A True Slut's Education Ch. 01


Louise lowered her gaze as she felt herself blushing, her body felt like it was being immersed into the flames of hell as this cruel man stoked her with his abusive touch. How could such treatment cause her skin to thrill so! Every nerve fibre in her breasts was singing, tingling beyond redemption at a moment's attention from such a man as Mr Ashwell.

Louise stifled a moan, her head reeling at how perfidiously her body was reacting. Her husband had never aroused her so much in their 13 years of marriage compared to this stranger who had her purring with just a brief caress. Blackmailing her into meeting his sexual whims was not meant to make her feel good. She should be screaming, fighting him with everything she had, and yet she meekly sat beneath his shadow.

Hooking the lace away, Mr Ashwell reached in fully and extracted her breasts from her lingerie. Foaming over the top, each globe bounced as it was released, the bra squashing them upwards as they jostled for space. Louise shook her head, her hair falling in front of her face to hide her embarrassment at being stripped. Mr Ashwell's groin was close to her face and she could see him straining beneath his flies. The thought of his swollen erection elicited another unwanted moan, and she ground her thighs together unbidden.

Mr Ashwell laughed at her squirming in her seat and gathered her hair up in one fist. The little whore loved it, she could barely stop herself from squeezing those thighs and oozing pussy juice all over the seat. He could smell her arousal already and could barely contain his own excitement. Wrapping her hair around his fist he brought her face to his crotch.

"Unzip me" he commanded, holding her head tight against his trousers where the fabric was raised vulgarly.

"But, but I can't, you've tied me. How can I like this?" Louise stammered into his crotch. Her breath was warm and Mr Ashwell could feel the moisture through the cotton pants.

"Use your teeth, slut."

Louise groaned at hearing herself referred to in this way. She was no slut; she was a wife, a nurse, a mother but never a slut. Her mind screamed at her to refuse, to bite him instead and fly away. Instead, her body betrayed her and she nestled her face into him.

Mr Ashwell laughed malevolently as she struggled in his lap. Her ministrations grazed the fabric across his member and he momentarily forgot his composure, lifting his hips to her face. Her lips tried futilely to grasp the zip but slipped repeatedly, until finally she had the little metal clasp held firmly between bared teeth. She shook her head as she tugged it downwards, narrowly avoiding trapping her own hair in the device.

Mr Ashwell's watched as his cock swelled through the opening in his trousers, caught at the tip beneath the fabric before bursting forth and swaying in front of Louise's face. It rose, gargantuan; a pulsating monument to his enjoyment at her degradation.

Louise's eyes widened as his cock bobbed in front of her vision. Having married John Howard at the immature age of sixteen, this was only the second male member she had seen at full stature. It was monstrous, swollen a deep pink, the skin of its enormous head pulled tight around the opening of his urethra.

Mr Ashwell snarled as he watched the young nurse halt and stare at his erect cock. The tension in his groin was already reaching a level of frustration he rarely had encountered.

"You like that, don't you, Mrs Howard. What are you waiting for, pleasure me."

Louise stared at his cock, still astounded at its dimensions. Her husband had never made her do what this man was expecting of her. He had felt it beneath them, something more common couples might do but certainly not for his Louise.

Not for his Louise, but an image of her husband and his secretary flashed in front of her eyes in painful memory, her face buried in his lap. A searing stab of anguish hit her full in the belly as a tear slid once again down her cheek. Her hands pulsed painfully behind her, and something in her shoulders was burning. She looked up and met Mr Ashwell's gaze.

Yes, she could play slut for this man.

Slowly, tentatively, she opened her mouth and planted a kiss onto the very tip of his cock. She may not have done this before but Louise knew what was expected of her. Many times she had sneaked down from her bedroom and turned on her husband's computer to watch pornography after he had taken what he wanted from her then gone to sleep. She would sit watching the falsified girls purr and slurp on their professional meat and frig herself, her pallid flesh illuminated by her computer screen.

Slowly she kissed along the length of Mr Ashwell's cock. As she reached the base she inhaled, a deeply primeval odour of male potency. A moan escaped her lips as she continued down. Her face nuzzled his trousers as she reached the junction of his swollen member and the navy pants. She marvelled at the way his smell was making her tingle and shiver with every moment she spent at his whim. Was she truly enjoying being treated this way?

Slowly, she extended her tongue and began to lick her way back up to the tip of his dick. Flattening her tongue she lapped upwards, tasting him for the first time, a slight trace of sweat mixed with a hint of soap. Her eyes were fixed on this pulsating tower, his veins were visibly thudding before her in a way she had never noticed in her midnight porn movies. It was incredibly stimulating and she couldn't help but notice the profusion of juices that were pooling between her legs. Yes, she was enjoying this! She felt that her uniform must be saturated with her lust and she blushed.

Mr Ashwell watched closely as his new bitch moaned and burrowed her face in his crotch. He could smell her arousal in the air, a tangy odour that made his balls ache. He wanted to cum, had done since he heard that Mrs Howard hadn't called to collect her brat. As events unfolded his idea had formed and blossomed in his head until his cock was stiff and throbbing at the devious pleasure he had envisaged.

Looking down he viewed Louise salivating over his prick. She had moved on to suck him, the glistening head of his cock vanishing between her rosy lips as she opened to accept him. Her auburn hair was obstructing a better view so he bundled it into one hand. Shining ribbons of her hair threaded delicately through his fingers and his cock pulsed at this position of power over her. He now controlled her movements entirely. Damn he wanted to cum.

