tagNovels and NovellasA Tale of Two Families Ch. 05

A Tale of Two Families Ch. 05

byLauries Husband©

(Please read A Tale of Two Families – Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 if you haven't already. This will make more sense if you do. This story contains elements of incest, cuckolding, group and bi-sexual relations. If this offends, please go elsewhere.)


"You like it rough, don't you baby?" Linda's eyes sparkled at her brand new fiancé and she grinned as he nodded and smiled. "Good, now stand up, cucky-boy…it's time to play."

It was starting to get darker in the late summer evening; the sun had set and the light coming through the small windows of the boys' room in the fraternity house was getting weaker. Marshall had lit several candles and turned on some small lamps to keep the room bright enough to continue recording the erotic performance being played out before him by three of the best-looking and sexiest people he knew.

Linda, only several months past her eighteenth birthday and the sudden and tragic death of her parents, looked incredible in the soft lighting as she knelt on the couch. Her soft pink skin was still flushed and moist from all the heat and humidity of summer in the Midwest – not to mention the magnificent way that she had just been relieved of her virginity . Marshall saw her as a cover girl for 16 Magazine when she laughed and her smile lit up the room. But he also saw her as a Penthouse model when she had the crop in her hand and a glare in her sky-blue eyes. And she possessed, without doubt, the sexiest little pink pussy he'd ever seen.

Standing next to her, at an angle facing Marshall and the camera, was Marshall's oldest and closest friend and Linda's fiancé. Thomas was, at nineteen, almost a perfect blend of 'Calvin Klein' model and poster-boy for the rugby team. Tall, muscular and fit, Thomas moved with athletic grace and the confidence that seemed to inhabit all of the good-looking, wealthy WASP men that they both knew.

Yet Marshall had discovered his friend's submissive nature years before, and as instructed and guided by his own parents, he nurtured and encouraged that side of his friend as they grew older and closer to each other, knowing their future was linked much like their fathers'.

Finally, sitting behind the girl he couldn't wait to fuck, was a very close friend to both families but known to millions around the world, not to mention the man who had taken Linda's virtual virginity only minutes earlier. Greg Munroe was absolutely, without doubt, the coolest guy in the world. Yeah, everybody, men and women alike, knew how attractive he was…the joke was that a "man-crush" on him didn't mean his admirer was gay. But Marshall knew the truth – he had seen both men and women fall under his spell as a young teenager. And then, only a few years later, Marshall had seen those same men and women fall into Greg's arms and then into his bed.

Then his visions drifted and he recalled Greg with his parents – first as a ten year old when his father brought him to the Goldman's home in search of an investor to finance what he knew would be a huge entertainment career. And then only a year ago, Greg wanted to talk to Marshall's father about his plans to go back to school. He'd stayed for several days that time discussing his future with the man who started his career. But when business was done, Greg had expressed his love and gratitude to the whole Goldman family as only he could.

Marshall's cock grew hard and thick as he visualized all the combinations and permutations that Greg had put together during those days and nights – the hours of pleasure given and received between father, mother, son and the lover they had all shared. His fingers started pulling down on his swollen sac as images of hot, taboo sex first meeting started flooding his brain. "God," he thought to himself, "that was so hot…so crazy!"

The dark, stocky sophomore blushed deeply as he remembered his time with Greg before he'd introduced the Hollywood star to Sara, his beautiful Mediterranean fiancée, at her family's farm in the south of France. After flying to Paris and then down to Marseilles, the boys spent two days at the Goldman's summer home in the foothills of the Alps, cementing the bond that would keep Greg as close to the Goldman's in the future as he had been up until then. For two wonderful, sun-drenched days, they played by the pool and spent their nights either by themselves or with the highly paid and extremely discreet caretakers and their twenty year old daughter.


"Ohhhh…unggnnnnh…God!" Thomas' groan punctuated the quick slap of the crop as it landed across his inner thigh. Linda felt his beautiful, hard penis throb in her tiny hand and she couldn't help giggling as she looked back and forth between her fiancé and her lover. Marshall, silently filming this for his absent fiancée, Sara, rubbed the pre-cum leaking from his thick, fat prick all around the head of his circumcised organ, just waiting for his turn to play with the newest member of their 'group family.'

