tagLoving WivesA Surprise Affair Ch. 02

A Surprise Affair Ch. 02


"When is your hubby coming home?" She asked.

" Not for a few days. His schedule is always changing when he is on the road." I replied. "As you seem to know, he travels a lot."

"Will he be upset about this?" She asked, as she rubbed my shoulders.

"Are you kidding? He is a typical guy. This is his ultimate fantasy." I explained. "We have even masturbated together over the phone talking about this. You do what you have to when your husband is gone for six months out of the year."

"What is the rest of the fantasy?" She asked, beginning to tweak my nipples. I could tell that she was getting turned on again.

"Well, after I go home with a beautiful woman and she has her way with me, she joins us at our place." I said. She had worked her mouth down to my breasts and was tracing rings around my nipples with her tongue. I could feel my clit starting to throb gently. "Are you interested? Or is this just for me?" I said, sliding my finger in her pussy.

"Count me in." She moaned as I flicked her clit with my fingernails. "Good thing he will not be home for a few days, we have time to perfect this."

She slid down the bed and buried her head between my thighs. She began licking my right thigh and then my left, barely brushing her tongue over my clit as she switched from side to side. I began to moan as she continued to tease me. She slid her finger inside me and began rubbing my g-spot.

"Please lick me." I begged. "I want to cum again for you."

I cried out as she began sucking on my clit. I could feel her fingers in me and I began to pump my hips in time with her thrusts. I could not believe I could feel such ecstacy from another person. She would flick my bud quickly until I was just on the verge and then slow down and begin licking gentle circles around it. I could tell by the way her hand was moving that she had begun to rub herself as she licked me. I could hear her moans as her fingers quickened both inside of me and inside of her. As she began to shake with another intense orgasm, my body convulsed with my biggest one of the night. I could feel the sensations from the tips of my toes to the top of my head and everywhere in-between. We both cried out together as she fell on me, burying her head between my legs and kissing my sensitive clit. With each kiss, I could feel jolts of pleasure coursing through my body.

"Oh my GOD!" I exclaimed once I got some of my composure back. "I never knew this could be so, WOW! I have never cum more than once in a night and never three times in barely an hour."

"Glad I could be the first." She replied smiling. "Makes a difference when someone knows what she's doing! Are you sure this is your first time with a woman? You seemed to know exactly how and where to touch and lick and suck."

"I guess I just did what I like done to me!" I replied. "Oh, my! Is that the time? I really have to go. I have to be at work early tomorrow for a meeting. Can we get together tomorrow night?"

"I am working the lunch shift tomorrow, so I will be home about the same time you are." She said.

"How about meeting at my place. I will cook dinner, you can bring the wine, then I can wine you, dine you and 69 you!" I laughed.

"Sounds like a great evening!" She replied.

She helped me into my clothes and walked me to the door. We paused for one last lingering kiss. She pulled me close and cupped my bottom. I slid my arms around her neck and into her hair.

"Hold on," she whispered between kisses, "this is how the whole thing got started!"

"Mmm," I breathed, "I remember! See you tomorrow."

One last kiss and I was out the door and heading for the stairs. I looked back and she blew me a kiss as I went out the door. Once in my condo, I undressed and crawled between the sheets and fell sound asleep. I awoke to the ringing of the pone.

"Hey gorgeous! Rise and shine!" Said a husky voice. It was my husband. "Sorry I missed your call last night. I was out with the guys at the bar. How was your evening?"

"It was wonderful! I went to our restaurant for dinner and then over to Shelly's for a girl's night." I replied.

"Shelly? The hot waitress who looks like you? Did you know she lives in our building? Did you have fun?" He asked.

"Yes, yes and yes. She is right below us. Apparently she can hear us sometimes!" I laughed.

"Told you that you were being too loud!" He laughed. "How was your evening? Did you two do anything fun?"

"We just got to know each other better." I replied. "We really do have a lot in common. She will be joining me for dinner tonight."

"Dessert too?" He teased.

"Maybe!" I replied.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't! I want details when I get home!" My husband laughed. "Gotta run! See you in a few days."

