tagFetishA Strange Encounter Ch. 02

A Strange Encounter Ch. 02


Colin woke early and went to the bathroom, peed and wandered downstairs. His Mum was packing her lunch away and smiled as he came into the kitchen.

"Colin, can you make your own lunch, Sue's doing hers, I'm late and need to go."

"Sure no worries, I can slap some stuff between a couple of slices of bread, top chef me!" he grinned and kissed her cheek, "Have a good day Mum."

She smiled and left, he heard the front door slam and her car start up. He wandered over to the shelf units and opened the doors. He brought out cereal and headed to the cupboards for a bowl.

"Hi sexy!" he heard behind him and turned to see his sister walking across the kitchen in her pajamas.

"Hi Sue. Mum says to make our own lunch, in case she didn't tell you."

"Yea she did. What'ya got, Frosties, ok, get me a bowl, I'll get the milk." she turned to the fridge opened the door and hooked her finger into the handle of the two litre plastic milk bottle.

They sat at the table side by side, and ate in silence.

"Col," you're not sort of weirded out by yesterday are you, not having second thoughts?" she said half turning to him between mouthfuls.

"No, I'm pretty cool Sue, pretty cool about the whole thing. Actually I'm not cool at all, I'm so excited, so please don't tell me you're having second thoughts," he said.

"Too late now, my plan is underway," she raised an eyebrow and grinned.

"No clues?"

"None, total secrecy, but I'd leave your cock alone and no peeing until I say so: if you know what's good for you." she added

Colin grinned and raised both hands above his head.

"Absolutely big sis, no touching for me, oh! I did pee earlier, is that ok?"

"Oh that's ok, drink plenty of water but leave your cock alone, promise?"

"I promise."

They cleared away and Sue disappeared upstairs.

Colin grabbed a glass and filled it with water, then wandered upstairs for a shower, but found Sue had beaten him to it and the door was locked. Ambling back to his room he sat at his desk and began to sort through his work plan. He realised that the sounds from the bathroom had stopped so he looked out the door. The bathroom door was open and so he went to shower and shave. Thirty minutes later he walked towards his room.

"Hey Col, you got a minute?" he heard Sue shout.

"Okay, let me get dressed and I'll be over," he yelled through her door.

"If you want your surprise, I'd come in now," she yelled.

Colin opened her door and walked in to find Sue wasn't alone. Another girl sat on Sue's bed. Dark haired she was shorter than Sue and had larger tits, Colin could tell because she was stark naked. Eyes bulging he walked over towards Sue and the girl, aware that his cock was rising and bulging the front of his


"See I told you he's ok, look his dicks already up for it." said Sue nudging her friend.

"Hi Colin, I'm Sarah, Sue's friend, but you probably guessed that. That I'm her friend I mean, not that my name's Sarah," she blushed and moved her arms to cover her breasts.

"You'll be pleased to know that Sarah likes to pee, a lot. She drinks gallons a day and pisses all the time."

"Wow, really, that's cool, but why?" he asked.

"I get really turned on by it. I love to do it with my legs crossed, it feels so good, I'm getting excited just talking about it, can we go to the bathroom, this is going to be a big one." she grinned and hopped off the bed, her breasts bobbling and shaking as she did.

"Fuck!" said Colin

"OK soldier get that towel off," said Sue as she pulled her clothes off.

Colin pulled the towel off and his dick sprang up in front of him.

"Oh my God, Sue you were so right, it's not that big, but it's gorgeous, mmmm, I've only seen pictures of cut cocks before, this is so exciting, but I really gotta pee." Sarah was hopping from one foot to the other with her hands stuffed between her legs.

They walked to the bathroom and Sarah climbed into the bath, Lying down she raised her legs and bend her knees.

