tagNovels and NovellasA Summer in the Flesh Ch. 06

A Summer in the Flesh Ch. 06

byC.C. Rider©

This is a chapter in a fifteen-chapter novella, and each chapter is dependent on the one that precedes it. It is best to read them in order.


“Annie?” Tom spoke up after a brief but awkward silence. “Can I eat you out. Honestly, I would really like to do that for you.”

I have never heard the words “eat you out” said with such sweetness and sincerity, and while it seems funny to me now, I was genuinely moved at the time. I sat there glowing for a moment, and I thought about Tom licking my pussy, and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more.

“Sure,” I said meekly.

“Oh, Jesus, I don’t know if I can get up.” Tom started to pull himself up on one elbow and I leaned forward, put my hand on his chest, and stopped him. He lay back down, and again I straddled him. I sat down on his chest with my weight on my knees, and I slowly inched my way forward.

We had done this before, and now I was just teasing myself. When my anxious pussy was just over his mouth, I put my hands on my thighs and took a deep breath. Tom wrapped his arms around my thighs from underneath, pushing against my mound with his hands, and softly he started exploring the whole moist area with his tongue, kissing, nuzzling, and tickling me. I looked up from his eyes and into Charlie’s.

“So,” Charlie said cheerfully, “what’s new.”

I smiled, but couldn’t think of a tart retort, and let it go.

“Nice weather we’re having, eh?” Shut up Charlie, I thought.

Charlie took a few sips from his beer, and then lit up a joint. When I saw it, I must have raised my eyebrows.

“Would you like this?” Charlie asked. I tried to open my mouth to say something just as Tom’s lips puckered around my clit, and I only sighed.

“Here.” Charlie got up and started to hold the joint towards my lips, like he was offering to hold it for me. When he was close enough, I reached out and took it from him and took a long, deep hit. Charlie stood there as if I was going to hand it back to him, but I didn’t.

“Ooh,” I gasped. Whatever Tom was doing, it was nice.

I took another hit and held it in. This was certainly an interesting scene, I thought. And then I caught myself looking at Charlie’s crotch. His shorts were slightly tented; it looked like he had the stirrings of an erection. Charlie must have noticed my gaze.

“Well, damn, everyone else is naked.” And with that, Charlie dropped his shorts.

He continued to stand directly in front of me. I forced myself to look away, and then I thought, why? Charlie was right, why shouldn’t he be naked. Here I was, sitting right in front of him, totally naked with my pussy planted in another man’s face, and I was going to pick this time to be modest. I took one more hit, and stared directly at Charlie’s impressive penis. He took it in his right hand and gave it a stroke, and it started to grow and rise. This was an interesting development.

I wet the fingers of my free hand with saliva and pinched out the joint (a trick I learned from watching Rudy). I flipped the roach up onto the window seat, put my hands back on my thighs, and watched Charlie. His erection was full and spectacular. I let him stroke it for a while, and then I did the kind thing. I reached for him, and he took a step towards me. I took the lovely beast in my hand and pulled him closer to me.

Tom was doing a great job, and I was again getting that radiant heat in my center. He was alternating between sucking gently on my clit and diddling it with the tip of his tongue. The marijuana was beginning to take effect, and my skin got that familiar, warm, cozy feeling. I was light-headed, and my vision was grainy and unfocused.

“Mmmm…” I purred in relaxed contentment.

I set about the task in front of me. I explored Charlie with both hands. I manipulated his flesh tactilely with sensitive fingers, like a blind person might do upon finding a new and unknown object. I ran my fingers around the soft edge of his circumcision scar. I pressed down on the tip of his penis and realized it was like a soft bulb of flesh cupping the end of his hardened shaft. The head seemed small, but I realized that was only in relation to the size of his shaft. It was so pink and smooth. I petted it, and I wanted to kiss it, but I would wait. I followed the shaft down to his supple scrotum, and then cupped my fingers and followed it farther, pushing his balls aside, feeling where the shaft seemed finally to be rooted to his body deep between his legs, almost to his anus.