As I hung up the phone, I knew that the things I would be doing to Shelly tonight were exactly what he would do! I also knew that he would be looking forward to coming home so that he could join us. Just thinking about it made me horny for her all over again. I got out of bed and turned on the shower. Climbing in I knew that I would have to take care of my arousal or I wouldn't be good for anything at work. I let the hot water wash over me as I washed my hair and soaped up my body. Slowly I lathered up my poof and rubbed it around my breasts, concentrating on my nipples until they were long and hard. I moved down to my pussy and began long strokes up and down my slit. I dropped the poof and began rubbing my clit in gentle circles. I started thinking about our night together. I pulled the shower head down and turned it to massage. I then let the water run over my engorged clit. I thought about Shelly's firm lips on mine and the way her hands felt as she rubbed and pulled on my nipples. With my free hand, I began to squeeze my nipples. I remembered how she tasted and her musky scent. I thought about licking slowly up and down her lips as my thumbs worked over her clit. I recalled how we both climaxed together the last time of the evening. I imagined what it would be like to watch her with my Kevin and how he would tease her with his cock. I could not wait to have him join us. Within minutes I was cuming and calling out both of their names. When I recovered, I finished washing up and got out of the shower.

All day long at work I had a hard time concentrating on my job. All I could think about was the night to come. When it was finally time to leave, I flew home to get ready for my evening. I tossed together some pasta and then went into my bedroom to finish getting ready. I put my favorite silky sheets on the bed and then lightly sprayed them with perfume. I lit some candles and replaced the CD with soft music. Then I put on my lace bodice and matching thong under my jeans and T-shirt. Just as I was finishing, I heard the doorbell ring. My heart raced as I opened the door and saw Shelly there with a bottle of wine. She looked ravishing in a tight top, no bra and a short miniskirt. I could see her hard nipples through the sheer fabric of her shirt.

"Come in." I stammered. " You look amazing. I guess I am a bit overdressed."

As the door closed, I pulled her to me and began to slowly kiss her lips. I ran my fingers across her back and down to her butt. I slid my thigh between her legs. She responded by arching her back and grinding her sex into my thigh. I could already feel the heat through my pants leg. I stepped back from her and removed my shirt and pants. Her eyes widened when she saw what I was wearing.

"Are you ready for dinner yet? Or do you want to start with an appetizer first?" I teased, as I rubbed my hands across the lacy fabric of my panties. Just then the phone rang. As I answered it, Shelly got down on her knees in front of me and began to rub my lips through my panties.

"Hi Honey!" My husband said. "Am I interrupting anything?"

"Shelly just arrived and we were getting ready to eat." I said. I could feel her starting to massage my clit and knew, that if I did not get him off the phone, the surprise would be spoiled.

"The boss and I are going out with our clients for dinner and drinks, so I will be back at the room late." He said. "Should I call, or just let you sleep?"

"Go ahead and call, I have a feeling I will be up late." I said. Shelly was now sliding her fingers in and out of my already dripping pussy. I could feel my body responding to her and was having a hard time concentrating on what he was saying.

"Okay. Talk to you tomorrow. Love you!"

"Umm, sure, Love you too!" I said as I hit the off button and dropped the phone. I began to grind down on Shelly's fingers as I felt my orgasm approaching. Just as I was about to cum, she stopped and stood up.

"So was that Kevin?" She asked innocently. A small smile was spreading across her face.

"Yes." I replied, smiling back.

"You said something about appetizers?" Shelly asked. "Was that what you had in mind?"

Without answering her, I slid my hands around her waist and began to kiss her hard on the mouth. Our tongues met and danced around furiously in each others mouth. From her lips I moved to her earlobe and began nibbling. Then down her neck, licking, biting and kissing until I got to the top of her shirt. I slowly slid my hands up her back, taking the shirt with me. She lifted her arms and I slid it over her head and dropped it on the floor in the hallway. Her nipples were already hard and sticking out like erasers. They were light compared to the darkness of her large aureole. I took the right one in my mouth and began sucking gently on it. She began to moan as I caressed her left breast with my hand. I pulled and twisted her nipple until it was long and hard. Then moved my mouth over and began to lightly nibble on it. Her hands slid to her own pussy and began massaging her clit. I gently moved them away and took over for her. I slid up her skirt and slid two fingers in between her dripping lips. I rubbed circles around her clit with my thumb. She pulled down my bodice and began sucking on my nipples. I could feel her juices starting to run down my fingers as I increased the pressure on her clit. I pushed her up against the wall and began kissing her as her orgasm built. I kneaded her breast and pulled on her nipples. She bucked her hips in time with my thrusting and cried out as she came. Immediately I dropped to the floor and sucked her clit between my lips, sending shockwaves through her body that even I could feel. I continued to slide my fingers in her pussy as I felt the contractions from her powerful orgasm. Her knees buckled and I caught her as she slid down the wall to kneel before me. She pulled me close and wrapped her arms around me and held me tight as I continued to slowly rub circles around her clit with my thumb.

