tagHumor & SatireA Taste For Blood

A Taste For Blood


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thank you for your votes, feedback and comments on my previous submittals. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks to RogueLurker for her skillful editing and geekychick_76 for her comments and suggestions.


From the moment it emerged fully formed from its parent, the creature was hungry - a ravening lust for food coursing through every fiber of its being. Birth and death blurred into a single violent event as it dragged its first prey to a temporary refuge and the beast devoured the gory chunks of flesh that had once been a littermate. Grooming and licking the blood and scraps of skin from its fur, the creature raised its head, scents drawing it from its lair. The dark predator was on the hunt once more, never-ceasing appetite driving it on.


"C'mon slowpoke, we'll never finish our sector by quitting time. Get a move on," Liz called to her boyfriend as she waded along the riverbank.

"Just a minute, willya. My shoe's stuck," Dan replied disgustedly, pulling his foot free from the gluey mud. "Why did I let you talk me into doing this anyway?"

"Because you are a sweetie and want to make me happy," Liz laughed. "Besides this is a good thing were doing. Look at the amount of trash we've collected already."

Liz and Dan were students at Clear Lake City College participating in the Annual Earth Day River Clean-Up Project for extra class credit. Each pair of volunteers assigned a section of the Arapaho River's banks to collect litter, place it in plastic bags and leave it on the shoreline for pick-up.

Dan would have preferred going to a movie than sweating in the sun picking up trash, but Liz knew how to convince him to see things her way. His cock twitched as he remembered how they had sucked and fucked the night before, Liz's mouth on his stiff dick as his tongue explored her hot pussy. She moved ahead of him, her curvy body provocative in her skin-tight shorts and tube top, giving him a perpetual hard-on.

Liz bent to pick up a rusted can, wiggling her ass at her boyfriend, knowing he was watching. She hoped they could finish early and have a swim and maybe a quickie in the woods. They had not worn bathing suits, so a naked swim and a hard fuck would be just the thing after a boring day. Dan looked so sexy in his cut-off shorts and muscle shirt, it was making her wet.


Lunging at blinding speed, the dark creature sank its poisoned fangs into its much larger prey; hanging on as it thrashed in agony. Bones splintered as the predator ripped huge chunks of stringy meat from its still living victim. Wriggling in delight, the beast's mouth filled with the coppery taste of blood as it gulped and swallowed, stripping flesh from bone. Satiated for the moment, it rested next to the fragmented remains of its latest kill, grooming its velvety fur. Soon it would be time to hunt again. The gnawing pangs never ceased.


Dan heaved another bulging bag of trash onto the shoreline, wiped his face with his towel and took a long drink from his water bottle. Liz sat on a flat rock, removed her knapsack and took out bags of dried vegetables and trail mix. Dan sat next to her and they shared their meager, yet satisfying lunch. He looked at his watch and determined they were ahead of schedule on their task and they would have time for some fun before the boat came to pick them up. Soon they were moving along the bank again, laughing and talking as they worked.


The beast detected the new prey, ears receiving the returning vibrations of ultrasonic clicks and chirps; the sound waves reflected from the body of its quarry. Slowly and carefully, the creature began to stalk its quarry, keen nose quivering at the scent of blood. A swift dash and slashing fangs scattered a blizzard of feathers as the prey struggled, then succumbed to the fast acting venom. Flesh tore and bones crunched as the dark predator gobbled the succulent morsel. The few mouthfuls of gamy flesh did little to assuage the creatures ravening appetite, and in minutes, it was on the prowl once more.


"Whoa, finally," Dan panted as he saw the blue and white stake on the riverbank marking the end of their section of the river. Having filled the last of their trash bags, they were glad to be finished. He dropped the bag on the bank, flung his sweaty clothing and shoes on the grass, ran to the water and dove in. Liz stripped off her own clothing and dove after him. They began dunking and splashing in playful abandon. Soon the playful wrestling became amorous caresses as their hands explored familiar territory.

Standing knee-deep in the water, Dan and Liz kissed hungrily, her hand stroking his stiff dick as his fingers wiggled in her juicy cunt. Liz wrapped her arms around Dan's neck and swung her leg around his waist, rubbing his throbbing cock between her pussy lips and his belly. Dan braced his feet in the soft sand of the river bottom, gripped Liz's ass cheeks in his hands and ground her wet pussy against his pulsing shaft. "Tell me how much you want it baby," he gasped, kneading her buttocks as she nibbled on his neck.

"I want it hard and fast," she moaned in his ear, "Fuck me with that monster, fuck me now." She leaned back as he grabbed his cock and shoved it between the engorged lips of her pussy. Lunging forward, she impaled herself on the fleshy rod and they began a wild stand-up fuck, deep kissing as their hips slammed together.


The creature detected the scent trail one of its own kind and circled warily. There would be no greeting, no warning, only a sharp-toothed attack on the interloper, driving them away from its territory. It could choose to fight, the victor devouring the vanquished, but prey was plentiful and there was enough territory for the both of them. Moving stealthily, the predator sensed another victim as it grazed peacefully. In seconds, the dark creature had its prey by the throat, its bubbling shriek quickly stilled as slashing fangs ripped the flesh from its living body. Licking the blood from its jaws, the beast lay still for a moment, and then moved towards the river, already scenting fresh prey.


