tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Trip to Shell Island

A Trip to Shell Island


I'd thought at first our weekend had become a complete bust. We'd hoped to get away for a few days, camping on Shell Island and a few afternoons on our favourite nudist beach. It had been a long winter and cool spring, now in late May it was finally time to get naked.

The unscheduled appearance of Susan's mother, Ann looked like the end of that idea. Ann had had a bust up with Susan's dad over something or other, the facts were in short supply. Mom wanted to stay for a few days and that was that. In her late fifties Ann was by no means hard to look at, a decent figure was topped by an ever smiling face.

Susan and I tried to mask out disappointment but not hard enough it seemed as about half way through the evening mom asks if we'd had something planned. I started to tell her that we hadn't but Susan beat me and told her what we'd had arranged. Ann asked where we'd been headed, when she heard she shyly said that when she had been younger they always said there was a nudist beach there somewhere. Susan and I exchanged smiles before saying that we'd heard that as well!

Ann then surprised us by saying that it had been ages since she'd been camping and why didn't we all three go. Although we had been going basically to get in some nude sunbathing, shell island is still a really great place to camp so early the next day we loaded up the tent and stuff and made the two hour trip across north Wales. The drive through the welsh mountains is always a delight. Even better is to travel through dull and damp weather to finally emerge dazed and blinking into bright clear sunshine at the coast. We booked in at the small office at shell island at half ten. Although the site is large, easily a hundred acres it always seems the best pitches are always taken. Today though we were in luck, the sheltered and secluded little hollow right on the beach was free.

Erecting the tent and getting sorted took barely half an hour, by which time the sun was shinning like a good un. Susan and I had already resigned ourselves to not doing what we had hoped, but life never runs as you expect it to. When you book in to the site you're given a list of do's and don't. As we were waiting for the kettle to boil Ann read though it occasionally telling us about one thing or another.

Ann got both our attentions as she began to read the section I'd forgotten about.

'The practice of naturism is forbidden on shell island. Anyone wishing to sunbath nude should use the allocated beach which can be found roughly one mile to the south of the site.

'It's true then' Ann exclaimed. 'There really is a nudist beach here!'

Susan, always long suffering where her mother is concerned replied that yes there was and added that it was a great place to sunbath. Ann's face lit up at this news,

'You mean you've been there?'

I wondered what Susan would say to this, as she is usually evasive about that sort of thing around her parents.

'Yes.' She said, 'We go there all the time.'

At this point the kettle announced it was ready. As I did the honours I just knew what Ann was about to say, but it still came as a bit of a surprise.

'Your father always says it's disgusting to sit around naked.'

I waited for Susan to reply, when she remained silent I felt it incumbent upon me to ask the obvious question. 'And what's your view on the subject?'

Ann looked at me as I handed her a cup of coffee, 'I'm not sure. What are they like, is it only fat old men and skinny young couples?'

I spent the next few minutes explaining the facts about nudist beaches. Yes there are a few 'fat old men' and even a few 'skinny young couples' but the majority are the same as you'd find on any beach. I could see that Ann was sceptical before she said that they'd be no women as old as she was. Susan jumped in here and told her that she'd put money on there being at least ten woman there right now older than she is.

To me that sounded like a challenge and sure enough Ann rose to it.

'Do you fancy a walk that way then, just to see what it's like I mean?'

We quickly filled a back pack with a few essentials and were soon working our way through the dunes which lead to the beach. From there it only took us fifteen minutes to reach the marker for the nude area. As we stopped to let Ann read the notice Susan who was behind her mother pushed off her shorts and removed her top. I shrugged and even though I was beside Ann, did the same.

I knew Ann was watching but what the heck the sign did say clothing was optional! I wonder what Ann would do but she declined to make any comment or remove any clothes, I knew she probably would as soon as we settled and found my self eager for it to happen.

We walked in silence for the next hundred yards or so until we'd past our first couple who both said hello. We stopped in front of them to pass a few words before continuing.

'There you go mom, she was five years older than you.'

