tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Strip Searchin' Santa

A Strip Searchin' Santa

bydeputy duffy©

The distinctive tick of the large oak grandfather clock was the only sound heard, as the two lawyers sat in wonderment. Their boss had just called them into his office, presented his proposal, and left them alone to make their decisions.

"What do you think, Stewart?"

Stewart looked at the pretty blonde who had asked the question and tried to play it tough. "Doesn't look like we have much choice, now. We blew it, plain and simple."

"I still don't know...maybe...."

"What, after this case, you wanna look for another job?"

"No, it's not that, it's just...."

"Look Alexandra, I'm not that happy about it either, and I know, I know," Stewart said, reading her face. "I know I'm a guy, and it's a little different. But it's only once, and we get to go home after that, and, most important, we keep our jobs."

"But, I don't know...I'll...I mean, we'll be the laughing stock of the...."

"We already are!" Stewart interrupted. "We already are."

The room fell deathly silent, except for the clock. The ticking seemed to hypnotize Alexandra. Her mind raced back in time, nearly a year. It was another Christmas season.

She had a good paying job as a defense attorney, with a large, well-known firm, located high in a skyscraper. She had so many reasons besides the holidays to be excited. She had just celebrated her first wedding anniversary. She had finally moved out of the big city, into a large home with a white picket fence. She was looking forward to starting a family. She seemingly had it all going for her, when she got the call she had been waiting for.

Her first murder defense.

Her client was Heather Bracey, the wife of a wealthy real-estate developer, who had turned up dead. The evidence was thin and circumstantial, but Heather was arrested and charged with his murder.

Alexandra was happy that her boss, Ben Davis, had finally called her number. She had been working at the firm for 10 years and was starting to think that the old boys system might be more than just her imagination.

Of course, she still had to work on the case with Stewart Hart, a handsome lawyer, known for his smooth style. They worked night and day, much to the chagrin of her new husband. Their first success was getting Heather freed on bail. Their second was getting a predominantly female jury. Then the case finally came to trial.

In the much publicized case, everything was going well for the defense...that is, until a surprise witness turned up at the last moment, a woman who said she heard Heather threaten to kill her husband, "one of these days, for his life insurance money." It was questionable, but it seemed to swing the jury. The guilty verdict blared from news reports for days. That verdict meant life without parole for Heather and a black eye for the firm.

"Well, I'm signing the damn thing," Stewart cried out, startling Alexandra back to reality. "There, now I need a drink. Care to follow?"

"Huh?" She blinked. "Aren't we supposed...."

"I don't know," Stewart snapped. "Fuck if I know anything anymore...other than there's a bottle of bourbon out there with my name on it."

The sound of the slamming door jarred Alexandra's already frayed nerves. It also reminded her of her client, locked away behind bars.

"Just think of what she's going through. Isn't that what Mr. Davis said?" Alexandra sighed, as she signed her name to the papers that her boss had drawn up. She almost laughed at the pen's red ink. It was like she'd just signed in her own blood. She knew there was no going back, now.

She rose from her seat just as her boss opened the door. "All signed?" he asked. Alexandra couldn't even look him in the eye. She just nodded in passing. "Good. Then I guess we'll see you Friday night." Alexandra cringed at just how literal his comment was.

She fled to the parking lot, hopped in her new car, and then drove and drove. She didn't even know where to go. She thought about joining Stewart for some drinks. But she knew how that would look. She could go home to her husband. But he would just have sex on his mind, and that's the last thing she wanted right now. She finally found herself at her favorite aunt's house, some two hours away from where she'd started.

Alexandra was an orphan and an only child. Aunt Mildred was all she had in the way of family and had seemingly always been there for her. Mildred also put her through law school. She sat in the car almost afraid to move, but she just had to tell someone, and mostly she needed someone to tell her it was going to be alright.

Alexandra finally got the courage to ring the doorbell. Her aunt was happy to see her, but not surprised, because she had been following the case on TV. After some small talk, Mildred asked the crucial question: "How'd things go with your boss?"

Alexandra, through a flood of tears, went on to burble a rambling blow-by-blow account of that meeting.

"Here, now, it's not that bad," her aunt said, wiping some tears with a hankie. "I mean, I'm not sure I heard you right."

"I know...I-I still...c-can't believe it." Alexandra sniffled.

