tagRomanceA Swapping Mistake Ch. 04

A Swapping Mistake Ch. 04

byDG Hear©

I couldn't believe the last thing I heard.

She said, "Shawn, I'm pregnant and you are the father."

I literally dropped the telephone. I picked it up. "It's not possible. I can't father children; you know that."

"Shawn, did you ever have your sperm tested to see if you could have kids?"

"No, mom told me..."

"I talked to your mom too, and she said that there was a good chance that you couldn't have kids. She also said that she never had you checked out and she didn't think you were ever tested."

"Julie, are you sure it's..."

"Don't even go there, Shawn. I haven't been with any man but you since our divorce, and the only time with you was three months ago when you made love to me. The doctor said I am three months along."

I didn't know what to think. Was this déjà-vu all over again? Could I father kids or not?

"Shawn," said Julie, "I have all the answers for you but I'm not giving them to you yet. You need to go to your clinic and let them show you in black and white that you can father kids. After you find out the truth, please call me again and we'll finish this conversation. Shawn, I love you and you really are going to be a daddy again."

She hung up and I was in total bewilderment. I didn't know what to think. She sounded so... so sure of herself. I knew I had to go to our clinic the next day and get tested.

I asked my supervisor for a couple of hours off to go to the clinic. "Is everything all right, Shawn? Are you feeling ok?" he asked.

"Yes, sir, it's just something I need checked out. No problem, I'm fine. I'll be back in a couple of hours."

No problem could be big problem; I definitely needed to get tested. What if I could have kids? What if I couldn't? Damn, I thought as I headed to the clinic. My mind was pretty much a muddled mess. I finally got over my arrogance and jealousy, accepted Gina as my own and now this.

When I got to the clinic, the receptionist asked me what I needed. I told her I needed a sperm test. "Ok, Mr. Ward, the doctor will see you."

I knew the doc since I've been in Kuwait for almost seventeen months. "What's this all about, Shawn? Do you think you might have an STD or something?" asked the doc.

"No, this is a little embarrassing for me but I need to have my sperm tested to see if it's possible for me to father a child."

"Don't tell me you had unprotected sex, Shawn. We tell you guys over and over to be careful over here," said the doc.

"It's not like that, Doctor. When I was little my mom was told I might not be able to father children. She didn't tell me till last year. I won't go into the whys and wherefore, but when I went home on leave I made love with the woman I intend to marry. She told me she was pregnant."

"Oh, I see. You need to know if you may be able to have children so you know if you fathered this child," said the doctor.

"That's it in a nutshell, Doc. Can you help me out here and get the results as soon as possible? I'm kind of going nuts here."

"Sure, Shawn," he said as he handed me a small tube. "Shawn, this is kind of a do-it-yourself program. You need to give me a sample of your sperm. You're welcome to go in the back office and take matters in your own hand."

I know he wasn't making light of the situation but trying to put me at ease. He reached in a drawer and pulled out an x-rated magazine. He told me it might help. I went in the room and glanced through the magazine. I then started picturing Julie in my mind making love to me. It didn't take long for me to get the doctor his sample.

"Shawn, I'll put a rush on it and probably get you the results tomorrow. Stop in after work," said the doc.

I went to work and tried to think about anything but my situation. Julie sounded so sure but, what did she know? Why didn't she tell me right then? Damn, the rest of the day was long getting through. That night wasn't a whole lot better. I tossed and turned, my mind wandering about all the 'what if's. I could hardly wait for the results.

I went in first thing after work and the doc called me into his office. "Shawn, whoever told you that you couldn't father a child was wrong. There is nothing wrong with your sperm output. I would say that if you were the only man your girlfriend was with, then you are the father," said the doc.

"Doc, I don't understand. When we were first together, we had sex hundreds of times and she never got pregnant. Why now? Could something have changed?"

"It's just life, Shawn. You may have sex one time and your partner becomes pregnant. There are people who have sex for years, then out of the blue they have a child together. I hope you want this child, Shawn. As you know, we see so many unwanted kids here. I wish you the best," said the doc as I left his office.

