tagIllustratedA Ticket to Lust Ch. 02

A Ticket to Lust Ch. 02


Note: Most of you know I write a variety of stories. This one is an interracial/slut wife story where the husband knows about his wife's activity and approves. If you do not like that type of story, pass on this one. I do not want, nor will I read racist/bigoted e-mails or comments. I believe the bigots "doth protests too much". I have two words for the narrow-minded racists ... the first word starts with an "F" and the second word ends with a "U". I do not know how I can make it clearer. For those that enjoy this type of story and want to read the remaining chapters please vote since the bigots have succeeded in trashing the first story: not because of quality but racism and be assured they will do the same to this chapter if allowed. (I cut off comments because of racist comments, so if you want to send me a POSITIVE or constructive e-mail please do.) Gary


Vicky had barely finished swallowing Jamal's load when he lifted he to her feet. He said, "Sit on the bed and show me that sweet pussy, rich girl."

Vicky looked at Jamal without comprehension.

"Come on my little slut, get on that bed and spread your legs."

Suddenly Vicky realized that Jamal was going to fuck her. Oh God, she thought, he's going to put that giant cock inside me and without a condom. She felt helpless to stop it ... but in fact, deep inside she wasn't sure she wanted to stop it. The thought of that big cock penetrating her sent tremors through her very aroused body. Her pussy throbbed and she realized that juice was slipping down her thigh.

Slowly Vicky moved onto the bed and lay back. Her face flushed as she lifted and spread her legs exposing her intimate parts to this man she had met only a short while ago. Her eyes opened wide in shock when she stared at the throbbing organ she had just sucked. His cock had lost none of its hardness. It was still dripping cum and looked like a ... a ... yes, like a giant black snake. Now she wondered if she could get the huge member into her pussy.

"Look how wet that hole is. I knew you couldn't resist my big cock ... no woman can," Jamal said with a laugh. "The best is yet to come. Wait till you feel it filling that sweet pussy of yours." With that Jamal moved closer to Vicky and bent his knees.

Vicky watched as if in a trance as the large head neared her pussy. She could feel the inner walls of her cunt contracting in anticipation of accepting the large organ. She watched as Jamal wrapped his hand around the shaft and directed the head to her dripping hole.

"Ohhhhhh, Jesusssss!!!" Vicky screamed as the head split her outer lips and began to slip into her body.

"Oh, God, oh God, oh God," Vicky gasped as his cock sank deeper and deeper into her. Nothing had touched the places Jamal's cock was already touching. She wasn't sure what childbirth was like, but she wondered if this was how it felt.

"Oh baby, you're so tight. You're taking the skin off my cock," Jamal moaned. Still he pushed deeper.

Vicky began to moan incoherently when she felt Jamal's cock hit bottom. Yet, he still had several inches left.

"Let me get that pussy loosened up and you'll be able to take it all," he said.

Vicky didn't hear him. The moment Jamal hit bottom, she had begun to climax again. Her head felt like it was exploding as blasts of pleasure overloaded her senses. Without her even knowing it, her hips began to lift upward to Jamal's now pumping cock. Each time his cock touched bottom a blast of pleasure hit her. But just as she was getting used to it, Jamal pulled out. Suddenly Vicky's hole felt incredibly empty. Her pussy lips collapsed inward, snapping her hole tightly shut. She looked up at Jamal with eyes that were almost begging. "Put it back in, please," she pleaded.

Jamal smiled a toothy smile. "Sure, baby. But why don't you do it yourself?" With that Jamal moved to the middle of the floor and stretched out on his back. He held his cock up like a flagpole. "Sit on my cock," he ordered.

As if in a trance, Vicky arose and stood on shaking legs. She took several steps toward Jamal and paused. Her brain tried to fathom what she was about to do. She could just say no and take whatever came to her. Instead, the excitement running though her overwhelmed the brief moment of reluctance and she stepped over him. With legs that were about to give out, she began to squat. "Ahhhh," she groaned when the head of his cock touched her juice covered pussy lips. With hooded eyes she sank slowly downward.

