tagLoving WivesA Swing Door Opens Wider

A Swing Door Opens Wider


Tim had enjoyed Linda so much the first time that he knew he would try her again. This story tells how he enjoyed her once more. After that first time when we actually swapped mates, it was obvious that each of us would want the other again, and this is how it happened. Believe it or not, more than six years later, Tim gave my wife a final fuck more than two thousand miles from where this occurred. Linda swore that it was as good as or better than it had been the first time or the time described in this story. Remember, they are all true. So was the enjoyment.

2a Tim Again

Tim had fucked her before, but it was while we were doing it as a foursome, although in different apartments, his and ours. Of course I loved the idea of doing Laura while he fucked Linda. Linda was nervous. Today was the first time she knew I would be watching as another man fucked her. She had fought the idea of letting him come over by himself. Laura hadn't been able to come, but she didn't mind her husband coming over and getting a little without her. When Tim had called and explained that he would like to come over, I had spent hours encouraging her to say yes. She wasn't happy about it at all, although Mike had been fucking her for weeks before she told me, and I had told her that I heartily approved of her having other lovers. The idea of doing it right in front of me was hard for her to accept although Tim had fucked her before. She still found it difficult to believe that I liked the idea of watching another man fucking her without my getting a little too.

I couldn't object to it at all. I was already planning to get some of Laura's pussy after Tim finished with Linda. And, as I had told Linda before, there was nothing I liked better than slipping my dick into her pussy and finding a thick, heavy load of hot cum already in her.

Freshly bathed and perfumed, she met him at the door. She wasn't dressed particularly unusually. She wore a thin white cotton top over one of the soft lace bras I had bought for her for just such occasions after learning that Mike had finally gotten to her. They held her 42DD breasts up, but didn't prevent a man's hands from feeling the warmth and fullness that all of us like so much. She had on a full skirt that we both knew made it easy for a man to get beneath it and feel the even warmer cozy nest of pussy pelt that hid the secret to a man's happiness. She even wore panties, despite my objections, but there were some things that at this early stage of our experiences that she just wouldn't give up. She had on thigh-high hosiery that gave her legs that sleek, shiny look I loved and then put on the high heeled pumps I liked to see her wear. They always made her legs look beautiful beneath that full skirt.

Tim didn't give her time to say a word before he pulled her into his arms and kissed her with one of those hot, passionate French kisses that got my wife hot the first time he kissed her at the party. From where I was sitting I could see their mouths joined like the open hoses of two vacuum cleaners, their jaws working against each other as their tongues met and dueled for supremacy. I would have guessed that it was a tie. Even as tightly as he was holding her, I could see the material of her blouse being pulled toward her left breast as Tim squeezed and fondled her, knowing how much she liked a man to play with her tits. At first her arms were at her sides, locked by his, but as the kisses and foreplay continued her arms went around his hips pulling him toward her even more tightly. Her hands moved further down, over Tim's ass, urging him closer. It was the first time I had really seen her reacting so overtly to the passions a man stirred in her, and I loved it. Her own pelvis was tilted and pushing against his throbbing cock, still hidden by his trousers, but I knew she was feeling that hardness against her belly.

"Hi, sweetie," he managed to say as he finally released her breast and let his hands slide down to cup the softness of her ass. He pressed his crotch against her, looking into her eyes, his already sparkling with anticipation that I realized was already met by my wife's. Despite all the protestations of "doing it" with Tim before, the lust that had been building steadily since the first time Mike had fucked her was coming to the fore. I began to realize that I had let a genie out of her bottle - and I didn't want to contain her again.

"Hi, Earl. Sorry Laura couldn't come. She had an appointment she had to meet. She should be back in a couple of hours though. I guess that we'll just have to share Linda, won't we?" he asked, remembering how Linda had told him about my having screwed her the rest of the morning after I had worn Laura's beautiful snatch into submission. Linda had come home with an enormous load of Tim's cum in her and it had been enough to excite me even more than the first time Mike had screwed that hot pussy of hers. He ignored the hard look Linda gave him

Without another word, he put his arm around my wife's waist and led her over to the couch opposite me. They sat down side by side. Tim's arm was draped over my wife's shoulders, one hand resting on her breast. Despite her previous protestation, the swollen nipples were visible through Linda's thin bra. They thrust hard against her blouse, telling me easier than words that she had been excited by his greeting. She didn't object when his hand gave her breast a none too gentle squeeze.