Colin stood by the end of the path peering down at Sarah's pussy as she pulled her thighs apart and her knees towards her breasts. She smiled as her knees crushed against her breasts, Colin smiled back. Sue climbed into the bath and stood by Sarah's bottom. Reaching down she pulled her lips apart and began to pee, trying to aim it at Sarah's pussy. Sarah squealed and wiggled as the pee hit her mons and bare labia. She wiggled so the pee hit her opening lips and suddenly her stream began, she shuddered and pushed. Colin watched as the two streams met, splashing both the girls then Sarah's stream increased as Sue's fell off. Sarah directed her stream back at Sue, trying to hit her pussy. Sue leaned back so Sarah's stream pulsed over her pussy, Colin watched spellbound, as the girls forgot about him and concentrated on each other. Finally Sarah's piss faltered and faded, the last trickle running down between her cheeks into the bath.. Sue helped Sarah stand and they hugged, they looked at Colin then down at his dick, which was standing stiffly in front of him.

"Looks like he really likes that," Sue said, nodding at Colin.

"Can I touch it please," Sarah said looking into Colin's eyes.

"yeah, sure." He shuffled to the edge of the bath, so she could reach.

Sarah's hand gently took him, circling with her fingers, she slowly stroked the short distance between the base and head. Colin shuddered at her touch.

"That's nice, am I doing it right?" she looked at him again and blushed, but her hand kept moving slowly and gently up and down.

"Oh yes, please keep doing that, can I touch you, can I feel your boobs?" he said, seeing her smile.

She nodded and his hands came up to her breasts and he cupped his hand as he lifted them slightly, his hips bucking as the pressure on his dick became unbearable. He felt a hand closing around his sac, cupping his balls and rolling them in the palm. Looking down he saw Sue looking intently at his sac and pursing her lips. She looked up and smiled, it was too much for him, he jerked and his dick exploded with his orgasm, showering Sue with his cum. The spurts hit her face, her cheeks, nose and mouth. She grinned and moved her face towards his sac, her tongue out to lick it. Instead she moved her face up and began to lick the head, as Sarah held it pointing at her. Sues tongue disappeared as her lips closed over his cock. She swirled it in her mouth, using her tongue to examine his pee slit. Colin jerked again and again. Sarah yelped as his cupped hand tightened on her tit. He couldn't believe his sister was sucking him off. He felt his dick going limp and Sarah released him, as Sue let him pop out of her mouth. Sarah put her hand to Sue's face and using her fingers scooped up some cum, she brought it to her lips and touched it with the tip of her tongue, then she placed her fingers in her mouth and sucked the cum off. She scooped some more and placed her finger under Sue's mouth, Sue closed her mouth round Sarah's fingers and sucked the cum off them. Sarah then licked the remainder off of Sue's face and then kissed her.

The girls wrapped an arm round each others waists, and smiled at Colin, he stood exhausted and ecstatic, grinning stupidly. taking his dick in his hand he pointed it at the girls,

"Sorry, but I drank so much water earlier, I need to pee," and pointed his sticky limp dick at them. The pee arced out and struck their breasts, as they grinned and stepped back. Colin directed his stream back and forth across their stomachs and bare mounds. Sarah pulled Sue and they turned round, presenting their cute arses to him, pulling their cheeks apart. Colin aimed at the small brown puckered holes and pushed harder to ensure the piss hit at full power. they squealed and wiggled, then sighed and moaned as the flow slowed and stopped.

Colin climbed into the bath and hugged the girls, loving the feel of their bodies against his own. They pushed and ground against him, rubbing their pubes against his thighs and hips. He felt a warm trickle against his hip as Sue pressed against him, smiling. He felt another trickle the other side and Sarah licked his ear. He felt his dick rising again, two hands then began to stroke it, Sarah gripping the head whilst Sue stroked the shaft. They massaged until he said he was about to cum again. Suddenly they both let go and he felt the sensations fall away, leaving him high and dry.

