tagLoving WivesA Turn For The Strange

A Turn For The Strange


The night began with a great deal of promise.

My wife and I sat in the busy Applebee's on an early summer Saturday evening. The excitement we felt was unspoken; in fact, we barely talked at all. Nonverbals, smiles and winks, were more frequent than words. Our anticipation increased by the second. A very attractive couple in their thirties, just a few years our elders, were on their way to meet us. If we all hit it off, there was a nice hotel room and some very hot sex in our immediate future. We glanced at the door almost continuously, looking for, if the pictures were real, a tall, leggy brunette with ample bosom; and a tan, athletic male who was very well endowed. Succinctly, our dream couple.

We'd met one other couple since we decided to experiment with swinging. They were friendly, well spoken people. Each of the three times we'd gone to their place, the sex was more than satisfying. But they were of average appearance. We had no complaints with their looks, but the pictures we'd received from the man and woman we were to meet tonight were stunning. We were practically salivating as we imagined what they'd look like in person.

"Steve? Gail?" A tall, ruggedly handsome man stopped at our table. His use of the names we used when we were corresponding with potential partners surprised both of us.

"I'm Tony. Nice to meet you two."

I was pissed. When we placed our ad in the local swinger newsletter, we'd been inundated with notes and pictures from single men. Though we'd included the phrase "no single men" in the ad, it was totally ignored. This guy intentionally misled us. He'd misrepresented himself, and I was ready to leave before he'd even sat down.

"I'm sorry Paula couldn't make it. She had a headache so she stayed home tonight. I thought maybe the three of us could get to know each other and she could meet us next time."

The guy was a smooth operator. His voice was confident, and he flashed us an easy, winning smile that used car salesmen work on achieving on for their entire careers. He sat down in the chair and picked up a menu. "So, was the traffic bad? That drive can be tough on a Saturday with all the weekend sportsmen clogging that highway. They've been talking about making it a four lane for years."

My wife was obviously pleased with the man's appearance. And his powerful presence almost put me at ease. He made sure that he drew me into the conversation, despite my instant dislike for him.

When the waitress asked us for our food order, I saw my opportunity to change the subject. "Actually, we were just here for drinks. My wife and I are going to catch a movie and we need to get going."

My wife kicked me under the table. She met my eyes and shook her head subtly.

After the waitress left, Tony turned on the persuasion. "I thought maybe we could find some quiet place that the three of us could talk."

"I would love that," I insisted, "when Paula can join us."

"I understand," he said. "You were expecting both of us, and this was a unpleasant surprise." Empathy dripped from each word.

"We could go somewhere...Steve. Just to talk," my wife interjected. The emphasis on my name was her attempt to persuade me, but I couldn't get past the fact that he had very probably lied. He had never told his girlfriend, I suspected. And he never planned to.

Tony shook my hand. "I totally understand." He leaned over and kissed my wife on the cheek. "We'll get together again, soon, when Paula is feeling better. Okay?" He flashed the killer smile and winked.

"Okay." He didn't seem like such a bad guy. But I was hacked off about his probable deception and didn't give in.

"Paula is going to be sorry she missed such a great pair." He was looking at my wife's C cup breasts beneath her tight summer sweater. "A really nice pair of people," he added. My wife blushed and laughed. My expression was more of a grimace. The phrase "smooth operator" came to mind for the second time in less than five minutes.

On the way home we decided to call Gene and Liz, the couple we'd swapped with before, from a pay phone. It turned out they had a couple over there already and invited us to join the fun. Like Gene and Liz, the new couple weren't unattractive. But they weren't hot, either. We stayed until the well into the morning and left satisfied, despite the fact we'd anticipated a much different evening.

A few uneventful weeks passed. The fall semester began and I was hip deep in the grunt work of a graduate assistant. My wife went to work as normal. We were too busy to see Gene and Liz because some of my responsibilities took up entire weekends. Several weekends took me out of town. We got a few more letters and pics when the next issue of the swinger newsletter came out, but nothing looked interesting.

