tagGroup SexA Stripper Used

A Stripper Used

bySean Renaud©

"You know I'm really not that kind of girl." The busty Hispanic pouted from the table where she was dancing. "Normally I'm shy. So shy I won't even talk to a boy." She was still wearing all of the clothing she'd come to the bachelor party with on, not that she'd had a lot on when she'd arrived. Her entire outfit consisted of a slinky black dress that didn't quite cover the bottom of her ass and a pair of high heels.

"You don't have to lie to us baby. It's okay!" Bret roared. It was his bachelor party and the rest of the guys had been pouring him drinks so fast that he'd lost track of how many he'd had halfway into the first hour. Now almost three hours later he was running more on instinct than rational thought. "You know it's a lie when guys say we want a lady. Every last one of us wants a genuine freak!"

There was a chorus of agreeing cheers from the other guys at the table. It was pretty obvious that none of the men present were going to be driving any time soon and not just because she'd stolen all of their keys and hidden them away. "But really guys. I don't normally do this. It's just that my mom, she's really sick and I needed the money."

"How much money do you need chica?" Bret answered reaching for his wallet while a lecherous grin started to cross his features. "I mean me and my friends here, we're nice guys and we can be really nice to you if you can be kinda nice to us." He tipped back a beer found that it was down to the last drop and tossed it aside reaching for a shot glass. Bret had it up to his lips when he paused and handed it up to the dancer.

Lita took the shot and smiled throwing it back and intentionally getting more on her than in her. She was still sober enough to trace the warmth burning down her throat as an opposition to the cool liquid tracing the same route on the outside of her throat and down between her breasts before it was to thin to continue onward. "A lot. I mean I barely have enough for the bills for coming her, I'll have to work a lot more parties if I want to really take care of her." She turned her back to Bret and dropped into a squat so his face and her ass were almost perfectly level.

"Well then I'll make you a deal girly. If everybody here pitches in twenty bucks you think you can take off that dress and let us see what's underneath?" Lita looked around the room pretending to do a headcount and then trying her best to look hesitant nodded. "C'mon guys, lets get this girl naked. Everybody cough it up.

One hundred forty dollars later Lita's arms crossed over her midsection and gripped her dress. Her hips were still swaying to a rhythm that only she could hear as the black fabric inched its way up over her ass. It had been obvious before that she wasn't wearing panties beneath that outfit but anything that the imagination had been supplying was gone when the dress got to her waist.

Lita for example had the cute tight kind of butt that can only be formed by spending a lot of time running. It wasn't big like a girl who focuses on squats or trying to build her ass, just a cute tiny little handful. The dress had actually kept the men from knowing if her hair color was real of not, which it wasn't. Her black hair was a dye job covering up an equally attractive reddish brown.

"I I don't know about this." Lita faltered with her dress still around her belly. "Maybe." She looked at the pile of money that was between her splayed legs and continued lifting her dress up over her smooth stomach pausing again slightly when going further would reveal her breasts.

It was difficult to keep from smiling and keep the faux innocent look going. The men around here were just so into her body. Lita bit down on her lower lip to suppress a grin that otherwise would have given her away and pulled the dress the last few inches over her breasts. In mock shame she kept the dress in place over her head as a blindfold as the men gasped over her breasts.

Being blindfolded gave her an additional protection as it was easier to seem surprised when she actually was. One of the men at the table thought it was okay to run his hand down the back of her thigh, a move that sent jolts up her spine. Another ran his fingers through her pubic hair and final hold gentleman kissed her nipple before she was forced to giggle and pull the dress the rest of the way off. "I didn't say you could touch me!" Lita exclaimed doing her best to cover her crotch with one hand and her breasts with the other.

Every man in the room was telling her how sexy she was. They hadn't been able to stop themselves from touching her. None of them had ever seen a woman with such succulent thighs or such beautiful breasts. Even in the movies it they'd never seen a girl quite like her and that her bikini tan lines were sexy, proof she wasn't another whore.

"For another hundred dollars can we touch you?" Lita looked at her pile of money, which was about to cross the two hundred mark and nodded. Bret added it himself, a fresh hundred dollar bill. "Squat down here honey."

