tagLoving WivesA Trucker Takes My Wife Again

A Trucker Takes My Wife Again


After our first adventure at the truck stop, my wife and I became hooked. The trucker culture became quite a turn on for us, even escalating into a fetish. It was becoming a lifestyle for us. In a way it was as though we were escaping our normal selves and entering into a very unique and different culture. Most days we would get home from work and listen to the cb and the trucker talk. My wife would get on with her sexy voice and call handle of Hotwife and it would drive the truckers wild. She was getting pretty good with the cb lingo and she could now rattle on like an experienced trucker or dispatcher. We liked to eat out at the diner of the local truck stop. We would sometimes wonder how many of the truckers passing through right before us had heard Hotwife on the radio. And we wondered how many had been flashed by her as she was now becoming a prolific trucker flasher. She was becoming well known for her nice set of headlights.

Hotwife loved to wear the anklet she had been given after her first trucker fucking. It was summer and hot in the great white north, and her anklet was easy to see with the shorts and skirts she wore. We wondered how many people noticed it, and if so, how many people would know the meaning behind it. It did look silly with only one charm on it, the one given by Bulldog. We decided that she should add to the anklet, though we may have been justifying the thrill we had for trucker fucking.

Discretion was very important to us. We learned this when we first started swinging, and even more so when we tried dogging. We stopped dogging when some weirdos were trying to take our pics with their cell phones. We are both professionals in the vanilla world, and we could be considered upstanding members of the community. But our healthy sexual appetites would not be understood by mainstream society. That is why we proceed very cautiously. We had decided to use different truck stops with each adventure, to help protect our identities and to protect our privacy. It was also a great way to see the country and more realms of the trucker life. Our den was being transformed into a trucker room where we placed a cb and some trucker posters, and a journal of truckers we had talked to or fucked. We put up a map of our state and started identifying truck stops. The truck stops we haven't been to would be marked red and the ones we had been to would be marked blue. We were feeling more adventurous this week so we chose a distant stop that was almost an all day drive across the state.

We left Saturday morning and took to the open road. Some folks may find a long drive boring, but we enjoyed the nice day. We listened to the trucker chatter and my wife would get on and give teases with her sexy radio voice. She had plenty of truckers to flash and she proudly displayed her DD breasts that were affectionately called the headlights. My wife would point out to me the big rigs she liked. Sometimes the truck was just as exciting and noticeable as the trucker. We had lunch at a truck stop and my wife's topic of conversation centered to guessing which trucker drove which big rig. It was an interesting game to play. We took back to the road and finished our journey. We checked in to a hotel and went down to the chosen truck stop to scout it out. We saw some big rigs pulling in early to get a good spot on party row.

Party row is the very back row where the big rigs park. That is where the crazy shit happens at truck stops. It is the furthest point away from most of the eyes and ears and security cameras. We could already see a lot lizard strutting back and forth along party row. A lot lizard is trucker talk for a prostitute. At first Hotwife thought she would have some competition from the lot lizard. However, after dinner we saw that same lot lizard up close and she had nothing over my wife, plus my wife fucked for the fun of it and not for crack money. I took some notes on the truck stop layout, places where we could park our car, noted security cameras, and the routes the lot lizards took.

We spent the next several hours taking in the local sites and shopping as though we were normal people having a weekend getaway. We had some drinks at the local brewery and started to look forward to the night's adventures. Perhaps part of the thrill was we never really knew what was going to happen. We liked to plan and prepare, but we were sure to have some surprises. Part of the preparation was Hotwife getting ready for the night. It was to become almost a ritual as she spent a lot of time in the bathroom freshening up and applying her makeup. She wore panties with Hotwife written on and her babydoll nighty and robe that she had worn last time. She looked so beautiful dressed like that it was hard for me to resist fucking her right then and there.

We pulled into the truck stop and parked in the car lot where we could have a good view of the big rigs. My wife scanned over the trucks with a pair of binoculars. It was dark rather soon and she hadn't seen any big rigs that caught her attention enough to fuck the trucker. We listened on the cb as the lot lizards started calling out advertising their services as commercial company. These lot lizards would rattle on the radio until a trucker would take interest and then they would switch to a more private channel to negotiate. My wife put down her binoculars and I asked if she had picked one. She hadn't and I asked what she wanted to do. She smiled and picked up the cb and started advertising herself.

"Breaker one, breaker one, this is Hotwife looking for a good time at the truck stop. I'm not commercial company I am just out for the thrill of it. I am a swinger and my husband likes to watch. Looking to try out the sleeper of a big rig", she called out. The response was overwhelming and it became hard to hear all the chatter.

"I'm at the truck stop now, so if you're ready and interested flash your lights for me now", called out Hotwife. The next thing I know half the lot was flashing lights. "Okay, okay, I have a trucker anklet with a tag on it and I'm looking to add to it. If you have a tag to give me flash your lights now."

Now there were a lot fewer trucks flashing their lights. Someone asked Hotwife to send a picture on her phone. "I don't send pictures. I'm no lot lizard I'm just a lady with the hots for truckers. I do have neck length dark brown hair and brown eyes with a great pair of 38 DDs. I am not skinny minnie that you might break, but I'm not a big girl either. I have a little cushion for the push'in. Now which one of you truckers is the biggest and burliest?", asked Hotwife.

