tagErotic HorrorA Taste of Mint

A Taste of Mint


"Guys, this is my best friend Mint," Carol giggled, pushing the young woman beside her towards the small group of young men. The woman blushed, looking down as one hand caught her other elbow, making her look younger and innocent. Then she looked up and smiled.

Interest peaked; one of the men stepped forward. "Did Carol say your name was Mint?" he asked, holding out a hand. The woman took it with another smile, her blond hair slipping free of the hair clip and shading her face. He caught a glimpse of eyes of an intriguing shade of violet before she looked down again.

"Yes," she answered, shaking his hand lightly. He kept a light grip on her hand until she looked up into his face.

"My name's Trace," he smiled then gestured over his shoulder, "They're Drew, Russell, and Harry." She glanced at each man, still blushing, her eyes wide. She licked her lips lightly and Trace's eyes tracked the pink tip. He felt his groin tighten, images of those lips wrapped around his cock filling his mind. Her eyes flicked up to his and he saw them darken. Then she looked down.

"Nice to meet you," she murmured. Trace gestured to Carol with his head. She had some explaining to do.

"Stay right here a minute and I'll get you a drink," he said to Mint. He stepped to one side with Carol. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Russell and Drew chatting with Mint. She seemed almost painfully shy and the two men teased her lightly. Her eyes kept wandering back to him. He nearly groaned when she caught her bottom lip in her teeth.

"What?" Carol hissed, her eyes roaming the party. She'd come for one purpose - to show her ex that she didn't need him. She knew Matt was here, just not where. She was sure he was with some giggling blond or two.

"Don't you think it's a little dangerous bringing her here?" Trace hissed back. Mint seemed so...innocent; he imagined it would take ten minutes before one of the frat guys had her drunk. After that, it would be like a feeding frenzy.

"Mint's not like she seems," Carol answered, her attention still on the other partygoers. Mint was new to her apartment complex, but had invited Carol to a wicked party last weekend. Carol knew Mint would fit right in.

"She seems like a lamb among wolves," Trace said, his eyes still on Mint. Carol finally focused on his face and laughed.

"You're smitten," she laughed again, poking him in the chest, "I assure you Mint doesn't need your protection." She looked him up and down. "But you might be her type. How low do you hang?" Trace colored at the crude question and Carol laughed once more, spotting the person she was looking for. "Just don't let her fool you. She's more like this crowd than you'd think." She sailed away, leaving him staring after her.

He heard the laugh first, light, teasing, sexual. He turned and saw Mint laughing with Russell. He felt his gut tighten at the image - she was slender, graceful, and totally captivating. She was as tall as his chin, her blond hair straight and long, swirling around her as she talked. Her manner was totally different than just minutes ago. Her hand lightly rested on Russell's shoulder as she leaned in to hear something he said. She laughed again and brushed her mouth over his. Trace felt the green tint of jealousy as he sauntered back over.

"You seem to be having a good time," he commented. Russell flushed, licking his lips and looking guilty. Mint looked amused. Just then Laura, Russell's girlfriend, appeared, snagging his arm. He flushed even more. Laura pulled him away with a wink and then it was just Trace and Mint. She turned her dark eyes on him and he saw something in them that had his cock swelling.

"Did Carol warn you about me?" she asked, smiling. He found her beautiful when she smiled. Attraction, increasingly sexual, built within him. Mint's hand took his and lifted it. She drew a pattern lightly with her finger on his palm and he felt heat arrow straight to his groin. She blew lightly on his palm and his cock strained against his jeans.

"Why would she warn me?" he asked, his voice husky. He didn't know what she was doing, but whatever it was made him hot. She simply smiled again and took his arm, sliding hers through his. He smelled vanilla and spice and something more, something enticing.

"Let's take a walk outside," she murmured. Her breath was warm on his neck and his caught as she gave his throat a quick lick.

