A Tanaris Titfuck

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Shalendris thanks her futanari liberator.
3.7k words
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The blazing sun of the Tanaris desert beat down relentlessly on Lost Rigger Cove. Pirates of the Southsea Freebooters hung about lazily, most of them hidden inside various seaside shacks to avoid the infernal heat.

Amongst them, Shalendris laughed and listened to the tales of her new friends.

The night elf had not come here at the request of the Gadgetzan Goblins like so many other adventurers, ready to mercilessly slay the freedom-loving rogues. It was one of the pirates who had brought her here after she found him bleeding out on the burning sands.

Unable to ignore a soul in need, the druidess had nursed him back to life and happily joined their merry band, oblivious to the pirates' own crimes and violent tendencies. To her, they seemed like some of the friendliest folk she'd ever met.

"I be hearin' there's a bounty on Shelly's head," a grizzled old pirate mumbled between two bites of roasted buzzard, dropping a wanted poster on the table for the others to see. "They be sayin' she's one of the reasons why our numbers ain't dwindlin'!"

Shalendris blinked as she looked down at the poster.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Shelly "Healing Tits" Oaksong

75 gold coins

The poster's artist had apparently also taken the liberty of drawing Shalendris in her current pirate-themed attire, his efforts visibly focused on the oversized breasts he had drawn on her at the center of the image.

"They were larger when I got here..." mumbled the druidess as she held up the poster, cupping one of her breasts, fingers squeezing that fat lavender orb absent-mindedly, to the delight of a good many pirates in the room.

Her chest had indeed shrunk quite considerably since she'd arrived in the desert. There simply wasn't enough life essence for her to absorb in Tanaris. She did regularly enjoy guzzling down liters of pirate jizz, however, which helped keep her chest at a decent size. And whatever semen she didn't consume directly, she could absorb through her skin to keep her mana at reasonable levels. So low were her mana levels these last few days that even the glowing yellow moon that typically adorned her forehead had dissipated.

Looking down at the twin honeydew melon-sized orbs overflowing from the overburdened red blouse she wore, Shalendris frowned a little. The surrounding pirates stared at each other for a moment, noting how the woman seemed more concerned with her breasts than the bounty on her head which would undoubtedly bring countless adventurers to her doorstep to try and collect.

The small gathering was soon interrupted as the rickety wooden door was blasted off its hinges by an explosion of golden light. The pirates nearest that door were thrown against the back wall, sliding into unconsciousness as a massive horned figure holding an impressive gold-and-white heater shield in one hand and a huge crystalline hammer in the other.

Shalendris, tossing a single healing spell in the direction of her friends, ran up a nearby flight of stairs, looking for an exit. Though she hadn't directly committed any crimes herself, she did know that the nearby goblin settlements had a lot of gold to throw at any problem or annoyance.

The room in which she found herself held very little save for a few large wooden crates and cages that once contained exotic beasts from Un'Goro. Scanning the area, illuminated only by the rays of sunlight shining through the shoddily built ceiling, the druidess spotted the cage keys hanging from a nearby hook and an idea quickly took form within her mind.

Lying was not typical of her, but her pirate friends had taught her that a lie for survival wasn't that bad.

With all haste, the curvy Kaldorei removed her pirate attire, tossing it into a corner, grabbing the keys from the hook, ears perked to try and gauge which direction the battle seemed to be headed in. The sound of metal against metal, the shouts, the breaking wood, along with the golden light of holy magics coming from downstairs told Shalendris that things were far from over.

Slipping into the largest cage, the woman slipped her hand through the bars to lock the cage from inside, tossing the keys onto the ground, as close to the wall hook as she could. And then she waited, rubbing straw and dirt into her hair to appear as though she were a prisoner kept here by the pirates.

Though her status as a prisoner was far from the truth, this plan she had concocted seemed as solid as could be to Shalendris in that moment, she who despised fighting. If the pirates managed to win and kick out the paladin, then Shalendris would heal those who survived. If the adventurer won, then she would be "rescued". A great plan, she thought, nodding to herself.

After a few minutes of thinking her plan through, it seemed as though things had calmed downstairs.

Hard footsteps could be heard coming up those stairs. Shalendris gulped.

The first thing she saw was a pair of blue horns pale enough that they nearly seemed white, curling upwards through a thick mane of silver hair. Clad in the thick plate armor of the Lightforged, the statuesque Draenei woman immediately spotted Shalendris in the cage.

