tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tube 'Ride' To Remember

A Tube 'Ride' To Remember


It happened last year on a very hot sticky Autumn evening. One of those where the sun has long gone down but the heat of the day is still lingering, almost suffocating. I work for a large advertising Company in the city and since leaving the office earlier that day I had headed off to Covent Garden with some colleagues to try out a new bistro. A bowl of pasta and several glasses of wine later, I was making my way back across London to the station in order to catch the tube train to Wimbledon where I was sharing a flat at the time, with a friend.

By the time I reached the steps of the station I could feel my clothes starting to stick to my body. Realising that I had probably had one too many glasses of wine for a long train journey home, I looked around for a loo, just to be on the safe side. I was feeling very relaxed (probably due to all the alcohol) and uncomfortable with my tight fitting silk underwear. Once I was inside the cubicle, in a moment of abandon I decided to remove my panties….sliding the luxurious fabric across the lacy tops of my hold up stockings and smoothly over my long tanned legs. I quickly stepped out of them and picked them up. I noticed that they felt damp and smiled to myself at the realisation that although the humidity probably contributed a little, it nevertheless did not account for the extensive damp patch stretching boldly across the crotch. I lifted the flimsy fabric to my nose and easily recognised the musky scent of my own juices.

My mind drifted back to earlier that evening when I had been indulging in some heavy flirting with the latest edition to our team, a very cheeky and extremely sexy computer programmer called Daniel. Although he was incredibly attractive and the sexual chemistry between us had been electric, I had decided to make him wait a little. It was probably inevitable that we would fuck someday soon but it’s a girls prerogative to play a little hard to get.

Stripped of my panties and feeling much cooler already I decided that the bra would have to go as well. I shimmied up the sheer fabric of my white georgette blouse and unclipped the front of my bra, allowing my fully heavy breasts to fall free. I have always been particularly proud of my breasts. Since the age of about fifteen they have always been full and firm and tipped with dark prominent nipples.

Feeling so much better, I smoothed my short red skirt down over the full cheeks of my arse, tucked my blouse into the waistband of my skirt, put my bra into the top of my handbag, along with my panties and set off to catch my train.

I was very grateful for the breeze that was blowing through the underground corridors. It was blowing freely up my skirt, cooling me, forcing the flimsy fabric of my blouse against my sensitive nipples, teasing the flesh and sending shimmers of arousal though my body.

I reached the train just as the doors were about to close. I ran across the platform and leaped into the carriage just in time. In doing so, the admiring gaze of a certain spotty youth leaning beside the door, did not go unnoticed. He did little to hide the excitement as his eyes feasted on my breasts bouncing freely as I ran.

The carriage was very crowded. Not unusual for that time of night. I squeezed myself into the centre of the carriage, supporting myself against one of the metal poles. It was hot and stuffy and the train seemed to be going particularly slowly. We pulled into another station and another crowd of people shuffled in. There was a lot of movement and I found myself moving further into the aisle between the seats. As I turned I noticed that the spotty teenager had positioned himself at my side. He stood there with his Walkman blaring out some sort of Indie music, grinning from ear to ear, obviously enjoying the view. The train jerked into motion lurching everyone forward. Looking for something to steady me I reached up and grabbed one of the overhead straps.

I realised that the motion of the train was causing my large breasts to jiggle wildly beneath my blouse. I reached up with the other hand and grabbed another strap. Teasing the youth like this way made me begin to feel quite horny. The youth’s face was getting redder by the second and although he was sporting a long sweater which was obscuring his fly, I knew that it was almost certainly struggling to contain a stiff cock.

The carriage was really cramped now. I was so close to the seats that I realised that I was almost certainly obliterating the view of a very smartly dressed business man who was sitting in front of me. There was a shift again, spotty youth disappeared from sight and I was pushed closer still to The Suit (who was probably old enough to be my dad). He didn’t look too perturbed however. His gaze was wandering between my ample breasts and the front of my skirt. His eyes seemed to be burrowing through the fabric to view the neatly trimmed triangle.

I was just wondering whether he could smell the heady scent of love juice, wafting out from beneath my skirt when I became aware of someone standing very close behind me. I knew that they were facing my back because I could feel hot breath on the back of my neck. I couldn’t look round because I was hemmed in between the person at my back and the suit in front of me who was now eying my stocking tops appreciatively. I could tell from the earthy smell of aftershave and fresh sweat that the presence behind me was male. My arse was chaffing against him and very soon I realised that what was pressing against the small of my back was an extremely stiff cock.

I was starting to get familiar twinges of excitement from my pussy when I felt a hand slowly caressing the back of my thigh. Slowly it slid up beneath the hem of my skirt and began to caress the fleshy cheeks of my arse, running a finger slowly down the crease to wards my hot slit. Intoxicating ripples of excitement started to flood through my body.

My breath was quickening now. I was faintly aware that droplets of pussy juice had escaped from my tight quim and were starting to trickle down my thigh. Boldly I spread my legs a little allowing him just enough of a gap to slide a finger into my now gaping hole.