"So, let's see if I got this straight," her aunt said, handing over the hankie. "First your boss tells you that he's angry with your courtroom performance, and he scolds you for missing that witness. He goes on to say that you should experience just a small taste of what your client will endure in her trip to prison, and then maybe next time you won't be so careless. He says he should fire both of you, but he will give you one more shot, if you...."

"Yep," Alexandra said, nodding her head, and then she blew her nose.

"Oh my!"

"And it's all in writing. I already signed it," Alexandra moaned.

"Oh, my dear!"

"Yeah, I'm going to have to do it now...I guess."

"H-have you ever..." her aunt mumbled, looking for the words.

"What, been Strip-Searched?" Alexandra gasped, and then just shook her head.

"Ok, ah, I knew that, but did you ever see someone else?"

"Nope," Alexandra groaned. "I can only imagine."

"Not for long."


Both women enjoyed a nervous giggle, before Aunt Mildred scratched her head. "You said you wouldn't know who was strip-searching you. I don't get it."

"Well, that's where the firm's Christmas party comes into play," Alexandra said. She stood up and started to nervously pace the floor. "It's like a costume party, too. We all dress up in Christmas-like costumes, so...."

"Oh, so the guy will be wearing a costume?"

"Yep. A Santa costume."

"A Santa costume!" her aunt said with a laugh. "Funny -- A Strip-searchin' Santa."

"Oh, funny, Ha-Ha."

"No..., I believe that's 'Ho-HO.'"


"I'm just trying to lighten you up a bit. Geez, it's not the end of the world. It's just a little nudity. It's not like you're old or overweight or anything."

"It's not that, Auntie. I didn't tell the worst part.... The guys I work with...my fellow lawyers...well, they get to, ah, watch, too," Alexandra stammered.


"Yeah, the way my boss put it...it's like I'm their naked Christmas present."

"But, how?"

"Though this glass window in one of the conference rooms...worst part is I won't be able to see them, but they'll .... Oh, I don't want to even think about it."

"Ok, if you can't see 'em, then just pretend they're not there."

"Easier said...."

"I know, but you have to try to put it out of mind...and from the sound of it, you have little choice. You just have to get some more cases under your belt and then find a better place to work, maybe even

go out on your own."

"Yeah, that sounds good, Auntie." Alexandra hugged her.

Her aunt walked her to the door and gave one last piece of advice. "Don't tell your hubby."

Alexandra agreed. She remembered how mad he'd gotten last year when he found out that her boss had made a new rule that spouses weren't allowed at the firm's Christmas party -- and how jealous he was about her spending so much time with Stewart. Alexandra was less depressed as she made the long drive home. Even though her aunt had had some fun teasing her, she felt better.

As the days passed, Alexandra's nerves were fraying. She spent some time searching for a costume, until her boss informed her that he had special costumes for her and Stewart to wear at the party. Alexandra tried to put it out of her mind, but she just couldn't. She remembered the see-through elf costume that her boss made Victoria, the only other female attorney, wear last year.

"But at least she had something on." Alexandra sighed as she stood in front of the full length mirror on the back of her bathroom door. Wrapped in a towel, she stared at her reflection. "God, I'm even afraid to drop the towel now. How am I ever going to get through it?"

Finally, it was Friday afternoon, and Alexandra found herself in her boss's office. She looked at the tall clock. "In less then an hour I'll probably be naked," she sighed.

Stewart joined her a short time later, followed by her boss, who promptly pulled two shopping bags from his closet. "Here are your costumes; everything you need is inside," he said, handing each of them a bag. "Mr. Hart, you can change in the bathroom across the hall. Mrs. Montana, you can use my private bath right here."

Alexandra made her way past her boss and into a small bathroom. She quickly locked the door behind her and put the bag down on the counter next to the sink. She stared at the brown bag for several minutes, too scared to look inside. She could hear the sounds of music, so she knew the party was underway, and they were waiting for her.

"God, how did I get myself into this?" She opened the bag and slowly took out the items one by one. "Well, I guess it could have been worse."

She took a deep breath, kicked off her shoes, and slipped out of her blouse, folding it neatly on the counter. Her skirt followed. She wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead. The heat from the bright lights, she surmised.