Sarah pushed him down until he was squatting in the tub. Then she stood in front of him and brought her pussy to his face. A jet of piss hit his face, soaking him, he opened his mouth to protest, but another jet filled his mouth, he swallowed instinctively. Confused by the taste and smell, he leaned forward as the next jet came out. His tongue followed it back until he encountered flesh, he heard Sarah squeal in pleasure, so he pushed harder. Entering her opening, he could feel the point where her piss came out. He circled it and then was aware that there was an opening behind it, he pushed his tongue higher and felt the walls of her vagina trying to pull him in further. He licked and wiggled his tongue hearing Sarah gasp. Her jerking moved him out of her but slid his tongue onto her clit, feeling the small nub he began to flick it with his tongue, Sarah jerked and gasped and her juices trickled out and over his chin. Sarah emitted a low grunt and almost fell backwards before steadying herself with the handrail on the wall. As Colin looked in amazement, she sank to her knees, legs wide apart and gasped in pleasure as her orgasm subsided.

Colin was aware Sue was behind him, he felt her presence as a warm spray of piss fell on his shoulders, he leaned back against her and it ran over the back of his hair and down onto his shoulders then his back and chest. He twisted round slowly enjoying the warm piss as it covered his body until he was facing Sue's pussy. Once again he used his tongue on his sister as he had with Sarah. He liked her taste as much as Sarah's and licked his lips and savoured the mix of flavours on his chin. Sue had staggered back, ending up sitting on the end of the bath red faced and shoulders heaving. Colin sat down in the piss soaked bath and tried to ease the pain in his jaw. This was so good, but his face ached.

As the passion cooled they warily eyed each other, grinning. Sue turned the taps on and they watched the water spreading, mixing with their piss, swirling it with feet and hands they watched it run back to the plughole. As it drained away Sue watched Colin put the plug in and turned the water back on. Sarah had turned and was searching through the various bottles until she found a suitable flavour, she emptied the contents into the rising water and watched as the bubbles blossomed across the surface. They all found a space and sat, so that Colin lay with his back against the end of the bath, with Sue between his legs lying against his chest and Sarah between her legs resting against her tiny breasts. they ran the soapy water over each other, feeling it rising around them. Sarah reached forward and switched the taps off and then lay back again.

They lay in silence, occasionally spooning water over each other. After a while Sarah asked Sue to wash her back and sat forward. Sue sat up and Colin felt sad that his sister was no longer resting against him. He and Sue reached for the flannels on the side, soaked them in the water and washed the back in front of them carefully. Colin finishing reached forward and placed his hands on his sisters small breasts and cupped and played with them, Sue repeated the gesture with Sarah. Both girls enjoying the feel of soapy hands sliding over their breasts and nipples. Colin felt Sues nipples hardening and he flicked them gently with his fingers.

"Col, that's really nice, thank you," she purred and nestled against him again, pulling Sarah back too.

They lay comfortably, Colin's hands still now that Sarah's back rested against them. Sue still cupped Sarah's breasts, but she kept them still. As the water cooled they decided to finish washing and get out. They stood up and eyed each other grinning. Picking up the flannel again, Colin rinsed it out, warming it and then soaped his sister's front, starting at her shoulders and working down to her pussy. She moved her legs apart and he gently cleaned her pussy, then she turned and bent, legs apart to allow him to clean her bottom which he did slowly and sensuously. Standing she switched places with Sarah and Colin repeated the process. The girls both dipped flannels in the water and soaped and cleaned Colin, paying particular attention to his cock and balls.

Stepping out they found towels and gently patted each other dry. Sue grabbed Colin's hand and he took Sarah's and they went hand in hand to Sue's room.

"Wow was that great or what?" said Sarah jumping onto Sue's bed.

"The best," said Colin.

Sue was quiet and sat in a straight back chair by her desk, they looked over she was crying. Her tiny breasts jiggling up and down as her shoulders shook.

