tagErotic CouplingsA Sunny Fall Day

A Sunny Fall Day


Fall is often very busy, but certainly is pleasant, even with the cooling temps and even though it is telling me that winter is just around the corner. Everything still blooms and people here do all their stocking and canning for winter. I used to spend a lot of time regretting its arrival, but finally am beginning to appreciate and even love it. The beautiful trees are starting to change colors. Each time the lawn is mowed, it is blue-green underneath a thin carpet of early falling leaves and seems to grow back overnight. The lines from the mower remain because of the rain and because it is just cool enough to keep the grass bent where the wheels have pushed it down.

Fall has put you in mind of football and fun. It is a clear, cool, sunny day and I have just finished the mowing. You have been indoors and I am sitting on the deck relaxing. My sweatshirt and sweat pants have the fresh grassy smell and I am soaking up a little warm sun. You open the screen door and step out. You have put on a cheerleader's outfit that you found during a summer shopping trip. The top is short and shows your belly button. The skirt is very short and shows your legs all the way up above your knees and you look like a teenager. Your hair is tied back in a pony tail.

I start with surprise as I look at you. I wonder how I got so lucky as to have a visitor such as you, all cute and pert and absolutely gorgeous. At first, you sit next to me on the deck and we smell the freshly mowed grass. Then, you jump up and grab my hand. You force me out of the chair and drag me down to a secluded spot on the lawn, surrounded by trees. You sit and pull me down and whisper that cheerleaders always have the hots for sweaty athletes. You tell me that you want me.

I look around. "Here?" I ask. "Here and NOW." you whisper urgently. The yard is soft and thick. You pull the sweatshirt over my head and push me back onto the green grass. It tickles a bit, but it is soft and cool. You straddle me and bend down to kiss me. Your lips are so soft and your tongue is hard and pushes into my mouth. We fight a little and then I push you back onto your knees. I take you by the hips and lift you onto your feet. Your belly button shows and I lean forward to lick it. Your hands rub my head and I reach under you to support you. The thought of taking a sweet cheerleader excites me to complete rock hardness.

I pull off the panties under your skirt and push them down. As you step out of them, I quickly untie your white tennis shoes and slip each one off, then slip off the cute socks. Then I reach back up to touch you. Your shaved pussy is damp and so tender to my touch. I lift your dress and lick you, pushing you into me from the back, my arms wrapped around your soft thighs.

You are now dripping. I lean back and watch you pull the top of your uniform off and now see that you have a beautiful lacy bra underneath. I have always wanted to know what kind of clothing cheerleaders wear under their uniforms. Now I see. What a delight! Your nipples are hard and stiff and poke out, pushing the lace outward. I want you and want to taste your body. I want to lick the sensitive nipples and can no longer wait to make love to you. I stand. Your arms go around my neck as I drop my sweat pants to the ground. You lift your legs and grip my waist and I lift you onto my hard Cock. I am able to slip into you easily, you are so wet.

One hand supports you as I reach behind you to undo the snaps of your bra. We kiss hard and move together. I am not going to be able to hold out for long and slowly drop to my knees, then to the ground, still pushing into you. I am buried inside you and we move completely together, you on top of me, your knees on the ground, pushing yourself up and down my shaft.

As the lacy bra slips down your arms, your nipples are hit with a light, cool breeze and they get harder yet. I lean up and lick first one and then the other. They are so sensitive and you shiver. Your skirt has spread over both of us and moves up and down with your motion. You begin to push up and faster and I move up inside you each time you drop down. Harder and faster, pulling and licking your nipples. My hands support us both as we move, your arms tight around my neck. Finally, I feel you tighten around my cock and you hit a nerve. You come, squeezing and pulsing and I feel your orgasm tighten around me. My own is only seconds away and I push at you one more time.

Suddenly, I tense and push deep inside you as I lean back. I come, hard, deep into you. My own orgasm lasts for minutes, it seems and I can feel the walls of your vagina as you remain tight around me. My cum mixes with yours and begins to drip out of you, cooling slightly and covering my legs. Finally, I lean back, exhausted, as you smile and drop down to me. The warm sun hits your back in this protected spot and we sleep the afternoon away in the cool grass.

What a wonderful way to spend a fall day.

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