The totally Girl Next Door-cute young coed couldn't believe the ripples of pleasure that one little flick of the crop had sent through her. Part of her felt like hopping up and down like a little girl at the circus, so excited to be seeing wonderful new acts for the first time. But the deeper, darker part of her that was just starting to emerge only felt the moist heat deep in her young cunt. She liked it – this was what the dominant wife in her mother's book felt and Linda knew immediately that she wanted more of that feeling, more of that power. She felt the crooked little smile on her lips as she moved the tip of the crop over Thomas' scrotum as softly as she could, feeling him tense up and hearing his breathing become shallower and faster.


Thomas heard the flat piece of leather whistle through the air before it landed smartly on the inside of his other thigh. He groaned as it hit, surprised that it landed on his leg. Something about that particular sound alerted the first-time Domme to her fiancé's deepest wishes and she quickly dropped his throbbing erection, pulled his ear to her lips and whispered her dark suspicions while gently rubbing his genitals with the flat tip of the black leather weapon.

"You're disappointed, aren't you, Tommy?" He could only moan in reply and Linda figured she'd guessed correctly. "You really wanted that across your balls, didn't you?"

"Yessssssss." His voice was so low and throaty she almost couldn't hear him hiss his answer back.

Linda was having trouble breathing herself – her excitement level was higher than ever as she realized she'd hit the Erotica Jackpot! Her perfect pink nipples were hard as diamonds dragging across her fiancé's slim, muscular body and her freshly-fucked teenage pussy was dripping her lover's semen down her firm, gymnast's thighs as she whispered to him once more.

"Do the boys know you love it, Tommy?" She dropped the crop and moved her strong fingers to his thighs. First she lovingly rubbed her fingertips over the place where the crop landed. Then her fingertips moved closer together and she was pinching the tender flesh with her strong, gymnast's hands. He only garbled a response as his throat closed around the scream buried inside. Linda's cunt was creaming as she pressed her fingertips closer together until several tears ran down her fiancé's cheek and fell onto her perfectly perky eighteen year old breasts. She looked into Thomas' eyes as she squeezed the tender flesh for just a moment longer – but even harder than before. When she saw the love mixed with the agony, the sweet young mid-western coed climaxed as her pussy continued to hump Thomas' thigh unconsciously, her pretty little clit sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

When she could look up at him again, she was smiling her most innocent and beguiling grin. Her bright blue eyes sparkled like a kid at a carnival. She had picked up the crop again and was tapping it against Tommy's cock and balls. "Was that a 'yes', baby? Have Greg and Marshall made you cry?" As soon as the tall, handsome, nineteen year old athlete nodded his head in obvious shame, Linda gave her fiancé what he so obviously craved.


"OOOWWWWWWWWWE!!!" Thomas' body was shaking as the bolt of red-hot pain shot through from his balls directly to his brain and his tears were flowing freely as Linda struck Thomas on the side of his tight sac, clipping one swollen ball and sending a burning rush through her new fiancé. And though the pain had softened his erection somewhat, he was still pumping serious amounts of pre-cum through his piss hole.

"Oh my God, Tommy!" Her delighted squeal made her the too cute, too hot perky teenager again. "Honey, I never would have believed it! I'm sooo wet from making you cry, baby!" She leaned into Thomas' torso, kissing and nipping his flesh as she giggled like a little girl. "Tommy-boy," her voice tinged with a faintly evil quality, "be a good boy for me, baby. I want you to hold your little dickie out of the way this time, okay?" Greg chuckled from behind Linda as Thomas started to hyperventilate. Wide-eyed and light-headed, Thomas did as his fiancée requested, both anxious and terrified at what was coming.

Even with her excitement mounting every second, the adorable blonde coed kept her face young and soft as she looked up and smiled at her loving fiancé. "See, honey," she cooed at him, "now I can touch you with my other hand." And she let the fingers of her left hand trail softly over his shaft and then she tickled him lightly – her fingernails grazing his sac – until she felt the tension and the fear leave his body. And just when she felt him relax, her fingers stretched the wrinkled flesh of his ball sac tight and

SMACK!!! The flat black leather tip of the crop snapped perfectly against his swollen balls.


