tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Threeway with Elves

A Threeway with Elves


I sat in the foyer, trying to my best to be patient. I tried to bide my time by observing my surroundings, like a good soldier. Everything in the room, including the room itself, was made of wood. But unlike human made objects, it was grown, not carved. This was typical of elves.

I could hear giggling and loud whispers from upstairs. The two girls were obviously formulating their plan on how best to sexually assault me. Not that I minded much.

Elves were, of course, extremely beautiful. And although they could live to be hundreds of years old, they matured physically at the same rate humans did until their early mid-teens. Then the aging process slowed down tremendously. Which meant a lot of legal elf pussy was walking around that wouldn't be available back in human civilization.

Another interesting trait among elf females was their fertility. When they had sex, they got pregnant, no chance involved. And because the way elf society is set up, becoming pregnant before being married wasn't just taboo, it was against the law. That all added up to no sex, at least under normal circumstances.

This ban on sex meant that many elf girls would resort to lesbianism. Elves were creatures of nature, and female elves couldn't get any the normal way, so they would get it any way they could. Extremely sexy lesbian elves; seemed like a dream to me.

But that wasn't all. Although they did have gay tendencies if they couldn't get any, the presence of human males changed up the formula. Humans and elves were different species, which meant it was impossible to cross-breed, unless certain magical rituals were engaged in. Because humans couldn't get elves pregnant, elf girls go absolutely head over heels for humans.

Just like the two that were still preparing upstairs. I didn't even remember their names! (Did they even bother telling me them?) Although I didn't remember seeing them, the girls had told him they had spotted me when all the human soldiers had marched into the elf city. I still had a suspicion that they had confronted the first human they could get alone, which, thank the Gods, happened to be me.

At first, upon entering the city, I hadn't believed the captains tales of elf girl's enormous voracity. All the elf women that had greeted them at the entrance weren't going gaga like these girls were. But those were probably older elf woman, most likely married and mature.

Lost in thought, I hadn't noticed that the whispering and giggling had stopped until the two of them were slowly traipsing down the curved stair case that led to the upstairs. Staring at them I was in a state of blissful shock.

They had changed from the tight leathers (which had been sexy enough for my standards) into extremely loose semi transparent silk garments, with no under garments. They stood there on the stairs, showing of their bodies that looked to be in there late teens.

My eyes examined the first elf from head to foot. She had a pale complexion, and was probably around 5'6''. Here blonde-white hair had been tied back into a pony tail, revealing her striking green eyes and gorgeous face. Her tight fitting cloth bent around her slender neck, with an emerald that matched her eyes. The robe she wore was very low cut, held precariously on her right shoulder by a pin, and showed off her mid sized breasts wonderfully. Her robe was bright pink, translucent, and went down just below her hips, which wonderfully shaped below her slender waist. Her ass must be glorious too. Her nipples were at full attention as well.

The second elf was taller than the first, maybe even taller than I was, which placed here at around 5'9". Her complexion was much darker than the others, her skin nearly lavender. Her hair was not blonde but green, and tied back into a pony tail like the others. Her eyes were a strange silver shade. Her neck was bare and her robe was a vivid purple, much brighter than her skin. Her robe was just as see through as the others, but it has not arranged toga style. Her robe was open all thee down to below her belly button, were a thick cloth belt tied it together. Her breasts were larger than the other elf's, though they were still mid sized when put in proportion to the rest of her body. Her waist wasn't as slender as the other elf's, but her legs were longer, the most perfect pair of legs I had ever seen.

Not aware of how long I ogled them, I quickly stood up. "I...," I began trying to find words to describe the amount of bliss I was in. I couldn't.

The two elves look at each and giggled, and then they both walked down the rest of the stairs and stood before him.

"I'm...ready," was all I could manage to say.

The taller elf began to say something in elvish, but catching herself she glanced at her partner. "Garden...or bed?" they asked together, in thickly accented Human speech. I glanced over their shoulders and out the door which was located beneath the stairs. Through the doors I could see a fountain, trees, and woven benches. A bedroom would probably be better, I though to myself, more private.

"How about...bed," I announced. They girls both smiled. They both stepped closer them, holding out their hands. I took them both by hand and they led me towards the stairs. The shorter one took the stairs first, turning her back to him. As they went up her ass was roughly even with my chest, and I could not help but stare. It was a glorious as I had imagined. And her see through robe revealed all.