Wiping a bit of blood from the corner of her mouth, the woman made her way over to Shalendris, her immense weight causing the floorboards to creak and bend slightly.

"A prisoner," came the paladin's doubtful words as she looked around once more. "I saw another elf, much like you, running up these stairs," she continued, golden gaze settling back onto Shalendris's nude form.

"Oh, yes, Shelly escaped through a trap door! Though I didn't see where it's located... I'm Shalendris, by the way!" replied the druidess, her silver gaze matching the Draenei.

Frowning for a moment, the light-skinned paladin did not reply immediately, but held up a wanted poster. With eyes moving from the poster to the Kaldorei, she grumbled.

"You are right," concluded the colossal woman. "Shelly has breasts far larger than you, and probably far larger than even I," she continued with a touch of humor, chuckling as she looked down at her own breastplate. Though the armor itself probably suppressed her chest quite considerably, it seemed adjusted to hold quite the bountiful bust.

"Now, let's get you out of here. I am Ashe, by the way," said the Draenei in a Stormwind accent as she gripped her enormous crystal-headed mace, a thin golden aura visible around the imposing thing. "I suggest you stand back."

With a nod, the night elven woman crawled to the back of the cage, offering the Draenei a perfect view of her huge, round ass. Biting her lip for a moment, the paladin then swung her weapon, not only destroying the cage's door but sending nearly half of the cage itself flying towards the wall.

Hearing a grunt of pain, Shalendris immediately turned to see the Ashe on her knee, clenching her leg through the gold-trimmed plate. "The Light can heal superficial wounds... But my mastery of it is far more offensive than restorative..." Ashe whispered through clenched teeth.

Moving towards her "savior", Shalendris placed a hand against the woman's thigh gently. "Best remove this armor," said the purple-haired elf worriedly. "I am a healer. These pirates... they captured me to heal them between raids..." she added, reminding herself that half-truths were better than outright lies.

Ashe nodded and sat down, slowly removing the various interlocking plates and straps that held her heavy suit of armor up. And as she did so, Shalendris could only note the handful of scars upon her form, adding relief to otherwise completely smooth skin, decorated by golden tattoos and, more recently, bruises and cuts.

The observations that followed were far less innocent. Once the Draenei removed her chestplate, Shalendris had to hold back a surprised cough as two huge breasts, wrapped and suppressed by thick bandages, bounced forward, prominent nipples visibly erect against the thick material.

"These bruises will take time to heal, but perhaps I can accelerate the process a little," Shalendris noted as she ran her hands along the other's form, inspecting the injuries she had gotten fighting the pirates.

Offering a nod, Ashe began removing the lower half of her armor to let Shalendris have a look at her injured leg.

As the protective gear fell away, Shalendris felt as though the air itself was sucked from her lungs. There, strapped to the woman's thigh was a flaccid cock so enormous that even in its current state, it would probably be longer and thicker than her forearm.

"I am sorry, friend. I do not wear undergarments, as they are far too restrictive," the flustered Draenei said, her apologetic words not even registering to the awestruck elf.

Shalendris sat there for a few long moments before she managed to regain her composure, clearing her throat.

"I would make a joke with your ability to wield hammers, but I am certain I could not come up with anything you've not heard before," the elf said as she slowly moved in to inspect Ashe's thigh, letting her fingers roam across the woman's muscular yet decidedly feminine leg. "Tell me if there is pain," continued Shalendris, squeezing here and there to see where the pain might be.

When Ashe gritted her teeth and clenched her fists in response, Shalendris looked up at her for a moment. "This is where it hurts most?"

Ashe nodded.

"There is no visible injury... You must have taken quite a hit on your armor to provoke this kind of internal injury. A fractured bone would not be unlikely!" declared Shalendris, placing both her hands upon her patient's thigh. "Now, I have very little mana to wholly hear the injury, but I should be capable of at least kickstarting the healing process."

The pale skinned Draenei's eyes had a hard time staying focused on the wall ahead of her, gaze always drifting down to the Night Elf's bust. She seemed so comfortable being nude like this, she thought.

And before her thoughts could stray too much in that direction, Ashe then suddenly felt the druidess's magic start working upon her injury. A soft green glow, emanating from the elf's palms, slowly made its way into her flesh. Still visible for a few moments from outside the skin, the glow eventually dissipated. Ashe closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations of Shalendris's powerful healing magic.