We then passed several single men, soliciting no comments either way. After we had past three more couples we came to a gap and decided to settle into it. I quickly spread out some rugs and we were soon relaxing under the strong sun. Susan and I slapped cream on ourselves and each other while Ann was like a small kid in a sweet shop looking all around her.

One interesting anomaly with this beach is that it seems to have a micro climate all of it's own. It can be hot and sunny but pissing down just two miles inland. As it got hotter and hotter Ann grew slowly more uncomfortable. By two I was ready for a walk to the surf to cool down. I thought it was too early in the year to brave the Irish Sea but I knew the first six inches would be tolerable. As I got to my feet I asked Ann if she wanted to dip her feet as well. We left Susan catching up on her beauty sleep as we set off for the shore line.

We must have looked an odd couple as we paddled in the sea. To my surprise the water wasn't too cold even out to three feet. The sea was dead calm which enabled me to shadow Ann, doing a comfortable breast stoke as she wadded in up to her knees. I told her how good the water felt and that she didn't know what she was missing. Ann must have reached a decision as I spoke because she turned to walk back to the dry sand. As I watched she deftly removed her blouse and skirt. Pausing momentarily Ann stood to look around her. Satisfied that no one was watching she turned back to me. I did consider looking away but instead I trod water to watch as she seductively reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, all the time looking straight at me. I didn't get to see her breasts clearly until she had also removed her knickers. As soon as she was naked she ran into the sea screaming like a teenager. As she'd ran towards me her tits had swung so much that Ann had had to hold them with her hands until she fell into the water.

We splashed and swam until the cold started to creep into our bones. I wondered how Ann would react to being naked out of the water I hoped that she would remain so but wasn't sure she would. As it was instead of grabbing her stuff, she set off to walk abit further along the surf seemingly unconcerned by her new state. I said I'd get back to Susan, Ann asked me to take her things for her!

Reaching Susan I saw she was just waking. I dumped her moms things beside her and told her what had happened. Susan couldn't believe her mother had stripped in front of me. She began scanning the beach to see for herself. By then Ann was over half a mile away at the other limit of the beach. As we watched Ann headed back to the dunes and then walked nonchalantly along the long line of sunbathers. My mother-in-law it appeared is an exhibitionist! Susan was speechless at Ann's behaviour, both of us found it hard to believe she could be so relaxed while naked in public.

It took Ann ages to finally get back to us, she had stopped to talk to countless people as she had strolled along. Rejoining us, she started chattering away about the people she had met. By then I had got used to seeing her nude but Susan I knew was still alittle phased. She became even more dumbstruck as Ann sat in front of us in a way that allowed me to see most of her pussy!

Susan headed for the sea for a quick swim while Ann continued to tell me how much she was enjoying herself. I noticed she was beginning to burn a little and past her a tube of sun cream. We continued to talk about the ins and outs of being naked; I found it intensely erotic to watch her massage the cream onto her tits and then the inside of her thighs. There were areas she needed help with and I enjoyed the experience of rubbing the cream onto her back and bum immensely!

The rest of the afternoon drifted past us, about the only thing of note was when Ann went off on another walk and was gone for ages. When she returned she wasn't as communicative as she had been, both Susan and I both wondered what she had been up to!

Eventually it began to grow cooler and around five o'clock most people were beginning to gather their things and reluctantly cover them selves. To return to our tent we had to pass through the ordinary beach. Susan usually wears an open dress which she fastens only at the very last minute. Today was no exception. We always liked to see just how close we could get to our tent before she had to fasten the dress.

Ann joined in the fun as well. She slipped on just her blouse which she left open. It covered some of her bum and allowed her tits to swing free in the late afternoon breeze. She and Susan were daring each other to see who would chicken out first. I my self had money on Susan but as an outsider I couldn't help wondering if maybe Ann might win.