We exchanged a few mundane comments, but this wasn't the time for talking. We all knew it. Before long the soft words were between him and my wife.

"Miss me?" he asked, taking her hand in his and resting it lightly on his thigh. Linda only nodded, unsure of her voice. She wasn't very happy doing this with me in the same room with her, but she had promised and I intended to hold her to it. Tim had that effect on her. She had known from the first time they had met that he wanted to fuck her and reluctantly she had admitted that she wanted him. That first time, with the four of us in their living room had almost reached that point, but she had managed to pull away just before it got to the point where we were now. After swapping mates for the night, she had admitted enjoying Tim's hard dick pumping cum into her cunt while I did the same for Tim's wife, and it left both of them ready for more, lots more.

I knew it almost had to happen again after that first night, but even I was surprised at how soon - just two days - it had been before he had Laura convincing my wife that he must have her again and promising to "even the score” when she was available. I really don't think it took much persuasion. Linda had told me of how long he had spent on her belly (and I suspected how long she had ridden him), ecstatic in his enjoyment of my wife's bountiful boobs.

Already he was weaving his spell over her. His hand was squeezing her breast harder. He turned his upper body toward her and began kissing her just as he had at the door. Her head sagged back against the back of the couch, eyes closed, as his tongue circled and struggled with hers. I watched my wife's hand tightening on Tim's thigh, only inches from the end of his already engorged cock. A spot of wetness signaled his readiness on his khaki pants. There was the unmistakable smell of lust in the air. Tim lifted his other hand and slipped one button from the eyelet across the taut line of her blouse where her breasts stretched it to the maximum. Her blouse sprang open like it welcomed the release, showing the center opening closure of her snow white bra. The lace cupping her breasts couldn't hide the warm pink flesh beneath, or the darker circle of her aureoles, tipped with hardened nipples that stood even higher and prouder. His hand reached higher and opened the next button above it from its captivity. From top to bottom, the cleavage separating my wife's breasts was open to his admiration. I watched as his hand slid into the opening in her blouse to cup her breast through the bra's cup. His kisses alone had been enough to forge her nipples into a hardness of passion, but now, through the thin fabric of her blouse and the bra covering it, I could see her right nipple lengthen and press even harder against its restraints.

Linda moaned deep in her throat as she felt Tim's warm hands covering her breast. Her back arched as she pressed that breast against the palm of his hand, urging him to take it as a gift to be worshipped. His hand retreated, back to the four hooks and eyes that held her bra together. He slowly began unfastening them, one at a time until, like the blouse, my wife's bra sprang back allowing her magnificent breasts to fall free onto her chest. Tim didn't waste any time once they were free. He cupped the right one from beneath almost as though weighing it as he fondled the softness. His head bent forward, covering first one nipple, then the other in long, suctioning kisses to tell her how much he liked these luscious melons. Tim, like me was a tit man and, since his wife had only a paltry 34B front, he was entranced by Linda's bountiful beauties. I smiled at my wife's lover, as his head switched from one nipple to the other, sucking and lapping at the feast of flesh.