Reaching the end of the stairs we turned a corner. The hallway led to three bedrooms on this floor, two on the right and a bigger one on the left. They led me into the big one.

The room was a lot sparse than I had imagined. There was a single mirrored dresser at the front of the room. Encompassing the rest of the room was a single knee high circular bed. The shorter elf, still holding my hand, got onto the bed. I suddenly felt myself being shoved from behind, and at the same time the girl on the bed pulled, the result being me falling onto the bed on my back. The girl behind pulled my cotton shirt up and over my head, and the taller elf had knelt at the foot of the bed, working of my jeans.

"Wait," I said suddenly. The two girls stopped working my clothes off suddenly, as if they had been slapped. Suddenly realizing they thought I was trying to back out, I tried to arrange my thoughts as quickly as possible. Though not a virgin, I was immensely intimidated by these two girls, who individually, were the most beautiful he had ever seen, together, well, you could imagine.

"Uh...your names; I'd like to name know both of your names before we do this." I said quickly. "I didn't mean it to seem like I don't want to do this."

Both of the girls suddenly laughed in relief, though he wasn't sure they had caught all he said.

"Our..." "Names," I said helpfully. "Ash'ira," said the tall elf between his legs, "Belia'ha", I heard a voice behind me. I heard her arranging her self on the purple bed, then her legs slid around me and I felt her breasts press up against my back.

The girl between my legs began working off my underwear and all thought of further talk left me. My erect was at cock at full attention; the girl behind me began stroking my face and kissing my neck, her weight forcing me on my back until her back was on the bed. Afraid I was crushing her I tried to sit up, but she held on tighter. Between my legs Ash'ira was stroking my cock, but she was doing little else. Doing my best to raise my head, I saw that she was staring at it, almost unsure of what to do. They really were virgins.

"Mouth," I suggested. She looked up at me surprised, like a student being corrected by a teacher, and nodded. Her lips pursed and she came down on me.

Although she was a novice, she wasn't doing such a bad job. I sighed in ecstasy. '

Suddenly Belia'ha had removed herself out from behind me. She rearranged herself until she had my head in her lap. Kissing my forehead, she stared into my eyes and stroked my chin.

One of my hands went down to Ash'ira. I placed my right hand onto the back of her head, straining my reach. She left my hand guide her, and her entire head began bobbing as she her mouth and tongue up and down my cock. My left hand went up to Belia'ha. Unable to see, my hand groped blindly until I found the clip holding her robe together. Unable to unclip it, I slid it down her arm. Moving back up, my hands found one of her perky breasts. She moved her tongue into my mouth as I began experimenting with her breast as best I could in this awkward position.

Suddenly I pulled my mouth away and groaned. Ashi'ra's blow job had reached a fever pitch. My other hand went down to her, but before I could speak I had came in her mouth. Groaning, my back arching and pressing up against Belia'ha, I sighed loudly.

Looking down at Ashi'ra's expression, I couldn't help but laughing. She hadn't expected that at all. "Sorry girl, I didn't warn you." Ashi'ra smiled up at me and got to her feet, backing away and reaching for a pitcher of what was probably water on the dresser. In the meantime Belia'ha had moved out from behind him and sitting on her knees in front of him, with a confused expression on her face. She obviously wanted to say something but was couldn't think of how to say it in Human speech.

"My...time?" she finally said.

"Oh, sure," I responded. I scooted back so that my entire body, legs and all, was on the bed, then I motioned her over. She crawled over to me slowly, unsure of what to do. I took one of her hands and then moved my other arm around her waist, turning her and laying her on her back. Working off the rest of her robes, I pressed my hands into her breasts for a moment and, seeing her eyes close, went down on her tight pussy.

Although not my favorite thing to do, I worked my tongue into her as best I knew how, becoming more confidants at the sounds of pleasure coming from her. However, I wasn't an expert at this, and I didn't think I could bring her to an orgasm. I was wrong. She did have an orgasm. As her moaning died away I looked up at her. I hadn't noticed her hands bracing head before. Now her hands were up at her own head. Somehow her hair had come out of its ponytail and she was brushing silvery blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Elf girls must be more sensitive," I thought to myself slyly.

Ashi'ra had knelt before Belia'ha muttering something elfish. I took in a deep gasp of air as I watched her reach down and begin lightly stroking Beliai'ha's nipple. Her mouth came down and she began moving her wet tongue over it as well. Another sigh issued from Belia'ha and she had another mini orgasm. She muttered something to Ashi'ra and they both laughed. Feeling a bit left out, but thoroughly entertained I raised my head from between Belia'ha's thighs and sat back, watching.