Now I needed to make a long distance phone call, regardless of the cost. I needed to know what Julie had to say. As I was thinking, I had to wonder if maybe Gina was mine after all. She didn't look like me at all but I had to wonder.

Julie answered the phone. "Well, Shawn; what did the doctor tell you?"

"He said I can father kids. I have to tell you that all kinds of thoughts went through my mind. Julie, is there any chance that Gina might be my daughter?" I asked,

"No, Honey; I'm sorry. You are her father, you're just not her sperm donor," replied Julie. "Please let me explain how I know for sure."

"I'm listening," I said. I did notice that she never referred to Mario as anything but a sperm donor.

"Back when you walked out on us, I was really mad. Then we got a letter from your lawyer that said, no alimony, no child support. If you don't sign this agreement, we'll take you to court.

"I was so surprised seeing such a negative letter that I decided to make sure who the sperm donor was or should I say wasn't? I had Gina's DNA and they said I needed yours to see if it matched. You left a hairbrush here and they got your DNA off of it. When the results came back, it said you weren't the biological father. Of course, we were already pretty sure, but I was praying we were wrong.

"After getting the results I signed your divorce documents. I call them yours because I never wanted one."

"That was the biggest mistake of my life leaving you. I'm still very sorry for my stupid actions. You deserved better. Ok, what about this pregnancy?"

"I was honest with you when I told you I haven't had sexual relations with anyone but you. I did go on a few dates but there was no sex. If you have to know, I did kiss them but that was it. The reason I didn't go any further is because they weren't you, Shawn. I didn't need sex; hell, any girl could get that. I still loved you and was trying to get over you.

"After you came home and I saw my old Shawn was back, and even better you were a very caring and loving person, I was still worried about you accepting Gina. When you signed her birth certificate I knew you really cared for her."

"I more than care. I love the little girl; she is my daughter and I have the birth certificate to prove it," I kind of laughed.

"After you left to go back to Iraq I was saddened. I wanted you to be with us. Gina and I have a calendar and we mark a day of each day till you return. I missed my period; you know my time of the month that you hate? I took a home pregnancy test and it said positive. I didn't know what to think. I was a wreck and made a doctor's appointment and she confirmed the pregnancy.

"There was no doubt whatsoever who the father was. It had to be you but why did you and your mom both tell me you couldn't father kids? I went to see your mother and that's when she told me she didn't know for sure about you fathering children. I told her I was pregnant again and there was no doubt in my mind whatsoever. Your mom put her hands over her face and cried; I cried with her.

"The reason I didn't tell you last month was I knew you would have doubts. I didn't know if you would believe me and I didn't want to go through all those arguments again. I had a fetus DNA done. They stick a needle into the fetus and check it's DNA. It's called amniocentesis and it's been done for at least 20 years when the doctor think there might be something wrong with a fetus. We matched it with yours that I had tested for Gina, and it was 99.999% that you are the baby's father. It should have been 100% because I'm that sure."

I had tears in my eyes listening to Julie. I was going to be a father. Julie didn't know the sex of the baby yet but said she would know when I got home the following month.

Julie said, "Shawn, there is something I need to ask you."

"What is it, Sweetheart?" I asked.

"Will you marry me?" she asked.

"Aren't I suppose to ask you?" I said.

"You asked me last time. I thought I'd ask you this time," she replied.

"I'll marry you as soon as I get home. I love you, Julie, and I love my daughter and my new baby, whatever sex it is. I love God, and I love the world."

"Easy, Honey; we love you too and we'll be waiting for you. Oh, you can sleep at the apartment till we get married. Just thought you might like to know," said Julie.


The month couldn't get over fast enough for me. I still stopped at Ar'med's once a week. On my last night there, I had dinner with them and gave each of his kids a big box of chocolates I had ordered in. I gave his wife Fatima a couple of hair berets, which she wore to hold her long hair up. She smiled and thanked me.

I gave Ar'med five hundred dollars. It was a lot of money for him but he was so good to me and I knew he could help defray some of his expenses.

"Why you do this? You work hard for money. You very nice man," said Ar'med.

"Ar'med, you have taught me so much in the short time I've known you. I have found out what unconditional love is by the way you took in Aadam and the other orphaned kids into your family.

