tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Trip to Scotland Was More Than I Expected

A Trip to Scotland Was More Than I Expected


Written with a good friend in mind. He gave me the urge to writ this.. so it is for him. To Malcom Love Valentina... *chuckles*

A trip to Scotland Was more then I expected

I looked at my watch.. Gezz I mumbled this time change is gonna kill me. I flipped open my lap top and started typing away.. Yeah yeah I know I am supposed to be on vacation for the next 30 days.. But hey I love my job..Writting Erotic stories gives my mind a chance to just well go with what ever strikes me.. Any way.. I'm on my way to Edenbrough Scotland to meet up with a Chat friend of mine who’s been hounding me for yrs to come see him. Well I finally broke down after he sent me this picture of his country side house. The one he stays in most the time unless he has to stay in the city.

I cant believe I am doing this. I have never met Steven face to face but I have seen his picture and stuff and we have been talking for about 5 or so yrs now. So I figured what the hell, I be safe. In about 30 mins I'll be at the airport. I feel like a kid. My heart is beating like some silly school girl. I have to just take a few deep breaths and relax. Steven said he would meet me at the air port, as long as his companies meeting did not run into over time. I told him no sweat That I would get a cab or rent a car. God did he get pissy and yell at me. "You'll do no such thing! If I am not there then there will be a car waiting" See Steven has become very protective of me after what happened with the last guy I dated. Which was a HUGE mistake. But that’s another story. Even as far away as he was. If I needed a shoulder to cry on he would call me no matter the time of day. Steven had become one if not my closest friend.

About a week ago I got this letter from Steven with this picture. *chuckles* It was a picture of him with a sign that said.. "I want you to come visit me Valentina"!!! and his dog was at his feet. Now how can I pass up visiting the dog.. * laughs* I decided then to go.. So I wrote him a e-mail and told him I would be there in a week. Well I am about to touch down at Scotland International. I cant wait to see him. I really hope he’s there waiting. I closed up my laptop and put it in my brief case and zipped it shut. The plane came to a halt at the gate. I sat in my first class section seat and waited till ever one had gotten off the plane. My nerves had gotten the better of me. Which for me is unusual. The attendant come to me and asked if I was alright. That seemed to snap me out of my scared haze. I nodded and then got up grabbing my things. I made my way up the concourse to the gateway and I could see people greeting friends and family but I did not see Steven. My heart kinda sunk to my stomach but I thought oh well. Then I heard this voice behind me..

"Thought I would not be here Precious?" Precious was his pet name for me, it was an on going joke. I felt my heart skip in my chest I was almost afraid to turned around but I forced my self to. And Oh my god! I was stunned by what I saw. There stood this 6ft plus guy with a body that even the Greek gods would have been jealous of and his eyes. Damm I had never in my whole life see eyes that blue, the looked like sapphires. His hair was thick and jet black it came just above his shoulders. I felt my knees get weak, but I stood my ground. Then he stepped closer, in his hands were white roses and one red one in the middle. I had to look up into his face just to look at him. Me. I'm only about 5 ft 5 if that. Steven strode up to me as if he had known me for ever, then what happened next all but made me fall to my knees. Steven reached behind my head and pulled me into this kiss. And what a kiss, it was the kiss from hell. His lips were so warm and his tongue slipped past my lips to tease and play with my own. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I could feel the roses crush between our bodies, then all of a sudden the kiss stopped. All I heard was his voice in my ears. " I have been waiting a long time to do that Val. and its not ending with a kiss either" he almost growled in my ear. I could not think of anything to say all I could do was swallow and hard. Finally I said..'Well hello to you to Silkie" If you know about Scottish lord they were loch sprites that came upon the land and mated with the human females. Mated sounds so blick.. what they really did was seduced the women and had unbelievable sex with them till they screamed and well passed out some say. When they awoke they would think it was some incredible dream. Well any way.. I always tease him telling him he was just a figment of my imagination. Hence his nick name.