"Sure," Trace answered, confused between the initial image of an innocent and the strange seductive woman now. He led her through the mob and towards the back of the house. When they stepped out onto the patio, the night air was cool. A few people were on the patio, lounging in chairs with beers or grouped around a table playing poker. Mint drew him towards the edge of the patio and the yard. She smiled at him, promises in her eyes.

"Mint's an interesting name," he commented as they sat on the stone wall surrounding the patio. He needed to steer things to safer ground before he gave in and kissed her. Or fucked her.

"I'll tell you a secret," she murmured, leaning close to his ear. He fought a shiver as her breath tickled him. "It's because I'm so tasty." Her tongue flicked over his earlobe before she pulled away.

All the blood in his head drained to his groin. "Excuse me?" he managed.

Mint leaned back, tipping her face up to the night sky. "I love this time of year," she said lightly, "With that slight chill that makes you feel so alive." She ran her hands over her body before laying them lightly on the wall again. He couldn't help but watch - and notice her tight nipples, her flat tummy, the curve of her hips under the light material of her dress. He had an instant desire to run his hands over her as well.

"You're not the shy girl you were playing at, are you?" Trace said, trying to reconcile the woman he'd met with the one who sat next to him. This one was much more intriguing.

"Sure I am. I hate to meet new people," she glanced at him, smiled, "But a few minutes talking usually loosens me up." She licked her lips again as if savoring something.

"We haven't talked a few minutes," he pointed out. He felt uncomfortable with her, something totally at odds with his usual manner. But the discomfort didn't extend to his cock, which was at full mast and eager to fuck.

"You talked to Carol about me," she said lightly, running her fingers down his arm. He felt a tingle. "You were worried about me. That impressed me."

"And made you trust me?" he asked tightly, "After all, you're sharing secrets." He wondered if she tasted like mint or if she was just tasty. His mouth watered at the thought.

Mint laughed. "My mother named me for the herb she smelled when she gave birth. She was a hippy," she explained, "My first lover said it was so suitable because I was so tasty." She leaned her head on his shoulder, her fingers playing idly with his. "Others have agreed." The night seemed to surround them. "It's not particularly secret, if you catch my drift."

"You're not as innocent as you look," he stated. He was grateful for that - this attraction was much more likely to lead to sex. And sex was topmost in his mind at the moment.

"Men like young and innocent girls," she answered, shifting her head, her breath warm in his ear, "It makes them feel strong and powerful." He could understand that. "Some, like you, want to protect, to take care of me." She slid a hand under his shirt and his belly clenched. "Some just want to overpower, to take greedily, to devour." Her finger tips slid under the waistband of his jeans and he held himself stiffly. His cock was throbbing and her fingers were less than an inch away, fondling his hot skin.

"You sound..." he started, and then made a strangled sound as her fingers flipped open the first button of his jeans.

"Experienced?" she murmured, licking a little circle just below his ear. "Think of me as free," she said, biting his earlobe lightly, "To you. Tonight."

"Why?" he managed, finding it hard to think over the heating of his body. His last coherent thought was why was he arguing here? She was offering herself to him. He should be thanking her. On his knees. As he licked her pussy.

"Why not?" she laughed lightly, her fingers flipping open the second button. He flinched, his eyes searching for anyone watching and she laughed again. "My, my. Commando..." Her fingers stroked his cock head.

Trace clenched his jaw around the groan. He couldn't believe....who cared? She was offering and he wanted. The only thing was they couldn't do this here. "Let me take you..." Where? Home? His car? Anywhere but here on the patio. Although, he could see her on her knees before him, her head lowering...

"I'd hoped you would," she murmured, licking his ear as her fingers slid under the denim to explore his shaft. He couldn't hold back the groan this time, his cock surging against her hand as he swelled even more with arousal. She sucked his earlobe as her thumb rubbed the slit of his head until he was slick. "I want to feel this inside me," she whispered.