With that rejuvenating spell now acting upon the fractured bones, Ashe felt only comfort, like the soft breeze of a lake after a hot summer day. It felt like the softest of blankets, like a lover's kiss, like a night elf's hand upon your cock when you haven't been able to cum in two weeks...


Ashe opened her eyes suddenly only to see Shalendris slowly stroking her cock to life. It didn't take much to stir that burdensome beast to life and soon, the straps binding the thing snapped and the colossus sprang upwards, eliciting a grin from the cock-starved she-elf.

"I do hope you don't mind me taking payment in this form, hm?" Shalendris said, chuckling as she adjusted her position, kneeling next to the Draenei to stroke the heavy prick with both hands.

Too shocked by the elf's forwardness and her transition from helpless prisoner to cockstroking whore, the paladin only nodded and let the woman do her thing. And with each stroke, more blood made its way into the massive organ, growing fatter and harder with every moment, to the delight of Shalendris whose fingers were slowly spread apart by the growing colossus.

Like some great tree, the veiny prick rose into the air, as thick as the Draenei's thighs and easily matching it in length. Throbbing hungrily, it cast its shadow onto the cockstunned Shalendris, silver eyes noting the single drop of precum already leaking down that massive cock's underbelly.

Her thirst overtaking her, Shalendris straightened her back as she knelt between the Draenei's legs, licking and kissing as much of the enormous prick as her mouth could reach while her hands did their best to massage Ashe's veiny length. Shalendris's dexterous fingers would move from the tip to the base in long strokes as more and more of the paladin's plentiful pre-jizz dribbled down the pillar and onto her hands.

The Lightforged did not remain idle in all this, placing a single hand upon Shalendris's head, fingers curling into that long purple hair. Her hips would pump slightly in response to the elf's expert touch, taut abdominal muscles flexing with each movement.

Lost in pleasure, Ashe never noticed how, with each drop of precum Shalendris ingested, her chest would grow ever so slightly. With how much of the abundant liquid there was, it didn't take long for Shalendris to add full inches to her bust. And while those generous tits would have been sufficient to properly tittyfuck lesser dicks, Ashe's behemoth demanded breasts far larger than even her own.

Before long, Shalendris had made her way to the tip of Ashe's throbbing pillar of fuckmeat, lips parting to suckle on that huge cockhead, the slit of which regularly pumped out ludicrous amounts of pre-seed. Much of that wonderful offering almost immediately guzzled down by the ravenous she-elf, her tongue sliding across Ashe's most sensitive helm.

Ripping off the bandages that held down her pumpkin-sized knockers, Ashe then immediately brought both hands up to cup and fondle Shalendris's hefty tits. Her eyes widened as she felt their weight increasing as the blowjob went on, the soft flesh of her tits soon overflowing the Draenei's hands, flesh spilling through parted fingers.

"Are your tits... growing?" a stunned Ashe asked, prompting Shalendris to pull her head from the saliva and precum-coated cockhead.

"Oh, yeah. Life essence makes my breasts grow and converts that into mana for my spells. Neat, right?" the druidess answered with a chuckle before moving back down to suck hungrily on Ashe's massive cock.

While Shalendris had a hard time even encompassing the cock's girth with her lips, it seemed as though her lips stretched further and further as her tits got bigger and soon, she had the entirety of Ashe's titanic pricktip right in her mouth, soon pressing against her throat.

Pre-cum flowing straight down her throat and into her stomach, Shalendris pushed more and more of Ashe's enormity down, impaling her face upon the titanic fuckrod, with her tits' size now far surpassing that of her own head. But it wasn't enough if she wanted to give this Lightforged savior a proper titwank.

The answer to that problem presented itself soon enough as Ashe, lost in the pleasure of the Night Elf's throat around her lip-stretching behemoth, squeezed her tits hard, so needily that Shalendris knew that the Draenei was nearing release at a surprising pace.

But Shalendris would not retain control of that situation for much longer and she found that the enormous Paladin was lifting her up by the waist, twisting her around and placing her on her back upon an iron-reinforced wooden crate. During all that movement, Shalendris remained impaled, like some elven sex toy, upon that white-blue tree trunk of a cock.