Because we were on a tight budget, I walked back to the apartment from the university every day to eat lunch. It was about a mile and was a pleasant walk. On one temperate, blue skied September weekday, I was sitting on the porch of our married student housing block with a plate of sandwich crumbs on my knee. The sound of the phone ringing interrupted the too-few quiet minutes of my day.

I answered, expecting a friend's call regarding a study group that night.

"James?" An unfamiliar voice was on the other end of the line.


"This is Tony. We met at Applebee's a few weeks ago? We had corresponded about meeting sometime."

"Oh, yes. Hi, Tony." I was puzzled. He shouldn't have known my real first name. But then again, he shouldn't have known my phone number, either. "How's Paula?" I put a touch of sarcastic tone on the last part.

"Bad news about Paula. She left me not too long after the three of us met. She was concerned about the road we, I, was going down. She was rather upset that I'd gone through with the meeting with you two. That was the beginning of the end, really."

"Oh." I hadn't expected that sort of response. It sounded almost candid. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that. I really am."

"No worries, James. Something better has come along."

"Well, good for you, then." Maybe he'd found a woman that agreed to meet us. Hopefully, she was as attractive as Paula.

"Are you alone, James?" Tony asked.

"Yes, why?"

"You might want to sit down."

I didn't reply. Something very peculiar was going on.

"James," his tone was lower and a bit growly. "Your wife, Janie, is the best fuck I've ever had."

The tiny apartment spun around me. My knees weakened; my stomach lurched.

Tony chuckled. "Her titties are delicious, James. I love to suck on those big pink nipples. I like how tall those nipples get when she gets all excited. And let me tell you, James... She's been all excited a lot lately."

I pulled a nearby chair close to the phone and sat down. I thought I was going to vomit.

"And that little pink pussy of hers, James? With that wavy blonde hair down there? She loves it when I get down there and eat her out. Her legs get so tight around my head. And the way she quivers when I'm about to make her cum is so damn cute. You know?"

He was describing Janie perfectly. I realized I was trembling a bit.

"And speaking of little pink pussies, James, I have fucked the hell out of hers. I'm the biggest cock she's ever had, my man. When I stick my long thick shaft up in that little pussy of hers, she squeals like a little girl. She's a little bitty thing, James. She had a little trouble taking me up in there. But we solved that. I kept fucking the shit out of her until it fits just fine now. You haven't noticed her being a little loose at home, have you?"

He chuckled. His voice sounded distant, and the tone seemed distorted.

"The first couple of times I fucked her, she made me wear a condom, James. But I put an end to that. I wanted to feel every bit of her hotness. She is one gorgeous woman, buddy. You are a lucky man. And now I am, too. Think of it as sharing the wealth."

"Now I fill that cunt up two or three times every time we get together. I send her home full, James. Have you noticed a difference in her taste? Her smell? I tell her not to wash when she gets home. I like the thought of you getting sloppy seconds, James. And you know what?"

He paused.

"She does, too."

I felt my face flush. I could feel the heat radiating off my cheeks.

"You're being awfully quiet, James. What are you thinking about?"

I didn't answer. I wouldn't have known what to say. My mind was racing.

"Tell me something, James. Are you hard?"

My cock was stiff as a board.

"Do you have a woodie, James?"

His voice grew louder. "Answer me, James," he said in an authoritative tone.

I tried to answer but I coughed instead.

"What was that? What did you say, James?"

"Yes," I breathed. "I said, yes."

He made a satisfied sound at the other end of the line. "I thought so. Because that's the kind of guy you are. Janie said you guys started the whole swinging thing because you couldn't listen to her entire confession about having an affair without pulling her down on the floor and fucking her like a wild man. She said you get hard as a rock every time you ask her to tell you about it. She said she can make you cum just by telling you the nasty little details. Like how he fucked her at his place while you were asleep in the next room."

There was nothing to say. It was all true.