He was going to come in a second and embarrass himself. He had to get her someplace private so he could sate this need. "Not here." He finally ground it out between clenched teeth. She laughed again. She got up and took his hands, drawing him to his feet, keeping her body between him and any curious eyes. His shirt hung low enough to tent over his rigid penis. She smiled, stepping close to kiss him and rub herself against him. He groaned again. Then she drew him out into the dark yard.

"I love the dark, the cool grass..." She kicked off her sandals as she let him into the gloom. He glanced back, but could only see the glow of the house lights as they moved to the edge of the trees. No one had followed. She drew him into a secluded area, the grass beneath their feet as thick and soft as a carpet. The noise from the party seemed muted, even though it was just up the yard. "I have another secret for you," she said softly as she stepped close to him. They were surrounded in darkness, out of sight of the party, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. His body burned with need. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he saw her before him. His mouth went dry at the way she seemed to shimmer.

Trace reached for her, caught her arm, and slid his hands to cup her face. His mouth came down on hers in a hungry kiss. "Yes," she murmured, sliding her body against his as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her skin was soft, smooth, hot under his hands as he stroked her arms, her bare back. She murmured something he couldn't catch into his neck as she laved his skin with her tongue. All he could think was that he wanted to taste her.

"What secret?" he murmured, sliding his hands down to grasp the edge of her skirt. He slid his hands underneath as she lifted up to her toes to whisper in his ear. He wanted to touch her, tease her, as she'd done him.

"I'm not wearing anything underneath my dress," she laughed softly. His hands suddenly cupped her ass, pulling her tight against him. His fingers trembled against her as he slid a hand down her ass until he touched her wet hole. She shivered, nipping lightly at his throat. "I want you," she purred, rocking her hips against his cock.

He couldn't do anything but groan as his cock ached, his hips jerking while he fingered her, feeling how slick and ready she was. "Oh, yes," he growled, burying his face in her neck. He suckled her skin, tasting this incredible sweetness, even as he felt her blood pulse beneath.

"Now," she moaned, sliding her fingers into his hair as she rubbed her body against his. "I want you inside me now."

His cock jerked at that and she slipped a hand between them to grasp him firmly. He groaned as she pumped his shaft. "So big," she said, "You'll feel good fucking me." She smiled in the dark.

"I want to taste..." he started, wanting to know if her juices were as sweet as her skin. His skin burned, his body throbbed, his mouth was dry and he thirsted for her.

"Later," she murmured, her hand still stroking his cock. She heard his breath catch and knew his release was close. Her hand shifted, her thumb pressing the spot, the bulge, to still his eruption. It was time, she thought, looking up at the night sky. Just then the clouds parted and the moon came out, a thin sliver shining a pale light over the grass. Mint stepped back from him and peeled her dress over her head, her pale nakedness glowing in the moonlight. Trace's mouth went dry as his eyes skimmed her full high breasts, her slender hips, her shadowed cleft.

Then she turned and dropped to her hands and knees. "I need you, lover," she said, looking up at him over her shoulder. She shook her head and her hair skimmed her back, sliding over her shoulders. Her bare ass, tight and toned, teased him as he peeled off his shirt and dropped to his knees.

"Yes," he groaned, shoving his jeans down to free himself. His cock was fully erect, thick and hard, as he rubbed it against the crack of her ass, hearing her whimper. He could smell her arousal and it added to his lust. He leaned over her, nipping her shoulder, and she shivered, grinding her ass against him.

"Fuck me, Trace, fuck me now," she moaned. Her hips wiggled as she rubbed against his shaft. His head slipped and fit against her wet hole and he felt the heat of her. It was all he could do not to thrust.

"Condom..." he groaned, suddenly fumbling for his pockets. Although, he wasn't sure he could get the damn thing on and not come...

Mint twisted suddenly, catching his hands as she fell on her back. She spread her legs before him, her naked body glowing beneath him. "There is no need," she growled then pressed open mouthed kisses to each palm before letting them go, "I want you...only you...inside me. I want to feel your cock slide hot and raw against my pussy." She slid her hands over her breasts, down between her thighs, to spread her folds for him. She glistened in the moonlight, ripe and ready.

