tagBDSMA Toy's Battle Ch. 02

A Toy's Battle Ch. 02


Isolde sat alone on the bed, ankles still bound to the bar that lined the foot of the bed, a robe placed on her and her wrists bound to the collar around her neck. She had only been given the robe so that she didn't freeze while the heat of the fire rebuilt in the room, even still the silk robe did little to keep her truly warm and more to give her curves a curtain of gloss and beauty without revealing too much to take away from the imagination. Her cleavage was pressed tight between her elbows, her knees just able to touch and hide her nether area though not nearly to her own liking. The sheets had been changed while she was asleep and now she sat still blindfolded and waiting for her meal Sir Kreyos had promised to bring her. Upon hearing the door open she couldn't hide her excitement at finally getting to see and eat, but to her dismay she was left bound and blind on the bed while she felt his weight on the bed by her knee.

"Open your mouth," was his order and she hesitated before opening her mouth slightly and feeling the metal of a fork she opened wider, not entirely liking the idea of his feeding her but not about to lose her first chance to eat because she wanted to be difficult. "The Mistress will be in to see you soon," and that was all he said through the course of feeding her and letting her sip the soda through a straw -- orange soda so no caffeine, but why bother with so much sugar? She was going to get fat this way, though the food itself she could tell by taste was some sort of pork with cooked vegetables and potatoes, all cut perfectly for him to pop into her mouth bite by bite. She wondered if he had cut everything himself just so he could feed it to her, but that would be too weird, wouldn't it? Kidnapping someone, keeping them tethered to a bed and left mostly naked at all times but then feeding them food and making sure they were comfortable when they slept -- this was all a bit too odd for her to try and wrap her mind around.

The door opened again, just a light breeze rolling in from the other room though she was almost certain she smelled fresh coffee in that breeze and the thought made her mouth water even as she took another bite of her food. She didn't doubt this was "the Mistress" who had bought her at that sale before and commented so highly about her appearance which she didn't doubt had turned into a mess. The woman smelled of some exotic flowers and spices, it tickled her nose slightly but made her entire body grow warm. Having no sight she imagined them both in her head though doubted there was any justice in her imagination from the sounds of their voices and the scents that carried on their person. The Mistress was pacing around, watching him feed her and her jaw work as it chewed, just observing them both, Isolde had no reason to act differently at this moment, she was at least getting to eat and she had realized after she had been alone for so long that there was no real chance of her escaping. Kreyos had made sure all of her bindings were secure before he ever left the room, even as she slept, though she had noticed the bindings would be swapped when she was waking from more comfortable and soft restraints to the hard leather restraints she wore all day. She wasn't pleased with her new position, not in the slightest but so far they seemed to be taking care of her, she was sure it had been about fourty-eight hours since they took her and to have lived this long she was shocked.

"You will need to feed her at least twice a day Kreyos, she'll lose that lovely figure if you don't. Exercise won't be a problem at all, though I do not want you to push her too hard, they are more lovely if they stay a little soft in the middle. Something will have to be done about that hair, so damaged, we will have Melia look into caring for it more properly for you. Yes, she'll need to be bathed every day, first thing in the morning before she eats would be better, then she will be radiant all day and night for you. We will have to get her measured for her appropriate attire outside of this room, I will not very well have you prancing her about in the nude when she is untouchable such temptation is cruel towards the others." Isolde blinked and snarled a little which got her smacked down onto the bed, her mind swimming in the pain that was suddenly fresh in her jaw and cheeks. "Yes, she will be quite the troublesome little toy, but you are my little fixer aren't you Kreyos? So let us see what training there is in store... Posture is atrocious. Head is always down like a beaten dog, that will never do. Bruised faces are not attractive Kreyos you must learn to punish with a hard hand but do not harm her, surely you wouldn't want to scar her pretty face."

It was several more listed off flaws before Isolde heard the Mistress sigh and click her tongue behind her teeth, "You have quite the work cut out for you Kreyos, my pet. Ah well, a deserved treat for you. Now then we shall go tell the others and begin her new routine. Slave, keep up your good behavior today and you will gain your sight but if you have to be punished even once more you will remain blind for the rest of the week outside of your baths, is that understood?"

