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A Swift Oral Dose


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, record labels, musicians, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Taylor Swift

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, deep throat.

* * *

It had started out as per the norm for Taylor Swift. Another boring showbiz party with yes men, suits, and wannabes from around L.A. Being one the of the most successful, famous, and not to mention beautiful women in not just music, but the world? She was used to this. The odd leering look, some boring small talk, and chicks with no hope gushing about what an inspiration she was to them. Truth be told, she was at this point wishing she was doing anything else that night.

Then came a look. A different look from a random man across the room. Sure, a certainly more attractive and more well presented male than the majority of the party, but she had assumed just a random party goer like the rest. Yet at the same time, there was something about that gaze he cast over her. Almost as if it was... A challenge. Daring her. As if to say 'is this the best you can do here'?

After making excuses and faking a trip to the rest room, it was instead across the room to get close to this unknown man. A finely tailored suit, perhaps even custom cut, with lavish shoes and shirt to match. At least he made a good showing for himself with short brown hair and not even a whisker of facial hair on his handsome face.

"Sorry if I stared..." The man spoke once they were both in close ear-shot of one another. "But I'll keep my hands to myself. Although..." He paused, reaching into a top pocket and pulling out a single dollar bill from it. "If you want, you can take the money now and skip the court case. No need to even sue me."

Swift's jaw almost dropped into the form fitting dress she wore. A fashionable light blue that fitted to her stunning body perfectly. Short enough to give a glimpse of her long legs but her high heel wearing feet openly seen. The attire nicely showing off her rounded backside, and shapely chest up top. All completely by her long blonde hair and the thick, bright red lipstick across her pouty lips to go with the professionally applied and styled make-up across her stunning facial features.

"Excuse me??" Swift questioned with an offended tone, knowing exactly what he was referencing. "How dare..." "Now now Taylor... Just an ice breaker!" He claimed with a confident smirk as he put the note away. "To grab your attention. I mean, one dollar for you? Not fair at all. Now, a thousand?" He stated, glancing to his trouser pocket. From one, he produced a neatly bound roll of notes. Holding it so she could get a look at them to see 100 dollar bills, and ten of them in the wrap. "What? What are you talking about??" Taylor questioned, looking and sounding both offended still from the previous comments, and not a hint of curiosity about this bold hunk.

"Here's a... Donation." He said, catching her by surprise by placing the notes into her hand. "Keep it if you don't feel like following this up. But if you do..." He produced from his other pocket a hotel card key. And not for some bed-and-breakfast or motel either. One that would easily cost half of, if not more of the notes she'd just been given. "Meet me there in an hour at my room and you can return my money. It's not far, but I'll give you time to slip out of this terribly boring party."

With that shockingly casual challenge, he turned and looked like he was about to leave when she stepped forward. "Hey! What the Hell do you think you're doing? More to the point, who... Who the Hell do you think you are??" Swift demanded with a stare of a look cast at him. He smirked back at her. "Call me... 'Paul'..." He said, not even pretending to make that line sound even half convincing. 'And what am I doing? Well... I see you? And I see... Potential." He shrugged. "I just want to see if you can live up to it or not."

With that, he left, soon disappearing into the party crowd as Swift was soon snapped from confused thoughts by the next guest seeing a chance to talk to an A-lister.

* * *

An hour later...

'Paul' opened the door, smirking at the sight he already knew was there from the look through the 'peep-hole'. Taylor Swift with key-card in one hand, and purse in the other and the mother of all 'Poker Face' expressions on her gorgeous face. Standing in the same dress from the party, while he had only taken off his suit jacket from his attire.

"Welcome..." He offered warmly as he held the door open for her to step inside, and closing and locking it behind her once she was in. "So, you're probably wondering what I was meaning by 'potential', right?" Taylor turned and looked at him as she opened her purse up, taking out the wad of cash she'd gotten from him. "You're not even going to ask for this back?" She questioned, her expression not changed by a waver in her tone showing she was thrown by his remark. "A pleasant surprise." He stated as he stepped towards her. "...Fine, I'll bite." Swift said as she set down her purse next to his jacket on the small hotel room table. "Here's your cash. Now talk." She stated with a hint of irritation in her voice.

