A Steamy Night in Georgia


He picked up her lavender bra and shook it slightly, as it had gotten a small smudge of dirt on it during the night. He held the bra behind her as she put her arms through the straps, causing Wyatt to reflect how many times he had done similar movements in putting on his jackets over the years. He kissed each of her nipples softly and then attempted to secure the front closure, then abandoned his efforts in favor of Tori's more expert handling.

"Sorry," he apologized. "I can take them off easily, but I haven't had much experience in putting one on!"

She chuckled along with him and held out her sundress to him. Wyatt held the dress up high and lowered it as Tori sinuously moved her body to encourage the soft fabric to drape properly.

Tori picked up Wyatt's shorts and held them out to him, suggesting that she might dress him in similar manner. He balanced himself against her shoulder as he stepped into his shorts, and she held his hands away from his sides against his natural reaction to pull them up as he had done so many times. She pulled his shorts up into place, but held the waistband open in the front to admire his cock, neatly nestled in the pouch of his shorts. Holding the waistband open, Tori placed the index finger of her left hand against her lips and kissed it slowly. Following the movement of every muscle and nerve in Tori's body, Wyatt could feel his balls shift slightly in their bag as they churned to replenish his fluids. His cock swelled slightly as he awaited Tori's next move. In one fluid movement, she pulled the waistband of his shorts down to expose the end of his cock, then placed her freshly kissed finger against the slit at the end of his cock, and she enjoyed feeling the warm silkiness of the droplet of precum that had gathered there, then released the waistband with a "Snap!" that made Wyatt jump in startled reaction.

She picked up his shirt from under a corner of the tan quilt and helped him pull it on as he had done. She moved very close to him and breathed slowly onto his bare skin at each buttonhole, then slid the white button into the slit she had warmed. She once again offered the steady rest of her shoulder as she held his Dockers out for him, and she carefully tucked in his shirt, pausing teasingly to cup the cheeks of his ass in her hands, then threaded his belt around his waist, secured it, and gave his groin a playful squeeze after closing the zipper.

"I don't think I've had someone dress me since I was five." Wyatt observed,

"And I'm sure that it was never this much fun!" remarked Tori with a twinkle in her eye that must have spread across three time zones.

They gathered the candelabra, sullen in carrying the completely melted tapers, into the wicker basket together with the few remaining strawberries. Wyatt dipped his finger into the last of the whipped cream and dabbed it on the end of Tori's nose, then drew her close to him and removed it with five soft kisses.

They shook out the blue quilt and placed it into the basket to hold everything in place, gathered up the larger tan quilt and folded it, then carefully inspected the area to be certain that no trace might be found to suggest that two lovers had shared such passion and deep enjoyment here, then started out across the park once again, hand in hand and barefoot, in search of the limousine waiting for them at Luckie Avenue.

Ed Jacobson is the best chauffeur in the Western Hemisphere and probably in the entire world. As Wyatt and Tori approached the waiting limousine, Ed came around the back of the carriage and opened the door for them. The limo had been completely cleaned since they had last seen it, and a single perfect red rose stood in a slim crystal vase on the burled walnut shelf along the far wall. Tori inhaled the surprising but unmistakable scent of gardenias, and noticed that a bouquet of what must surely have been at least a hundred of the fragrant blossoms adorned the panel that separated the driver's compartment from the coach. Tori stepped inside and Wyatt followed. Ed silently closed the door and returned to his seat, and expertly accelerated the limousine toward the Peachtree without causing the slightest ripple in the transparent water inside the rose vase.

"Are you hungry?" Wyatt asked as he admired the interplay of light and shadow on Tori's shoulder.

"After everything last night, I don't think I will be able to eat anything until September!" vowed Tori as she stroked the flat of her hand across her stomach.

"After what you fed me," smiled Wyatt, "No ordinary food would satisfy me anyway!" and he leaned forward and kissed her, drawing her lower lip into his mouth as he gently sucked on it.

Tori opened her mouth slightly, and slid her tongue into Wyatt's mouth running it along the bottom edges of his upper teeth, then curling her tongue to run it along the front edge of his palate behind his teeth. Wyatt shivered noticeably and pulled away.

"That tickles," he explained. "I had no idea I was ticklish there!"