Steven had no let me go yet and his eyes looked into mine like he was looking into my very soul. He got a wickedly evil grin then spoke. "Lets go and get your things precious then we can go grab a bite to eat and I'll show you around some before we go home" Go that voice and the dammed accent. If he only knew what it sis to me I would be sunk so bad I don’t think I could get up. We walked down to where the baggage claim was and got my 3 bags and one huge box that had written fragile on it. I had brought him a gift. But he had no clue as it was not in its original box. We walked out side where I waited for him to bring his car around. We stuffed the things in his car and then drove off. The whole way into town he held my hand. I knew hands were shaking from that kiss. It just shocked me I had never would have expected that from him. I knew he would joke with me about what he would do if we ever met face to face. Guess he wasn’t joking.

If I said I was not the least bit turned on by his kiss or his body pressed to mine I would be a bald face fucken lair. Damm it was nice. So damm good that I could have cum right there. Bad enough I was getting wet. I had to think of something else. Anything else. "So Steven where are we going?" I asked him. All he did was smile and squeeze my hand. "You'll see lass you'll see" he answered. Damm him and his words. I should have expected that he would use all those quaint sayings that most Scotts used. Not too long after we left that airport we stopped at this small Inn is the best way to describe it. Steven parked the car and then got out and opened my side and helped me out. He was so different then most men I knew back in the states. Steven put his arm around my waist and lead me inside this simple looking building. But what was inside was so fantastic. It was a old rustic inn that had been turned into a restaurant. The smell was overwhelming. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

The night went on almost perfectly, dinner and the company were great I could not have asked for more. After dinner we drove back to his place. I was falling in love with Scotland with ever passing moment. I could not think of a more lovely place then here to live the rest of my life. It was dark and chilly but the fresh air felt so good in my lungs.. I could have slept under the stars. Steven did not say much just idle chit chat all the way back to his house. Once we got there and unpacked the car. I gave him is gift. He looked like a kid at Christmas. He did though take great care in opening it. Since I had started talking to Steven, I had been compiling my writings. And finally made a book out of them and sold the book rights. And well I bought him a new computer and gave him the first copy of my book. Since with out him it never would have come about. On the inside was a dedication and it read.

With out you this would never have been a reality to me. I owe you so much but can only offer you my Thanks and my hugs. With much Love Precious.

Steven looked at me and I thought he was going to start crying. "Oh god don't, please don’t cry. I have done enough of that for us both" I said. "I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me and how much you helped me get to this point in my life." Steven came closer to me and I felt that pang again like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. He looked down at me and caressed my cheek with he back of his hand. "Val this is the best gift I have ever gotten I will always treasure it" he whispered. Welp that did it, now he had me crying that rat. My tears slid down my cheek onto his hand, he just smiled and wiped them away. "No fair..Your not suppose to be this sweet.." my voice broke with a squeak. "Val for you I would move heaven and earth if it made you happy" His words were so soft and sweet they made me just turn into mush. Where had this Romeo been all this time.. damm it! I thought to myself.

Steven stepped away and went back to the box and started to lift the computer parts out. He smiled, his eyes lit up. "I hope you like it. Its a real screamer. *laughs* its got all the bells and whistles." I told him. He nodded and started to put it together. It made me happy to see him enjoying the new toy.

I yawned and stretched which got his attention. He got up and took my hand and showed me to the bedroom. But there was only one bedroom and one huge 4 poster bed canopy and all. My eyes must have gone wide cause he started to snicker. "Something wrong Precious? You always said you could sleep in the same bed with me and not do anything but cuddle and sleep.. hmm well I only have one bed.. and that’s it.. * he pointed to it* So get ready for bed.. and * chuckles* I'll come tuck you in"

I shivered at his words, and mumbled "fuck you" under my breath as he used my own words against me. SO.. not being one to back down from anything I said Fine and went to change. If he wanted to be like that I was gonna be the same way. Well to a point. Seeing as I usually slept in the nude. I was not about to sleep naked next to that hunk of a man. I would never get any sleep. As it was I did not think I would get any sleep any way. I went into the bedroom with my night case and changed clothes. Don't even ask me what got into me but I just had to be a bitch. I changed into this red silk lace job I bought just before I left the states. I knew when I bought it that nothing was going to happen but something in me said 'I dare you" and well.. so... I got it. It hung to the floor with this hip high slits. It was made all of lace almost totally see through. There was a hip hugging thong that she wore under it and a long jacket as well. It to hung to the floor.

