chest. She leaned in and I could feel the heat of her breasts as she pushed against me.

Her hand slid down my pec and found my nipple. She tweaked it slowly. My breath caught as she pinched it into a hard knob. Her fingers slid through the hair on my chest and touched my skin. They felt cold against my warm flesh.

I tried not to show my excitement, but it was getting difficult to stay down, especially since I was freeballing at the moment. Her other hand moved forward and found my other nipple. She repeated the process until both nipples are pebbles, anxious and sensitive to her touch. My breathing picked up as she leaned against me and brought her lips against my neck. She breathed out and the heat of the exhale sent a shiver down my spine.

I was trying not to get hard, but I looked down to see a noticeable bulge under the towel. I was fighting a losing battle. She ran her tongue across the skin that she heated with her breath, and then ran her tongue behind my ear, flicking at my lobe with the tip of her tongue. Another moan escaped me and I heard her chuckle, a throaty laugh that I hadn't heard from her before. I shifted in the seat, uncomfortable now that I was getting hard. The towel still covered my dick, but it was pronounced under the fabric.

I started to turn around, but her hand moved back to my shoulders. "Don't move. I want to be in charge here," she said into my ear. I shivered again as I faced forward.

I heard a rustle behind me, and her blouse landed across my lap. I knew it was no accident that it landed on my crotch. She'd noticed my erection and wanted me to know it as well.

She moved again, and her bra landed on the floor. She leaned against me once more, and I could feel the heat of her breasts against my neck. I wanted to lick them, but I continued to face forward per her instructions. Leaning up against me, her hands found my nipples again. She played with them until they ached with the desire I felt. They were hard and sensitive to the touch. When she was finished, her hands now moved lower, tracing the hair on my abs down to the top of the towel. With a flick of a finger, the towel fell open, exposing me. Now it was her time to moan, and she whispered it into my ear. Her voice was filled with desire.

My dick slapped against my abs, and one of her hands cupped the tip of it, running the tips of her fingers across the sensitive head of it. I watched her as she traced the base of the head until I was leaking on her fingers. She waited until they were good and sticky, and then traced her way back up my chest, leaving a gummy trail through my hair.

She whispered, "I'm going to fuck your brains out, but I'm going to take my time about it."

I'd never heard her talk like this and I leaned my head back against her, waiting for her to begin. She threw her shorts on the floor in front of me. I imagined what she looked like in just her panties, but I didn't have to wait long to see the reality. She moved around me and dropped to her knees. She took me in her mouth without warning and began to suck. I leaned my head back and moaned. The sensation of that hot, wet mouth around me was hard to take.

After a few minutes where I thought I would lose it too soon, she stood up. Not waiting to hear what she was doing next, I slid off the chair and onto my knees. She stood in front of me, and I slowly began to lick at her inner thighs. She was quiet, but I could hear the ragged breaths she took. I let my tongue find her opening, and I licked more, running my tongue go back and forth between the lips. She was already wet. I lapped at her juices. My tongue gained entrance and she stepped her feet further apart. I slid into her, my tongue quickly looking for her pleasure zone. I must have found it because she moaned, a dirty guttural sound that made my dick twitch with anticipation.

I could barely contain myself now. I moved my tongue across her lips one more time and then pulled away. I placed two fingers in my mouth and pulled them out quickly. She gasped as I slid them inside of her. I curled my fingers slightly. I must have been doing something right, because she grabbed a handful of hair and tugged on it. Her breathing grew more shallow and ragged as I moved back and forth inside of her. I started a fast rhythm inside of her, pushing my fingers in up to my palm and then pulling them out again. I continued to do this until her juices were running down my hand.

Not to brag, but I knew that I needed to add a third finger to make sure she was ready for me. I'm not huge, but I am thick. It's caused problems for girls who weren't ready for it.

I pulled my fingers out and added the third one. I pushed inside of her slowly, but she belied her earlier words by thrusting toward my hand. She was not going to do this slowly; she wanted this as bad as I did. I pushed in and out of her, curling the fingers slightly so that I brushed up against her clit from time to time. The sensation made her moan. Now she was tugging on my hair with both hands, running her fingers across the scalp and taking handfuls of hair when she felt the pleasure of my fingers on her clit.

I could have continued that for a while longer, but she whispered, "Now, please now."

I pulled my fingers out. Her breath caught as I did, making it sound like she missed me filling her. I stood up and moved in close to her. My dick slid between her legs.

She looked up at me and ran an arm around my neck. She pulled me down enough to kiss me. This wasn't the chaste good-night kiss I was used to. This kiss had intentions. It was wet and sloppy, telling me that she wanted me. Her tongue found mine, and they slid together in my mouth. Her free hand slid a condom into my palm. I didn't ask where it had come from, but I did wonder for a second if she'd planned on this from the start.

Her other hand slid around my waist and took a handful of my ass in a squeeze. I was between her legs. I began to thrust slowly. I knew I wasn't at the right angle to enter her, but it still brushed up against her lips. I could feel her juices on me, telling me that she was ready.

We crab-walked back to the wall, and I pushed her up against it. I was careful with my thrusts so that I didn't hit the wall. Taking her ass in both hands, I lifted her gently. Pressing her back against the wall, I bent my knees and slid into her.

The kiss broke off when I slid inside of her. She moaned loud enough for the neighbors to hear if they'd been home. I stood up again, using her body against the wall as a guide. I was all the way inside of her.

I began to pull out slowly and then thrust. The motions started slowly at first, a gentle in and out that dragged past her clit with each thrust. She was hungry for it. The position was great for the gentler motions, but it was obvious in a few minutes that she wanted it rougher. I bent my knees and let her down.

Amy still didn't talk, but she turned and leaned over the chair I'd been sitting on earlier. She spread her legs wide. I didn't need another invitation. I approached her and slid inside of her from the rear. At this angle, I could keep one hand on her waist and pump as hard as I wanted.

I pounded her repeatedly, pushing in and out quickly and then slowly, changing the pace so she didn't know what was next. She held on to the chair with both hands as I pushed deep inside of her, whimpering as I nearly pulled out.

This continued for several minutes, the change of pace and depth. She called out my name a few times between groans. I was starting to get close when I could sense a difference in her. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat. Amy began to moan, and I felt her tighten on my dick. She rested her head on her arms in front of her and seemed to ride out the orgasm as I continued to thrust into her.

I was impressed. Her orgasm lasted a few minutes, longer than any guy ever could. Her hair was matted to her skin by the time she was done. I was so turned on by the idea that I'd done that to her that I could feel myself getting close.

I slowed the pace to try to make it last longer, but it was no use. I was too far gone by this point. I felt my balls tighten and then the spasms from deep inside of me. It felt as if I'd shot everything in me in that load. I was spent by the time we were done.

We were both panting as I pulled out and threw the condom in the trash. Amy watched me quietly as my dick slowly drooped.

"I was thinking I would take you out to dinner as a way of saying thanks," she said with a grin. "But I liked this a lot more."

I laughed. "Yeah, this is a good time." I wrapped the towel around me, feeling exposed suddenly.

Amy was having none of that. "You have another 45 minutes before your jeans will be dry. Think of all the trouble we could get into in that much time."

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