Thomas felt his body 'lift off' like the giant booster rockets that sent men to the moon. He fully expected his head would explode at any moment from the unbelievable fusion of pain and pleasure that Linda had inflicted with a flick of her supple wrist. He wasn't even aware that he was crying like a baby as Linda's fingers kept working his genitals for her pleasure – her strong, athletic fingers fondling and squeezing his hyper-sensitive balls, pulling and twisting the soft skin of his bruised scrotum; every tear that fell on her hot flesh sizzled and only made the young, inexperienced pain-giver more excited than ever. And in some strange way, she wanted to feel the same level of pain that she'd inflicted.

She knew that Tommy wouldn't be able to give her what she craved – he was truly too submissive to actually hurt her. Her head swiveled and she found Greg's eyes scanning her hot, naked form and his tongue licking his lower lip. She wanted him as desperately as he wanted her, and she knew she would have him again and again, but he wasn't exactly what she needed at that minute. Her fingers were poking and prodding and scratching the tender skin of Thomas' cock and lightly squeezing his throbbing balls, keeping the salty flow running both from his eyes and the tip of his thickening prick. Then she noticed Marshall and remembered the way he'd acted earlier, before Greg arrived and took over the alpha-male role in the room.

Her nipples tightened and her clit started to throb as she turned to face the handsome, young Jewish man. He was a little shorter and stockier than both Thomas and Greg, but well-muscled and definitely attractive in an earthier way than the other boys. Dark hair and deeply tanned skin contrasted with his bright white teeth and the glare of his eyes. Dangerous. In the future, she thought, when he takes his father's place in the boardroom, he will be one of the most powerful players in the world of international commerce. But at that moment, his danger came from his dark good looks and his thick, fat cock. She moaned as she beckoned him over with her eyes, her tiny pink tongue sliding across her lower lip.

She turned around to Greg, still behind her on the couch, and let her hand stroke his hot flesh. "Lover," she said in her low, smoky voice, "can you be the 'camera man' for a little while? And if you want to say anything to Sara, please try to keep it down, okay?" They traded knowing grins as he got up and walked over to the camera Marshall had just deserted.

Linda surprised the boys a little when she burst out in a fit of teenage giggles. The young, blonde suburban coed, sheltered by hard-working, immigrant parents as she grew up, was having the time of her life and she was going to enjoy every minute!

She knew, in an off-handed way, that she was cute enough as she passed through middle school and then high school. She was aware of the boys (and the men) who stared at her as she walked by them in the hallways at school or the mall. But Linda never felt the pleasure or the power her gorgeous features and her perfectly fit, lithe athletic body should have brought her way – that just wasn't the way she saw her life. Except sometimes, when she'd had a chance to read her mother's book, she was able to imagine herself as the object of lust that she thought she wanted to be. But that night, in the bedroom of a fraternity house at a large Mid-Western university, that's exactly what she was. And she knew it. And she didn't want the feeling to stop. Ever.

Her eyes dropped and her pulse rate rose as Marshall approached. Dangerous, she thought again. She looked quickly at Greg as he walked away and then back at Marshall as he came ever closer. She thought Greg moved with all the self-confidence and self-assuredness that anyone could possibly feel. Yet Marshall moved with that and something more. Greg, she knew, had come from the lower middle-class and had worked hard to succeed and rise to the top of his industry – no wonder he was so comfortable with himself. But Marshall was the only son and heir to one of the world's wealthiest men and he'd already been told that within a few years, everything would be his. There was a power there, it was undeniable. He expressed it with a certain cockiness in the way he walked and talked and the almost rude way he'd dominated their conversation earlier, acting as though it was his rightful place.

