tagErotic CouplingsA Treat in the Kitchen

A Treat in the Kitchen

byIrish Moss©

"If you keep that up, you are going to make me crash," Ann gasped.

My hand was under her skirt and my fingers were lightly caressing the damp front of her panties, so I slid my hand down along her smooth thigh and asked if that was better. She replied that it was better, but that I was still going to get her completely wet. My response was that it would only mean more sweet nectar for me to lap up once we got to her house. I was good for the rest of the drive, limiting my caresses to her thigh, but the thought of how dripping wet her pussy was had me anxious to get there.

Once she'd parked in her driveway, she practically ran to the door with me right behind her admiring her ass. My hands were on her hips as she fumbled with the key in the lock and, by the time we were inside the kitchen, my hands were on her pert breasts and I was kissing her neck. She moaned and dropped her keys onto the counter as I felt her hard nipples through both her shirt and bra before my hands slid down to the hem of her skirt. I raised it high enough that I could slip a hand into her panties and through her trim bush. I ran my finger between her lips, finding copious fluids collecting there, before sliding it up over her clit causing her to suck in her breath. I lightly stroked her clit while still kissing her neck and licking her ears, then dropped to my knees behind her and took her panties down with me. As she stepped out of them, I raised her skirt to expose her exquisite ass and couldn't resist nibbling it.

I turned her around and had her hold the hem of her skirt up near her waist as I admired the dark blond bush surrounding her pussy before diving in. I started lapping up the juices she was so abundantly producing as my hands slid up to squeeze her bare ass. She moaned and dropped one hand to the back of my head while the other held up her skirt for me. She was so juicy that I was slurping up the flowing fluids while occasionally licking or sucking her clit, which always elicited a louder, more passionate moan. I ended up bringing one hand around and slipped a finger up into her slippery pussy while focusing my lapping and slurping on her clit as I pumped it in and out.

I got the sense, based on how fired up she was, that it wasn't going to take too long before she was cumming, so I just planned to enjoy the taste of her pussy for as long as I could. She was moaning continuously and had started subtly humping her pussy toward my face as I felt her pussy becoming even more engorged. My cock was throbbing as I thought about how good it was going to feel slipping into her hot, wet pussy which I was expecting to happen as soon as she'd cum. It wasn't that I was anxious for her to cum, though; I always loved eating Ann's blond pussy and today was no exception. I relished the taste and the slippery feel as her moaning got louder and she forced her hips toward my face harder. Finally, with a long cry, her knees nearly gave out as her orgasm coursed through her.

I kept licking and fingering as she rode out her orgasm, which seemed fairly intense, then sat back on my heels, sucking my finger, until she caught her breath. She pushed me backwards until I was lying on my back in the middle of her kitchen floor, then went immediately to work opening my pants. She got them open and worked them and my briefs down, allowing my cock to pop free and stand vertically. She grasped my cock as she positioned herself over it and raised her skirt to expose her blond bush again. Guiding it to her pussy, she lowered herself onto my stiff shaft until she'd fully engulfed it, causing both of us to moan. She started riding me as my hands slid up her thighs and around to hold her remarkable ass as it bounced up and down on my upper thighs.

I'd been correct about her pussy feeling outstanding due to her overly aroused state; it felt hot, wet and surprisingly snug as it slid up and down my shaft repeatedly. She had her hands planted on the floor on either side of my head as she rocked forward and back so I was gazing up at her face through the curtain of short blond hair. Her eyes were closed but she had a smile on her face and her lips parted occasionally to let out a moan or gasp. The only thing that could cause me to release my grip on her ass was the realization that her tits were still encumbered before me in both a blouse and a bra. Sliding my hands around, I began to unbutton her blouse while watching as her white bra was revealed. Her hard nipples were pressing out so I ran my hands over them before releasing the front clasp. Her small, pert tits bounced slightly as she rode me before I cupped them and caressed their smooth, soft flesh.

She straightened up briefly, still bouncing up and down, and shed both her blouse and her bra, leaving her wearing only her miniskirt bunched around her waist. I ran my hands over her bare skin while watching her titties bouncing then cupped them again as she leaned forward and started riding me harder and faster. I was definitely feeling the first stirrings of an orgasm as she fucked me with renewed zeal, her sweet pussy sliding up and down my achingly hard shaft. I was pushing up each time she came down, forcing my cock into her as deeply as possible. My hands gravitated down from her tits to her hips so I could brace her against my upward thrusting while her ass smacked repeatedly against my upper thighs. When she seemed to suddenly go into slow motion, I knew that she was cumming once again.