"So we decided to help you out by fucking every time your back is turned. You know those weekends when you go out of town? And those Saturdays when you're gone from early in the morning until late at night? I've been keeping your bed warm for you, James. That is one squeaky bed, guy. You should tighten it up sometime."

My cock jerked in my slacks. I started shaking even more.

"And those nights that she goes out to eat with her friends after the weight loss group meetings? Well, she leaves right after she weighs in and comes over here. I give her something sweet to suck on that's low in calories but high in protein. She likes it much better than cake. Especially the icing, if you know what I mean."

I nodded my head slightly, as though he could see me.

"So, James, here's what we're going to do, buddy. Now that the secret is out, we're going to be more open and honest with you, okay?"

"Tonight, after Janie gets home and showers, she's going to come over here. I'm horny, and I feel like pounding the hell out of her hot little body a few times before I go to sleep. When I'm done, I'm going to send her back to you. Understand?"

I was silent.

"Good. I don't want you to touch her after she gets out of the shower. I don't want you to hug her, kiss her, much less fuck her. I want her twat to be shiny clean when I go down on her. I don't want to smell you on her. I even make her change the sheets before I fuck her in your bed, because I want you smelling me. Not me smelling you."

Something I'd been vaguely aware of when I'd gotten home some nights now became completely clear.

"When she gets home, I want you to take her straight to bed and have your turn with her. I want you to make sure you notice how slippery she is when you slide your cock in, because I will have dumped several loads inside her. Good thing she's on the pill, right?"

"And when you kiss her, I want you to think about how she sucked my cock all night. Think about how she sucked it clean each time I filled her up."

"When you are cuddling up against her in your little afterglow, I want you to smell my dried sweat on her skin. I want you to fall asleep smelling my scent on your wife."

"Do you understand, James? Answer me, buddy. I know you're still there. I can hear you breathing." Another nasty chuckle.

"Yes." As an afterthought, I added, "I understand."

"Now, I want you to go jerk off. You'll probably pop pretty fast. I want you to think about my big cock inside her sweet little twat while you're stroking. Don't get mad, James. I want you to be thankful to her for how thoughtful she's being. She's doing all this for your benefit, James. Because she knows how excited you are going to get when she tells you about the damn fine fucking she got from Tony's big cock."

"Well, James, my lunch time's almost over. I got so hard thinking about Janie's hot little body, I almost decided to go jerk off before I go back in. But I want to save every drop for when she gets to my house tonight."

"Talk to you later... James." I heard a click at the other end.

The apartment's little bathroom could be seen through the wide front window, so I pulled the sliding door shut. I dropped my slacks, put one hand on the wall above the toilet, and grabbed my rock hard cock with the other hand. After only a few strokes, my legs were quivering so hard that my knees were threatening to knock together. With the door shut, no cool air came into the room. Sweat beaded on my forehead.

I went up on my toes as I felt my orgasm approaching. I had never been one to make noise while I masturbated, but I found myself saying "Oh, God," repeatedly as the cum rose. the head of my shaft reddened, and I pointed it toward the toilet. One. Two. Three large spurts of thick white liquid shot into the water. I slowed my stroke and gobs of the stuff got all over my fingers and thumb. Liberal amounts dripped down onto the slacks that were around my ankles. I tried to clean it up with toilet paper, but I ended up with a coating of toilet paper glued all over my hand. I washed my hands and dug through the laundry to find the slacks I'd worn the day before. I put the soiled ones at the bottom of the hamper.

I staggered into the kitchenette and filled a plastic cup at the miniature sink. My hand shook as I drank. The kitchen counter felt cool against my other hand. I looked down into the cup for several moments, as if there might be some advice there on how to proceed.

There was no way I could get out of going to my next class. I was scheduled to present. Getting a graduate degree was a lot like pledging a fraternity. If I didn't show, there would have to cancel class. There would be major political fallout with the department's faculty. Laying down and sorting through everything I'd heard was impossible.