Several truckers responded, but a trucker with the call handle of BigBear claimed to be 6'4 and 295 pounds. Hotwife asked if that was real and several other truckers chimed onto the radio to confirm it. Hotwife had him turn his lights on so we could find his big rig before telling him we would be there in a few minutes. A lot lizard got on the cb and bitched that Hotwife was stealing her work. We laughed as I turned the radio off and leaned over to give my wife a big long kiss.

We stepped out of the car and I took my wife by the hand to lead her through the route I that I thought we would be the safest and least noticeable. We ducked under trailers twice, once to avoid a cop passing through and another time to avoid a lot lizard. It seemed like a long walk with just enough danger to make it fun before we were upon BigBear's Volvo big rig. Hotwife stepped up and knocked on the door. The door opened and Hotwife climbed in and I followed.

BigBear was indeed a big, bear sized man. I reckon that he was around 50 years old. He had short salt and pepper hair that looked like a crew cut and a long handle bar mustache. He had the look of experiencing decades on the open road. He sat in the driver seat wearing a tee shirt and boxers. He was very burly with a very thick neck and broad shoulders. He had a big chest and a bit of a belly on him too. Everything about him seemed massive, even his hands. I am sure BigBear encountered a lot of things in his years trucking, but I don't know as though he had ever had a hotwife while her husband watched. He greeted us politely but remained at the driver's seat as though he were unsure what to do. I sat down in the passenger seat and Hotwife made her way to the sleeper.

"They tell me that I have to be naked whenever I'm in a big rig. You don't mind do you?", asked Hotwife as she started to open her robe.

"Oh, no, go right ahead", said BigBear in a deep voice. Hotwife smiled and removed her robe and tossed it over to me. BigBear and I watched intently as my wife seductively undressed. She turned away from us and slowly lowered her panties. She bent over giving us a great view of her great round ass. She turned back around and with a smile she slid one strap and then the other of her nighty off her shoulders and it slowly fell to the ground. Hotwife gave us some twists and turns to show off her body and then hopped onto the bed. She stretched out and rubbed all over the bed.

"Big rigs get me so horny BigBear. There is just something about them that makes me want to get fucked silly in them, fucked by a big and burly trucker. You're a big and burly trucker, BigBear, and you have a nice big rig." Hotwife turned on her side with one knee raised she started to slowly lick her lips and play with one of her nipples in one hand while she started to finger her pussy with the other. "Won't you come fuck me, trucker?"

BigBear shot me a quick glance. "Have at her", I said with a smile.

With that BigBear pulled his tee shirt off to reveal a very hairy chest. He rose from his seat and took a couple steps before dropping his boxers and climbing on Hotwife. He really did look like a bear as he seemed so big and hairy on top of my wife. She looked so small in comparison. His big hands were soon all over her boobs. She tried to spread her legs wide for BigBear, but the small quarters left one of her legs pushed up against the wall and the other dangling off the bed. BigBear took Hotwife's tits into his mouth one at a time. After a moment, BigBear repositioned himself and reached down to feel Hotwife's pussy. He ran his fingers along the outside before sliding in to feel her hot and wet pussy. He lined up his big and thick cock and slid it into my wife's pussy. Hotwife let out some moans of pleasure. Bigbear began pumping away and I watched as his massive body pushed back and forth against Hotwife who seemed tiny and as though she were being consumed by a bear. He humped away on her like this for awhile but the big man was either bumping against the wall or falling off the bed due to his colossal size.

BigBear climbed of Hotwife and took a step back. He had her lean over the sleeper and he mounted her from behind. This gave him more room to fuck, but left me with little to see. I could barely see my wife under the massive body of BigBear. I could however hear her pant and moan as she got fucked by the biggest and burliest trucker at the stop. The intensity of Hotwife's moans picked up and I could tell she had at least one orgasm. After awhile BigBear got up and sat back down in the driver's seat. He slid the seat back and tilted the steering wheel up and out of the way. "Come on over and take a ride", he called to my wife.

Hotwife came walking up naked with a wet and dripping pussy. She picked her leg up and over the trucker and straddled him. She slowly lowered herself down upon his big and thick cock and smiled with delightful pleasure. She moved up and down working her pussy all around BigBear's cock. He lay back in the chair and moaned as my wife ran her hands up and down his hairy chest. Hotwife rocked harder and faster upon that cock and her panting let me know she was really enjoying it. I think being in the front part of the cab was also a thrill for her as it was more open and she was more exposed to whoever may be able to watch. She liked to feel vulnerable during sex. BigBear put his massive hands on her breasts and played with them, squeezing and rubbing as she rode his cock.

Their breathing picked up and BigBear moved his hands along Hotwife's side and with his strong arms he helped bob her up and down on his cock. She was really moving on that cock and the trucker was almost tossing her like a blow-up doll. Hotwife was really moaning. I think she felt like she wasn't in control at the moment and she was being fucked silly by a big trucker in the driver's seat of a big rig. Her body soon shook as she began to orgasm. BigBear started to buck from his seat and let out a big and deep grunt. Hotwife slowed down and came to a stop. As she climbed off BigBear, I could see a big load of white cum dripping from her pussy.

We made it back to our hotel safe and sound. We took a soak in the hot tub to help unwind. We left BigBear the Hotwife panties and he said that he would put them on display on his dashboard. He gave Hotwife a tag that she hung on her anklet. The long road home provided more fun on the cb and trucker flashing. It had been a fun trip and another great adventure with my wife the trucker fucker.

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Great story, my wife and me did exactly the same, but sometimes she liked too be gangbanged by many drivers, even 10 or more !

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