tagMind ControlA Story of Jane Ch. 05

A Story of Jane Ch. 05


Chapter Five


Now, to tell you the truth, I'm not a screamer. I've been known to let loose with a girlish "eeek" from time to time when I'm really startled, but whether its spooky movies or haunted houses, I tend to cry or shiver rather than actually scream. This, however, was a real, honest-to-God, blood curdling shriek of scream, and I believe it surprised me more than anyone else present. Not only was it a scream, it was the first of a long line of them, and I jerked my hands free from those on either side and crossed my arms in front of my face, palms outward, as if to ward off a terrible blow. I didn't do this consciously; it just happened.

Immediately, I felt hands on my arms and back, and heard sympathetic words of encouragement in my ears, telling me that I shouldn't panic, and that everything was going to be alright. I tried to tell them that I WASN'T panicked, and that nothing was really wrong, but I couldn't seem to get my hands to move, and I most certainly couldn't seem to stop that infernal screaming.

Eventually, Jo, sitting in front of me, took hold of both wrists and slowly pried them apart, saying patiently, "Jane, Jane, it's okay! You're safe now, Jane! Stop! It's okay!"

The others, too, kept calling me Jane, and I tried to tell them they were confusing themselves and me as well, but I just couldn't seem to get my mouth to work. I looked around at the other very naked women, but I couldn't seem to get my head to move in the direction I wanted it to go. Finally, however, my screams stopped, and my gaze settled of its own accord on Jean. I whimpered once or twice and threw my arms around her, hugging her tightly. Or I should say that my arms flew around her all by themselves. It finally dawned on me that something was very, very wrong with my body.

"Jean!" my voice was saying. "There was an accident! There was a truck! It hit me, I'm sure! Oh, God, Jean, it was terrible!"

My voice was saying this, but I was not. I could feel everything. I could feel Jean's arms holding me, her breasts against mine, I could smell her hair, but I had no control whatsoever over what I was doing or saying.

The others were crowding around, holding me as well. Everyone was crying. Everyone but me, that is, and I could feel the tears streaming down my cheeks unbidden, as well. I wanted to say something silly to break the tension, yell "Group hug!" as a joke or something, but of course, I couldn't do anything. It's common knowledge that quite often, when something strange is happening to a person, it is the person herself that is often the last to figure it out. So it was that I finally began to realize that Jane, their Jane, the fifth sister Jane, Herman's Jane, had somehow taken firm possession of my body. And yet, I wasn't to be the last to know, after all.

(I should mention at this point that the remainder of this chapter is going to appear a bit disjointed. The warning I gave you about tense at the beginning of this narrative is slowly coming to the fore. For now, when I say that "Jane" did or said something, it's important to stress that it was MY body that did the acting, MY voice that did the speaking. The fact that "I" had no control over those actions or words was, without a doubt, the most confounding and frustrating thing that I have ever experienced. I have never been so utterly helpless.)

"I DIED?" my mouth was saying. Everyone seemed to be talking at once, and at last, Jo, the oldest and the leader, moved back and called for order.

"Jan came up with the plan," Jo was saying, as the group finally backed away from the person who had been me. "She found a spell that would hold your soul in limbo until the next equinox."

"Equinox?" asked Jane. "How long have I been ...."

"Four months!" chimed Jan and Jill, together.

"Before we go further," Jo said seriously, "we are all dying to know. The other side, Jane. You were there! Tell us! Tell us everything you remember!"

I felt my brow furrow, my eyes shift. "I ... It ... It just happened!" said Jane. "Just now! There was the truck, and I screamed ... and ... and I closed my eyes, and ... and ... I was here! There WAS nothing else!"

From the look on her face, Jo was immensely disappointed, but she tried to take this in stride and continued. "We all worked together to get you back among us," she said. "We cast the spell at the instant the spirit left your body. Jill spent weeks in Mama's library and found several ways to transfer your soul to another entity, but there was only one spell that would return you to human form. It hadn't been done in centuries! And with good cause. The donor had to be perfect, but we found her!"

"Donor?" asked my voice. My eyes moved downward. "Oh! Oh, Jean! I've got boobs!" My body jumped to its feet, and immediately, my hands began roaming over my body. The others were giggling uncontrollably. Holding a breast under each palm, my hands bounced, felt, tweaked and caressed them. "My God, they're huge! They're TWICE as big as mine!" Well, I wouldn't go THAT far. "A mirror!" Jane shouted. "Where's a mirror?"