"Oh, I think you'll discover a lot of new things today." Tori replied seductively, slowly running the tip of her tongue against the bottom edge of her upper lip. Wyatt smiled at her, then put his right arm around her shoulder and drew her to him, cupping her left breast in his hand as he kissed her powerfully and deeply.

Carefully enough to be unnoticed, Ed brought the limo to a stop at the curb in front of the Peachtree as Tom opened the door and greeted them by name and with his smile that must have contained more than five hundred of the whitest teeth Tori had ever seen. Tori slipped her right arm around Wyatt's waist once again as they glided through the lobby toward the elevator. They stood silently as the elevator rose to the nineteenth floor. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly against him at the door to her room, then looked deeply into her eyes.

"I really enjoyed everything." Wyatt told her.

"So did I, you amazing man." whispered Tori in reply. They kissed, not with adolescent slathering, but with a power and drive that is found throughout history as a fuel to bring entire nations together or rend them asunder.

"I need to go to Minnesota." said Wyatt softly, in a hoarse whisper that seemed intent on driving away the thought of such distant place. "Will you come with me?"

Victoria writhed within herself, torn by the agony of indecision. "No. I can't, Sweet Austin. I need to be at that development meeting in Maine on Thursday...I just can't miss that or we could lose the deal...I'm sorry...."

Wyatt kissed her again, on the forehead as an older brother would do, then stepped back toward the elevator.

"If you, um, change your mind or need to check out real estate in Minnesota, send me an e-mail...." Wyatt's words trailed into silent piles on the carpet as he waited for the elevator.

"I will." promised Tori. "I will."

Victoria Grayson closed the door and leaned against the frame inside her room as she heard the elevator bell sound from down the hall. She heard the doors close and imagined Austin Wyatt standing against the glass of the elevator car, staring out onto the atrium and hoped that he did not notice the tears that now burned within her eyes and ran freely down her face.

Chapter Five

Victoria Grayson lay on the bed in her room on the 19th floor of the Peachtree, staring straight up with no definable thought in her head, studying the repeated patterns in the textured paint on the ceiling when she heard a knock on the door.

"Housekeepin'" said a mellow voice in a pleasant southern drawl.

Tori had neither the energy nor the inclination to budge from where she lay, and she knew that the housekeeper would let herself in with a master key.

"Housekeepin'" said the voice again, accompanied by a slightly louder rap of a metal key on the door frame.

Irritated by the needless intrusion, Tori rolled off the bed and fumed toward her door, intent on releasing her frustration upon the hapless domestic outside. When she opened the door, Wyatt stood in the doorway with a grin on his face wide enough for any three people! Tori immediately threw her arms around his neck and hugged him so tightly that she made him squeak as he invited himself into her room and pushed the door closed with his right foot.

"I got a message from Corporate," Wyatt explained. "Some knucklehead up in Bangor fell off a scaffold and broke his leg, so I've got to go to Maine to finish his job. I've got to be up there tonight, and Presque Isle is only a cupla hours North of Bangor, so I was thinking maybe you'd like to ride up there with me. I can drop you off for your meeting, go take care of my stuff, and then maybe we can, um, spend some time together over the weekend!"

"When do we need to leave?" asked Tori.

Wyatt grinned widely again and said "Oh, if we get out to the airport about 1:00, that should give us enough time."

Tori eyed the clock on the night stand next to her pillow and noted that it was only 8:45.

"Well then," she said matter-of-factly, "I'm going to go take a shower. Would you please come scrub my back?" and she raised both hands to her shoulders and lifted yesterday's sundress over her head in one fluid movement.

Wyatt quickly followed, and stepped into the shower behind Tori. He opened the bottle of shampoo that had been on the vanity, and poured about a tablespoon into the palm of his right hand and began to wash Tori's hair. He liked watching the water run out of her silky hair and flow the individual long brown hairs into straight, parallel lines, and he enjoyed watching the soap bubbles disappear over the curves of her ass and between her legs on their excited rush toward the drain. He took the small bar of hotel soap from her hand and lathered a washcloth as the warm water coursed over their bodies, and Wyatt scrubbed her back with the soft lathered cloth, lingering at her shoulders to massage the top of her surprisingly tense trapezius muscle across her collarbone. His powerful hands on her shoulders and neck, combined with the warm water and the slippery soap film, helped Tori relax and push away the anxieties she had felt only a few minutes earlier. Wyatt rubbed his hands together with the soap to develop lather and reached around to cup her breasts in both hands. Tori really enjoyed feeling Wyatt's hands on her tits and she raised her hands to cover his so she could feel the muscles and tendons in his hands move over her breasts. Wyatt gently pinched her nipples between sudsy thumbs and fingers, and carefully pulled and twisted her stiffening nipples. Tori inhaled sharply and exhaled slowly as she leaned her head back onto Wyatt's chest as she enjoyed the multiple pleasures stirring on her skin and inside her body.

