tagLoving WivesA Turn of a Card

A Turn of a Card


Gillian and I had arranged a girl's night out as Alex had arranged a poker night with some of his cronies.

I hated and despised his card-playing friends.

Bill was an ugly sod, and believe me that is a compliment.

John was a not bad looking but he gave me the creeps the way he would look at me. He always arrived wearing a Macintosh, whatever the weather he would have it on. He reminded me of a flasher, and probably was.

Finally there was Bernie, Mr. full of himself, no one could match him for chauvinism. He was a pig if ever there was one. His wife was never allowed out without him, she was like a prisoner in her own home, but she loved him. There is no accounting for taste I suppose.

They were due to arrive at 7pm, which was the same time I was meant to go out. The doorbell rang I grabbed my coat and bag and hurried towards the door hoping to miss the three shits before they arrived. The smile was rapidly wiped from my face as I opened the door to see their ugly mugs staring at me. I just stepped back and let them walk in they passed by me with a look of contempt on their faces. They knew I couldn't stand them.

It was not usual for Gillian to be late and I was getting concerned.

Just then the telephone rang, it was bad news. Albert had been rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack, selfishly I cursed my luck that it should happen tonight of all nights.

I told Alex what had happened and resigned myself to a night in front of the television.

Switching from one channel to another I could hear their howls of laughter from the kitchen and could imagine the disgusting jokes that were being exchanging.

The thoughts of them sent shivers down my spine.

I had been watching the television for over an hour when Alex walked in. He sat down beside me, all colour had gone from his face. He took me by the hand and began speaking to me, his head bowed down like a naughty child.

"Sweetheart," he said, "I have had an awful run of luck."

I said nothing.

"I have had three great hands and thought I couldn't lose. But I did. I have had to borrow money from Bill."

I suggested he make out a cheque to him, but Alex shook his head and stuttered that there was not enough money in there at the moment. I knew that there was around £3,000 in the bank so it came as quite a shock.

"I am £5,000 down," he mumbled.

I shouted at him more in horror than anything else.

"What are you going to do," I asked him.

"Well Bill says that if you come and sit on a stool and watch the game he will write the debt off and give me a further £1,000 to keep playing with."

I was amazed, "why should he do that"? I asked.

Alex continued to stare at me for what seemed ages, stuttering he said in a quiet voice, "you have to be topless."

Thoughts rushed through my head on ways to avoid doing this, there was no way I wanted to sit half-naked in full view of the gargoyles. There had to be an alternative.

Alex looked at me with his soulful eyes that were begging me to help him.

I had no choice but to do what I considered the most revolting thing in the world.

I began to unbutton my blouse and Alex stopped me, he said "you have to remove it in full view of them all."

It got worse.

As I walked into the room all eyes turned in my direction. I pulled the stool over to the table and sat down.

I paused and then once again began to unbutton my blouse, as I undid the final button thoughts of rushing from the room entered my head.

I removed my blouse, their grotesque faces were not staring at me but at my chest. Slowly I reached behind to release the clasp on my bra and without hesitation totally removed my protection.

I felt my face redden as I sat there with my tits on full view to these perverts.

They all shifted in their seats as their hands went below the table they seemed to be adjusting their trousers. Oh god what a horrible thought, their cocks must be getting hard at my expense.

God knows how they were going to concentrate on the game with me half-naked.

But once the money had been sorted out the game continued.

Between each hand they took sly looks at my tits. This was one time when my nipples showed no reaction they stayed inert.

Alex was losing again and before long was down to his last £100 when he seemed to perk up.

I read his body language which said, this is a winning hand.

I never realised they bet for so much, but three of them were still in the game and the stakes were rapidly climbing.

Eventually Bernie dropped out but by then Alex was owing the pot £2200 and called Bill to show his hand. He had a running flush. Alex went silent and threw his cards to the table, I gathered he had lost and was in debt again.

He picked his chequebook up ready to write a cheque, which I knew would leave us short of cash for the rest of the month.

Before he could write it Bill said that he would forget the money and give Alex a further £1000 to continue playing on the condition that I took off the rest of my clothes.

I didn't have to I know, but we couldn't afford to lose that money so before even being asked I began removing the rest of my clothes.

All eyes were on me as my dress dropped to the floor, and then my stockings, suspender belt and finally my knickers. I felt used, but sometimes you do anything for love.

I sat back down keeping my legs tightly held together to preserve my dignity as much as possible.

Bill looked at me and then to Alex.