She began running (which is not a graceful sight when my breasts aren't restrained in a bra - they tend to bounce in all directions at once), looking first in the kitchen, then down the hall and finally into the master bedroom. The sisters, laughing, followed. There, on the back of the bathroom door, was a full length mirror, and she stopped my body in front of it, obviously enraptured by the sight of me.

"But it IS me!" she proclaimed with my voice. "It's me with red hair and big boobs!"

As her sisters giggled, Jane made my body turn this way and that. She played with my breasts. "Do you think they're TOO big?" she worried. Then she ran my fingers through my hair, and finally dipped one of my digits into my most private part. I tried desperately to stop this process, but all my efforts had absolutely no affect on her control over me.

She removed my finger, rubbed it against my thumb, and sniffed it. "There's been a fox in my hen house," she said.

"It was HERMAN!" shouted Jill, giggling.

"Herman?" my voice questioned. "MY Herman? Herman with this woman?" My hand waved toward the mirror.

"It's all really very complicated," Jo said. "The spell Jan found was so difficult to arrange it was almost impossible. We had to find a doppelganger, a woman who was so like you she could be your twin. But it would only work if she loved, and was loved by, a man who had loved and was loved by YOU."

That took awhile to sink in. I replayed the sentence in my mind several times before I could get the gist of it.

"And Herman was in love with her?" Jane said at last, staring again at the mirror.

"Through mutual love spells," Jo continued. "Jean set it all up, casting the characters in a rather elaborate little play. She set up the woman's actions, then arranged for Herman to be in the right place at the right time. He's been pretty distraught, as you can imagine, and it was easy to guide his actions through hypnosis. He was very reluctant, but he did exactly as we'd planned. When they consummated things last night, all the elements of the process were completed, and the mutual spell took effect. Then, after they did it again this morning, we lured him away for the real spell. You see, his seed in her was the catalyst, the link between the two of you: you and this woman. We cast the spell that would bring your soul into her body at the exact moment of the equinox."

"And she was OUT, and I was IN," Jane said triumphantly through my lips, studying the mirror, running my hands up and down my sides. It took her several seconds to realize the guilt behind the look the others were giving her. "What?" she asked, facing them uncertainly. "What is it?"

Since Jo, Jan and Jill were glancing accusingly at Jean, Jane turned my head to look at her, as well. "What is it, Jean?"

Jean looked down at her feet for a few seconds, building up her courage, then shifted her gaze directly into my eyes. "She isn't out, Jane," she said resolutely. "She's still in there. She's in there with you."

My eyes blinked several times. My lips moved without sound.

Finally, Jane spoke accusingly. "You left her in here? You left her in my body?" She spun to face the mirror. She was looking directly into the eyes of the reflected woman, trying to seek me out and find me. I tried with all my might to show her that I was, indeed, in there. Nothing. I couldn't blink or shout or call her a bitch (which was what I really wanted to do). I was just along for the ride.

"Why?" she said. I could almost feel her anger. "How could you leave someone else in the body you picked for me? And someone who's been with Herman?"

"She's a good person," Jean said resolutely. "She didn't deserve to be cast out. We're not even sure where she would have gone. The spell book didn't say."

"ANYPLACE but in here with me!" My body rounded on Jean, my eyes compressed to angry slits. I've never spoken to anyone in a tone like that. Never. "How could you Jean? You love me! And how could you guys LET her talk you into it?"

"Told you so!" Jan spat at Jean.

"It took five of us to make the transfer," Jo said patiently. "The girl and the four of us, as the five points of the pentagram. Jean refused to sacrifice the girl, and we couldn't complete the spell without her. We HAD to do it this way." Jo took a deep breath. "Look," she continued. "You know Jean. She has trouble stepping on a bug! You can't really expect her to kill another human being. She kept saying that to do so would be stepping into the Black side, and maybe she's right."

"She's an innocent, Jane," Jean implored. "She really is! I've never met anyone so ... so ... sweet!"

But Jane was silent in my body, and turned back to study the reflection in the mirror once more.

"It won't be for long, anyway," Jo said, matter-of-factly. "Two individual souls can't inhabit the same body for long. It's possible to separate them on the next full moon, and that happens tonight."

That got her attention. "What?" she asked, spinning me back toward Jo. "How?"