She'd already shown her reaction to his unspoken yet self-proclaimed air of superiority. Complete and willing submission was her immediate response, which led to her first orgasm of the late afternoon. Certainly, her realization that Marshall was going to play an 'intimate' role in her future made her decision to marry Thomas that much easier to make. As he moved closer, Linda felt all the little electrical ripples flowing through her flesh move to her moistening pussy, creating an itch that needed to be scratched more and more every second. Yet, when he was only a step away, Linda held out her hand to stop him while she sat down on the couch. Leaning against the back cushion, the supple, athletic girl scooted down until just the top of her firm, teenage ass was resting on the seat. Then, to finish her pose, she lifted her legs up, spread them as wide as she could, and rested her feet on the seat cushion under her knees. To the three boys, she looked like a teen porno queen – naked, sweaty and as sexy and hot as anything they had ever seen before.

Slowly she wet a finger in her mouth and brought it down to her dark pink lips, sliding it back and forth in her glistening slit before dipping it into her love channel. She felt a small glob of the semen Greg had left behind and pushed it towards her small opening.

In her deepest, sexiest voice, she asked her fiancé, "Can you see it, baby? There's more for you in there, too."

Thomas was unable to speak. His heart was pounding so loudly he thought he would need to shout to be heard so he said nothing. But he nodded.

Linda gave him a wicked little grin before she looked over at the camera. "Lover," she looked directly at Greg, "can you bring the camera around here – maybe behind me? I want to stay like this and let everyone see what a good little cucky-boy my fiancé is." He was carrying the camera and tripod towards her before she stopped speaking, grinning the whole way. He set up behind her, over her shoulder, capturing all of her exquisite athletic form. Dominating the center of the frame was her bare, smooth mound and the dark pink of her labia and the lighter pink of her tiny, clitoral hood. She was tilted just enough for the camera to record the flow she'd started a minute earlier of Greg's thick, potent baby-batter out of the bottom of her glistening slit.

When he was satisfied with the shot, he hit the record button then leaned across the blonde beauty and kissed her like a long-time lover. "Done," he grinned at her and slid his hand over her curved, muscular tummy and then up to her perky tit. He rolled her nipple between his fingers. He drew back from their kiss and smiled the 1000 watt smile again. "Did I tell you already that you have absolutely perfect breasts?" She melted under his touch before he withdrew and moved out of the way.

"C'mon, Tommy-boy," her smirk made his face turn bright red as he fell to his knees between her obscenely spread legs. "You know what I want, baby…" Linda's voice was driving the nineteen year old prematurely insane – how could she look so sweet and wholesome and sound so dirty? She felt the heat radiating off of him as his face fell to the perfectly smooth, moist and swollen mound of her sex. The mixture of Greg's semen and his fiancée's girl-juice was too tempting to resist and his tongue led his lips to her hot, wet flesh. "Oh, yes, Tommy-boy, right there!"

The cute eighteen year old blonde, her tight gymnast's body naked and exposed and filling the room with pheromones from every excited pore, felt her new fiancé's tongue slide into the mouth of her tiny, pink vagina while his lips formed a seal over her well-fucked cunt. She was almost delirious as his tongue scooped the sex crème and she heard and felt him suck and swallow over and over, knowing he was trying to please her as best he could.

Linda's sky-blue eyes rolled back and closed as she floated into the electric light show on the back of her eyelids. The events of the late afternoon and evening played like a movie in her mind, exciting her even more than the outrageously sexy feelings from her body as Thomas worshipped her cunt, his tongue sliding along her moist lips, seeking his tasty treasure from every fold and crevice of her perfect pussy, and then paying homage to her tiny pink pearl, hidden under the soft little hood. She was headed towards a massive climax as her first boyfriend, her new fiancé, and her willing cuckold sub/slave started concentrating on her clit, trying to make her cum…trying to reclaim part of the girl he wanted to marry.

Thomas felt like he was flying through space as he licked and sucked this adorable teenage girl's perfect pink cunt. It wasn't the first time he'd tasted Greg's baby-batter, and it wasn't the first time that he'd eaten Greg's load out of the pussy he'd left it in. But for the first time, he was being cuckolded for real and it was so much more intense than his mother and father had ever led him to believe. He was in that special zone – he felt every tremble and tremor that his ministrations were producing in the tiny, blonde teenager and they seemed to move from his lips and tongue through his body and then settle in his cock and balls.

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