I came out into the main part of his house and said that I was ready to be tucked in for the night. The look in his eyes made my heart stop. It was a look of sheer lust and the gaze of a wild cat ready to stalk its prey. I stiffened my resolve and turned on my toes and headed for the bedroom. I had not moved 2 ft even when his hands grabbed me around my waist and pulled my back into his chest. Just then I could fee the rock hard bulge that pressed to the small of my back just above the top part of the space between both cheeks of my ass.

I took in a gasp of air as I was not prepared for him to do that. I could feel his breath on my ear as he whispered into it. "Valentina, your tempting me to take you and ravage you like I have written to you so often over the years. Your as seductive as your words. I have wanted you for so long I have thought of no one else." His huge hand held me fast against him while the other one slowly pushed the jacket off my shoulders. Every where his hand had touched his lips caressed as well. My knees must have just given way cause the next thing I remember was him cradling me in his arms and taking me into the bedroom. The safety trigger in my mind was screaming, NO STOP! But my body and some other part of my brain was just bellowing YES! Maybe deep down in some secret place I wanted him just as much.

I had come to realize in that spilt moment.. that since I had been talking online with him I had no desire to be with any one else. No dates with other guys. Nothing. My time was spent on line with him.

Not my body was in a full fledge motion of passion. Steven laid me on the bed, I fell back against the soft down pillows and I sank deep. He pulled his sweater over his head leaving me with the perfect vision of his dark tanned skin and that muscle rippling chest and abdomen. Next he shrugged off his pant jus to leave him standing in a pair of black silk boxers that I had sent him for Christmas.. it was a dare.. but fuck me to hell and back they looked so good on him especially with his cock just stretching the material. I was getting wetter by the moment.

It was like all those long nights we spent teasing each other into Cumming. It was just almost like everything we had written. Except.. this was not some cyber moment this was real life, and HOT damm. Forgive my plain and blunt manner but, I am not one for flowery words and all. To say the words Fuck my brains out at this moment would be the understatement of that yr. All I wanted to do at this moment was reach up and pull his boxers off and do all those nasty things I had written to him over the years that has gotten him so excited that he needed to have a towel handy when we talked.

Now don’t get me wrong, it was not always some sort of cyber. We had our times just talking and such.. but some how he always managed to push the right button and BLAM there I was off and getting wet and horny. We could make each other squirm with out even trying. Steven looked at me with that look of lust I had dreamt of so often. He put a knee to the bed and leaned down and let his hand skip and trip over the skin of my legs. It was like little shocks of pleasure. All I could do was push my head back into the pillows and sigh. I could feel his hand move slowly up the inner part of my thighs, I squirmed against his hand. "Steven your teasing me.." I said almost breathlessly. I could hear him grin that grin I had pictured a million times. The closer his fingers got to my quivering slit the more I tried to push back into the bed away from his hand, but there was only so far I could go. He moved fully on to the bed stretching out along side me and began to kiss the exposed flesh, places where the lace was not covering. His voice growled which send shivers into me. I pushes my hips off the bed and against his hand as I felt his fingers slide the length of my soaked passage.

My mind swam with words, words that we had exchanged over hundreds of miles of distance. Things that he had written to me over the years. I found my self reaching for his hand to try and stop what he was doing. "Steven" I gasped as my hand touched his.." I can't do this.. my words were short and raspy.

"Do what precious?" he asked me. "I don't think.. I... can sleep... in this.. bed" I arched into his hand as he pressed his finger slowly into me. He was taunting me slowly almost as if this was planed out. And knowing him, it was. Somewhere in my mind I was fighting to get free.. free long enough to catch my breath and have a moment of clear thought but Steven would not stop his oh so sweet torture. "Tell me that you have not thought about us like this over the years. Giving ourselves to each other. Wanting this wanting to be close. Tell me and it will go no further." he whispered in my ear. Each word rang with truth. I did think about moments like this. Being with him, doing all the things we had just typed out. Yet really never did in real life. But now, now he had unlocked the flood gates and I felt like some raging river bursting through them. Talk about no turning back.

