A Summer in the Flesh Ch. 01

byC.C. Rider©

"Oh God, yes. It's beautiful," he whispered.

"Just watch," I said again.

I brought the tip of the vibrator closer to its mark. With a free finger I spun the knob at the base of the vibrator and it started to hum. Like a pro, I thought, and I smiled. Holding it from the base like a wand, and with my left hand still caressing my clitoris, I pushed the tip of the vibrator against the entrance of my vagina. I let it slip into me an inch or more, slowly, teasingly, and then I pulled it out. I ran the tip down just short of my anus and held it there and allowed the vibration to sink into me. I ran it up the length of my swelling twat, dipping it at my vaginal opening briefly to lubricate it. Finally, it came to rest firmly against my clitoris.

Again I spread my folds wide with the fingers of my left hand. My clit felt swollen, and I suspected the tip of it was purple and pointed. Now I could feel the walls of my vagina pulsing with heat, and undulating with the growl of the toy. I looked at him, and he was stroking himself more vigorously, holding his penis away from him as if he were trying to point it into my vagina. I pressed the tip of the vibrator hard onto my clit, and then I allowed the toy to slip back down to my entrance. I stroked my clit more vigorously, and I pushed the vibrator firmly into my vagina. With deliberation I worked the toy into me, in and out, in and out. He was panting now, and this released me. My pussy began to ache. My eyes closed and my neck arched.

We went on like this for quite some time, just the sound of our breathing and the faint slurping of the vibrator going in and out. My pussy radiated with warmth.

"Let me fuck you," he pleaded.

I shuddered with a spasm that must have been a small orgasm, but I didn't want him inside me.

"Don't come. Not yet, Rudy."

"Please, oh God, please."

I shuddered again, and clasped my clitoris between my fingers, and a warmth came over the whole central part of my body. It tingled up my spine. My juices ran to my anus. My back arched, and I felt as if my pussy was going to swallow the vibrator whole. His panting was louder, erratic. I heard myself panting. I groaned. For just a moment, I felt like I had lost consciousness. All there was in the universe was me and the sweet tingling sensation of the moment.

I recovered. I went faster with the vibrator now, not for me, but for him, to drive him crazy. The warmth and tingling was subsiding within me, but I pretended it was strengthening.

"Oh God," I screamed, and now I watched him. He was hunched over himself, as if in pain, and his stroke was furious. His teeth were clenched. His forehead beaded with sweat. I was doing this to him – my body, my sexuality. I plunged the vibrator into me with as much force as I could bear.

"Please, Annie, please let me fuck you," he cried.

"Not yet."

I paused to prolong his agony. The head of his penis was purple. His eyes were fixed on my sopping pussy. The vibrator seemed too small for me now. I decided to be kind.

"Come for me now, Rudy. I want to watch you come!"

I was watching his cock. No sooner had the final word left my lips, and I heard an audible spurt. "Oh fuck," he grunted.

I dropped the vibrator and leaned up on my elbows to get a better look. His first effort spurted into the air landed as a hot, wet dollop on my thigh. A second, smaller spurt caught less air, and then a flow of come bubbled from the head of his penis and flowed down over his fingers. And then, like an after shock, yet another stream came forth, soaking his hand and running on to his scrotum.

I couldn't help myself, and I laughed. He looked so pathetic and little, hunched over himself in a sticky pool of his own semen. He looked sweet and vulnerable, too. I wanted to pet his head, and tell him I was sorry for making him do that, sorry that I caused such emotions within him. I felt powerful, and yet loving and nurturing. I like to think that what I felt was a new sense of myself as a sexual, sensual, desirable woman. It felt great.

"That was funny?" he said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry. You were beautiful," I said, in all earnestness. "Holy shit." He bellowed forth a long sigh as he leaned back against the headboard and looked up at the ceiling. He was still gripping his now flagging member as if he might lose it if he let go.

"Here," I offered, "I'll get you some Kleenex."

Rudy indulged my masturbation fantasies and I indulged his appetite for uneventful, slow-moving, dope-clouded lovemaking until our interest in each other tailed off. When school year came to a close, he disappeared. My hunger for passion had only been sparked, however. The summer, my summer in the flesh, was just beginning...

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