Linda gave me that long, slow, dreamy eyed smile which told me that she liked what he was doing with her. My wife's breasts are very sensitive and once caressed by a man's hand, they become the center of her erotic being, for a while. One hand curled around the bottom of her breast, lifting it for Tim's attention. The other, which had been in Tim's lap until he began using both of his to fondle those lovelies, now was clutching his thigh as his ministrations excited her. I saw it slip higher along the inside of his thigh, over the wetness at the tip of his still encased cock, and then clamp down tightly, outlining the thick, long tube of male muscle that he had fed her before. She knew what was there and how to get it. Tim moaned with pleasure. His mouth was full of her succulent breast flesh, one hand squeezing the opposite one, gently but firmly, while his other hand went to his zipper. The sound of its slowly opening was music to my ears and I'm sure to Linda's too. Tim had helped her by unzipping the long fly of his trousers, but she wanted to help herself. Her hand moved from his thigh to inside the fly and I could see it trying to wrap itself around his organ. She couldn't of course. He was much to large for that, but she struggled against its stiffness until she managed to pull it from his trousers and expose the glistening head to the light of day as she had done the first time he fucked her. She was looking at me as she leaned forward slightly and whispered an invitation in his ear. Tim didn't need to be asked twice. The hand which had opened his fly was already under my wife's skirt, sliding up the inside of her thigh, heading for the loveliest of portals barely hidden by the now transparent tricot covering of her crotch. He stood up, still reluctant to release her breast, but smiling his acceptance of her invitation.

"We're going into the bedroom," Linda announced.

Wild horses couldn't have kept me from following them down the hall to the master bedroom. Tim and Linda were standing next to the bed, his hand cupping one breast as he kissed her. The other pressing hard against her crotch, still hidden by her skirt. I watched him press her backward to the bed and almost fall on top of her. His hand was busy tugging her skirt upward and pulling her panties down at the same time. He didn't even wait to take them from her. Instead he pulled them down far enough to slip his hand between those warm thighs and cover the chestnut mane of her muff. It was my wife's turn to moan her pleasure as she felt Tim's long fingers slide over her cunt, the middle finger slipping into the coral colored slit and then into her to the second knuckle.

She was yanking at his trousers, pushing them down over his hips. They were sliding down his legs, exposing the fact that he wore no underclothing as he stood up momentarily and pulled my wife's skirt and panties from her body. His cock stood like an alert sentry, almost vertical, bobbing with the intensity of the smell of lust, already permeating the room. He fell back on her just as she pulled the facings of her blouse apart, giving him full access to her luscious breasts. Linda held one in both hands as Tim sucked and fondled it with one hand, the other returning to her crotch.

Her legs spread wide as she felt him enter her again, not only with one finger but with three this time, sliding them as far into her as he could, using his thumb to press and agitate her clit as she gasped with pleasure. She turned loose of her breast only long enough to reach for his cock and, finding it, steer it to her hot, juicy hole. Her sigh of pleasure as Tim pressed forward with his hips was a delight to hear, but the sight of the first inch sliding into the warmth of my wife's cunt was enough to send my own cock into spasms.

I walked over to the bed, watching, as Tim slowly entered her, pushing past the tight ring of muscle guarding her vagina and then deeper, inch by inch. I knelt on the bed and then prostrated myself, aiming for the other breast not in Tim's mouth. Linda knew what I wanted and didn't lose a stroke bucking against her lover's crotch as he probed her depths. Her nipple welcomed me as it had him, standing high and proud, waiting to be sucked into my own hot mouth. I closed both hands around the firm tit and began slowly milking it, pushing the engorged flesh into my mouth until I could not longer contain more, then sucking it slowly while my tongue danced over the throbbing nipple. Tim fucked my wife slowly, exactly as he had found she liked to be screwed, slowly withdrawing his cock then easing it back down into the farthest depths of her pussy until her cervix was penetrated by the swollen knob oozing its passions into her. Her knees raised, begging wordlessly for him to fuck her deeper, and Tim again obliged, this time crushing his dick into her cunt until his balls pressed hard against her pussy, their pubic hair united.

"Oh, damn, Linda," he whispered softly, "I love fucking you."

I knew both he and Linda were near their first orgasm. "I still can't believe how hot this sweet pussy of yours is. I dreamed of fucking you all night." He raised himself to full length over her body, concentrating on not blowing his cum into her immediately.

Looking at me, he chuckled, "Earl, you ought to have been there this morning. I had to fuck Laura for an hour just to take the edge off. She loves the way you screw her, and especially the way you eat her pussy. I promised her that I'd invite you two over tonight so she can get a little for herself and watch me fuck Linda." He looked down at my wife, then down to where they were joined, slowly sinking back into her cunt again, stretching the flesh around their connection, pushing some of the flesh of her lips into the hole with his cock as he sank full depth in her once more, the imminent orgasm passing for a moment.