"Very well." He coolly replied, taking the cash from her and placing it back into his pocket. "I've seen your work. Songs and music videos, red carpet events. So has the rest of the world. When I talk about potential, I don't mean any hit record or a ground breaking song. I mean..." "Oh, let me guess..." Swift rolled her eyes as she folded her arms under her ample chest. "You want to fuck me, right? See if the 'good girl' act is just for TV or if I'm like how I am in the music videos..." She said, raising an eyebrow. "You're just another pervert like the fucking rest of them!" She snapped, her swearing already quite removed from the public image she projects. "Oh Taylor..." 'Paul' shook his head, still smiling and unfazed by her snapping tone. "My intentions are a lot more... In depth that just that. Besides, with all due respect? I'm not like one of your 'little boy' lovers or boyfriends from your past."

"Like I haven't heard that before." She bluntly stated, but with a look that showed she's certainly been told that line a few times before in the past. "Give me one good fucking reason why I shouldn't walk out this door right now and call the cops on your perverted ass!"

Deciding to not let words attempt to sway her, put go along the path of 'a picture telling a thousand words' he reached down and unzipped his pants. Smirking as he fished out what could truly be called a 'pride and joy' of a cock. Even without being fully hard right now he was clearly packing a thick and long piece of man meat that not only would surpass many an average man, but rival many a seasoned porn star too.

"That..." Taylor said with a wide eyed stare and a far soften tone. "That'll work..." She admitted. Her expression and voice already showing that she was looking at indeed the biggest dick she's ever come into contact with. "Still... Well, there's that saying about size... And being able to use it..." She said, ripping her gaze off from his fat dick to look up at him. "...Well?" "I can, and I will." He simple stated, still smirking handsomely as he returned her gaze. "So let's strike a deal shall we?" "Hold on, no way. You struck the 'deal' to get me here, so I'm calling the shots now!" Swift demanded with slightly narrowed eyes. "First off, you are not getting to fuck me!" She stated as a matter-of-fact. "Deal." 'Paul' quickly answered. "...Wait, what?" That caught her off guard before she could even continue her demands.

"In fact, to be honest all I was looking to see was if your mouth was a good for... Other skills, as it clearly is for singing." He stated with a nod. "That so?" She eyed him up and down for a moment. Her gaze lingering on his dick at it was clearly hardening even without him touching himself. "...Blowjob huh? You probably will be like all the rest." She said, seemingly accepting his invitation as she turned and moved across, pulling over a chair so she could position it. Sitting down in front of him and looking up. "...Well?"

"I didn't even need to up the money 'bribe'? Guess you don't mess around..." He was still smirking as he stepped forward. Watching as her hand went up to grasp his prick. Not making any moan or groan just yet as she started to stroke him off. Her soft palm and the fact alone that one of the hottest women in music and the whole world was starting to dish out a handjob easily getting him rock hard. Standing at an even more impressive full size of shaft with a fat crown to match.

"No, I fucking do not." Swift said as she pumped his rod a little more. "Let's get this over with." She added with quite a confident tone of assumption. So sure that she'd finish off this cocky stranger in quick fashion. Her hand running up and down that fat pole that wouldn't look out of place on a porn shoot with those heavy balls to match. Keeping her eyes locked up at his smirking, handsome face she leaned in. A brief pause to brush a strand of hair back behind the ear as she stuck her tongue out to flick across the tip. A low murmur of approval for the touch, so Swift continued. A fuller lick around the crown, then almost a complete swirl around the fat head. Stopping to return to the tip to dance around the slit. All the while her palm working over the shaft as she lapped at the bell-end.

"Mmmmm... More like let's begin..." The man stated with another smirk as he watched on. Easily handling this basic combo of handjob and tongue work which would no doubt finish off many a fanboy of this popstar princess in quick time. Tellingly his moans were low and short -- it would take far more than this to even get him close to getting off. At the same time, as he watched her tongue work around and across the head of his meaty rod, he could tell she was no novice at this. From using the free hand to keep her hair out of the way to the smooth way her hand worked up and down his fuck-stick. She hadn't just used her hands and mouth for guitar playing and singing.