I cupped his balls and tested their weight and tried to gauge their size. Remarkable penis, unremarkable balls, I thought. They weren’t any larger than others I had felt. I squeezed them gently and rolled them around in my hand like large marbles. An interesting concept, these free swinging little eggs floating around in a small sack of skin. I was having fun playing with them. I would try and grab one, and then let it seemingly squirt from my grasp, like pinching a watermelon seed. Then I encircled his scrotum where it attached to his body with a forefinger and thumb and squeezed, like pulling a drawstring on a marble sack. I tugged down just a little and shook it, and I watched his balls jiggle about. I noticed that when I gave his sack a tug, his penis would bounce. And then I did it slowly. It was like raising and lowering a missile launcher, I thought. Wow, was I stoned.

Tom had taken to slowly inserting his tongue into my vagina, then pulling it out and lolling it about my clit. It was soothing and relaxing and felt like just what I wanted. I took Charlie in both hands. Again I noted that I had to grip tightly, almost too tightly, to touch my fingers to my thumb. I could hold Charlie using both hands fully, but there wasn’t enough room to stroke him that way.

It occurred to me that Charlie wasn’t really that much bigger than average (I would guess that Tom was about average), but that was only in a pure, mathematical sense. Visually, “feel-wise,” it certainly seemed like a dramatic difference. As I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that Tom had the kind of penis a girl could fuck every day, or even two or three times a day (or even the first thing in the morning, while you were still sleepy, without having to fully wake up).

Charlie’s dick, on the other hand, seemed like a special occasion dick. You couldn’t just hop on for a quickie, or give in to sex just to be nice without really wanting to. No, you’d have to want to do it, plan for it even. Of course, I suppose a girl could get used to it.

I gave Charlie a few long, languorous strokes to let him know I hadn’t forgotten him. I decided it was easier with one hand, and I picked up my pace. Charlie started to groan. I pulled him a little closer to me, and I kissed his balls. I took his balls into my mouth and rolled them around a little. He tasted salty, but not unpleasant. A little like chicken, I thought, and laughed to myself.

I sucked on his sack and stroked his penis, and Charlie spread his legs to lower himself a few inches. I ran my tongue up to the tip his cock, stroking the base of it with one hand while I petted and tugged at his balls with the other. I mouthed his penis from the underside, and for a moment I felt like I was eating a hoagie sandwich.

To take him into my mouth, I was going to have to get up on my knees some, and I didn’t want to interfere with Tom’s dutiful work. Still, I wanted to take Charlie’s meaty cock in my mouth. I raised up a little bit, and Tom’s lifted his head to follow me. Just a little more, and I pulled down on Charlie’s penis and put the head of it in my mouth. I kept pumping him and rubbing his balls while I worked him with my mouth. Charlie groaned more loudly.

Tom took a breath, and then began lapping at my pussy. I had to rise up some more, and when I did, Tom lifted himself up on his elbows, keeping his face buried in my crotch. I was almost vertical on my knees now, and I was able to come down with my head onto Charlie’s cock. I sucked on him as best I could, but I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t more proficient. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing, so I did it like I might have liked it if I had a clitoris the size of a kielbasa (hmmm…that was an interesting thought).

I puckered my lips and sucked my way up and down on him. I was only getting a few inches into my mouth, but I tried to satisfy the rest of him with my hands. I must have been doing something right, because I heard Charlie cry out, “Yes, like that, ooh, yeah!”

Tom lifted his face up into me and I felt his lips slide down my twat towards my anus. I tried to relax my butt muscles to encourage him, and it worked. He latched onto my bumhole with his mouth, and I hummed a groan of delight. That’s it, baby, I thought. He sucked at me, and I sucked at Charlie, and everything in the world was pretty damn good, and then Charlie almost stumbled over backwards. We all lost a hold of each other.

“Oh, sorry,” Charlie said.

“Sit on the edge of window seat,” I said, and I pointed to a spot right in front of me.

Charlie was obedient. I walked on my knees over to him, and started on his penis again. This was much better. I could rest my elbows on Charlie’s thighs and get a much better angle for sucking his dick. I was starting to enjoy having my face buried in Charlie’s well-appointed lap.

Then I wondered what had happened to Tom. I came up for a breath and looked over my shoulder. Tom was lying on his side, propped up on one elbow, watching us. I surprised myself with what I did next. I arched my back and wiggled my ass at him, as if to say, Gimme some more. He laughed.

“Okay. Okay. I got the hint. Good Lord, you’re a horny thing tonight.” Tom started to crawl over on all fours. I felt his tongue plunge into my twat and I eagerly went back to my business.