She glanced at the door, just to double-check the lock, before unhooking and removing her bra. Finally, she rolled down her panties. She was now standing stark naked in her boss's bathroom. That simple fact made her heart begin to race, and she sped up her movements. She grabbed the plastic bag that had a small pair of panties in them. It was a struggle to rip open the bag, her ample breasts bouncing and shaking with the effort.

"Finally," Alexandra gasped as she pulled the panties out. She shook her head at the small red and green candy-canes print on the white cotton panties. She felt like a little girl when she wiggled into them. Next was a flimsy, makeshift bra, little more than a strapless strip of white silk. Like the panties, it was just a little too small. Then she reached for the tiny skirt. It was red (with white fur trim), extremely low-rise, and held together by only two buttons. There was a matching red crop-top. She dropped the black high-heeled pumps on the floor and shook her head, wondering how they knew her size. But when she stepped into them, she found that they were a bit too big, so she figured someone had just guessed -- and nearly got it right.

Finally, she put on the stocking cap, also red with white fur trim, and then stepped back to look at herself in the mirror that hung over the sink. She just shook her head. "I'm like Santa's slutty little helper," she muttered.

"Let's see. My skirt's too short, my top's too small, and the silk bandeau ought to have been a real bra. And what's with these heels -- could they be any taller?" Alexandra stared at her reflection. "Oh yeah, Mr. Davis picked out this costume...no doubt about it!" Anger replaced sarcasm in her voice.

A knock on the door startled Alexandra, and it was a moment before she could open the door. She expected to see her boss, but it was Stewart, instead, wearing his costume. She let out a small giggle, before she apologized. He was wearing the same costume as she was, except he was carrying his high heels. "If they think I'm wearing these they're crazy." Alexandra couldn't help giggling again. It was strange, but seeing him in that outfit relaxed her. It really could have been worse, she sighed.

Tom Jackson, one of their colleagues, came up at that moment and immediately started to guffaw. Eventually, after he calmed down, he lead them to the conference rooms. Alexandra went into the large conference room, Stewart into the smaller one.

Once inside, Alexandra spotted the mirror and blushed at her reflection. She knew there were faces behind there, but not exactly who or exactly how many. But she got the feeling that there were a lot, because she could hear hooting and hollering, even though the conference rooms were supposed to be soundproof. She spent some time scanning the room looking for hidden cameras. She had made sure that the proposal she signed stated that there were to be no cameras and no photos of her search. She looked back at the glass. She shrugged, praying that her boss was the man of his word that he'd always said he


Then the door opened, startling Alexandra. The sight of a large woman dressed all in black entering the conference room startled her more, even though she knew the woman was coming. Her boss had hired a prison guard from out of state to train and then to assist the mystery Santa with the strip-search.

"Hi, Alexandra, my name is Beth, and I'm Santa's little helper." Alexandra extended her hand in greeting, but the large woman just shook her head. "No. Don't be misled by my civil greeting. I am not your friend. In fact, I'm just the opposite. I'm here to make sure that Santa does his job and that he doesn't take it easy on ya. I was hired to do a job, and I plan on doing it."

Alexandra shivered. She didn't know if Beth was just trying to scare her, but it was certainly working.

"Now, seeing as Santa's a man of few words, he will be carrying a cane, and he'll use it to point to an article of your clothing. You will then take it off -- and no crying, no complaining. Clear?"

Alexandra could only nod in disbelief.

"Is that clear?" Beth hissed.

"Yes," Alexandra moaned, and then, reading the woman's look, she added, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Good, and just so you know -- it's ALL coming off.... We are going to be using the policies for new jailbirds entering my prison, set in place by MY boss. And, honestly, I'm going to enjoy it, 'cause if there is one thing I can't stand, it's a lousy shyster -- especially a defense attorney."

"Oh great!" Alexandra groaned to herself.

"Are you ready to start? We have a lot of anxious faces on the other side of the glass waiting, and I have one lucky Santa with his magic cane."

Alexandra just shook her head. She never remembered being this nervous her whole life, even when she took her boards.

"Oh, so we need a little more time." Alexandra cringed at the teasing way the woman said it. "Well, tough shit! 'cause it's show-time."

Alexandra could also hear a loud roar from the hidden crowd. She looked to the door, and in walked a classically dressed Santa.

"Ho-Ho-Ho." was all he said, and Alexandra immediately tried to figure out who he was.