"Yes... Mistress," she remembered as she nodded her head but didn't try to lift herself from the bed, she heard the woman giggle lightly before Kreyos was gathering up the mess from her meal and the pair were once again gone out the door leaving her alone in the darkness of her blindfold. She did hope to finally be able to see, especially after Kreyos had told her that she would have to earn the right, though at the same time she was fearful of what seeing her captors might mean. What if seeing them meant she was doomed to die there? What if seeing them meant they would kill her sooner? What if seeing them changed her mind and she developed severe Stockholm syndrome? The questions buzzed in her mind like static on a television set, swallowing her every conscious thought as she lay there in the darkness. They had to know what so much isolation could do to a person, or perhaps that was what they were counting on, the more she thought, the more she didn't like the idea of being here.

When the door opened again a set of small feet followed behind the boots she recognized as Kreyos', a small woman it seemed had come in with him wearing flats from the sound of it unlike the Mistress who wore pumps or stilettos from the sound of her steps earlier. They were unbinding her from the bar at the foot of the bed and that was when she began her plan; she would play along until she was given the perfect opportunity to flee. She couldn't very well run with her eyes behind the blindfold or escape without knowing where the exits were, she would wait and bide her time until she could be free but the smile that crossed her face got a loud crack and a sharp stinging on her thighs.

"Slave, you will mind your manners. Your training has begun, that sting is your warning, punishment will be far more severe," she heard Kreyos' voice as she apologized and stood when she was pushed up by the dainty hand on her spine. She had to admit Kreyos was rather skilled with whatever he was using, cracking what she assumed was some sort of whip to hit her in ideal areas, correcting her posture and leaving searing hot welts.

The robe she was wearing was readjusted so that her torso and hips were covered but nothing more, the chain on the collar which she had forgotten about led her along the way towards a heavenly scent which she assumed was her bath. Lavender and jasmine flooded her senses as a wall of steam suddenly wrapped around her and she heard the door shut and latch as the small woman led her deeper into the room. She could feel tile beneath her bare feet, and her hips tapped the counter as she was stopped and the chain to her collar wrapped around something so that she couldn't move away from the counter. She felt the light brushing of soft fingertips moving over her throat as her hair was pulled back behind her shoulders and the almost purr of the woman Kreyos had brought with him.

"Oh Kreyos, I am so jealous Mistress would give you such a lovely toy," the woman sounded hurt and lustful as she unlatched the wrist restraints from her collar and hooked them elsewhere so that her arms were out to either side. "Mmm, look at those curves, even burlap would look nice on this one. Oh I do so hope that I get a toy like her on my birthday."

"Keep your mind on the task at hand dear sister. Slave, this is Lady Melia, you will do as asked and call her what?" Kreyos cracked the whip only this time to get her full attention as she nodded her head.

"Lady Melia, Sir Kreyos," Isolde answered quietly as she felt the woman's fingers moving around the thin silk with a measuring tape.

"Oh goodie, she's already behaving like a good toy too. That means she will get to come to dinner and drinks soon," the woman piped merrily before angling Isolde's head and measuring her torso length, she could hear pen scribbling onto paper after each measurement.

"Yes, yes Melia, we all know how you adore social gatherings but do not forget what Mistress has asked of you. Slave, it is time you learn the proper titles of those above you. There is The Mistress and she is above all however even in her sight your loyalty belongs to whom?" Kreyos began his quiz and she was thankful she had paid attention to the things he had told her before.

"You, Sir Kreyos."

"Very good. Now there are four above you here in this dwelling. Myself, Lady Melia, Lady Vincent, and Sir Winther, in their presence to keep from confusion as to my status with you, you shall call me Sire is that understood?"

"Yes, S-Sire," she tried the new name and was relieved to feel a small brush of fingers through her hair rather than a whip or slap.