She didn't respond verbally, but the unfazed look and questioning raised eyebrow showed that even with the size of cock she was gripping and licking she wasn't fully convinced by this hung hunk. Almost impatient by his words. Leaning back just an inch, she slowly pushed back forward but with her ruby red lips parted open in a perfect O-shape. Her lips brushing against the crown before applying to the first inch below the head as she took him in. Having only met this man less than an hour before, but now giving his cock a slurp as she lifted back up and all the way off from his member.

"Mmmm... That's more like it Taylor..." 'Paul' said approvingly, his moan a little more louder now he was finally getting a feel of those lovely, full lips of hers. Once more she pushed down, capturing the fat head and then a couple of inches. This time only lifting up until mid-way on the bell-end before she lowered her lips down onto him. Establishing a soft and smooth sucking motion with her lips nicely sealed around his thickness. All the while her hand pumping steadily at the rest of his shaft to continue a steamy double team on his fat and long cock.

"Mmmmmhhhh... Mmmmmphhhh..." The 'Shake It Off' and 'Love Story' singer groaned around the biggest cock she's ever taken into her talented mouth. The look on her face not revealing a slight discomfort from her lips being made to stretch as they stay pressed around his fat pole. Looking calm and composed, but red hot with that big dick stuffed into her mouth as she sat forward in the hotel room chair to dish out this blowjob. Still using the free hand to keep her hair away from her eyes like she was a trained porno starlet. Allowing them both clear views to watch one another as his cock vanished up between her lips again and again.

"Mmmmm... Come on Taylor... You can take it... Mmmm... Deeper than that..." He said with an obvious challenge in his voice. The low moans showing his clear approval but the smirk on his face once again showing he wouldn't be so easily finished off, as she had assumed, by just this. That got the as expected response of narrowed eyes from the beauty with her face bobbing along his shaft. Making this oral and hand double team all the more hotter from the far from pleased response.

Yet, she didn't pull off from him. Accepting the gauntlet, or perhaps just taking the bait, she pushed her damp mouth down further onto his pole. Her hand now gripping the base firmly with the occasional twist applied as she focused on the work of her oral hole. Lips passing down beyond the half-way mark before lifting back upward to an inch or so below the crown. The motion repeated as she let out a groan -- her lips given little time to adjust to taking in even more of this thickness. Eyes still locked up at this confident man that she was sucking off with a look mixed with defiance and annoyance.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmmhhhh..." The world famous musician groaned every time she sank down onto his prick. Keeping her mouth steadily and still smoothly running back and forth over his more than just impressive size. Every time she lifted upward the sight of a light glaze of her saliva was seen on his inches. Along with the faintest hint of a smear of her lipstick from the repeated motion. Her fingers teasing of lifting away from him altogether as she slid her mouth that bit extra downward onto him, but instead staying put. Another twist around the base while her oral hole did the heavy lifting to make him moan. Not clearly as loudly or as often as she would have liked -- or had assumed her far from novice mouth would be able to do by now.

"Mmmm... Yes, that'll do for a... Mmmm... Warm up Taylor..." 'Paul' announced, taking matters into his own hands as he lifted her palm from off of his cock. Allowing him to step back and pull his cock from out of her mouth. "Warm up?" Swift questioned with another raised eyebrow. Using a hand herself to wipe a little spit from the side of her mouth. "Don't get any ideas... You're not getting to fuck me." She bluntly but confidently stated with a look in eyes to match as she stood up from the chair. "That cock is not going in my pussy. Understand?" "Crystal clear Taylor..." He said with an unfazed, and almost amused smirk. "Besides, for tonight? I'm really only interested in one hole of yours..."

Catching her by surprise, both of his hands went onto her shoulders. Pushing the popstar down with impressive ease down to her knees on the hotel room floor so her head was level with his dick once again. The shock clear on her pretty face but quickly composing herself as she stared up, gritting her teeth for a moment. "You have some fucking nerve 'Paul'... Whoever the fuck you are." She said, adding some extra sarcasm when said his 'name' but not objecting, no resisting against his new position in front of him. "Let me guess... You want to try and s-SHHHHLLLKKK!!"