My hand grabbed at his and pulled it way. I could see the look of almost sadness in those blue eyes. But I was not really stopping him. I pushed him over to his back and looked down on him, into his eyes. My legs straddled his hips as my red lace gown tugged between us. With out a word my hips ground against his. My juices soaked through the lace and the silk of his boxers. He pressed up into me as his hands grabbed at my hips to pull me down closer. "Val god I want you so badly. I have wanted you for so long. I never thought this would ever happen. I told my self if you ever came here I was going to make damm sure you would never want to leave. And I am going to keep my word. I promise you that" he said in a strong toned voice. I felt my heart pound as his words rang in my head, In all the years I had known him he had kept all his promises even the lil tiny ones. I could not resist what was burning in side of me. I reared back some and pulled the ribbon that held the front of my gown. Slowly his hands crept up my sides to my ribs.. His hands were massive. He took my hands in his and pushed them away slowly. They slowly caressed my breasts making my already stone hard nipples harder if that was at all possible. All I could do was moan. Moan like I had done in the privacy of my home when he would type what he wanted to do to me. My hands ran over his muscular chest. Trailing over ever ripple, ever curve. I wanted to just say " fuck me I don’t care any more", but something held me back. Each move he made against me just heightened my desire.

The next thing I knew was he had a hold of the front of my gown and had in one mover ripped it open exposing my round plum breast to his gaze. My body tensed as I heard the lace rip. My eyes sprung open I could not believe he did that. Not that the gown meant much but that he remembered that it was one thing that I thought was soooooo overly sensual. Having a guy be so excited that he just wanted to ripped the clothing off a woman. And he had done it, in truth it made my whole body jump. My head feel back and my back arched. His hands cupped my bare breasts and fondled them gently. I could hear him moan as he feed on my pebble hard nipples. The vibration felt like thousands of shocks on my flesh. My hands grabbed at the back of his head gently and pulled him closer to me. I was breathing so hard that his head moved with ever breath I took. I bucked to him with a deep seeded lust that I could not begin to explain. Steven pulled the ripped dress off my shoulders and down to my uppers arms locking them tight to my sides not allowing me to move much while he dined on my nipples, first one then the other. The more I tried to get free the harder he held me slowly kissing further and further down my body then back up to my throat. Swiftly he threw me to the bed, his body pinning me to the mattress.

"Val I can't take this teasing game any longer. I want you and I want you now. Tell me to stop before this goes any further." he said in hushed tones as she kissed my neck. "Steven don't.... stop please" I pleaded with him.. I wanted this as much as he did. He had unlocked that door that kept everything in cheek. He and I could not deny that the 4-5 yrs of talking and such had brought them together and so close that this could no longer be denied. We were to close to just flip the switch and turn off what we felt. Steven captured my lips in the all times tenderest loving kiss. No one had ever kissed as they had. His hands pulls the lace gown off my lush hot body, giving it a yank over my round hips then tossing it to the floor once it was past my feet. His hands ran over my body slowly with a fast hard tug the lace thong I was wearing was snapped in two then he lifted my hips up into him leaving my body slightly arched. He kissed me straight down the middle of my body till his mouth came in contact with my clit and with out any pausing he sucked it into his mouth. I griped the bed sheets so hard my knuckles turned white in a instance. My body was on fire.. it was so hot I almost came right then. I don’t know why I didn’t.

I could feel his tongue work such wondrous magic on my slit that I was thrashing on the bed in no time as I came with such force I had never ever felt. I all could do was scream in pleasure. His hands held my hips firm as he licked and suck, it felt like it lasted for what seemed hours. But in truth it lasted about 2 minutes, but it was the most lust filled and pleasurable 2 minutes I have ever had. Next he lifted his body off the bed and stood at the foot of the bed, he removed the boxers and then crawled up to me. I reached out and pulled him to me kissing him. I could taste the tangy flavor of my juices on his lips. I let my thighs fall open to him, raising them to caress his long flanks of muscles. With out effort as if he was made to be in me he slipped in with one fluid motion. He filled me with all of his ragging blood gorged cock, and laid in me perfectly still felling my muscles pulse around him.

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