tagLoving WivesA Surprise For Both Wife & Husband

A Surprise For Both Wife & Husband


Helen had planned a treat for her husband on Sunday afternoon for when he got back from his weekly round of golf. To prepare herself she had a luxurious bath and a few glasses of wine to relax her. Once she had dried her gorgeous body all over she got out the new underwear that she had bought especially a week ago especially for tonight. She put on the black lacey bra that gave her magical 34C breasts a seductive cleavage, next she put on some new black stockings with lace tops and fastened them to her suspender belt which was around her slim waist and made her gorgeous perfect curved figure 34C-24-34 look even sexier. Helen always wore her knickers on top of her stockings and suspenders so that her husband James could remove them and make love to her while she kept her stockings on.

One of Helen’s favourite fantasies was to be seduced while blindfolded and handcuffed so she took a black scarf and a pair of handcuffs into the hallway so that she would be the first thing her husband would see when he came through the front door. She clasped one of the handcuffs on to her left wrist, blindfolded herself and then leant back on to the wall by the stairs and put her hands above her head and put her hands through the banisters and clasped the cuff on to her right wrist so that she was stood up, blindfolded, defenceless and had her hands above her head for when her husband came home. As she thought of the love making that was coming she could feel her breasts swell and her nipples start to rub on the lace of her bra which aroused her even more and she felt a warmth between her legs that she couldn’t wait to be explored and satisfied.

James was due back in 15 minutes but Helen had no idea how long it was before she heard the familiar sound of his car pulling up on the drive followed by the key in the front door opposite were she was stood helpless and blindfolded looking stunning in the new underwear that she wanted to be christened. Then PANIC! She could hear James talking to someone, she prayed that he was just talking to a neighbour but she didn’t recognise the voice. As the door opened she hoped James would see what was going on and get rid of whoever he was with and sure enough as soon as the door opened it slammed shut again followed by a discussion that she couldn’t hear which seemed to last forever.

The door opened again and she heard just her husbands voice and he told her how beautiful she looked and what a brilliant surprise and treat she had prepared he then kissed her passionately while she felt 2 hands exploring her now heaving breasts and rubbing up and down her stocking clad legs. Erotic feelings were now running through her body and she relaxed and prepared to enjoy being kissed and stroked to sexual satisfaction. She felt the clasp of her bra being undone and felt being moved to above her head followed by the pleasure of 2 hands caressing her breasts, playing with her now erect nipples and squeezing and stroking her towards heaven.

As she was enjoying having her breasts kissed and squeezed she though that she could feel both breasts being kissed at the same time, but just as she was about to ask what the hell was going on she could definitely feel 4 hands rubbing over her body paying particular attention to her legs where her silk like skin meet the lace stop of stockings. She was definitely being seduced by 2 men at the same time one of which was her husband and the other she had no idea who. In her head part of her brain was telling her to shout out and stop things straight away but another part was thinking how erotic it all felt, her husband obviously wanted her to be seduced by 2 men so why not lie back and enjoy it. While these thoughts were racing through her mind she felt her knickers being removed and lowered to the floor. Next she felt a mouth on each breast each one gently licking an sucking on each nipple sending electrical erotic pulses racing through Helens body, a hand then lifted each of Helens legs off the ground and opened her legs allowing 2 more hands to reach between them and start to explore her love mound. Helen was sure that she could feel 2 fingers from different hands inside her and found it incredibly arousing, She decided then to give in to her desires and let these 2 men send her to sexual ecstasy.

Helen loved to receive oral sex and was delighted when her legs were lowered to the floor and she could feel each legs being kissed and stroked. These men had seduced her so well so far and she was sure that she was going to be kissed to orgasm. When the mouths got to that delightful bit of her luscious legs where the lace of her stockings gave way to her smooth skin they spent plenty of time kissing and licking her lovely legs. Sure enough one of the mouths then gently kissed the entrance to her love hole her she almost had her first orgasm of the night when a tongue delicately began to explore her innermost sanctum. While her body moved forwards and backwards in unison with the mouth bringing her towards sexual satisfaction she felt the other mouth kissing both breasts and couldn’t decide which felt nicer the sensation of having both breasts squeezed, kissed and sucked or the intense erotic pleasure of having her love bits being kissed and licked all other. She knew that tonight was definitely a once in a life experience and she was determined to enjoy herself to the full.