Bret started off first putting for the same amount of effort to pretend that he didn't think of her as a whore as she was to pretend she wasn't. He started at her inner thigh, just above the knee and slowly traced over her flesh up to her hips, then over her belly before he cupped her cunt and forced two fingers into her.

Lita didn't, couldn't, pretend that his fingers inside her didn't feel great. He'd be able to know. There was the fact that she was wet, wet enough that he would have felt it before he even invaded her body, and then there was the fact that just by reflex her muscles clenched around his fingers trying to pull him father in. She sealed her eyes shut and bit down on her lip shaking her head and let her erotic wail leak through her lips.

"Look at that, the little slut likes it." Bret commented. "Don't you slut? You like the way those fingers feel in your little puss."

"Yes. No. I mean I'm not a slut." Lita mewled. At the same time her hips were starting to rock back against the invading digits. "I'm not."

"For another hundred will you give us blow jobs? You've almost doubled your money here." Bret grinned slightly and unfastened his pants pulling his cock out and waving it back and forth. Lita's eyes bulged slightly at the sight of the cocks around her.

"Okay. But I wanna see it first." Lita whispered unable to speak clearly with the fingers twisting inside her. One of the men pulled out a fist full of twenties and counted it out in front of her before adding it to the pile.

Lita only hesitated for a moment before she opened her mouth. She'd barely parted her lips when Bret grabbed by to fistfuls of hair and jammed his cock into her throat. There was a moment when Lita's eyes teared up but that passed after just a second and Bret face fucked her. If he was expecting her to gag it didn't happen, there was the occasional slight hiccup but otherwise Lita handled it without hesitation. They were taking turns playing with her pussy now, two hands sometimes three squeezing her clit, fingering her cunt, even toying with her ass.

Bret pulled his cock free of her mouth and let the wet organ slap down on her forehead. "Damn you're a pretty good cock sucker. You sure you aren't that kind of girl? You sure suck like a girl who does this on the regular." Bret moved to the side and took her hand and wrapped it around his cock.

"I'm not." She started stroking his cock. "I'm not." Lita got down onto her knees pushing back towards the fingers but the fingers were suddenly pulled away. "Don't stop." Another man gripped the back of her head and pushed his thick cock down her throat. This time she couldn't quite take him down to the root without quaffing. She was starting to get the rhythm down when for the first time in the night the men surprised her.

One of the men was French kissing her asshole. His warm wet tongue wriggled past the tight ring of muscle and into her. The feeling was exquisite sending jolts of pleasure along her spine and down to her toes. She tried to beg for more around the piece of meat jammed down her throat but could only manage unintelligible sounds of pleasure. When the man pulled his cock from her throat Lita's fevered brain could only form one thought. "Fuck me! God fuck me, fuck me!"

She heard a few jokes about how they hadn't even offered her any money but it didn't take long for even the drunken men to stand up and grant her wish. It was Bret who slipped behind her and stabbed his cock into her wet waiting hole while another of his friends plugged her mouth with his cock. At the same time Lita had her hands full stroking off the men as they rotated around her each waiting for a shot at one of her greedy holes.

Lita twisted her hips back against Bret who'd started slapping her ass as the guys took turns using every bit of degrading language they'd ever heard about her. There was no point in pretending that she didn't love it any longer so every time Lita's mouth didn't have a cock in it she confirmed their slurs.

Yes she loved to suck cocks, every kind of cock. She loved her job and had become a stripper so she could get laid more. Lita wanted to do this for the rest of her life. She begged them to keep fucking her until they came; she wanted every single drop on her tits. She wanted to watch them.

"On your knees then." Bret helped her down off the table then pushed her down to her knees so she could look up as the men circled around her stroking their cocks.

It would have been enough if she'd just stared wide eyed at them but she chose to let her tongue dance over each man's scrotum while she lifted her breasts with one arm and the other played with her pussy. "Cum!" She commanded and the men obeyed. There aim left something to be desired. More of it landed on her shoulders and the floor than her face and her tits but what could she expect from a bunch of boys who were wobbling on their feet.

Lita collected her money and her clothing and walked out the front door, still nude, still soaked in semen and jumped into her convertible and drove home with a smile.

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