I tried taking Charlie deeper into my mouth, and realized that if I let the soft head of his penis push up against the back of my mouth, I could get my lips surprisingly far down on his shaft. All of a sudden it was like I had a cock-sucking epiphany. It wasn’t really in my throat, like that silly “Deep Throat” movie suggested. It was definitely deep in my mouth, but I wasn’t gagging on it. It would just scrunch up a bit as I tried to get my lips further down his shaft. I was definitely getting the hang of this, and I went at Charlie with more confidence.

Tom took his mouth from my twat and sucked at my asshole, soaking it with saliva, pressing his tongue into me, and moistening me. Then he stopped. Just as I was about to look back again to see what had happened, Tom stood up and went to the bar. A beer? I kept at Charlie, and he seemed to be enjoying it. And I seemed to be enjoying it, which was new to me.

I felt a finger tracing the circumference of my anus. I felt the finger push gently into me, just the tip of it. Then it pulled away. What was he up to, I wondered. And then I knew.

I felt the finger again, and this time it was oily and slipped into me easily. While the finger twisted I felt a drizzle of oil in the crack of my ass. Tom pulled his finger out of me and rubbed the oil into my buns and my crack and my bumhole with both hands. I tried desperately to keep my concentration on Charlie, to think of what Tom was doing as only a sensation to be absorbed. He pulled his hands away and he nudged his knees up between my legs and spread them out a bit. He put his hands on my butt cheeks, and then I felt his semi-flaccid, semi-erect penis rubbing up and down against my bumhole, both of us soaked in oil. I tingled with fear and (dare I admit it?) delight.

I could tell Tom’s dick was getting harder. I knew what was going to happen next, and I wasn’t positive it was a great idea, especially with Charlie’s big cock buried in my mouth. I felt Tom make his first careful effort to enter me, and his dick was more erect, but still a bit soft and squiggly, and this made me feel better about the situation.

To tell the truth, it felt pretty darn good. As a matter of fact, as he slowly pushed into me, and I could feel his dick stiffen up a little more, I felt a surprising sense of excitement well up inside me. We were very slippery, and as he slid a little deeper into me, I felt myself relax, and even press back into him ever so daintily. When he was fully inside of me, his pubic bone against my bum, he rocked us slowly.

I couldn’t keep my concentration on Charlie’s cock any longer, and I came up off of him. I kept both hands on him, however. I needed to steady myself, and I clung to Charlie’s sturdy mast for dear life. I could tell Tom was fully erect inside of me now. Slowly he pulled away from me. It felt like it would take forever for him to pull out of me, and then I realized I didn’t want him to pull out of me. I closed my eyes and put my head in Charlie’s lap. I moaned under my breath, and Charlie, bless his soul, petted my head. I gave his cock a heartfelt squeeze.

With my eyes closed, I began to wonder where I was and what was happening to me. It was like a dream. Tom was rubbing my pussy with his hand. He was bumping against me now – he would pull back just an inch or so, very slowly, and then push back in, but with some force. I could feel how tight I was around him. And then I noticed if I relaxed completely there was almost no resistance.

I tried squeezing ever so gently as he pulled away from me, and I marveled at how I seemed to go from loose and receptive to extremely tight, like I could push him out of me with only a modest effort. I relaxed when I felt he had pulled out far enough, and he would push back into me. We were in rhythm, like before, except there was thrusting now. It didn’t scare me anymore. I knew I could control the rhythm.

As we went faster, his strokes became shorter. He grabbed me by the pussy again, just like before, and his fingers sunk into me. Again, he squeezed my in rhythm, and it felt better than before. Soon he was bouncing into me with very short strokes, and each time his pubic bone bumped my ass, I let out a little groan.

“Unh, unh, unh, unh,” I groaned and Tom started the same cant with me, in unison. And then I realized I was squeezing poor Charlie’s penis too tightly. I let go of it, and my hands clasped him at the sides of his waist. The side of my face was pressing up against Charlie’s penis now, but I didn’t care. Charlie gripped me by the shoulders to steady me. It was so hot down there, between my legs. I had never felt heat like this. I shut my eyes so tightly my entire face clenched.

“Unh unh unh unh,” and then Tom’s inflection changed, and he quickened the pace yet again.

“Oh oh oh oh oh oh.”

