A Summer in Olympia Ch. 05

byNigel Debonnaire©

His English was a little stilted, but serviceable. "Good afternoon, Fraulein Brougham. It is a pleasure to meet you, and I'm looking forward to the production of your Father's Grand Opera."

"Thank you, Herr Ernst, for the compliment but I'm sure my father's substantial monetary contribution fuels your enthusiasm. I have yet to hear a piece of my Father's I thought was any good at all. Rubbish every measure of it. However, it's a pleasure to meet you and I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job on the opera."

The look on their faces was indescribable. Pearl was uncompromising in her comments to her father, saying things to his face no one else dared, but this dismissal before strangers is something I've never heard before. It was honest and it was true, but I still couldn't believe she said it.

We found a table and ordered lunch. Minnie made small talk with Pearl, who responded politely, while Alfred told me about the current season's programs. I promised to attend as many as I could, and he promised to leave tickets for me. "By the way, Frankie," Alfred said out of the blue, "I have a letter from an editor at the Theodore Presser company: they are interested in your piano sonata."

I did a double take. "How? An American publisher? How?"

"Yes, an American publisher that is even in your home state of Pennsylvania. I have a friend in the company I told about your piece, and he's most eager to look at it. If he approves, it will be published, no doubt."

"Wow! I don't know what to say. . ."

"Don't say anything yet. Do you have a spare copy of the score? We will send it from the office after lunch. We have to sort through these parts and get organized for the first read through as well. How soon is Sir Charles returning?"

"Two weeks from today," Pearl cut in. "And it'll be another day before he'll want to come downtown, no matter what. Perhaps you should plan for Thursday?"

"Yes, two weeks from Thursday. I'll use the time to rehearse the choir. This won't be difficult. In the meantime, I think a little champagne is in order."

We drank a toast to my sonata and went down to the offices. As we were organizing things, I had a chance to tell Alfred about Sir Charles' style of composing out of earshot of the women. Alfred was shocked: "He did what? God in heaven, Minnie wouldn't let me do that. I'd be a dead man"

The package was prepared the Theodore Presser Company, and we went back to Olympia in high spirits. Pearl was smiling the entire way; her eyes were on me the entire time in adoration.

The time over the next two weeks were spent so comfortably I didn't want them to end. I was able to work on some of my own music, preparing a portfolio in hopes Theodore Presser would be interested in the rest of my music. Maurice became withdrawn, daily attending to my comfort as before, but our evenings of male recreation were ended. My evening activities were taken over by Pearl, who invited me to tutor the young Edwards servants in music. Ruby had been receiving some instruction from Maurice on playing the flute, and she acquitted herself very well with some simple pieces. I was able to spend time with Amber, the middle girl, and found her like her sisters: blond, brown eyed, well proportioned and graceful, with a quicker wit than either of her sisters, and a talent for the keyboard. Connie's voice was particularly fine, and I regretted the loss to the local boys choirs of his talents.

My instruction to them in the art of playing the piano went very well, and by the time the Broughams returned, they were able to play some pieces from the _Notebook for Anna Magdelena Bach_ and other similar pieces. I dashed off a couple of tunes for them, which they enjoyed immediately.

The Peapod girls took to visiting me about every other night after lights out in my rooms, and we explored in detail the joys of gratifying each other without the risk of causing pregnancy. They would not touch each other, however when I practiced my art on the exposed sex of one, the other would perfect her art on my manhood.

On Monday afternoon, after another pious Sunday morning and delightful afternoon colloquium, I took a stroll in the heat of the day to the lake, and saw Maurice ride up on a horse on the opposite side. She tied him to a tree and disrobed, diving into the water for a swim. I worked my way around the treeline out of her sight until I reached the place where she would have to exit the water. The horse knew me, and a quick pat reestablished the relationship sufficiently it kept my presence a secret. I disrobed, and stood naked on the bank, waiting for her. She was swimming to the exit on her back, her breasts sailing above the waves again and she didn't notice me until she turned around to emerge from the water. "What is the meaning of this?" she asked.

I stood naked before, my erection gathering momentum, staring at her, trying to bend her will to mine with my eyes. Her blue eyes sparkled and resisted, while a deeper fire was kindled. I willed my eyes to become searchlights, ripping the darkness from her until she stood fully exposed in the glare.

She came all the way out of the water and stood three feet away from me, hands on hips and legs slightly parted, unconcerned about her nudity. We continued to stare at each other, searching for weakness, waiting for the other to blink. Her blue eyes were wild, out of control, seething. I held her gaze calmly, my desire growing. The wind tousled her hair, blowing out of control for the first time in my experience, the water ran down her face. Over the hill, a cow mooed, a lonesome cry of a separated calf responded, followed by a more urgent call. Still I held the gaze despite the chaos swirling in her eyes, and I saw fear. Her body trembled and the sun lightened it.

She blinked and I moved in, tripping her and bearing her down on the ground, into the mud. It was a brief struggle, but she did not yield easily, but I got on top of her and made her carry my weight as well as hers, knocking a leg out as she strove to rise, flipping her onto her back. My prick sought the entry of her sex, and found it slick and ready. Quickly, I guided myself in : I held her down, her hands above her head, my face an inch from hers. She gritted her teeth in defiance and glared at me, but her legs wrapped around my back and she moved her pelvis in harmony with mine, taking me deeper and deeper until I reached the bottom of her well. We stayed that way, upper halves struggling, lower halves moving together until her eyes rolled back into her head and she gave out a primal scream that almost split my eardrums. I found my release shortly afterward, and released her. We washed the mud from our bodies in the lake waters before laying on the grass to dry. No word was spoken, but her hand rested on my thigh and mine on hers until we rose and dressed to return to Olympia.

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