Whatever she was planning to insultingly say to the man she'd just been blowing was quickly muffled by that same big, fat cock. Rushing between her lips as he took advantage of her open mouth. Feeding her his dick not just deep, but even deeper than the level she'd been reaching on him during the blowjob just moments ago. Resulting in the first gagging sound escaping the Reading, Pennsylvania beauty when the head of his tool connected with the back of her mouth. A hand on the back of her blonde haired head to keep her nicely in place as her hands instinctively went up onto her thighs.

Slowly pulling his cock back, he waited until her eyes narrowed and her lips parted away from his member as she looked to have recovered from the initial shock. Just a bit of false hope when instead he thrust himself back into her mouth. Forcing another gag and those eyes to widen as she's made to take the biggest cock she's ever had in her life far deeper than she could handle. A sure sign, but one that was obvious enough already, that she was far more used to dealing with smaller, thinner pricks and in far quicker time than this stud.

"GAHHHHHH!! HHHHHLLLLKKKK!! MMMMMPHHHHH!!" Swift groaned as she tried leaning her head back in an attempt to slow down the thrusting being delivered and give her time to adjust to this completely new to her sexual position. Instead, finding his fingers gripping her blonde locks to keep her in place as he pumped stiffly in and out of her more used for singing oral hole. Already now saliva escaping past her lips that have long given up trying to stay around this invading shaft. Each time he drives into her mouth to make her gag, her spit splashes across his rod to leave a clear covering. Her lipstick smearing that little bit more against him when his dick brushes against the sides of her mouth when passing back and forth.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhhh... That's way more like it! Mmmmm!" The smirking man stated with clear pride in his voice. Why wouldn't he? Having one of the most famous women not just in music, but in the world, on her knees in front of him. Gagging and slobbering all over his cock as he fucks her mouth in a steady and focused way. Enjoying not just the sight and the moment, but most of all the feeling of her damp oral hole all around his dick. Her spit starting now to drip from his rod, something enhanced by the repeated motion he's using on her as her saliva starts drooling over those ruby red lips of hers.

"HHHHLLLLKKKK... GAHHHHHH!! GAHHHHH HRRRRRRKKKK!!" Another raspy gag escaped the woman getting face fucked, eyes widening the flex of her throat and mouth jolts towards the incoming cock. Saliva spilling out over her bottom lip to slowly drip down her chin and further smear her professionally applied lipstick. At the same time, the effects of the discomfort were clear as her eyes began to water up. Not at all used to having her oral hole being treated like a snatch from the steady, repeated way she's been fucked in her mouth. Mascara and eye-liner starting to run ever so slightly as the pumping takes its toll.

Yet, even with her hands up and fingers digging into his trousers, she's not once made a move to stop him or remove her mouth from this mighty and meaty cock. Even as he pumps in deeper, looking like his bell-end was teasing her and her already some would say near-abused mouth by acting like the next destination was her throat. The handsome, smirking male with his shaft beep into her warm and wet mouth taking his calculating, sweet time with the fucking of her. In no rush, and clearly with the stamina to enjoy himself at the expense of the gagging stunner on her knees in front of him. No doubt enjoying the clear discomfort on her gorgeous, starting to be make-up ruined and saliva drooling face.

Similar to how this started, he gave no warning for the finish. Just releasing her hair and stepping back as he cock almost sprung free from her oral hole. Sending saliva flicking up into the air and dripping down onto the carpet of the hotel room. At the same time she gasped loudly with wide but clearly relieved eyes. Drawing in deep lungfulls of overdue air as she stayed down on her knees. Hair covering her vision the least of her concerns as she looked to recover from her first face-fuck. Not therefore noticing the man in front of her quickly undressing as he unlooped his belt then undid his pants. Clearly having done this all before as he slipped the shoes off, then stepped out of his lower garments to leave him in just socks on his lower body.

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