Looking down I realised that The Suit could see exactly what was going on and the excitement was mirrored by the tent pole in the front of his trousers. This, added to the fact that a complete stranger was beginning to slide a lone finger into the depths of cunt was almost too much for me. I let my head fall back and gave myself up to the pleasure.

At this moment (as if it was timed exactly) the light in the cabins failed and the tube was plunged into darkness. The driver made the usual announcement ‘Do not be alarmed, we have engineers dealing with the problem and the power should return very shortly. I smiled inwardly at the thought that if they were to plug me into the power, the electricity surging through my body at that moment would have easily lit up the entire train.

The stranger was nibbling and nipping the back of my neck gently with his teeth. I could hear my pussy squelching as he entered another finger. His hot breath was becoming a little laboured as he leaned forward and whispered ‘You have a beautiful hot little cunt…..my prick would love to bury itself in these folds’ with that he gave my clit a sharp tweak, causing me to moan with pleasure. Completely oblivious to the fact that the carriage was full of people. Sensing that I was on the verge of cumming he slowly removed his fingers. Bringing one up to his mouth I heard the sounds as he greedily began to lick them clean of every last drop of my creamy sap. This complete, he leaned forward and slid his hands up inside my blouse, cupping each of my full, willing tits and pinching my nipples mercilessly.

Another finger was toying with my clit again moving me closer to the edge. I suddenly realised that my Stanger had a tit in each hand I looked down and strained in the darkness. The Suit had edged forward on the seat and was fingering my eager pussy whilst slowly stroking his hand up and down the monstrous purple-tipped cock that he held in his hand. My Stranger felt my excitement and saw this as an opportunity to ‘finish me off ‘ Tracing once again along the crease of my arse he gently parted the fleshy orbs and expertly inserted a finger into my tight bud. That was it I couldn’t hold back any longer. Losing all respect for where I was, I heard myself moan as the waves of orgasm rippled through my body. I pressed backwards until his finger was embedded deep into my arse hole this seemed to double the explosiveness of my orgasm leaving me shaking and spent.

My Stranger had not finished, however. He whispered in my ear ‘give me your hand’ Powerless to argue (not that I really wanted to) I reached behind me, only to have him take my hand and place in it, an extremely thick, hard cock. Naturally I began to stroke its length and knead the ample balls at the base. I was desperate to turn round and look my assailant in the eye but at the same time reluctant to ruin the excitement of experiencing this level of intimacy with a complete stranger.

I could feel the clear liquid oozing from the tip of his member. Again I felt his hot breathy on my neck, whispering ‘Do you like my cock?’ Powerlessly I nodded. ‘Would you like to feel it deep inside you?’ I felt my pussy lurch at the prospect and heard myself almost purr ‘Yes….please fuck me, ….NOW….I want top feel your dick inside me’

One hand slid round, cupping my tits effortlessly. The other leg scooped under my right knee and lifted my leg just enough to allow the lips of my quim to part allowing him free entry. Leaning me forward very slightly I felt his organ nudging against the entrance to my pussy, briefly teasing me before sliding it all the way home. Slamming hard into me. Eagerly I wriggled back against him, feeling his balls pressing against me. I could feel another orgasm building rapidly.

Looking down I could see the suit was still wanking furiously. I could see from the look on his face that he was clearly enjoying our performance. My Stranger was holding a steady rhythm at this point. Filling me from behind, his balls slapping noisily against my arse. I could hear his breathing was very heavy, I knew that he was as close as I was. Suddenly I felt hot splashes on my thighs. Confused, I looked down just in time to see The Suit explode sending huge jets of creamy seed spurting from his huge cock.

Feeling that familiar feeling rising through my body, I pleaded with my stranger to ‘fuck me harder’ and to ‘fill my pussy with cum’. I adore the feeling of hot cum splashing against my cervix, filling my aching pussy to overflowing. In seconds I got my wish. Just as I felt myself go completely, my stranger grunted like a wild animal and pumped his seed deep inside me.

As the throws of my orgasm subsided, I had difficulty standing up. My legs had completely turned to jelly. I leant against my Stranger as we both watched an extremely embarrassed Suit tuck a now flaccid member back into his pinstriped trousers, pick up his briefcase and flee. It was only now that I realised that the carriage was now clear except for the three of us. Not only that, but the power had reappeared at some point. I realised that I was shamelessly standing there blouse open and both breasts exposed, Hot cum escaping my pussy and mingling with the earlier splashes of cum on my legs.

Quickly I set about straightening myself up. My moments of wild abandon over. When I looked up seconds later it was only to see a tall, sexy, leather clad male leaving the carriage. I watched as he alighted on the platform, still with his back to me. Slowly the train began to pull away and just before he disappeared from view, I could have sworn that he turned and smiled faintly.

Anyway, as I said that was all last summer. It was a day not unlike today really (weather-wise). No doubt the tube will be stifling tonight on the journey home. Mmmmm.I think perhaps I will take the later one......What??? Oh yes I know it will be busier at that time……and that’s my point precisely!

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