He stared at her, hesitating only a fraction of a second before caving in to his need. With a groan, he took his shaft in hand and guided his head to her opening. She whimpered as his tip brushed her swollen folds and he bit back a moan of his own as he fit his head against her, feeling the slickness, the heat. She shuddered and he felt her juices envelope him as he pushed against her. She was so tight, his cock strained against her until she gasped. He surged deeper as she arched with a cry, clutching his shoulders, and his cock was squeezed by her inner muscles. He humped his hips against hers, burrowing his cock into her core, inching closer. His jaw clenched, sweat broke out on his forehead, his chest as he worked his thick penis inside her.

Heat enveloped him and her pussy grasped him tightly as he groaned with pleasure. He felt her body stretch and strain to hold him as she curled her legs at his waist. He drew back, thrust again, driving hard enough to bury himself with a single stroke. She gasped and bucked and he thrust again. "Yes, Trace," she moaned, "such a nice big cock..." Her nails scored his back as she clung to him, writhing as he moved inside her. "Give me more..." she gasped, her hands shifting lower as she wrapped her legs tighter around his hips. Trace pumped harder, faster into her hole, eagerly taking what she offered.

"Damn, baby," he hissed through clenched teeth, his groin slapping the back of her thighs as he pistoned in and out. She was ripe, slick, her body eagerly pressing to his with every stroke. He lowered his mouth to her breasts, tasting, teasing, savoring the spicy taste of her. He couldn't identify the flavors; all he knew was he craved more.

"I want the beast in you," she panted, suddenly pushing at his shoulders, pushing him away. He pulled away, panting himself, his lust throbbing in his entire body. His cock bobbed, glistening in the dim light and he watched her lick her lips as she sat up, her eyes on his penis. "You'd taste so good right now..." His erection swelled even more as his desire surged. "No! I want to be fucked by Trace the beast," she growled. She rolled back onto her hands and knees, tilting her ass up as she lowered her shoulders, the age old position of primal sex. "Fuck me, beast."

Trace couldn't think, couldn't do anything but slide his hands over her bare ass and plunge his cock deep into her hole. The angle made it even easier to bury himself to the hilt and he groaned, gripping her hips and giving in to his lust. She bit back a cry as he pounded her pussy, fucking her hard and fast. He grunted as his cock head slammed her core, his balls slapping her clit and his fingers tightened as he pulled back only far enough to thrust again. Her body shook with the piston motion of his hips. Her hands fisted in the grass as she pressed back to meet each stroke, whimpering in need. His vision hazed as he felt his groin tighten, his balls clench.

"I'm going to..." he groaned, unable to stop, curling an arm around her waist as he buried his face in her hair, his hips pumping. He felt himself swell with release and clenched his jaw.

"Come for me, Trace," she whimpered, "Spill your animal seed inside me. Give it to me." The sound of it was so erotic, he groaned again. His hips slapped hers as he continued to thrust as long as he could. She was shivering, her pussy tightening around him even as he swelled, pain and pleasure twining inside him.

It was over in an instant and yet it seemed like hours as he thrust deep and erupted. He bit her shoulder, holding in his roar of pleasure as his cock pulsed and spurted again and again. She shook beneath him, her inner muscles spasming around him, gripping him like greedy fingers. "Oh, yes..." she panted, grinding her ass back against his groin and rocking it to milk his orgasm. He was breathless as he emptied into her, collapsing onto her on the damp cold grass. He couldn't think, couldn't move, he was so spent.

Limp, numb, he didn't protest as she shifted beneath him, as she rolled him to his back and straddled him. She leaned over him, her eyes glowing now. She lowered her head to his throat and he groaned as she laved his damp skin. "So good," she murmured. Then she bit him and he gasped, his body bucking under hers, as she began to feast...

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