"She really likes the idea of seeing me sink it into Linda while you fuck her," he managed to say before bottoming out. Linda clawed at his back as she felt his organ swell and he pushed even deeper into her. She was beyond caring that I was watching her and sharing Tim’s delight. Her legs clamped over his back until her ankles and still shod feet locked together. She was panting with the exertion and lust that was consuming her, the heat of her body wafting her perfume over us like a cloud of wonderment, mixed with the even more enticing scent of a sexually aroused woman.

"Yes, yes," she hissed as Tim's strokes lengthened and speeded up. "We'll come over any time if you fuck me like this. It's wonderful!" she gasped, her breath coming raggedly, her eyes closed, her head thrown back. "I can't get enough of you."

I watched a spreading color expand over her chest, and then her breasts, as my wife had her first orgasm of the day with her lover, begging for more. Her legs were jerking on his back, her arms clutching him tightly to her, her eyes were closed and there was a grimace of pleasure on her face as Tim pumped her harder, pushing her own orgasmic juices deeper into her. Still, even he could not prevent the ring of frothy juices from forming at the point he entered her.

"Wow, you're tight!" he managed to exclaim. "I can feel every muscle in your cunt squeezing my cock. I've got to stop for a moment or I'll cum right now and I don't want to do that yet.” Linda's eyes opened slowly. With a final thrust up against his crotch, she held her hips tightly against him, the orgasm slowly fading.

"Why not," she managed to gasp out. "You did it the other night, and it didn't even slow you down."

"I know," he told her, "but I didn't know whether you would accept our invitation for tonight or not and I've got to save a little of this for Laura. She'll want some as soon as I get home and tell her about it."

"Send Earl," my wife said. "He'll take care of her for you, and you can take good care of me." Tom knew a bargain when he heard it. He looked down at his watch, and then turned to me. "She should be home by now....would you really like to go over?” It didn't take a second invitation for me either. Fucking Laura had been an experience I definitely wanted to repeat. Still, leaving this beautiful scene was too much for me to give up easily. My problem was I wanted my cake and I wanted to eat it too.

"How about setting up the video cam and letting it run while you two are enjoying yourself. Then I can run over and see if she's home." I was already scooting off the bed, with a glance over my shoulder to my wife's breast, still wet with my saliva, the nipple standing high and proud from my efforts. Tom reached up and covered it with his hand, letting the nipple push up between his fingers. He smiled again.

"Sounds good to me. Would you mind, honey?"

"Unh unh," Linda said, matching his smile, "as long as you keep this all inside me."

It wasn't a long trip, just two buildings over from our own. I looked for their car and saw it in their carport. Laura was home. She answered the doorbell almost at the first ring, pulling me inside and curling up in my arms, looking up at me. She was still dressed for the appointment that had kept her from joining us this morning.

"I was going to change and see if I could get over there before Tim finished with Linda," she said softly.

"Let me help you," I said, returning the smile, reaching between our bodies to begin unfastening the buttons of her blouse. Laura didn't have much in the way of tits, but they certainly felt good in my mouth or in my hands, and she knew it, pushing hard against my hand when I slipped it between the soft folds of her blouse. Laura's tits were as sensitive as my wife's and, like her, once touched by a man, she could be had easily as Tim had told me the previous night.

"Then come in here and help me," she said, taking my hand and leading me toward their bedroom.

"Did Tim tell you that we were going to invite you two over here tonight?" she asked, as we undressed each other.

"Unh hunh," I nodded, watching my cock spring free as she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my trousers, and pulled them down over my hips. I already had her blouse off. She wasn't wearing a bra. She had only a slip between me and heaven. Her eyes went to my swollen dick. She sat down on the edge of the bed, lifting the slip over her hips. As I peeled off my shirt and tossed it into the corner, I lifted it over her head, leaving her in panties, hose and high heels. She leaned forward, kissing the already oozing head, squeezing it gently between both hands. I groaned as I felt her lips slide over the swollen knob, and the slight friction of her teeth. I pushed her back until she was on her back, kicking off my shoes and getting rid of those constricting trousers.

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