Suddenly getting an idea I called out "Ashi'ra." She raised her head up and looked back at me. "Put your self over her," I suggested. She tilted her head in confusion so I got to my feet and moved over to her. I maneuvered behind her and removed her robe, undoing the belt and removing it from her shoulders. With one hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder he guided her until her entire body was hovering over Belia'ha. I heard a laugh issue out from under her and knew Belia'ha at least had caught my drift. I looked around Ashi'ra's waist and saw Belia'ha lifting her hands up and caressing Ashi'ra's hanging breasts. Smiling I moved back behind Ashi'ra, spreading her legs out.

I first felt her up with my fingers; she let out a little gasp. She was even tighter than Belia'ha had been. "This might hurt a bit at first," I said to her. I saw her green haired head bob up and down so I though she must've understood. None-the-less, when I maneuvered my cock into position and slowly pushed it into her she let out a gasp of pain. I felt a finger go feeling around her clit as well, and realized it must belong to Belia'ha. "It's okay," I muttered not knowing whether or not she heard me.

I pushed my cock slowly deeper and deeper, feeling Ashi'ra's whole body react in shivers. I slowly began to work up some steam, pushing as deep as I could each time. Placing on hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder I began going faster. Closing my eyes in pleasure, I was surprised moments later when I felt a pair of breasts against my back. Taking pleasure at the feeling of what must be Belia'ha's nipples moving against my back as I fucked Ashi'ra doggy style. Moving closer and closer and to orgasm I finally got there as I tuned into Ahi'ra's moaning. Not bothering to pull out (I couldn't get her pregnant!) I came inside her. Moments later she came as well. Sighing, I pulled out and collapsed in ecstasy onto the bed.

Laying there for a moment, I opened my eyes as I felt a weight on my stomach. Belia'ha had mounted my mid section, her crotch on my abdomen. I looked up at her face and saw longing. "Don't worry girl," I reassured her. "You won't get left out." I had came twice, and wasn't sure I another in me at the moment; however I didn't want to let her down. "Just give me a moment...to recover."

I heard groaning behind me and did my best to look backwards without cricking my neck, as I was lying flat out. Ashi'ra was clutching her breast in one hand and had her other in her pussy, moving her body back forth. As she began moaning in pleasure once again, I couldn't help but be awed. She was coming again! Elves were truly miraculous creatures.

Looking back up at Belia'ha, I saw she was standing upright on her knees, clutching her own breast and fingering herself. She was watching Ashi'ra cum.

"Belia'ha," I called to her. She looked at me, surprised, as if she had forgotten I was watching. Waving her over, I watched as she knee waddled over, her breast swaying in motion. Places my hands on her waist, I guided her down over my cock. She slowly lowered herself, and winced as her tight pussy came down over the head of my cock. She let out a little cry as she came down all the way. She wiggled her hips, and I couldn't help cry out a bit. "Careful." She placed one hand on beside of my head, and slowly lowered hear body, all the while keeping my cock inside her. Her lips began kissing my own nipples.

"I?" she said thickly.

Slightly confused, all I get out was "Back and forth."

Almost if she had been asking permission, she began moving her hips. Closing my eyes in sweet agony, I concentrated on her breathing. It became faster and faster, then she began to cry out, slightly higher pitched than Ashi'ra had. She came with her back arched and her head thrown back, both hands on my chest. But that wasn't all. After a moment passed she began working back and forth again, her sighs became more and more frenzied.

"Damn...girl...I...fuck!" I said between thrusts. She was going at it again. And she came again. This time she finally seemed content. She pulled off of my cock and then collapsed beside me.

As I lay there I suddenly wondered where Ashi'ra had gone. Looking around I saw that she had gotten up from the bed. And she was glistening. Then I noticed her wet hair. She had doused herself with the pitcher of water!

"Damn girl!" I exclaimed. Was it possible to be too sexy?

"Damn," I heard her repeat, obviously imitating me. She smiled at me. Walking back onto the bed, she passed out of my line of site and reappeared on my other side, rolling around on the bed. She was drying herself, I realized.

After she finished she crawled on her belly to my other side. Pressing her body against me, I heard a giggle from Belia'ha on my right. Before I could glance over at her they both kissed me at the same time, invading my mouth.

"This must be heaven," I though to myself.

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