"Suck it, slut. Get me nice and wet, I want to hear you worshipping my cock."

Louise purred as she heard Mr Ashwell talk dirty to her. She thought of all the times she'd dreamt of her husband whispering filth to her but been treated with a vague disinterest. Mr Ashwell was holding her to ransom, almost raping her in truth, yet she was more turned on than she had ever been.

"Take it, more of it, don't just suck the tip. Come on, little nursey, take my cock. You like that don't you. Ahhhh, you love sucking my cock. Come on bitch, mmm like that."

Louise struggled to fit more of the pulsating flesh into her mouth, rising up off the seat a little involuntarily as she manoeuvred her head in his grasp. Her hair was beginning to sting as it was pulled at the roots but she barely noticed. Her tormentor had her entirely at his mercy as he pulled her face closer to his crotch. She struggled momentarily as her breathing was restricted, her throat closed off by the thick meat shoved to the back of her mouth. She snatched a breath as Mr Ashwell pulled her back off his cock a little, only to have herself forced right back down again.

Tears sprung from her eyes as his cock rammed to the back of her gullet. For the first time since being bound she struggled against her captor, the silk holding firm as she squirmed against her bonds.

Mr Ashwell thrilled as Louise gagged on his cock and writhed futilely for him. His fist knotted into her hair, her wrists tethered, she was helpless in his hands. Such a pretty sight he thought as he looked at her uniformed figure struggling. Such an angelic looking woman but a true slut at heart.

Her eyes flickered upwards to him, alarm on her face, silently pleading with him to stop.

"Good girl, be my good dirty bitch baby. Show me how much you're willing to do for me."

Gripping her head tightly with the one hand and steadying himself on the desk with the other, he drove home his cock and deepthroated her. Tears were flowing in earnest now as she fought against him, but she didn't kick out and try to stop him.

Louise could barely think, barely breathe as his cock slammed repeatedly into her face. Her saliva dribbled down her chin and slopped onto her breasts, cold and gooey. Her lungs thought they would burst but every time she tried to breathe she choked on the thick length that was invading her throat. Only his blackmailed threat kept her from losing it entirely. She tried to keep pace and breathe as he withdrew but he was too fast for her.

Mr Ashwell watched Louise, her mouth gaping as he pulled on her head with each thrust of his hips. His balls were slapping on her wet chin and the room was filled with the sound of his cock entering her airway. That delicious, squelching sound as he slammed into her was going to make him cum. Her scent was thick in the air as he raggedly panted.

"Oh baby, I'm going to make such a pretty mess of you. I bet you can't wait to swallow up my load, can you baby. Ohhh you little slut, you're gonna look so good!"

As he neared climax his dirty talk turned into senseless groaning. He was fucking her face so hard, so deeply and the little bitch was loving it. He could feel the fire licking at his balls as each thrust brought him closer.

Listening to him groaning Louise could tell that Mr Ashwell was close. His fist was pulling her hair painfully now but he had slowed enough for her to manage to drag oxygen into her screaming lungs.

Her consciousness returned enough with this breathing that she realised she was hotter than ever, her pussy tingling so much that she didn't know which was the worst torment. Her throat was bruised, her dignity in tatters, but her cunt was aching like fury, desperate to be touched. Above her Mr Ashwell was hissing through clenched teeth and growling.

Louise was dragged off his cock as he held her facing upwards, his other hand wrapping itself around the shaft of his cock. Her eyes were glued to the immense organ as he pumped himself frantically.

Groaning loudly Mr Ashwell clenched his cock tightly, the tip resting on Louise's plump bottom lip. His whole body flooded with electric pleasure as he climaxed, his eyes set on those of the woman at his command. Waves of hot orgasm flowed from his cock to the tips of his fingers and he shuddered as the first jet of cum erupted from his cock. Trailing over her nose the liquid anointed Louise, splashing onto her forehead and into her hair. A second pulsating jet flooded onto her lips and down her chin. The deluge slowing to a drool he pumped his cock slowly as his spunk drained into Louise's waiting mouth.

Only when every last drop of his juice had been emptied into her did Mr Ashwell release his hold on Louise's hair. He looked at his captive, thick streams of jizm dripping down her face, her hair flecked with white pearls.

"Mmmm, beautiful. You make a fine Lucrece." Mr Ashwell stood and walked around Louise, scrutinising her, his semi-stiff cock hanging vulgarly from his trousers.

Louise wanted to look down and hang her head in shame, but she couldn't make her body move. Her neck was stiff, aching, her shoulders on fire now but these were nothing in comparison to the ache she held between her legs. The taste of him was so bitter and salty in her mouth but it made her feel so horny. Without thinking about it she flickered her tongue and licked up the cum from her lips.

Deftly Mr Ashwell untied Louise, her hands burning as her circulation returned to her extremities. He briefly firmly massaged her shoulders sending stabbing pains shooting through her muscles. His cock brushed her hair while he kneaded her flesh.

Returning to the desk he looked again at Louise, her face still covered in his cum. He scooped up the now cooling sperm with his finger and fed her the gelatinous mess.

She took it without question, suckling on his fingers. Her pussy was still tingling, desperate for release. Not long ago she had cried, bawled at being subjected to his blackmail. Now she wanted to beg for him to touch her.

Smearing the last of his spunk onto her lips, Mr Ashwell smiled at Louise.

"Mrs Howard, you are dismissed."

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