"Ohhhh, fuck meee…," Liz screamed as she thrust her juicy pussy on Dan's hard cock, his fingers digging into her puckered asshole. Dan pumped wildly, her tight pussy clasping his rock-hard shaft, drawing the thick cum from his aching balls. Her stiff nipples twisted against his broad chest as they pounded together, his sucking mouth raising red welts on her neck.

"Here it comes baby, ahhhhhh…" Dan screamed as his cock erupted in Liz's creamy pussy, blasts of thick cum coating the slick pink walls.

"Eeeeee…yesssss," Liz squealed, her cunt spraying Dan's cock and belly with waves of her sweet juices, shuddering as her orgasm ripped through her.

Dan's legs collapsed under him and they fell into the river, the cool water washing cum and sweat from their shaking bodies. "Wow, that was dynamite, baby," Dan gasped as they bobbed in the water.

"We should fuck outdoors more often," Liz replied, "The fresh air must do something for the libido."

"You must go to college," Dan teased, "Using fancy words like that." Liz jumped on him and shoved him under as they frolicked in the rippling water.


The hunger was all-encompassing, urging the creature onward, its body screaming for more sustenance. Food - the beast needed warm flesh to devour, bones to crush in its jaws, the marrow dripping from its fangs, blood filling its maw. Blinded by its desire for more prey, the ravenous predator moved quickly and stealthily through the thick underbrush.


"How long do we have till the boat gets here, babe?" Liz asked as they lay in the warm sun. Their clothes were almost dry and the sun felt good on their skin. She hated to leave the cozy spot, but the sun was inching toward the horizon and night would be falling.

Dan looked at his watch, "About another hour, I think." He rolled on his side and drew his fingers in lazy circles around Liz's pert breasts. "Just enough time for another fuck," he said teasingly.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Liz replied. Her soft hand grasped his stiffening cock, her thumb spreading the glistening pre-cum on the velvet head as his fingers slid into her pussy. They gently masturbated each other for several minutes, kissing and caressing, their desires rising.

Dan rolled on top of Liz, her legs spreading wide as he snuggled between them. She wrapped her legs around his waist as his cock slid into her wet cunt, their bodies surging together on the sweet-smelling grass. Liz gasped as Dan's cock pounded in her, his hot mouth sucking on her breasts, tongue sliding on her stiff nipples. She hugged his hard body to her, clenching her pussy muscles on his throbbing cock, back arching as she felt her orgasm rise within her.

Dan thrust with all his might into Liz, her pussy gripping on his throbbing cock, driving him wild. He filled his mouth with her tender breast flesh and suckled eagerly on her thick nipple. He could feel cum building in his balls and wanted to give her all he had, wanting her to cum with him. Liz felt Dan's body stiffen and she knew he was close to cumming. "Shoot in me, baby," She cried. "Let me have it all, I'm cumming, I'm …oooohhh," she screamed as her orgasm tore through her.

"Ughhhhh," Dan moaned as he thrust once more into his lover and blasted ropes of cum into her clasping pussy, her juices squirting over his spurting cock.


Prey. At last, warm flesh, hot blood. The creature shivered in anticipation as it emerged stealthily from the underbrush. The scent in the clearing was unfamiliar, but the smell of blood and flesh was enough for the dark predator. Bunching muscles for the final charge, the beast dashed forward, jaws agape and sank its poison fangs deep into its victim, the coppery taste filling its mouth once more as its prey screamed in agony.


"Yowwwww, somethins' bitin' me," Dan screamed, leaping from between Liz's legs, his hard cock pulling from her gooey pussy with a slurp. Howling in pain, he danced about, trying vainly to dislodge the small grey creature from his large toe.

"Dan, ohmigod, what the hell is that," Liz screamed, picking up a tree branch. "Hold still, lemme smash it."

"Don't hit my foot, don't hit my foot," Dan howled, flopping on the ground and shaking his foot. Flailing at the small animal gnawing at his toe, he was unable to make it release its grip. Taking careful aim, Liz swung and connected, knocking Dan's attacker spinning into the grass.

"What in the fuck is that thing," Dan muttered, "Oh man, my toe's bleedin' like a bitch, and it hurts."

"Are you two okay?" came a voice from the river. "I heard screaming. Is anything wrong?"

"Oh shit, it's Professor March," Liz said excitedly, "We gotta get dressed Dan. We can't let her see us like this." They pulled on their clothes as Liz called out, "We'll be right there Professor. Dan is hurt. We need the first aid kit."


"This is most unusual for this species to attack humans," murmured Professor March, examining the limp grey body in her hands. "Blarina brevicauda usually seeks much smaller prey, small vertebrates, invertebrates, insects and the like. Your toe must have looked like a frog or a beetle," she said laughing.

"That Blarina whatchamacallit sure has a nasty bite for such a small critter," Dan muttered as Liz bandaged his toe. "What's that thing called in plain English, Prof?"

"Northern Short-Tailed Shrew," Professor March replied. "It is a rapacious predator and an integral part of the ecosystem. I think it is only stunned. We'll leave it concealed here in the grass so it can recover. Can you walk, Dan?"

"He can lean on me," Liz said smiling, helping her lover to his feet. They kissed and walked down the bank to the waiting boat, the professor resuming her discourse about the foraging habits of Blarina brevicauda.


The shrew's eyes opened and gazed at its surroundings. The momentary confusion forgotten as its hunger rose once more. Scenting fresh prey, it scurried through the grass and was soon munching happily on a lizard. High above, an owl soared then plummeted downward, talons flexing, wings soundless in the gathering dusk.

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