I just let her take control while she came, running my hands back up to her tits again while I waited to see what she'd do next. She opened her eyes and let out a content sigh once she'd finished, then leaned down to plant her lips on mine. I moved my hands back to her ass again as we made out, but she soon started moving down, trailing kisses down my neck and over my chest, as my cock slipped out of her, sliding against her stomach and chest. As she kissed down my abdomen, her hand found my cock and was gently stroking it as her mouth got closer. Pausing only long enough to completely remove my pants, briefs and shoes, she ended up kneeling between my spread legs and gripping the base of my cock as she lowered her head and opened her mouth. She slid her lips down my shaft as far as she could and pumped the base as she slid them back up again.

I was watching as well as feeling her mouth as it moved up and down my shaft and her hand gently pumped. Her short blond hair was hanging around her face, but didn't obstruct my view of her lips wrapped around my tool. The visual and physical stimulations were both pushing me closer toward an orgasm, which I looked forward to launching into Ann's hot mouth. I reached down to run my fingers through her hair as I muttered soft encouragements to her to let her know that she was doing a fantastic job, in case my throbbing cock didn't make that clear. I was relishing the slow build of my orgasm along with the incredible feeling of her cocksucking, which she was doing enthusiastically, as always. As I got closer to cumming, my cock began to swell even more but Ann was undeterred and continued sliding her hot mouth up and down even as I exploded into it.

She sucked until I was completely spent, then let my cock fall from her mouth and crawled up to lie next to me on the floor. With my arm around her shoulders, we lay there catching our breath, she with just her miniskirt around her waist and me with only my polo shirt still on. We talked for a little bit, but the fire wasn't out yet and what started with intermittent kissing soon evolved into passionate making out. My free hand found her small breasts again and alternately caressed them and toyed with her hard nipples. It wasn't long before I was kissing my way down to her chest so that I could lick and suck her nipples while still caressing the smooth, soft flesh. She was running her fingers through my hair and cooing as I worked on her tits, but when I slipped a hand down between her thighs and started to lightly caress her clit, she started moaning again.

She was still dripping wet and I was definitely interested in fucking her some more, but where the spirit was willing, the flesh was still soft and spongy. When she reached down to help me recover, we went back to making out so that it wasn't as awkward for her. With her tongue in my mouth and her soft hand gently tugging my tool, it didn't take to long before the blood began to return to it. We made out while she stroked me and I stroked her until I figured I was stiff enough that I could slip easily into her well-lubed pussy. I rolled over on top of her and slipped in, slowly thrusting in and out as we continued to make out.

She pulled my shirt off as I fucked her, which I appreciated because then I could feel her hard nipples against my chest along with the rest of her soft skin below me. I was supporting myself on my forearms, so as not to put my full weight on her slight frame, while she pulled her knees up toward her own tits, opening herself up fully to me. My cock continued to grow more rigid the longer I fucked her, just as her pussy seemed to become even more hot and slippery. Once I finally felt that I was as rigid as I could possibly get, I pulled my mouth from hers and straightened up on my knees, slipping my cock out of her and having her roll over. She got her knees under her, keeping her head resting on one arm on the floor and presenting her extraordinary ass to me. I ran my hands over her cheeks before taking my rigid shaft in hand and guiding it back into her hot, slippery pussy.

I was focused completely on her ass, watching my cock disappear and reappear below it, but I also noticed her hand slipping back between her legs to massage her clit as I fucked her. I held her narrow hips as I slid my cock in and out of her, relishing the feel of her pussy and the sight of her ass. I hadn't broached the possibility of fucking her ass yet, but was hoping to gradually work in that direction. Doggie-style was a good start, though I had no intention of ambushing her and potentially losing everything; I wasn't so one-tracked that I was willing to risk her hot pussy, perky tits and talented mouth for one shot at penetrating her ass. I figured as hot as this relationship had been, it wouldn't be out of the question to progressively push the limits. Her response to some initial anal stimulation would dictate the next step.

All the consideration of fucking her ass had me quickly approaching another orgasm. I knew she had her fingertips hard at work on her clit, but I couldn't tell whether she was close to cumming as well. The sense I was getting was that she was getting close, though, based on her pussy becoming hotter and wetter, but that was also serving to push me closer to my own at the same time. My hips were bouncing off her ass cheeks as I pulled on her hips and she pushed back against each of my incoming thrusts. My cock was starting to swell again and I hoped it was pushing her along a little bit faster, too. I was holding out that hope even as I reached my limit and decide on my course of action. I pulled out of her at the last possible second and jerked my cock so that I spewed all over her anus. As soon as I was spent, I smeared my jizz around her anal opening before easing my finger into her ass.

She let out a cry of pleasure and began to shake as she came with great intensity. I was encouraged by this orgasm and the fact that she didn't seem put off by the fact that I'd just digitally penetrated her ass. When she finally settled down, I slipped my finger free and waited to see what would happen next. She rolled onto her side on the floor and caught her breath as my eyes still eagerly devoured her naked body. She looked up at me and just said "Wow" but it was still a few minutes before she was ready to get up. Once she was ready, she suggested we go to her bedroom and led me there on unsteady legs.

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