"Very good, you're intelligent which will save much time. As you have likely learned by now there are warnings before punishments just as there are opportunities for rewards and I do say that you would much rather the rewards to the punishments. However you are spirited and you are intelligent enough to decide for yourself when you act out so you will no doubt learn the difference in a matter of weeks. So, there are also earned rewards. Would you like to know what those earned rewards are slave?"

"Yes please Sire," she nodded and felt the hard handle of something tap her chin and push it so that her neck was extended and her nose in the air.

"Keep your head up so all may see your face, only when you are told should you drop your head but never look a superior in the eyes unless in the presence of The Mistress and then you are to keep your chin parallel to the floor and your eyes on the floor, understood?"

"Yes Sire."

"Good," another brush of fingers through her hair, she was beginning to think such was a loving reward for her good behavior and she had to admit that she rather liked it. "Earned rewards are typically one of your four removable senses; sight, smell, hearing, and taste. At any point during a punishment as I or The Mistress see fit one of these may be taken away from you and it is at our leisure to decide when you have earned them properly. Other earned rewards are things such as various house chores; cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening, or even studying. There are also boundary rewards that you may earn but those are a long way off. Contrary to your current state-of-mind's belief you are not here to be physically harmed or killed. Any harm incurred here is far more minimal than say a car crash or a tumble down a flight of stairs. Melia let me see the measurements."

She heard the rustling of paper as her bindings were switched to what felt like possibly nylon ropes, the collar removed entirely. Melia led her to the tub by placing her right hand on the rim of the tub -- her wrists no longer bound together. "Climb in," Melia said softly in her ear as she did so carefully and the moment her rear touched the base of the tub her wrists were moved up and behind the high back of the tub, bound to another rope so she was positioned with her elbows to either side of her head and steaming bubble-topped water hiding all but her shoulders and above from view.

"The Mistress will be very happy when she sees these," Kreyos commented before she heard him begin pacing while Melia tilted her head and began wetting her hair with a pitcher of the bath water. "Your loyalty is to me which means I have certain loyalties to you. You have been hand chosen by The Mistress to be my personal slave which means you are the only slave I will come to for my primal needs. This also means that if I were to extend hospitality to one of my siblings through you I will inform you what is allowed beforehand and will expect you not to go outside of the boundaries even if it means punishment by said sibling. If any of my siblings were to harm you in some form outside what I say is agreeable then you shall tell me immediately and the situation will be dealt with. All the rules set by me are between us personally and will be your duty to inform any guest of if they attempt to cross over one of those rules, if they do not like it they know full well what they will face."

"I'm going to push your head under the water and remove your blindfold, but you are to keep yours eyes closed," Melia warned as Isolde nodded and did what she was told feeling the woman scrubbing the soap from her hair under the surface of the water. Even starting to open her eyes she felt the water burning them and knew better than to try any further unless she wanted to cry for the next several hours as the soap washed out.

"Your routine will be as follows starting tomorrow. Lady Melia will wake you every morning and bring you here for your bath and dressing, then take you to the kitchen to collect our breakfast and back to the room where you will have everything set up properly before I awake. After breakfast you will tidy the room and clean the dishes from our meal. Following the seamless completion of your morning tasks you will then join Lady Vincent in the drawing room, which is our next destination for your lessons there. Once Lady Vincent dismisses you, you will report back to me with my lunch and tea for yourself. Afterward you will have your next lessons with Lady Melia in the ballroom and once you are released bring dinner, dessert, and coffee for the pair of us to the room once more. After you have cleaned everything up again you will go to see Sir Winther in his private studio. At the end of every week you will finish with Sir Winther and report to The Mistress's chambers. Once your day is completed you will return to your proper place in the room with me and that is where you will sleep. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sire," she answered and jerked slightly as Melia washed her face with her eyes still closed.

"Kreyos, it would be unwise to put her blindfold back on, look at this swelling, it will be most painful for her to wear it until she has healed. Have you been slapping her around like a rag doll?" Melia chided and Kreyos sighed before his voice was suddenly in her ear.

