tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Suggestion That is Taken

A Suggestion That is Taken


My wife's oldest friend, someone she has known since the age of four was coming to visit us. We had relocated to Florida from the northeast. We had been living here for about three years and this was to be the first time she would be visiting. Her name was Laura and I had known her for many years. We had met not long after my wife and I had begun dating.

Newly single Laura was very different from my wife. While my wife, Kim, was a petite brunette with A cup breasts, Laura was a blonde who was a couple of inches taller than Kim. She had a more voluptuous figure and sported D cups. She definitely maintained her figure. She was very active and seemed to be about the same size as when I had met her a couple of decades ago.

My wife was very excited to have Laura visit. The fact that the kids would be in school meant they would have the days to themselves to catch up and relax. It would still be hot out but we had a pool in the yard. Laura was coming in on a Monday and was staying until Wednesday.

Monday arrived. I left for work and the kids were off to school. I got a text from Kim letting me know that Laura had made it to the house. I looked forward to seeing her after work although there wouldn't be a lot of time to hang out since we had to get the kids fed and off to practice while also ensuring that their homework was complete.

Getting home from work, I greeted Kim and Laura but had little time to catch as the nightly insanity began. Later in the evening, after everyone was back home and the excitement had died down, we could relax. The kids were off doing their thing although they did have to go to bed early. It would still be dark out when they got up for school the next day.

During our chat, I asked if they had used the pool. Laura informed me that she had forgotten to pack her bathing suit. She seemed truly disappointed. I said "You know, if you wait until the pool guy leaves, there won't be anyone here but the two of you. The yard is very private. You don't need a bathing suit. That is if you aren't overly modest. Kim doesn't have the nerve to go without a bathing suit."

They laughed and said "I bet you would love that."

I said, "Hey, I'm just trying to be helpful. I won't even be here. However, if you guys should decide to go sans suits, please send me a photo." That got a laugh from everyone. We talked a little longer before my wife said she was tired and needed to go to bed. Laura and I stayed up a little longer catching up. Mostly discussing work.

I was up early the next day, as usual, getting the kids off to school and getting myself off to work. It was an uneventful morning, just the usual assortment of meetings and conference calls. Late in the morning, my phone beeped letting me know that I had a text message. It was from my wife. It only said "hanging out in the pool".

This was followed by another beep. This time there was a photo attached. When I opened it, I saw a photo of Laura. The photo was taken from the rear. Laura was sitting on the side of the pool with her feet dangling in the water. She was sitting on a towel. It was clear that she was naked. Her bare back was visible. The very top of her ass crack was also showing. However, the towel hid most of her ass.

I had to admit she looked good. I also smiled that they went through with my suggestion. I exchanged a series of quick texts with my wife.

Does she know you sent me this?

Yes. I wouldn't do that to her.

I guess she isn't very modest.

Apparently not. She came out of the bedroom in a towel went to the pool and dropped it then jumped in.

And she was OK with sending me the pic. That's unbelievable.

I promised her you would delete it and it didn't really show anything anyway.

What about you?

I went in the pool too.

What were you wearing? Anything?

I had a bathing suit on.


Yes, had. Laura nagged me until I finally took it off. I can't believe I did it.

Am I going to get a pic of you?

Maybe. ;)

Well, when do I see it?

This last question was followed by silence. I knew better than to keep pushing. Tried to concentrate on work but it was difficult. My imagination was starting to run wild. I glanced at the photo of Laura a couple of times and imagined what it would be like to be in my yard with these two lovely women hanging out naked.

About forty minutes after the last text, I heard my phone. I had received a text. When I looked, there was nothing written. It was a photo. A photo of my wife Kim. It was full body. She was completely nude. The photo was from the rear. Her pose was like that of a classical statue. Her beautiful ass in full view. I replied to the text. I let her know how beautiful and sexy she looked and thanked her for sending me the photo.