We walked along the surf to begin with, we past one couple who both gave my woman admiring looks. Neither made any move to cover their selves in any way. Eventually we were level with out site. To get to the tent meant passing through a busier section of the beach. I offered to call a tie to let them both off the hook but Ann said that she was fine unless Susan wanted had had enough. Susan's pride wouldn't allow her to admit defeat, she casually mentioned that she was fine. I voiced my concerns at this point and got Ann to put on her knickers and Susan to do up the bottom part of her dress. Both still had their tits on show as we struck out back up the beach and to our tent. Several people watched us but no one seemed too bothered.

At the tent I got the kettle going for a coffee while Susan and her mom went for a quick shower. But mutual agreement breasts were covered but neither wore more than they had on already. I had the drinks ready when they returned. When we had rested for a while Ann asked us what we did in the evening. I answered that we always went into Llanbedr to eat.

For the short trip to the shower Ann had only held the blouse across her front. In the tent she was happy to sit talking with it open, she had even removed her knickers as she lay back on her airbed! Not to be out done Susan was also naked. I couldn't help but watch them both as we tried to decide where we would eat. Normally Susan wears very little on these evenings, usually a new outfit she'd brought especially for the occasion.

'What have you brought to wear tonight?' I asked Susan.

She rummaged in her bag before holding up an exquisite little dress. It was light blue with thin straps and almost completely see-through. Ann was taken by the dress and begged Susan to let her try it on for size. Susan tossed it across to her mother who quickly slipped it on. The loose thin material moulded it self perfectly to her breasts and reached to only just below her pubes, which I could clearly see.

'Oh Susan.' Exclaimed Ann. 'You were never planning on wearing just this were you?'

I have a suspicion that Susan might have worn knickers and even a skimpy bra, but she replied that yes she had. Susan winked at me to let me know what she was winding her mother up.

'Why wouldn't you have the nerve to go out like that?' Susan was trying to win one over on her mother. But unfortunately for her, Ann was well up for the game.

Ann came out of the tent to walk around, getting a feel of the dress. After a few moments she looked at Susan and said that yes she could go out like this.

For the umpteenth time that day Ann had surprised us both. Susan asked if she was serious about the dress, Ann looked at us both and asked why, wouldn't you? Ann had Susan by the short and curlies here, I sat back on my camping chair and tried to stop myself laughing.

'If I wear it though,' Ann added, 'You'll have nothing so you'd better have it back.' So saying Ann stepped back into the tent, removed the dress and handed it to Susan. On her it looked every bit as good as it had on Ann and, just as revealing!

At this point I think Susan realised she'd been tricked into wearing just the dress, but she had an ace up her sleeve with which to get her own back. As Ann began to look through her own case for something to wear, Susan reached into hers and produced an equally skimpy and more to the point transparent dress which she said Ann could borrow!

I did notice a look of doubt cross Ann's face as she held the dress in front of her self. I thought she might back down but she slipped the dress on and once more came out of the tent to get the feel of it. Susan joined her and I had the pleasure of looking at two attractive women, both seemingly willing to be seen in public wearing virtually transparent dresses.

The temperature dropped suddenly as we got into the car to drive over the cores-way which separates the camp site from the rest of Wales. This afforded both Susan and Ann the chance to slip on a coat, at least they would be able to get seated at a table in relative modesty. As we left the site I noticed we only had until ten to get back, after then the tide would cover the road until the middle of the night.

The drive to the restaurant only took five minutes and we easily found a table to our liking. I must say it was one of the most enjoyable meals I'd ever eaten, both Ann's and Susan's tits were virtually on full view the entire time. I'll always remember the effect Susan had on everyone, as she walked to the ladies. Every pair of eyes in the place watched her as she weaved between the tables. Ann also made the trip if only to keep up with her daughter. The site of her full breasts swinging as she too had to weave in and out of the tables was totally captivating.

Sex is always a big part of out trips, it's not unusual for us to do it three or four times a day. First thing in the morning, in the dunes or even on the beach, then back to the tent and once more at night. Today though I was faced with the awful prospect of possible not getting any action at all! To make matters worse, I hadn't been this turned on in years!