"That's it baby; take that cock into that sweet cunt."

Vicky threw her head back and screamed loudly. The pleasure was incredible as the fat shaft opened her pussy again and slipped in by several inches.

"Easy, baby, take it slow and you can get it all in," Jamal almost whispered.

Slowly Vicky pushed down, taking one inch at a time until she had about half his cock inside her. Then two more inches went in. When she thought it was all inside, she looked down and saw that there were still several inches left. She lifted up and moaned as the shaft slipped partially out of her.

With a look of determination she sat back down, forcing her weight onto the throbbing shaft. It went deeper and then deeper, until there was no more left.

"You have it all, baby. Congratulations, you've taken all of the Buford Black Snake. Not too many women can do that. I knew you had a hot pussy from the moment I saw you sitting it that fancy car."

A strange look of serene pleasure crossed Vicky's face. Incredibly she felt a sense of pride. Her pussy had taken all Jamal's cock. She would have never believed it possible, but when she looked down, there was nothing left. It was all inside her ... every inch.

"Relax a minute, baby. Get used to it. I can wait."

But Vicky was impatient. She wanted to feel that cock moving in and out of her. "No ... I want to fuck it. I want that cock to tear me open," she said with a look of wild lust in her eyes. With that she began to move up and then down. She did it several times, until she could lift almost all the way to the head and slip back down in one steady motion. "Oh, Jesusssss," she gasped as she began to bounce on the large cock stretching her pussy so good. "Oh yes, oh yes, it feels so good. I can't believe it."

Jamal smiled as he watched the rich white woman take pleasure on his long shaft. He was content to let her have her fun. She was doing all the work.

"Oh, oh, oh, ahhh, ahhh," Vicky moaned, now almost incoherent, as her hips moved up and down forcefully. Somewhere in the process, she had begun climaxing again. She couldn't be sure when it happened, because from the moment the large head entered her, all of her senses were on overload. The waves of pleasure seemed to ripple from her stretched hole and travel up her body before exploding inside her head.

Again she heard Jamal shouting out a warning. But it took a moment to register.

"I'm cummmmmmiiiinnnnnggg," he screamed.

Suddenly Vicky realized that he was about to cum inside her pussy. She gasped in shock ... she wasn't on the pill. She wasn't sure if she could get pregnant since James and her had been trying to have a baby for almost five years without success. But still Jamal climaxing in her pussy was very dangerous.

Suddenly the taboo thrill of her getting pregnant by a black man sent her over the top again, "ohhhhh, yes, cum in me," she screamed.

"Ahhhhhiiiieeee," Jamal groaned as his potent sperm blasted into the tight confines of Vicky's pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes," Vicky screamed as her body shook. She would have fallen if Jamal had not reached up and grabbed her hands. She pressed down hard, taking every inch of his spewing cock deep into her unprotected pussy.

The two lovers froze as incredible pleasure rippled through them.

Finally, Jamal's cock began to soften. As it did, it slipped out of Vicky's pussy and was followed by a gush of thick cream.

Jamal lifted Vicky off of him and guided her to the cot. Vicky was in a daze as she allowed him to help her lay down. "You stay there for a while and sober up a bit before I take you back to your car."

But Vicky didn't hear him. She had already fallen into a deep sleep. She didn't feel the gush of potent sperm flowing out of her forever stretched hole.

Almost immediately she began to dream ... a very vivid dream and like most dreams, one that found a little basis in reality. She was standing in her in-law's living room and she was naked. Next to her was Jamal, also naked. With a smile on her face, she held his long cock in her hand and he had his arm lovingly around her. In front of her stood her detested mother-in-law. She had a look of total shock on her face as she stared at Vicky's very pregnant belly.

* * * * *

It was an hour or so later when Jamal woke Vicky. She was still in a daze, but almost sober, as she put on her clothes. He took her to her car and sent her home.

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