They were tiny little stokes now, but so forceful and hot. I couldn’t keep up the pace, and I let go, my body almost limp with exhaustion. It was all Tom now. He was lifting at me and pushing into me with such strength that my knees had no weight on them.
All of a sudden, I felt very far away. It was like I was floating in air, with no strength to move. I was a ball of warmth with no body. The sweat, the grunting, the scent, the animal nature of what we were doing seemed silly. These men were ravaging me, and yet I was in complete control. I wanted them to ravage me. Or was I ravaging them?
And then I was back.

“Unh-unh-unh,” I herd myself.

“Oohhh…” and Tom pushed into me.

I couldn’t feel his cum this time, but I knew that he was coming. My weight returned to my knees. It was all still for a moment.

Tom’s penis flagged quickly and slipped out of me, his hands dropped from my pussy, and he lay down on his side on the floor behind me, panting. My anus ached and burned, but it didn’t hurt. I felt relieved that he was through, but I still felt unfulfilled.

Remarkably, my center still ached for more. I needed to take a breather, though. I sat down on my heels and then fell back onto the floor. My head came to rest on Tom’s hip. I scooted over a bit, and settled my head into the curve of his waist.

“Fancy meeting you here,” Tom said out-of-breath.

“I need a break.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. What a night, I thought. I may have said it out loud, but I didn’t mean to. I lifted my knees and spread my legs unabashedly, and the cool air felt soothing against my moist soreness. How immodest of me, I thought. Who cares, I thought again. I took some Kleenex and essentially wiped my ass. I dabbed up the come and oil. I suspect it was at this moment that I realized my goddess days were finished. I was just a woman now, a very earthbound creature beset with the same sticky, fleshy preoccupations of all earth’s creatures. I was okay with that.

“Hey, Charlie, could you get me a beer please?” I tossed the Kleenex aside. I needed something cold to drink.

“Absolutely,” I heard Charlie reply. I didn’t open my eyes until I could tell Charlie had settled down beside me on the floor. I looked at him, and he handed me the beer.

“So…” Charlie started, then paused.

“What do ya want to do now, huh?” Charlie finally asked in a silly, facetious tone.

We all laughed and I closed my eyes. What did I want to do now? Hmmm…

After drinking a good portion of the beer, I felt re-energized. I drank it as I was – prone, my head up against Tom’s side, buck-naked, legs splayed. As immodest as my position was, what I really wanted to do was hold the cold, wet beer bottle against my well-worked twat. Now that would be immodest, I thought, and I laughed.

Charlie laughed too as he asked, “What?”

I looked at Charlie. He was sitting cross-legged beside me. I tried to take a sip of beer, and then I started to laugh again, which caused me to cough, which caused both Tom and Charlie to laugh.

“It’s nothing.” I said. Suddenly I felt silly in my nakedness. “I just feel kind of silly.” I felt like a slut.

I took a sip of the beer and casually rested the bottom of the bottle on my mound while I held it. The cold wetness felt too good for me to resist any longer, and holding the bottle by the neck, I it let slip down between my legs. I let one knee fall to the side on the floor (unconsciously, but in retrospect purposefully to the side Charlie was sitting on, so he could see what I was doing). I spread my legs even further, and I pulled the bottle into my crotch. I couldn’t help but think that this was outrageously brash of me, but I didn’t care.

“You’ll have to excuse me,” I said demurely, “but this has been quite a day.”

Tom laughed, and I saw Charlie smile, his eyes fixed on my soothing relief efforts. The chill of the bottle went through me in quick waves, a sensation with which I was entirely unfamiliar, but felt perfectly designed for the moment. I turned the bottle as it warmed from my heat, and the bottle seemed even colder than at first. I shivered and let out a barely audible gasp.

If I had been bolder (or if I had been alone) I would have thrust my knees up to my shoulders and planted the stingingly cold bottle right up against my sore (and presumably red and swollen) little bumhole (you bastard, Tom). Instead, I adjusted myself slightly and stealthily pushed the bottle farther down. Damn, I said to myself, realizing that to accomplish my goal I would have had to spread my legs even wider. That would have been too immodest, even given the existing state of my predicament. I decided to live with my circumstances, and continued to turn the bottle slowly as it pressed against my sweltering flesh. I wanted to giggle from the tickling chill, but refrained.

“You know, this reminds me,” Charlie perked up, “I had a girlfriend in high school who absolutely… well here, let me show you.”

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