"You give hope and instruction to everyone you meet. You are what I considered a great man and I'm a better man just for knowing you."

He said with a smile, "Peace be with you, Shawn Ward. You take care of yourself and your new family." I had told him about me getting married as soon as I got home.

I gave him and Aadam a big hug and went on my way.

I was happy to finally be leaving Kuwait and Iraq. I do have to say that in eighteen months I learned a lifetime of knowledge. The people, the culture and true acts of kindness, not only from them but from our own military as well. They are a dedicated group of young men and women who are so underpaid and unappreciated.


Julie was at the door waiting for me this time. She kissed me and told me how much she loved me. Little Gina wanted me to pick her up so she could give me one of those big kisses and a hug. I noticed Julie was getting a little belly and I reached down and rubbed it.

"It's your son," she said.

I know I had the biggest smile on my face. I hugged my little girl and told her she was going to have a little brother. We all sat down and she rubbed her mother's little belly and smiled.

We did a lot of talking and discussed different issues. She said the whole family knew about the baby and that we were getting married on Saturday. We had to go the next day to get our marriage license. We decided to just go to a local judge for our nuptials. After talking it over, this was just to make it legal again. We would use our original marriage date as our anniversary day.

I had to laugh when we went to the clerk of court's office and got the same clerk that we had when I raised a stink about Gina's birth certificate. I knew she recognized us since it was only four months ago and I had raised a stink.

"Can I help you, sir?" she looked at me wondering what I wanted this time.

"Yes, we want to apply for a marriage license," I said.

I know she had to wonder what was going on. She looked over at Julie who was smiling, almost laughing, and saw her pregnant belly.

"Yes, sir," she said. "I need to see both of your birth certificates and drivers licenses, if you don't mind."

She started filling out the information and looked at us when she noticed we had the same last name. We knew she had to wonder what was going on.

I looked at her name tag. "Brenda, I made a big mistake and divorced her. It was the biggest mistake of my life. We need to get remarried before our son is born."

She gave me kind of an odd look and we signed our names and left. We saw Brenda telling her supervisor about us as we left. It made us laugh.

I would like to say we waited till we got married before making love. We didn't! We made love every day. We just had to be quiet with Gina in the next room. I would put Gina to bed each night and read her books till she fell asleep. By the time I made it to the bedroom, Julie would be waiting for me. I honestly have to say that she glowed like you read in the magazines. She also never refused me sex while she was pregnant. I guess being pregnant did a job on her hormones. I loved it.

On our wedding night, Julie's mother took Gina as Julie and I headed for the motel. The sex was absolutely great. Julie would give me head which was something she never liked to do much. She would hold her hand around my cock so just the head would show and she would put it in her warm mouth. Damn, did that feel good!

She said she didn't mind the pre-cum but didn't want me going off in her mouth. She had a better place for those deposits. She also wanted to be on top when giving oral sex. I loved it when we did a sixty-nine. I could eat her out forever if she let me. I started putting my finger in her butt hole while tonguing her. God, could she ever move her ass.

"You want it, don't you?" she asked.

"Want what?" I asked.

"You want to fuck me in the ass," she smiled. "We've never done it but I'm willing to try. If I say stop, you have to stop, ok?"

Of course, I agreed. I got behind her in a doggie position. We used some KY jelly and I rubbed it into her ass hole. I also put a goodly amount on my cock head. I put my cock against her butt hole and pushed it in slowly.

"Hold it," said Julie. "You don't have to stop but I need to get used to it. Ok, push it in some more."

I had my whole cock head in her ass. I pushed in a little more and then gently began to fuck her.

"Oh, shit! Shawn, it feels so weird. Just take your time, Honey."

We did this for about ten minutes. Because of all the previous foreplay I told her I was about to come. "Can I come in your ass?" I asked.

"Yes, give it to me. Shoot it in me; you can even push it in deeper, just go slow."

I had two-thirds of my cock in her ass when I shot my load. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I could feel and hear Julie climaxing. As soon as she calmed down I pulled my cock out of her ass and we heard a light pop. It was her asshole closing.