Janie wouldn't be home for another five hours. She had some explaining to do. Tony's phone monologue opened up a host of questions. How did she find him? Did he find her? How did they meet up again without using the drop box at the adult video store? Was she going to leave me?

I hoisted my backpack onto my shoulder. The weather outside was still picture perfect. But now everything had a surreal, nightmarish quality to it. The blood roared in my ears the entire walk back to campus. I was anything but eloquent as I spoke to my fellow grad students about the behavior of ants after catastrophic damage to the mound. I rambled. The professor dozed.

That night, I didn't prepare supper the way I usually did. I sat on the sofa looking out into the courtyard of the married student housing complex. A few people slowed down and spoke to me through the screen door. I answered but didn't stand up to greet them. They could tell I wasn't myself, and they moved on to leave me with my thoughts.

At her customary time, about 5:45, Janie walked in the door with her customary cheerful greeting. I didn't answer. She studied me on the sofa for a moment and nodded slowly. "Tony called."

It was my turn to nod.

She drew the curtain that extended the entire distance of the front wall, covering both windows and glass door. She turned on a lamp and flipped off the bright kitchenette florescent tubes. The dim light made the scene less garish and more intimate.

Janie sat down next to me and put her arm around me. She moved her mouth close to my ear. "I told him we should have done it in a less sudden way, love. Are you okay?"


"Really? You don't look okay."

"I'm okay."

She nuzzled my neck and nibbled at my ear. It felt good, but I wasn't able to reciprocate. "He said it would excite you to do it that way." She touched the tip of her tongue to my ear. "Did it?"

I blinked. I turned toward her and looked at the cute little face, the bright eyes and the sexy smile. "Yes."

She snuggled closer. "Oh, good! I'm so glad, love."

I enjoyed the warmth of her breath on my neck. Then I asked, "How? How did the two of you..."

"Oh," she said. "When we were at Applebee's? The night we met? When he leaned over to kiss me on the cheek? Remember?"

I nodded numbly.

"He put his business card in my hand. I slipped it into my purse. I wasn't going to do anything about it, but..."

She paused.

"The pictures, love. He was so big in the pictures. I wanted to see."

That made sense. The woman's pictures had the same effect on me.

"And you know... He looked even bigger in person, my love. Especially the first time I held it in my hands that first night. Right before I put it in my mouth."

I felt my groin stir. Janie put her hand on the front of my pants. She smiled.

"It was so big, James. I didn't know if I was going to be able to put it all in my mouth." I moved beneath her hand again, and she ended up stroking me to an orgasm as she whispered in my ear. She left me on the sofa with my pants around my knees when she went to take a shower.

Janie went over to Tony's house that night. When she came home, I was right there waiting. She took my hand and led me to our bed. Our bed, where she had fucked Tony and left his smell for me to find. I plunged into her, and she felt very slick. Not wet, like when we normally make love, but full of a more viscous substance. It was cool and felt good as I slid back and forth in it. She whispered to me about how he wanted the two of them to meet another couple he knows. He wanted to watch her with the guy, and wanted her to let the girl go down on her. When she said she was thinking about doing it, my cum erupted. My orgasm was brief but very powerful.

"How many times," I whispered. "How many times have you let him cum inside you?" I rasped.

"I don't know. Dozens," she murmured in my ear.

I hardened and rolled onto her again. I lasted a bit longer that time.

Afterward, she pulled me close and I let my head rest on her breasts. A musky smell, his smell, was strong where he had kissed and sucked all over her.


My head nodded against her soft breasts. "Yes?"

"Do you want..." Her voice was uncertain and I felt her tense beneath me. "Do you want me to keep seeing Tony?"

"Yes," I answered with no hesitation.

She relaxed. She sighed contentedly and squeezed my head against her. In a few moments, my exhausted wife, filled with the sperm of two men, was fast asleep. Our lives had just taken a turn for the strange.

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Me Too

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I won't be reading any more of your drivel. You are not a writer. I think you are a teenager.

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