As the mouth on her breasts moved further up her body she wondered if it was her husbands or her lovers and when it met with her lips and probed her mouth she thought it was her husbands but wasn’t sure. As soon as she heard the words I love you to bits in her ears she knew that it was her husbands and that someone she had never seen never mind meet was currently giving her the most erotic experience of her life. Her husband told her how beautiful she was and asked her if she was enjoying herself. She replied that it was unbelievable and hoped that he was enjoying himself just as much as she was. He asked her if she would like to be uncuffed and some supplies fetched from upstairs, she said yes to both.

While James went upstairs to get the supplies the other man stood up and positioned himself behind Helen, he cupped a breast in each hand and put his manhood between her legs. It was the only male member apart from her husbands that she had ever felt and as he gently rubbed it against her she could feel her ears being gently kissed and her lover that she had never seen told her that she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever made love to and couldn’t believe that her husband was willing to share her. She replied that he was the second best lover in the world and that she would love to feel him inside her. He then slide into her sexiest region and sent her body into erotic raptures and as he moved inside her she groaned and enjoyed the satisfaction of feeling a different sensation to the one that she was used to over the previous 10 years. After a couple of minutes of having her breast fondled fantastically and enjoying the sensation of a new member inside her she groaned gripped her hands and let the impact of an orgasm engulf her body.

Just as her and her lover where recovering her husband came back downstairs with the keys and uncuffed her. For the first time she heard her lovers voice say that she must keep her blindfold on. She replied that she would on the condition that she would providing that she could satisfy the 2 men who had given her so much pleasure so far.

Once untied she felt herself lowered on top of an erect magic wand which with her being so turned on went straight inside her. As she moved up and down on top of the erection she smelt the smell of chocolate near her mouth. Helen loves giving oral sex but only if a flavoured condom is worn and while her lover was satisfying her James had gone and got some suitable condoms in. She grabbed the stiffness near her mouth and kissed it all over before engulfing it into her mouth and sucking it in rhythm to the thrusts that she was receiving below.

Helen was enjoying it so much that she had no idea how many hands were caressing her beautiful breasts but everything seemed to click into pace and as she neared her second organism of the night she felt the erection in her mouth come near to eruption. Just as she leant back and prepared for her body to come in unison with the thrusts inside her she felt the load inside her mouth swell and heat up and as she sucked all the love out of her the lover inside her mouth she felt the lover inside her explode and just as she brought 2 men to organism she came for the 2nd time herself that night.

As all three participants were feeling exhausted after the exploits of the night Helen felt her husband ask if she would give him a treat and reward the kind gentleman who had given her so much pleasure so far that night. She said it was the least she could do and knelt up and all fours.

The first thing she felt was an erection coated in a banana condom being put next to her mouth. She kissed it and started to take it into her mouth just as she got her lips around it and stared to caress it with her tongue she felt her legs parted and a well lubricated part of her husband insert itself into her rear. She was torn between the pain of letting her husband have something new and the pleasure of rewarding someone she had never seen give her one of the most erotic nights of her life.

Helen loved the pain of each of her husbands thrusts being counteracted by the pleasure of knowing that she was also indulging the manhood of someone she had never meet or seen but who had given her the most exciting sexual experience of her life.

After a while the thrusts of her husband matched the sucks of her acceptance of the someone she had never seen and hoped she would never see and as they both built to a peak she loved the hug of her husband as he put his arms around her waist and the warmth she felt in her mouth as her lover showed his appreciation of the sexiest woman he had ever met.

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