And then, Ashe truly took control, placing her palms squarely upon Shalendris's fat tits, fingers digging hungrily into the expanding flesh. While still quite huge by anyone's standards, the elf's breasts remained dwarfed by Ashe's expansive knockers. But that didn't matter to the Draenei as she started slowly dragging her cock out of Shalendris's throat until only the tip remained in her mouth and then sliding it back all the way in. Every thrust making that movement easier, she noticed, and every thrust making the elf's tits bigger.

It reminded Ashe of the odd creations the Gnomes used to inflate balloons, she thought. Though the real reason Shalendris's breasts keep growing was due to the incredible volume of precum pumped right into her stomach, absorbed by her body and converted into mana stored inside her chest.

Even if such an explanation had been given to her, Ashe wouldn't have cared. All she cared about in that moment was cumming, all she cared about were the two enormous tits continually growing on the busty druidess. Every thrust of her vein-riddled enormity brought her closer to release and every thrust allowed her to thrust deeper into Shalendris's throat.

Though her face was being fucked like a vulgar whore, Shalendris wasted no time bringing one hand down to her engorged clit, rubbing that overly sensitive nub frantically. She moaned and gagged upon the fat, veiny prick that slid in and out of her throat, saliva leaking from the corners of her stretched out lips. And it took the sex-crazed Night Elf little time to reach her orgasm, spasms of ecstasy racing through every nerve in her body, her moans muffled by a mouthful of cock.

It would take more than a single measly orgasm to satisfy herself, she knew. On most nights where she could not find a partner, the Kaldorei would rub her needy cunt for hours, as her healing magic never really allowed her to "rub herself raw" as she had often heard others describe it.

Suddenly, and with little warning, Ashe pulled her hands from the elf's tits and grabbed the sides of her head before thrusting her cock up, savagely pushing more than a foot of throbbing femcock down Shalendris's throat.

The Kaldorei's eyes bulged when that impossibly thick cock got even thicker in her throat as Ashe's fat load traveled along its length. The woman's iron grip on Shalendris's head never faltered as she bucked once more, shoving even more of that titanic rod into the helpless elf, so much so that her fat, melon-sized balls now rested snugly upon her partner's forehead.

The violent twitching of Ashe's gigantic, mithril-hard prick seemed to calm momentarily as thick ropes of semen shot down straight into the cumguzzling Kaldorei, filling her stomach in mere moments. The Draenei, not having had sex or even masturbated in over two weeks, was overfull and her nuts tightened as she pumped liters of piping hot jizz right into Shalendris.

Surprisingly, however, Shalendris's stomach only bulged out a little from all that cum, her form absorbing that virile seed much like it had Ashe's precum. Far more potent than the Draenei's precum, however, that creamy cum caused Shalendris's tits to bulge outwards until they had surpassed even Farmer Saldean's award-winning pumpkins.

And with Ashe's orgasm tapering off, both found themselves wanting more. With a lewd gurgle and pop, the Draenei pulled her pillar of fuckmeat out of her partner's abused throat, a thick rope of glowing golden cum covering the lavender-skinned woman's face from upper lip to forehead.

With her magical energies refilled, Shalendris wasted no time in reinvigorating her partner, placing both hands firmly upon the dickgirl's fat nutsack. Innervated, Ashe found her waning dick suddenly rock-hard once more, her heavy nuts full of spunk in a matter of moments.

Ready to take advantage of the slutty Night Elf's newly grown tits, Ashe spun around and straddled the Kaldorei, slapping her cock right between those two mountainous mammaries, sending the twin orbs wobbling and jiggling about. The sheer size and weight of the thing nearly knocked the air out of Shalendris, but she was quick to lift her gigantic tits up to fully smother the Draenei's cock.

Already coated in spit, cum and all manner of bodily fluids, that throbbing white monster slid back and forth against the warm embrace of Shalendris's cleavage. It would poke out (though just barely) with each forward thrust, affording Shalendris a chance to suck and lick at that sensitive head. With a bit of shining golden cum still on her face from Ashe's first orgasm, Shalendris would moan and suck lewdly at that delicious prick, allowing her tongue and lips to savor every inch she could reach.

Fucking the elf's humongous boobs mercilessly, Ashe found herself tugging on the whore's nipples, pulling them upwards somewhat, testing her reaction. Those lustful moans, of both pleasure and pain, brought a grin to the Draenei's face and she kept on slamming her fantastical fuckrod to the hilt into those jiggling mountains of flesh. Every collision of the dickgirl's lower body against Shalendris's titanic knockers sent shockwaves through the soft flesh.