"That was amazing!" She whispered. "I don't think I have ever had an orgasm quite like it. I still cannot believe that you are new to this."

We both got up from the floor and I took her hand and led her to my bedroom. She stopped in the doorway and looked around at the already lit candles.

"You knew I was only hungry for one thing." She said grinning. "This is perfect."

I turned on the stereo and walked over to her. I slid her skirt the rest of the way off as she undid the hooks on my bodice. They both fell to the floor. She slid off my panties and added them to the pile. I ran my hands across her soft stomach and around to her butt. She pushed me gently toward the bed.

"You have wanted to get me in your bed for quite awhile, haven't you?" She asked and I nodded. "I could tell by the way you and your husband are always watching me at work. He would often wink at me when you were not looking. He even grabbed my ass a few times when you had gone to the restroom. I would go home and masturbate thinking about having you and then him. I have been bisexual since college, but never thought I would find a couple here willing to play."

"We have fantasized about you frequently for the last year." I admitted to her. "He has been pushing me to approach you, but I was not sure if you would be interested in both of us. I did see him wink at you a few times. And I saw him grab your ass last week. I have also seen you pull your shirt down before walking to our table and brush your boobs across his shoulder reaching for plates."

"I guess I was not as sly as I thought." She said, pushing me onto the edge of the bed. She made me lie down and straddled me. She began to grind her clit onto mine. I could feel how wet she was. I pushed my hips up to meet hers and could feel the warmth of us began to wash over me.

I reached up and pulled her down so I could kiss her fully on the lips. As my tongue pushed into her mouth, her breath and her hips quickened. We kissed softly at first and then with more passion. Her tongue would dart into my mouth and meet mine and then retreat and let me be the aggressor. She would move from my lips to my jaw and trail kisses all the way to my collarbone and then back up to my lips. I slid my hand into her hair and pulled her to me, sucking on her bottom lip before gently biting it. She moaned out loud as I thrust my tongue in her mouth again to meet hers.

As our kiss broke, I slid farther back on the bed to give her more room. She got on all fours on the edge of the bed and slowly moved her kisses from my lips to my neck. She kissed and licked and nibbled her way down to my right nipple. I sighed as she sucked it into her mouth and began to bite gently on it. Then she moved to the left and did the same. I rubbed her shoulders and stroked her hair as she moved down my body to my thighs. I jumped when she began sucking on my inner thigh.

"Are you ready lover?" Shelly asked in a husky voice.

"Ummmm." I replied.

She slid her tongue into my dripping slit and twirled it around. I gasped as she pinched gently on my clit with her thumb and pointer. I could feel her moving her fingers in circles together as she continued to pinch my clit. Her tongue was alternating between thrusting into my pussy and stroking up and down my lips. I began to moan loudly as she pinched harder on my clit. As I began to feel the tingles of orgasm, I pushed up off the bed to give her full access. She slid both hands around to grab my ass and buried her face in my pussy. I felt her lips on my bud and then her teeth as she bit down gently, but with increasing pressure until I exploded. I cried out and arched my back into her.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes. More, more, please don't stop." I yelled. "Lick me, oh, oh, I am Cuming!" I could feel the waves of pleasure breaking over my entire body.