Wyatt's cock was stiff enough to hang the washcloth upon, and as she leaned against him his cock pressed against the soft cleavage of Tori's ass. Wyatt moved a bit to allow some of the soap and shampoo water to flow between their bodies, and then he flexed his knees slightly so that his lowered dick could slide between her legs. When he stood up straight again, his slippery cock slid against the bottom of Tori's pussy and across her anus as it followed the warm and soft canyon of her ass. Removing his left hand from her breast, Wyatt placed the heel of his hand against the mound at the top of Tori's pussy so that on the next stroke he could catch the tip of his cock as it pressed forward between her legs, then he pressed his cock upwards so the purple knob at the tip of his cock would rub against Tori's clitoris. Wyatt fucked his cock back and forth across her clit, cunt and asshole, slowing occasionally to replenish the soapy lubrication between their bodies.

Tori suddenly stepped away from Wyatt and turned to face him. She took him by the shoulders and pushed his head under the cascading water and began to shampoo his hair and wash his body, taking particular care to stroke his hard cock and churning balls with her soft and soapy hands. She reached between his legs to wash his asshole and Wyatt jumped in startled reaction, which made her laugh out loud at this man she could so easily startle!

Wyatt rinsed himself and splashed water onto Tori's skin to remove all traces of soapy shampoo lubrication, turned off the water and reached for a thick cotton terry velour robe that had been thoughtfully provided by the hotel, holding it out for Tori to slip into as he reached for another to cover himself.

He handed a large bath towel to her, saying "I know women like to wrap their hair up in a towel. Um, I'd like to help, but you'd better do it for yourself!"

He took another towel and quickly blotted his own hair dry enough to comb as Tori moved out into the main part of the hotel room, glad to be in the relatively cooler air outside the bath. Wyatt watched her in the mirror and knew that he wanted to make love to her again.

With determined purpose, Wyatt strode across the thick carpet of the hotel room to where Tori stood. He took her by both shoulders and turned her toward him, then untied the knot of the belt on her white terry velour robe and let the folds of the robe hang straight down at her sides. As his stiff penis peeked out from among the folds of his robe seeking fun and excitement, Wyatt untied his own belt and peeled the robe away. He gently pushed Tori back toward the bed, and she sat down on the edge with her feet on the floor. Wyatt stood between her legs and leaned forward to kiss her full lips deeply. He pulled a pillow from the head of the bed and propped it under her head as he gently laid her body back across the bed.

Wyatt knelt on the soft carpeted floor between Tori's legs and began lapping hungrily at her pussy. She was warm and tasted faintly like soap. She spread her legs slightly as he flicked his tongue against the shaft of her clit, sheathed beneath it's hood at the top of her vagina. Carefully, Wyatt placed both his thumbs alongside her cunt, softly pulling the fleshy mound of her pussy back to expose her stiffening clitoris. He flicked his tongue across the side of her tiny cock, trying to make it more exciting and pleasurable for her. Excited by the sensation, Tori's pussy began oozing the lubricating juice which was to Wyatt far sweeter than the taste of any succulent fruit and he began licking the juices from her glistening pussy, reveling in the taste sensations on his tongue. He began to lick her cunt with longer strokes, extending from the edge of her taint and pressing his tongue deep between the folds of her pussy lips to flick her clit at the top of each stroke before returning for another long and luxuriant lap. His enjoyment and enthusiasm reminded Tori of a huge black labrador that once adopted her family. She giggled as she remembered that huge glistening dog eagerly lapping water from their toilet.