As she lay next to me I asked," What do you think? Will we ever do it again?"

"It was different and I wouldn't mind it once in awhile but not as an everyday thing. I just wanted you to know how much I love you and will always try to please you. Right now, I have to go to the bathroom. After that load you shot up my ass, I feel like I have to shit," she laughed.

After she came back, we rested. We did make love later that night but right now we needed to rest.


I had a month off before I had to start back to work with my old company. It was the same one that I worked overseas for. My boss said he was glad to have me back. He even gave me a raise although it wasn't anything near what I made overseas.

I told Julie that I wanted to go house hunting. I wanted our family to have a house of our own. I explained to her about my savings and that we could use a little for a down payment and buy some new furniture.

We had everyone looking for us. Julie's mom said that there was a nice house two doors down from theirs and it said immediate occupancy. We took a look at it, and it would be perfect for us.

Julie's mom could actually watch the kids at our house or her own, while we were working. It would save us a lot of time. We talked it over and bought it. A week later, we could start moving in even though the paperwork wasn't complete. We gave them the down payment. The rest was just a formality and paperwork.

I knew it was hard on Julie working and then helping to pack our things. Our parents and I did as much as possible. We made trip after trip with personal items. Julie and I decided to buy a lot of newer furniture. A lot of what we had was given to me when I first moved into the apartment.

We were all very busy but very happy. Gina hardly ever left my side. God, I loved her. She was having fun packing her toys in boxes; she felt she was actually helping. Of course, I took her out for ice cream or McDonald's on every trip we made to our new house. It was still hard for me to deny my little girl anything. Julie said she had me wrapped around her finger and she was right.

On the day we went to see the caretaker and turn in our keys to our apartment, he asked us if we saw the cops there the day before.

"No, Jim, we were busy moving. What did they want?"

"They were looking for Mario. I guess he was selling drugs or something and got caught. He posted bond and skipped out of town before his court date. I guess it was a second offense and he knew he was going to prison. The cops were checking out his prior residencies. I told them he hasn't been around here since he left."

"I hope he never comes back. I'm not big on drug dealers around my kids," I said.

Jim spoke. "You have to admit he had one smoking hot woman. What I wouldn't have given to get a piece of that." He looked over at Julie. "I'm sorry, just some crazy guy talk. All I meant is she was a nice looking woman," said Jim apologetically.

Julie looked over at me knowing I should respond. She was waiting to see what I would say about Maria.

"She was a nice looking woman, Jim; too bad she got stuck with such a loser. I also feel sorry for her kids. I honestly don't think she could hold a candle to my Julie though," I smiled.

"All the pretty women have left my apartments," he smiled. "The cops did say that they thought that Mario took his girlfriend and the kids back to Mexico."

"I just hope he stays there. Well, Jim, you've been a great caretaker. Hope you get a couple of good looking women in our apartment," I laughed as we left for our new house.


After we got moved into the our house, we decided to have a barbeque. Mom, Dad, Julie's parents and my sister Joyce all came to join us. Everyone brought a covered dish and we had way more than enough food.

The conversation got around to naming the new baby. It started out rather normal with everyone suggesting names. I told them I didn't want to call him Shawn Jr. or the 2nd. I wanted him to be his own person. They kept coming up with names, none of which seemed right.

Julie told her dad that she loved him but wasn't going to name her son Harold. She did kind of name Gina after her mother, Virginia. Someone had suggested Ed after my father. Julie mentioned it would be alright for a middle name but she wasn't particularly fond of it as the baby's first name. Then they came up with a bunch of crazy names like Hulk, Tarzan and then started on the biblical names like Hosea, or Job.

Everyone was coming up with really crazy stuff and everyone was laughing. Gina came up to me with a book and I told everyone I was going to sit on the chaise lounge and read Gina a story.

I started reading when Gina pointed to the picture and said, "Mikey".

"No, Honey, it's Mickey," I replied.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at me. "What?" I said. "I'm right. It's Mickey Mouse. Why are you all looking at me like that?"

"The baby's name," said Julie.

"I'm not calling my son Mickey Mouse," I laughed.

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