tagIncest/TabooA True Slave Daughter Ch. 02

A True Slave Daughter Ch. 02


Great power comes with great responsibility. You should devote yourself to a cause with your whole strength and soul. Mastery requires doing that. It demands all of a man indeed.

If you are stepping into a long-term relation you need to be patient, being aware that there is a right time for everything. You need to establish security and reliability at first. There is always a price for actual joy.

In my case I knew it wouldn't be simple. It wouldn't be a play partner thing, but a long-term relation because of our actual roles against each other. You may end up a relation but you are always the father.

There was already a decision. I was her owner.

A slave has no right according to its theory. But it still would be a very naive approach if you think a slave would have no expectations and no need for being a slave to her master, for being a mother to her kids, for being a friend to her friends, for being a businesswoman etc. In some cases isolation from the actual world might be preferred but this wouldn't be good in my opinion.

I wanted Karen to be a true slave to me. This was the only way to live whatever we would have properly. In my definition a true slave must be capable of displaying several lives in different environments without creating a conflict for her master in making decisions for her. So Karen's task was very clear but not so easy to be done.

I called her in the evening of the day after her being caned. She had just arrived at the airport with her colleagues. I could sense the excitement and joy in her voice, which was a good thing. They had plenty of time for departure yet. I asked her to part from them and listen to me carefully. When she did, I started to give all the instructions she would need that evening and the next day.

Her arrival at the airport would be early in the morning. She wasn't allowed to stay at her house together with Jeff. She would need a temporary place to stay at. I had booked a hotel for her. She would have to go to the hotel directly after her arrival and check-in. All expenses were my responsibility.

She would have to meet with Jeff to announce her decision. So she would need to be at home after she refreshed at the hotel. It would be a brief declaration but nothing more. She shouldn't listen to him or jump into an unwanted argument. She would have to declare she was going to divorce him and she would be taking her belongings with her in the evening. She would have to pay a visit her mom after Jeff. She would explain the situation to her mom briefly and ask her help for packing her belongings. She would give her mom just one excuse for divorcing Jeff, that she had been unhappy since the beginning. The reason was that he wasn't the right man for her. It was completely her mistake to be corrected by this divorce. I was sure her mom would be understanding of the situation.

Once she was back to the hotel in the evening, she would have to prepare her résumé for sending to the people I was going to let her know by e-mail. There were three contacts from three different law firms located in my town. She would have to investigate these firms and prepare proper cover letters for them. She would have to send her CVs to me for my proof reading before sending them to these people.

All the above instructions were about the next day. She was going to have such instructions daily and I would be able monitor her activities all the time. That's why we were in need of a proper communication since there was a distance between us. So I had set up two instant messaging accounts, one for her and one for me. She was going to use it for reporting all her activities to me instantly. She would also keep all her messages and my replies to establish a timetable supported with comments, pictures and videos. I was going to let her know when she would have to add pictures and videos. She would always have to have an immediate access to this timetable. I suggested her to start with an Excel file. We were going to go through that timetable after some time anyway. She would have a chronological list of all events in her new life at the end.

It was obvious that she would have to ask my approval and permission for most of her daily activities and decisions. The only exception was some part of her business for time being.

She listened to me carefully. She repeated all to confirm they were understood well when I asked her to do. She was a clever girl anyway.

And then I came to the instructions she would need during the flight. She was going to take pictures of her caned bottom at the lavatory in the plane. They had to be proper pictures displaying all marks clearly. She had to put these pictures into the timetable with comments where they were taken and when these marks happened afterwards.

There was more for her for the flight. I asked her if she had a paddle like hairbrush with her. She said no so she had to buy one. I informed her she was going to use it for making her little pussy red during the flight and urged her to find one. She moved around to search for shops might sell such products while she was on the phone with me. She found one after a few minutes. There was a black hairbrush at a proper size for slapping her pussy with a rounded handle. I thought that handle might also be used. She had to buy it. Then I started to give her the orders.

"You will wait for one hour after takeoff and then go to the lavatory. Once you are in, you will get naked completely. You will take two pictures of cane marks. Are you shaved?"

"Yes I am, Sir."

"Good. You will sit on the closet with your legs wide open revealing your pussy well. You will take a clear picture of your pussy. You will rub your hand on your pussy for a minute."

"After rubbing yourself, you will start hitting your pussy with hair brush for 30 times at 5 seconds intervals. You have to do it hard, regardless the sound you are going to create. It must be red, not reddish, at the end. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do, Sir"

"Once it is red, you will take a picture of your red pussy. Making your little pussy red for me must be rewarded immediately. So you will shove the handle of the hairbrush completely into your pussy. While the handle is inside your pussy, you will play with your clit till you cum. If it is too fast you will continue doing it till you cum again. Do you understand?"