"I have a book in my bag in the living room," Jo told me. "It's a codicil to the original spell. I found it in Mama's library yesterday before we all drove out here. You can transfer her into the body of another, or an animal, if you'd prefer; or you could just cast her out and let her soul find its own way. It's all explained in the book."

"No!" shouted Jean. "You can't do that! You promised!"

"We promised we wouldn't interfere with the original soul during the casting of the spell," Jo told her. "We never said we'd stand in Jane's way if she wanted to cast her out."

The phone rang. We all turned to look at the thing on the bedside table as it rang again. Without a word, my body walked to it and my hand picked it up. "Hello?" Jane spoke through my voice.


Without answering, my head turned to the four staring sisters, and I felt my lips form the silent word "Molly?" toward them. Of course! She didn't know her own name! None of them had used it since the spell had been cast. Jill and Jan nodded furiously.

"Molly?" the voice on the phone said again into the silence.

"Herman?" Jane cried. "Herman, is that you?"

"Molly, I can't believe it! This whole meeting I was suppose to have seems to have been some sort of hoax! I'm way out in the country somewhere, and the place this lady told me to meet her doesn't even to exist. I made the whole trip for nothing! Ah ... no, that's not quite right. I did happen to meet you! I'm coming back there to pick up where we left off. I can be there in twenty minutes."

Jane couldn't seem to think of anything to say.


"Yes!" said my voice at last. "Yes, come back soon! I want you, Herman!"

"Make that fifteen minutes!" he said, and the line went dead.

"Herman's coming," Jane told the others as my hand put down the phone. "He'll be here in fifteen minutes."

The entire congregation rushed back out to the living room, where the four naked females began hurriedly putting their clothes back on. Jean was pleading with first Jo, then Jane, to please, please don't sacrifice me like they had mentioned. As Jan picked up the candles and peeled the tape off the carpet, Jill enlisted Jane's help putting the sofa back where it belonged. She, of course, had no idea where things had been before the little ceremony. Finally, fully clothed, Jo pulled a large, thin, very old looking leather book from her black canvas bag and handed it to the person in my body. Several runes were pressed into its surface.

"I've never seen this before," said Jane.

"Mama kept it locked up," Jo replied. "She didn't trust us to know she kept such things. I explained what we were trying to do here, and she said that she trusted you to make the right decision."

"No!" Jean screamed at us. "Listen to me! You can't DO this to her!" She was crying now. "Jane, please!"

Jane had my eyes scanning the surface of the book, my hands running over it in reverence. She lifted my gaze to Jean briefly. "I'll deal with YOU later," she said.

Jill took one of Jean's arms, Jan the other, and together, they physically led the sobbing woman to the front door and out of the house. "I'm sorry, Molly!" she wailed over her shoulder.

"You don't need any of us for this," Jo told me, indicating the book. "The full moon occurs at 8:52 tonight, about an hour after sunset. We'll see you when you get back home." She walked to the front door and paused, looking back at me. "Give our best to your husband."

My body laughed. "I'll give him a lot more than that!" Jane said.

Alone, she walked around the house leisurely, exploring, stopping here and there to pick up a knick-knack, setting it back down. She found the robe on the back of the couch, smiled, and tried it on my body. Back at the mirror in the bedroom, she took it off again, and studied my complexion, my hair, my hands, always returning to my breasts and playing with them idly. She got very close to the mirror's surface and stared into my eyes. "Are you in there?" she asked me. She paused a long time, looking, thinking. "You in the mood to learn a few things?" Another pause. "Stick around!" She made my mouth smile.

In the bathroom, she turned on the shower, adjusted the water temperature slightly too hot, then stepped in and stood under the spray for long seconds. Taking a bar of soap, she washed thoroughly, again taking slippery joy in soaping my breasts several times. I'd be glad when she outgrew that fascination. Between my legs, she seemed to find a spot she particularly liked. I could tell this because it was a spot that I particularly liked myself, and it was very obvious that the distraction she was forcing me to feel, she was feeling, too.

The doorbell rang. With a twist, my hand turned off the water, and she stepped out of the tub. Ignoring the bath towels, she made my body walk down the hall to the front door, where my hand turned the knob and pulled it full open. Herman stared at me open-mouthed. Quickly, he glanced behind him to make sure there were no neighbors about, then he turned back and raked me with his eyes. I stood there, dripping, letting him leer. At last, with a voice I'd never used before, a voice oozing with sexuality, I cooed "Hermy!" and pressed my body into him, soaking him, and wrapped my arms around his neck.