"Sue?" Colin softly said, walking over to his sister, putting his arm around her and pulling her close. "what's wrong Sis, what's upsetting you, have we done something wrong?"

"Oh God Colin everything's wrong, I've really screwed up this time." she sobbed and pushed her head against his shoulder.

"What's wrong Sue," said Sarah, squating down and wrapping her arms round Sue's legs. "Come on babe, what's happened."

Sue looked at Colin and Sarah, then snuggled into Colin's shoulder, Her arm came round his waist, her other wrapped round Sarah's shoulder.

"I thought I could make it so you guys got together and ended up sort of an item, you know, you're both similar, sexy but shy," she grinned, "But it's all gone wrong, I can't believe what's happened."

"Sue it's ok, it's alright, we understand, we do like each other, although I suspect not seriously though?"Colin looked at Sarah, she smiled and nodded.

"But that's just it!" Sue said firmly, "that's what's wrong, don't you see it, that's what's gone completely wrong." she squeezed both of them to her.

They both looked at Sue unsure what she meant, she sighed and and looked across the room.

"I'm jealous of Sarah, I want to be with you on my own Colin, can't you understand, little bro, I think I'm falling for you, I've fucked up big time, I could end up losing my best friend and my brother. Fuck!" she stamped her foot. Sarah giggled and Colin grinned.

"It's not bloody funny you two, I'm so, so sorry, I've really screwed up this time." tears fell again, dropping off her chin and onto her tiny tits.

"You'll always be my best friend," Sarah said, hugging Sue's knees into her chest.

"and I will always be your little brother," said Colin and squeezed Sue to him.

"Oh God, why am I so stupid, you two are perfect for each other, you were made to go out together, now I've spoiled it.."

"Why can't I go out with Sarah, if she wants to go out, and still love you as much as I do."

"Colin for years you've been my irritating little brother, now suddenly you're my hearts desire, why? it's so stupid." Sue unwrapped herself and walked over to her dresser, she opened it and pulled out a fresh pair of white knickers, pulled them on, then socks; found her jeans and stepped into them. She went to her wardrobe and found a blouse which she pulled on and buttoned up. She sauntered back to the bed and sat down. In the corner Sarah dressed and using Sue's brush began to do her hair. Colin rose and walked out the room, back to his bedroom.

Dressing he saw the notes and books on his desk, sitting down he assembled his thoughts and began to read and make notes. He heard the girls on the stairs and the door slam. He shrugged and carried on working. About an hour later he stopped, and decided to make himself some coffee.

Coming downstairs to the kitchen he glanced in the lounge, Sue sat on the sofa, hands in her lap , head down. He walked in and stood facing her.


"Hey you,"

"You Okay?"




"Want to talk?"




" 'kay, I'm going to make coffee, want some?"

"No, yes, no, I don't know."

"Okay I'll make you one, don't drink it if you don't want to."

"Colin, I meant what I said, I'm falling for you little bro stupid bitch that I am." she spat venomously.

"Happens, big Sis, don't worry about it, I just happen to be a babe magnet,"

Sue laughed and looked up at him.

"You prat, you always could make me snap out of it, thanks. A coffee would be a good thing," she paused, "and Col,"


"I do really love you you know, I know I shouldn't, but I do, I've been a shit for a long time, since I realised how I was falling for you."

"So it's not a new thing then?"

"No, I've known for ages, just can't seem to be able to do anything about it, til now, God I must have really pissed you off."

"No. you're my sister, I just thought that I was irritating you, and sometimes I did irritate you just to be annoying. Truth is I've always loved you, you're just perfect and I've wanted to say something but didn't know how."

Sue looked at him and smiled, she held her hand out and he took it and sat beside her.

"We're a pair of idiots then," she said.

"Yeah but what great looking idiots," he said laughing,

Sue grinned,

"If we have coffee, can we then go upstairs and go to bed, not for sex or anything, I just need you close to me."

"Of course we can, that would be a great idea, come on..."

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