I let my body relax back onto the bed as she lapped up the juices that were flowing out of my pussy. I could feel her tongue lick slowly up and down my lips, getting every last drop. She moved up my body and lay down beside me on her side with her arm across my stomach. I turned and began kissing her, tasting my juices on her lips. I slid my hands around her and began rubbing her back as we continued to kiss. I moved my hand around to her mound and teased her clit, rubbing gentle, lazy circles around it. Slowly I pushed her onto her back and scooted down to the edge of the bed. I got up on all fours and began sliding my fingers up and down over her lips, occasionally stopping to slip a digit into her now moist pussy. I used the index fingers on both hands to trace the outer edge of her lips, applying pressure to her clit with each stroke. She moaned as I continued to stroke her clit. As I stroked her with one hand, I pulled on my nipples until they were long and hard with the other. I lowered my right nipple to her clit and began rubbing them together. I ran my left boob and nipple up and down her slit. She began to pump her hips in time with my strokes and I could tell she was only moments away from another orgasm. Just as she had done to me earlier, I stopped.

I sat up on my knees and began to rub my clit. She propped herself up on a pillow and watched as I worked my fingers in and out of my own dripping puss. Her hand slowly slid down her chest to her labia and began stroking them, as I had been a few minutes earlier. I licked my lips as I looked into her eyes. With my free hand, I lifted my nipple to my mouth to taste her juices. I licked slowly around my areolae watching her fingers quicken on her own clit. She began to breathe faster and I knew that it was only a short time before she would cum on her own digits. Watching her masturbate brought me to a new level of arousal and I began to pinch my own clit. I could feel the pleasure building and just as my orgasm started, she pushed up off the bed and slammed her fingers deep into her pussy.

"Lick me now!" She begged. "I need it so bad." I lowered my lips to her clit and sucked hard as she cried out and thrashed below me. We cried out in unison, my fingers and lips pleasuring both of us.

Suddenly, I felt hands on my hips and deep penetration from behind. I gasped as I realized that someone else had come into the room as Shelly and I were cuming together. I glanced behind to see that my husband, Kevin, had returned home early to surprise me. I guess he was the one surprised. He winked at me with a sly smile on his face and motioned for me to continue licking Shelly's womanhood. I was only too happy to oblige. I lowered my lips to hers as he began to pick up the pace. I knew that Shelly had not seen him yet. He started to slide his hardened penis in and out of my dripping pussy as I once again moved my mouth to suck on Shelly's engorged clit. She pulled my head down tight to her and wrapped her legs around my back. I nibbled and sucked her bud as my husband pounded his manhood into me from behind. I knew it was only a matter of time before Shelly realized that we were no longer alone. My fingers found her slit and I slid two of them up to her g-spot. I rubbed and massaged her with my fingers on the inside as my tongue did the same on the outside. Kevin slid his hand around and flicked my clit with his rough fingers. My orgasm was starting to build as I heard Shelly cry out. I could feel her juices run down my chin as she exploded in another orgasm. Just as she finished, I also came all over Kevin's hard cock and fingers. He slammed hard into me and I could feel his eruption just as Shelly opened her eyes.

"I don't know if I can handle another . . . oh, Kevin!" I heard her exclaim. "Nice to see you . . . all of you that is."

"Same goes for you." Kevin replied, composing himself after his orgasm. "How was dinner?"

"I guess we haven't gotten past the appetizers yet!" Shelly laughed. "Speaking of, I see something else I would like to try." Shelly pulled herself up to a sitting position on the bed and reached for my husband. He climbed up on the bed between us as Shelly lowered her mouth to him.

"Mmm, my favorite sauce!" She cooed, as she licked up and down his shaft. Immediately he began to stiffen again. He reached over and caressed her full breast, lightly pulling on the nipple. I kneeled in front of him and kissed him full on the lips as she took him into her mouth. He groaned and pulled me tight, plunging his hands into my hair. She slid down so that she was lying on the bed on her back and he could straddle her face. I moved behind her head so that I could watch. I kissed him again as he began to pump into her willing mouth. I felt her tongue on my clit and looked down to see her pleasuring us both at the same time. Her hand stroked his engorged head and her tongue licked my throbbing pussy, our fantasy finally coming true. As she switched, Kevin began fondling my breasts. He lowered his head to my nipple and sucked the whole thing into his mouth. I could feel his tongue twirling circles around it. He reached behind him and with one hand began pulling on Shelly's hardened nipples. She released him from her mouth.

"I want more." She pleaded. "I want you to do to me what you do to your wife. Make me yell like you do her."

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