"Yes I do, Sir."

"After you are done, you will take a picture while the handle is buried into your pussy. You will pull the handle out and take a picture of the handle with your thick juices on it. You will get dressed and put the handle into your bag as it is with the juices on. You will go back and sit down till end of the flight.

"You are going to send me all these pictures when you are in the hotel. You will also write to me what you did, and how. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"One more thing. You are not allowed to pee during the flight. You may go to the toilet once in the airport before the flight. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Are you wet?"

"Yes I am, Sir."

"Since when?"

"Since you called me, Sir."

"You little dirty slut!"

"I am, Sir."

"You will have all the details of instant messaging accounts a few minutes later. You may go now."

"Thank you, Sir."

You should know that a pain slut requires pain for a real turn on. She is always hungry for pain. It is up to you as her user or owner to calculate the doses and how to do it. You may either spoil it, or make it a real joy for both parties. Humiliation works in the same way too if your slut requires humiliation. My slut was in need of both pain and humiliation. She was inexperienced yet but was very willing to try. I knew it was just a slow start for the time being but I was going to use her at extreme for my own pleasure eventually.

I messaged her the details. I was expecting at least a message from her before the departure. She sent one message sometime before her departure asking permission to go to the toilet. I replied her that she might go to the toilet. She thanked me as always. I received two more messages from her before I went to bed.

"I am going to the plane, Sir." and "I am going to turn my mobile off, Sir."

I knew she was very excited and might be in need of hearing some words about her excitement, but I didn't do anything. There was a 3 hour time difference between the two states. I woke up at around 7:00AM in the morning. There was a bunch of messages came from her.

"We just landed, Sir.", "I am going to the hotel, Sir" etc.

I quickly checked the last message to see "I am done with Jeff as instructed and going to Mom, Sir."

It was obvious she would be good in reporting her activities to me. There was also an email from her in my inbox. It was a bulky email with attachments. I started to read it slowly.

Dear Sir,

I have just arrived at the hotel. Thank you for being so generous as the room is a junior suite, which is very spacey and luxurious.

The flight was crowded. I waited for an hour after takeoff and then I went into the lavatory. I got undressed completely. There is one thing I have to tell you, that I had been very excited since you instructed me what to do during flight. So I was very wet, Sir. My panties were soaking wet, too. Thank you for having me always wet for you, Sir. I hope that would please you, Sir.

I took two pictures of beautiful cane marks you left on me. I love my cane marks, Sir. I often touch them and look at them. The pictures are attached to this e-mail.

I also took a picture of my wet panties that I thought might please you as well. I hope it would, Sir. You have such an immediate and long lasting effect on me, Sir.

I sat on the closet and opened my legs wide to reveal my pussy clearly. I took a picture of my pussy. I checked to see if it was a clear picture. It was, Sir. Then I rubbed my right hand on my pussy for a minute. I was getting very excited. I took the hairbrush and started to hit my pussy with it as instructed. It was noisy, Sir. It was painful, too. I was checking it constantly how red it was getting. I wanted to make it real red for you, for your pleasure, Sir. I hit my pussy real hard 30 times. It hurt a lot and it became red as in the picture I took. I hope that it would please you. My only thought was to please you at these moments, and I realized I was dripping wet when I was done, Sir.

I shoved the handle into my wet pussy. As I said, I was incredibly wet, Sir. I came instantly when I touched my clit. Thank you, Sir. I kept playing with my clit and I came again in less than a minute. Thank you, Sir. I was trembling sitting on a closet in the lavatory of a plane with a hairbrush buried into my pussy. I want to please you, Sir. I wanted to please you very much. I took a picture of the hairbrush in my pussy. Then I pulled it out to see white, thick juices on it. I took its picture, too. I dressed and put the hairbrush into my bag. May I keep the panties and the hairbrush as memories of this incident, Sir? I can label them and keep them in a safe place, Sir.

When I was out of the lavatory there were 5 people waiting in the queue and I felt as if everyone was looking at me. It was humiliating. My pussy was sore and still extremely wet. I went to my seat and never moved till end of the flight. My only thought was to please you properly.

I am attaching all pictures I took to the email. There are 8 pictures in total. I hope they would please you, Sir.

Your property Karen

There were pictures named properly. I looked at them for long time. They were all beautiful. I had never seen such a red pussy in my life. The handle was all covered with her thick juices. They made me real hard at that moment. There was a bonus picture showing herself completely including her face while sitting on the closet with the hairbrush buried into her pussy. I realized that I was looking at my slut's pictures. A slut deserves to be my slave. A slave I had been looking for. I had never thougt they were of my daughter. That moment was a breaking point for me indeed. I would go further than I intended.

To be continued...

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