Suddenly, Wyatt placed both hands behind Tori's legs and lifted her legs toward her tits as he brought her anus into view. He spread her legs wide and Tori helped in the fun by holding onto her knees and tried to open her cunt and asshole to him as much as possible. Wyatt teased her tiny sphincter muscle with short flicks of his tongue which made her jump in startled pleasure. He placed his entire mouth over her anus, softly sucking the hard muscular ring into his mouth and softly bit down on it with lip-shielded teeth, which made her gasp in surprised delight. with short flicking jabs, Wyatt traced the outline of her quivering anal muscle, occasionally pressing his stiffened tongue directly into the center opening as he resumed his long and deliberate licks, now tracing a path between her asshole and clit. Warm juices bled from her pussy and flowed down to her ass as Wyatt delightedly lapped at her.

Victoria twined her fingers into Wyatt's hair and pulled him away from her cunt and asshole, and he obligingly followed his hair to where she directed his head onto a fat pillow at the head of the bed and straightened his body so that he lay full length on the bed with his stiff cock bobbing in syncopation with his pounding heartbeat. She positioned herself on top of him, with her knees along both sides of his waist and sat back against the warm stiffness of his cock nuzzling the crevices of her ass. As she looked right through his eyes into the back of his head, she teasingly pulled at her left nipple while tracing the circumference of her mouth with her tongue, then lifted the index finger of her right hand from her nipple to her mouth to coat her finger with her warm saliva which she spread on her nipple, making it glisten with stiffened excitement. Tori then leaned forward and brushed her nipples across Wyatt's chest, tingling herself amid the soft curls of brown but slightly greying chest hair. Wyatt reached up with both hands and captured her breasts, pressing them together to mimic an impressive decolletage. He pressed her breasts together so that he could draw both nipples into his mouth simultaneously, and enjoyed the sensation of having two nipples to lick and suck. Her right breast slipped free of his grip, and Wyatt enjoyed watching her breast sway as it hung beneath her body, seeking equilibrium amid the soft warm quivering mass. He sucked harder and with more determination on her left nipple, causing a tiny amount of milk to flow. Wyatt thought that Tori's milk was far better than any expensive ice cream, and eagerly licked and sucked, trying to express more of her tasty cream from her erotically stimulated breast.

Tori moved up toward Wyatt's head until the tip of his cock sprang free from under her, then wriggled backward hoping to achieve perfect alignment for penetration. He began to buck his ass, moving his cock erratically, and she asked him to please lie still. He complied, but she saw from the corner of her eye that he was gripping the sheets on the bed fiercely. Tori moved back a little more and the engorged head of Wyatt's prick pressed againt the tight sphincter of her anus, precisely as she had hoped. With a sudden thrust, Tori slid backward about an inch as Wyatt's cock entered the warm tightness of her ass. She writhed slightly to get a better fit and pushed backward a bit more to ensure that his stiff cock would not come out of her gripping asshole. As soon as she was satisfied that his dick would stay inside her, Tori sat up, thrusting her ass down over his swollen cock in one movement until she could feel the shape of his balls against her soft cheeks. Tori began a rhythmic pumping on Wyatt's cock, lifting herself a little on her knees then pounding back against his thick cock to drive it deeply into her. She could feel the hard knob of his cock inside her, through the thin wall of muscle tendon separating her rectum from her vagina, and she enjoyed feeling his cock press against her G-spot from behind her cervix as the powerful spasms of her first orgasm began coursing through her body.

Tori could feel the pulsating waves of orgasmic muscle contractions in her empty pussy as she pushed the middle and index fingers of her right hand into her cunt. She curled her finger and drew some of her juice out of the depths of her body and spread the slippery fluid over her pulsating clitoris. She could feel her nipples stiffen involuntarily as she came and she dipped some more honey from her cunt to spread onto her nipple as she pinched it seeking additional pleasure. Wyatt began bucking against her ass, trying to drive his hardened cock deeper into her ass and Tori knew that he would soon explode in orgasmic convulsions. She bounced faster on him, trying to milk his cock in a duet of passionate pleasure.

Wyatt's body exploded and Tori could feel the first powerful jet of his semen splash against the outside of her pussy, and could feel the heat of his cum filling her rectum and warming her pussy through the narrow passageway that divided her fucking holes. He bucked against her and she tried to sit back against his cock to make sure he would not slip out of her ass, and she momentarily tried to remember how long rodeo riders are supposed to stay atop their wildly charging bulls.

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