tagLoving WivesA Submissive at Heart Ch. 01

A Submissive at Heart Ch. 01


I will preface this story with the following: The truth is often stranger than fiction, and while my tale, while in aggregate seems unlikely; everything that unfolds is absolute fact as best I can recall it.

My tale begins where many kinky sex stories do; which is of course on the Internet. Being in my early thirties now, I was about 18 or 19 when I first discovered Internet porn. Like many straight young men I quickly became a fan of straight and lesbian stories and pictures (videos were still a rare commodity at this point). Over the years despite almost always having a girlfriend or friend with benefits I could never get enough porn and would often end a given night rubbing myself off on the computer.

Like many intelligent and creative people I eventually became bored with the straight and narrow, in terms of my porn tastes, and started to get into more kinky and taboo subject areas. I became very aroused by the idea of submission, especially where the wife or girlfriend of a man would have other partners then return home and make him eat her sloppy seconds.

I think part of this was that I'm 6'2 very muscular and attractive in a James bond kind of way. Being submissive was the opposite of everything I was and that really turned me on. I must of read hundreds or even thousands of stories on this subject matter and my fascination with this started to spill over into my real sex life.

Enter Michelle, a very kinky girl I started dating at the age of 26. She was easily an 8 out of 10 on my very demanding scale. She was about 5'5 with D cup firm breasts and a very curvy ass, and yet only weighed about 120 pounds. She had one of those naturally perfect faces with large soft lips and wavy brown hair half way down her back. We meet at a bar in my hometown and within about 3 hours we were at my condo fucking each other's brains out. It was pretty mind blowing and we were immediately taken with each other.

For the first few months we were not technically "dating" it was more of what people refer to as fuck buddies. When one of us was drunk or horny we would often end up at the others place for a long night of lovemaking. We both loved oral and Michelle especially loved to straddle my face and have me eating her smooth little pussy. Over this period we both had other lovers, I think her more than me. Given my Internet fetish I would often imagine I was eating her out after she had just been with another man.

On night after a particular long love making session she was lying in my arms and we started to talk about making our arrangement more formal. We both quickly agreed that neither of us had been particularly successful with our pasted monogamous relationships and that it would be ok for us to "play" on the side still. I wanted to bring up my submissive creampie fantasies right then but chickened out on the idea.

I had many firsts with Michelle including a threesome with two women; I loved watching her eat another girl's pussy just after I had come inside of it. She had no jealousy of me and I had none towards her. At the time we were both incredibly attractive successful people and the world was our oyster.

Eventually we moved in together and for a brief period dropped all are side partners. I think one of the reasons why is that its very hard to have other discreet lovers when your living with someone.

As was inevitable; this changed one fateful night; I can still remember the date oddly, November 15th 2008. She had been on a girl's night out and I had stayed at home reading Internet stories about eating creampies and similar debaucheries. At about 4am Michelle came home. I was in bed, however being a light sleeper I woke the minute she came through the door.

Within a minute she slipped off her dress and crawled into bed, she was reeking of alcohol and seemed slightly dishevelled. She immediately started to kiss me and we started to rub each other, soon I was rock hard and my hand started to make its way to her pussy. For likely the first I can recall she stopped me. All of a sudden she seemed to sober up and said:

"I just want to suck you off tonight baby"

True to her word she went to work and 10 minutes later I blasted a solid load down her throat.; as was common I fell asleep quickly after. I awoke around 6am with a hard on. I pulled up behind her and cupped her breasts with my cock poking directly into her sexy panties.

She quickly turned around and said in a voice that clearly indicated to me she had not been sleeping:

"I need to talk to you babe"

She proceeded to tell me how her and Stacy, her best friend at the time, got very drunk at the latest trendy hotspot and how she ended up dancing with this guy Mark. I'm not sure if it was just waking up but oddly at this point I still had no clue where she was going with this and I'm usually excellent and reading people.

Her story continued, she told me how her and Mark, ended up necking and the next thing she new it was 2 in the morning and they were back at his place. The next part of her tale got me so hard it's probably the closest I've ever coming to cuming (no pun intended) without being touched.

First she told me bluntly how they ended up making love on his futon mattress. I quickly interjected and said that we never agreed to be completely monogamous and I was not hurt. After a few moments of silence she went on:

''ok but I normally make guys where a condom... well tonight I was so drunk I let him take me bareback''.

So many thoughts went threw my head at that moment. We had never really discussed protection with other partner, as odd as that seems, I knew she was on the pill but that was the extent of it. As I've said I was so turned on at that moment, it was like I was in a fantasy novel and me, as the protagonist, finally achieved his long sought after goal.

Instead of speaking I started to kiss her and my hand inched down to her slippery cum filled pussy. Without even consciously thinking about it the next thing I knew her panties were off and I started to lick her swollen lips. The taste was oddly how I had always envisioned it in my online sessions. As a side note, its odd how our imaginations and dreams can often perfectly replicated an experience we have yet to fulfill.

After several minutes of eating her, as if our minds were in perfect unison, I rolled over and she crawled up and straddled my face. There were no words being exchanged between us but the dirty truth of what was happening had us both turned on to the point of madness. Within seconds she had the most amazing orgasm of her life, as she would later tell me. Each one of her contractions pushed more semen into my mouth, which I happily swallowed.

After her orgasm she quickly mounted my enraged cock and I came inside quicker than an 18-year-old boy losing his virginity. I was like a wild beast shooting more sperm into her than I thought even possible. I learned later this is actually a natural reaction in an attempt to compete with the other guy's sperm.

In the end we fell into each other's arms, both of us being completely and utterly satisfied we drifted off to sleep until late in the afternoon.

Little did I know then what this first journey into submission would lead too.

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