"You will keep your eyes closed until you are given permission to open them or you will wear the blindfold no matter how uncomfortable it may be," his threat was clear and she nodded before he was once again pacing and speaking. "Punishments shall vary, for a light to moderate disobedience you will be punished in a room of the house that I see fit for the punishment you deserve. Anything above a moderate disobedience and you will spend time in the dungeon until I feel as though you've earned the right to leave, understood?"

"Yes Sire."

"Good, now what else is there?"

"Nothing to be said in front of me, everything else is left for your private ownership discussion once she has made rounds to the others. Now you relax in the water for a few minutes and I will go find some dressing options before we take you to see Lady Vincent," Melia told her calmly as she nodded and swallowed, letting herself sink a touch deeper into the water.

Isolde couldn't very well relax as Kreyos was pacing the tub watching her while Melia was out of the room. Most of the bubbles were gone but she knew the water had to be murky enough to hide her in it's depths though she was fairly certain it was only making a greater show for him. She was certain she had lost her mind when she felt him touch her sore cheek ever so softly like a lover and she melted into his touch. Stockholm syndrome, it was just her Stockholm syndrome kicking in -- she still had her plan and she was going to stick to it, it was just something that would take a lot of time.

She jerked as his hand dipped under the surface of the water and into her making her gasp and close her eyes tight in an attempt to fight her body's natural reaction. His thumb and forefinger teased the piercing as they had the night before and just as she was about to make a sound he used his other hand and weight to force her under the water by the chest. Panic boiled and she started kicking, clawing at the hand holding her down even as he kept twisting the vertical bar without ever loosening the ball or causing her pain, just driving her mind into confusion. After a minute or longer he released her chest and let her surface, once she could breathe she started to open her eyes which received her a knock to the back of her head and choked a whimper out of her.

"I did not say you could open your eyes yet," Kreyos snapped and she tossed her head from side to side until he gripped her hair and held her still for fear she would rip her own hair out. "Are you going to be difficult and have me tell The Mistress you've been a naughty little slave?"

"N-no... I'm sorry Sir Kreyos," she lied but he accepted it and released her as the door opened again, Melia coming back into the bathroom with them looking curiously at them both. Isolde didn't doubt at the very least his shirt had gotten wet from her struggling. She heard the sound of plastic hangers clicking on the counter top as the outfits were set out for Kreyos to pick from.

While he decided Melia helped Isolde out of the tub and wrapped her up in a towel before sitting her on the edge of the tub to start drying her hair. Isolde could hear them speaking quietly but not precisely what they were saying while the clicking of the hangers continued around the whooshing of the towel on her hair. Melia started combing her hair out for her and pinning it up how Kreyos had pointed out in some picture. She could feel several strands loose around her face and some on her neck but most of it had been intricately curled and pinned against her scalp. With her hair fixed, a new blindfold was gently placed over her eyes and tied tight behind her head. Another collar around her throat, this one almost like a necklace in how small it was and something told her it was more for show than control as the last had been -- they were dressing her up for her trip to see the others in the house, or what she assumed was a house. What felt like silk bound her arms behind her in a series of knots so that her arms were in a certain position behind her, wrists tight against the base of her spine where she could feel a pair of lace panties and what seemed to be a soft toil top which reached over the panties -- she easily assumed a baby-doll as she had worn one before and knew the feeling of one. It clasped between her breasts, the small metal clasp hidden by a silk bow that Melia tied with ease before clapping her hands.

"Oh my, Kreyos she's absolutely gorgeous all dressed up!" Melia cried even as Isolde felt Kreyos' hands sliding on a pair of stockings which attached to the garter belt she had missed being slipping on and a pair of heels that were impossible for her to walk in. "Oh, too bad... Not to worry! We'll just have to teach her how to walk in them during her lessons, here, they aren't as high and flashy, but they're still sexy and glamorous. She should be able to walk in these." She heard Melia rush from one side of the tiled room to another before the shoes were replaced with another pair, these had the shorter heels she was used to walking in when she dressed up.

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