He looked shocked, unsettled, for a moment, then gathered me in for a kiss. I felt good, a little dizzy, just like I did when he'd kissed me that morning in the kitchen. He scooped me up in his arms, kicked the door closed with the toe of his shoe, and carried me back into the bedroom.

He set me down on the bed, but Jane made me bounce right back up again and begin undressing him. I kissed him over and over again, every part of him, as he allowed his clothes to be pulled away. I kissed his back after his shirt was off, his arms, his sides. I tugged his belt loose, then worked on his trousers snap and zipper. With his pants around his knees, he was forced to sit heavily on the bed as my hands worked on his shoes and socks, then pulled the pants and underwear free.

I pushed him onto his back. In an instant, my mouth engulfed his cock. Two years ago my drug-dealing asshole of a boyfriend had made me do this, but I'd obviously been so bad (or stoned) that he hadn't asked for a repeat performance. I hadn't remembered this taste. It wasn't too bad, and the obvious pleasure it gave Herman made me wish I'd done it to him before now. Of course, I hadn't really known what to do until now; didn't know exactly what it was I was doing even at this moment. Suddenly, in Herman's eyes, I was an expert. She used my saliva to lubricate the fleshy pole until it was very slippery, and my right hand pumped up and down slowly, then more rapidly, as I sucked and gently squeezed his balls with my left. Soon, he was groaning very loudly. He seemed to swell in my mouth, and I guessed he wouldn't last long. But Jane had other ideas.

"Inside me!" she gasped, letting go and making me spring on top of him. "I have to know what it feels like inside me!" She grasped him and worked the swollen member into my opening. Just as I had done the night before, she pushed down onto him slowly, and the fullness of it felt just as I remembered. It seemed to be something entirely new to her, though. "Oh my God, you're big!" my voice moaned. 'Oh, Hermy, this feels SO good!" He stiffened again for a moment, and then slowly regained the rhythm my body was beginning to demand. She made me lean forward, riding him in long slow strokes, until I felt him rubbing me along his entire length. She kept shifting slightly, until the combination of friction and fullness was sexual perfection. Before, it had never occurred to me to experiment to achieve the maximum enjoyment for MYSELF. Then she made me reach back and grasp his balls.

Soon, all three of us were lost in passion. She was making my body pound itself down onto him; he was getting close and swelling inside me, ready to spill his body's pleasure into mine; and I (the real me, I mean) was just along for the ride (if you'll pardon the pun), having no control whatsoever over my movements, or the orgasm that suddenly wrapped itself around me. I felt him pulse. For a few minutes, at least, the impossible situation I was experiencing ceased to matter at all.

After she'd moved my body off of his and snuggled into his shoulder, she sighed in contentment. My mind was spinning. That had been the best yet. She was MUCH better than I was. He had obviously enjoyed a more intense orgasm than the one this morning, and quite frankly, so had I. She not only could please his body more, she could please mine more, as well.

"Molly," Herman said hesitantly, "that was tremendous." He DID like sex with her better! "I'm sorry if I seemed a little distracted there once or twice, it's just that ...." He paused, looking for the right words. "Well, what you called me ... and the way you ... it was .... That is, you see, my wife ... she ...."

Jane made my body sit up, and rolling over, she propped herself against his massive chest, gazing into his eyes. "Herman, I need to tell you something," she said in my voice.


"It's going to be a real shock. I want you to be calm, now. Don't freak out on me."

"You're really a man!" he guessed, laughing up at me. She made my face look at him soberly, letting him know she was serious, until the smile left his lips. "Hey, what is it, Molly?"

She let another half minute go by. "Hermy, it's me! It's Jane, Herman! I came back!"

Slowly, he sat up, then very purposefully took me by the shoulders and pushed me away. "This isn't funny." He looked hurt; truly hurt.

"I'm serious, Herman. You know you always accused me and my sisters of 'witchy' stuff ... remember? That's what you called it! Well, you were right, Herman. I never really talked about it, but we really ARE witches. We've always been witches. Mama's a witch! I'm sure you could believe THAT if you tried; and so was HER mother. Today was the equinox, and my sisters brought me back in this body because it looks so much like mine did before ... before ... you know."

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