It didn't take us long to get settled in the tent. Not having to bother with modesty helped I suppose. To my eternal relief Ann was asleep as soon as she had settled. Susan and I had a brief whispered conversation about the days revelations before having one of the quietest and shortest screws of our relationship.

The next morning brought more sun. but being Wales it was no use hitting the beach until eleven. After a coffee we headed to Portmadog for breakfast. The girls dressed conservatively for this; compared to the evening at any rate. Neither had any underwear, Susan had a short halter neck dress but Ann had to make do with the blouse and skirt she'd worn yesterday. After a filling breakfast we walked up the high street. There're several nice shops in the town. Ann dragged us into several clothes shops before she brought herself a dress which showed off her figure perfectly. She kept it on after buying it to wear around the rest of the town.

The drive back to shell island involves two toll roads, something I always find quaint as they only charge about twenty pence. We made it back to the site just before the tide came in; we quickly loaded up with provisions and reached the nudist beach at eleven, just as it became warm enough to strip. As there was no one even remotely near us we'd removed what few cloths we had, half a mile before the marker. We had the whole beach to ourselves when we finally got there. Ann continued on along the dunes as Susan and I got settled. As soon as Ann was roughly three hundred yards away Susan pushed me onto my back got me hard, which wasn't difficult and lowered herself onto me. The second fuck of the weekend lasted only a little longer that the first.

We lay in each others arms for a while afterwards, only sitting up when we heard Ann returning. There were a few more people about by then with loads more in the distance approaching fast. We had a bottle of wine with our picnic lunch which was followed by a welcome snooze.

Susan slipped into a deeper sleep than Ann or I. When Ann whispered that she was off to stretch her legs (to see and be seen I thought) I decided to join her. We walked along the line of sun worshipers before climbing to the highest part of the dunes to sit in the cool breeze.

As we looked out to sea Ann asked me how often we came here. I told her it was only a couple of times a year and that we planned to go to Studland, a more popular beach later in the year. Next she asked if I had enjoyed myself last night.

'Yes.' I said, 'You know Susan wouldn't normally wear that thin a dress without underwear. But I have to say you both carried it off as if you do it everyday.'

'We were naughty weren't we. But then again so were you.'

'What, by taking you both out?'

'No by making love in the tent with me there.'

'Oh!' I spluttered. 'We'd thought you were asleep, sorry.'

I should think so too. I know exactly how much you must have needed it though; I could have done with a seeing to as well!'

'As well?' I asked, wondering what she'd meant.

'Well Susan's dad is alright in bed you understand but I now know that maybe he's a little lacking in the hardware department, so to speak.'

Not knowing quite what to say I opted for the silent approach and waited to see where Ann was headed.

'You know when I went for a walk yesterday? Well I met this couple…. anyway we got talking and soon the conversation got quite naughty.'

I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing but Ann wasn't finished.

'As we were talking this mans dick, you know, grew. I couldn't help but notice as he was right in front of me. I know you won't believe me but I've only ever seen my Derrick's before then and this mans cock was twice the length of his. When it was fully hard I just couldn't take my eyes off it, his wife just sat giggling at me. Then she told me it was alright to touch it, which I did. Well one thing led to another and we ended up having sex with his wife sat watching as well! Afterwards she told me she always got a thrill out of watching him in action.'

That was the most fantastic story I'd ever heard but I still couldn't believe it of Ann. The trouble was, as she had told the tale my dick had responded and now help Ann's attention.

'How does it measure up to yesterdays exhibit?' I asked as I rested back on my arms to let Ann see me clearly.

Ann reached across to gently take hold my ridged dick before coyly telling me that actually she'd made the whole thing up.

'I knew you'd never make a pass at me so I thought I'd let you know that anytime you want to fuck me you can.'

I don't know about you but a line like that, hits the spot every time for me. By then Ann had massaged my dick to it's full extent. With no words exchanged I manoeuvred my self onto and then quickly into her. We made love slowly under the hot sun but I had to be careful that no one came across us so operations ended quite quickly, but not until I was sure Ann was satisfied!

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