After my wife replied and thanked me for my comments I responded with a question. It was "Why don't you two ever take a photo from the front?" I quickly added an lol to ensure they understood that I was teasing them.

A short time later my phone again bonged. It was a selfie of the two of them from the front. They were in the pool and smiling. The photo showed both Kim and Laura from the chest up. The top of their breasts visible but not down to the nipple. It was about what you would see when looking at a woman in an evening gown. They asked if that was better and added an lol. I now knew they were in a playful mood.

I told them without question this was better but I thought a wider angle would be nice. It would allow me to see some of the background. That got a laugh emoji. Shortly after that, I received another text. Again, it was an image. This one showed my wife from the waist up. Her boobs were on full display. I figured that they must have been drinking. My wife was usually more uptight about nudity. I, of course, lavished her with praise and begged for more. I was rewarded with a full body image. Now she was really getting out of her comfort zone and I was loving it. I couldn't have been more effusive in my praise. I let her know that she was having an effect on me that would make it difficult for me to move around the office without embarrassing myself.

I waited a short while and then texted "I hope Laura isn't feeling left out." My wife told me not to worry about Laura. She was just fine. But not more than 10 minutes had gone by when my phone bonged again. It was a photo of Laura on one of the floats in the pool. She was on her back. So, I had a great view of her magnificent boobs and could see a hint of pubic hair. Her legs were positioned in a way the blocked my view of her pussy though.

I told my wife to thank Laura for allowing me to see this shot and to let her know that I thought she looked spectacular. I also reiterated my promise to delete the photo. To my surprise, I was informed I could keep it if I promised not to show it to anyone. I was more than happy to make that vow.

That was it for the photos. I didn't hear anything else from them for the rest of the day. When I got home, other than some smiles, mostly mine, it was just like any other normal day. We had the typical race to complete dinner and get the kids to practice.

Later that evening when just the three of us were sitting around enjoying some wine, the topic of the photos came up. The girls were happy to hear how much I enjoyed them. I kept heaping praise on them and told them the only thing that could have made this better would be if there had been more. I was accused of being greedy.

Eventually, they came around to the topic of fairness. It wasn't fair that I had seen them or, more specifically, Laura but they (she) hadn't seen me. I tried to laugh it off and told her the next time I was skinny dipping I would send her a photo. She didn't want to hear it. I said, "I'll make you a deal. You can watch me take a shower. You've seen the shower in the master bath. You know the view is unobstructed." I also added a take it or leave it.

Laura agreed to my offer and asked when I would be in the shower. I told her I was in the shower every day between 5:45 and 6:00 AM. Her eyes bulged out and her jaw dropped open. I guess she isn't much of a morning person. Laura thought I was being unfair. My wife was inclined to agree with her friend. I just shrugged my shoulders and left it there. I figured there was no way she would get up to watch me shower. It's not like I have an amazing, chiseled body.

Shortly after this, we all headed off to bed. As we were getting ready, my wife gave me some grief. It's wasn't so much that she wanted her friend to see her husband naked, she just thought I was unfair to Laura in the way I handled it. I didn't give her much of an argument.

The next morning, I drug myself out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. There was no sign of Laura. I wasn't expecting to see her. In fact, before turning in for the night I had said my goodbyes since she would be leaving while I was at work and she would likely be in bed when I left for work.

I opened my eyes after I finished rinsing the shampoo out of my hair and there was Laura standing there watching me. I was shocked. I hadn't even heard the door open. I asked her how long she had been standing there. She told me it had been long enough to take it all in and smirked. At this point I started to worry if I had shrinkage but there was no way to check without her knowing exactly what I was doing. It was a strange sensation. I was standing completely naked in front of someone I had known for years but had never imagined a situation like this. The odd part was we just made small talk until I finished. I grabbed a towel and we gave each other a goodbye hug. She exited the bathroom. I finished getting ready for work. I wonder what it will be like the next time we see each other.

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