"Over here now, stand on this." Alexandra watched in horror as Beth dropped a holiday place mat onto the floor, right in front of the mirror. "Move it!"

Alexandra couldn't move. Her mind was telling her legs to make a run for it, but they were frozen. Beth snapped her fingers several times, before she lunged at Alexandra, grabbed her by the wrist, and dragged her over to the mat. She surprised Alexandra by spinning her towards the conference table and draping her across the polished mahogany.

"When I tell you to move, you move!" Beth spat, and her hand came crashing down on Alexandra's backside. Alexandra let out a squeal -- just as she did when the first swat was followed by four more, each landing hard and on target.

"Now stand your ass up," Beth said, helping her up. "And dry those tears. I told you no crying." Alexandra did her best, while also pulling her skirt down, but she was just so humiliated, to be given a spanking right in front of Santa (and God only knows who else).

They allowed her a couple of minutes to regain her composure. Beth even gave her a small paper cup of water, but soon enough announced that it was "time to get on with it." Alexandra sniffled and looked sidelong at the mirror. She knew she would be giving the spectators a good profile view. Santa waddled up in front of her. She stared into his eyes, searching for a clue there, but they didn't look familiar. She then watched, trembling, as his cane slowly rose, stopping only inches from her breasts.

Alexandra gulped, the search had begun.

Santa's cane dropped to the floor. Alexandra looked down at her crop-top. It wasn't much, but she had to really force herself to take it off. Her hands were trembling, and she could feel her heart pounding. She clutched the garment to her chest until she saw Santa's cane rise again. Confused, it took Alexandra a couple of seconds to interpret Beth's impatient gestures. Finally understanding, she wistfully draped the crop-top over Santa's cane. Santa, with a snap, flipped it into the corner behind them. Alexandra gasped, picturing the rest of her costume piled up there in the corner. Even though it was mere feet away, it seemed like miles.

Alexandra watched wide-eyed as Santa tapped his cane on the floor, twice. It began to rise slowly, higher and higher, until it stopped inches from her breasts again. She shuddered. She knew she was seconds from exposing her breasts to all. She looked down at her heaving chest, remembering that she'd sworn no one at work would ever see them. For ten years, she had kept them hidden under suit coats or baggy tops. That was ten years of fighting to be respected for her brainpower, rather than being judged merely by the size of her chest.

Santa's cane again tapped the floor twice and then lifted. And Alexandra hadn't moved. She tried to focus on her aunt's words, as she slid an arm under the makeshift bra and lifted it off. She watched as it slid down the cane a few inches, before it sailed into the air and landed next to her top. She shivered.

"Ho-Ho-Ho," Santa bellowed, while Beth chuckled at the folded-arms-across-the-chest pose Alexandra had struck.

"Well, Santa, looks like someone's a little tease, or maybe a little embarrassed," Beth said, never taking her eyes off the pink-faced Alexandra. "But I've seen it before, and I have the cure."

Alexandra inhaled sharply, as she watched Beth put both of her hands behind her head before spreading her elbows back. "Well, what you waiting for?"

"You can't be serious," Alexandra groaned. "I am not a conv...."

"You're to do what we say, bitch!" Beth shouted. "Or the next spanking will be on your bare ass."

It took several seconds for Alexandra to muster the courage to move into the humiliating position.

"Now, I want you too make a slow circle all the way around," Beth ordered.

Alexandra's body quivered. She knew what that would do. It was also sinking in that Beth was here to do much more than just assist Santa. Alexandra looked to her left and then made a quick circuit to her right.

Beth frowned. "Not good enough. This time, go the other way...and much slower." Oh, yes. Beth was definitely here to humiliate. And Alexandra was humiliated, when she turned left and saw her naked breasts in the mirror. She could also hear muttering from the other side of the glass, as she made her slow circle.

"Well, well, Santa, looks like someone is happy to see yah," Beth said, nudging him.

Alexandra cringed, even though she had heard the jokes about her erect nipples before. And she was certain someone had turned the AC on high, even on this cold winter's night.

Beth moved over and stood right by Alexandra's side, facing the mirror. She leaned forward, her face only inches away from Alexandra's breasts. Alexandra gaped, before Beth spoke. "I've seen a lot of tits in my job, so, in my professional opinion, they're 32 or 34D. I'll go with 34." Alexandra grimaced at Beth's nerve, but also blushed at just how right the guess was.

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