"Julie, put one leg each side of the stall so we can see your snatch better," demanded Bill, "otherwise the deal is off."

I couldn't believe what he had just said, I remained still not knowing what to do. There was no way I wanted to sit there with my legs open and my cunt displayed for all to see.

Alex glanced at me, he understood the predicament he had got me into with his foolish gambling.

I had no choice but to do it.

I slowly moved my legs around the stool feeling their miserable eyes burn into me as my legs spread wider revealing my slit for them all to see.

"Oh one more thing," said Bill, "I want you to finger yourself as well."

"No way," I screamed, "it's gone far enough, this is it."

Bill stared straight into my eyes and without any feeling said, "just do what I tell you or your pussy husband apart from being broke will also be out of a job. His boss is a friend of mine, and a word in the right place and he's finished. Now start frigging yourself so we can get on with the game."

I slipped my fingers into my cunt doing my best to avoid my clitoris, I did not want to give them the cheap thrill of me making myself cum.

I tried to persuade Alex to give it up for the night, but he wouldn't listen, he felt his luck had to change and I let him continue, praying that his luck would change.

Over the next half an hour he did win a few hands and the pile of money in front of him grew a little. But as they say all good things come to an end, and his winnings began to dwindle.

The time was creeping towards midnight when the betting began to hot up. It seems they all must have been sitting with good hands because none of them were dropping out. The betting was up to £500 per person and it didn't take an Einstien to figure out that Alex was storming into another big debt if he lost.

None of them were prepared to drop out and it kept going round and round.

By this time Alex was over £5000 light in the pot and rising. John had the good sense to state that the time had come for everyone to show their hands. As it was Alex's turn to bet he had to show his hand first. He had a full house, kings over tens. Next John showed his hand, he also had a full house, fives over two. Looking good I thought. Bernie had a run. A smile crossed my face, Alex was going to win. Bill held his cards for a long time and slowly placed them one at a time face up on the table. He had a jack followed by another jack and then another. He stopped, looked at every one in turn and then let a big smile cross his face as he laid a fourth jack on the table. I screamed out shit, and then looked sheepish as I realised I had said it out loud. Bill scooped the pot in, scratched his chin and said to Alex with a sarcastic twang in his voice, "well Alex looks like you got a problem."

How right he was we had a problem.

Bill gathered up the cards into a pile and shuffled them, placing them neatly on the table.

"Alex if you have the bottle we will cut the cards, if you win I'll forget the money and give you your original £1000 back. But if I win Myself, Bernie and John get to fuck your wife."

I could see Alex was tempted by the offer.

Deep down I wanted him to accept the offer, not that I wanted to be fucked by these bastards. I wanted him to do it and win so that the self-inflicted problems could be solved and we could get rid of the scum around the table.

Alex reluctantly agreed, he was perspiring freely, knowing what it would mean if he lost.

It seemed I had no say in the matter, the thought of any of them fucking me was revolting, even though I was a non-believer I silently prayed to god.

Bill stroked his chin and then said, "okay the rules, we can fuck her anywhere we like in the house, in any position and as many times as we wish. Basically we can do anything we want, and you have to watch."

Alex nodded his agreement to the conditions.

A hush fell over the table as Bill passed the cards to Alex for another shuffle. The pack sat in the middle of the table waiting, my body as the prize.

Alex cut, without looking he slammed the cards down on the table the ten of spades staring up at the ceiling.

Bill stared at it for a while as if waiting for divine intervention to guide his hand to a higher card. He closed his hand over the remains of the pack letting individual cards fall back to the table. He clutched the pack to his chest and slowly peeked at the card he had cut.

An expression of great sadness adorned his face as a sigh of relief escaped my mouth. His arm reached across the table and he placed the pack face up for all to see. I saw the card, looked at Bill and just screamed you bastard at him. He had a queen. I was to be fucked by the three most hated men that I had ever known.

I was frozen to the spot, it was not fear I felt but revulsion, I hoped and preyed that they would all fuck me quickly and leave.

Bernie took me by the hand and led me like a zombie to the lounge.

I stood there naked in the middle of the room staring at an empty sofa. The sound of them undressing behind me brought a lump to my throat, swallowing was like trying to force a tennis ball down my gullet.

Two of them emerged in front of me their cocks standing to attention, I felt the breath of the third one as he pressed his body against me his stiff cock touching my arse. He placed his arms around me grabbing my tits as he did so.

"Open your legs bitch," ordered Bill.

"Wider he demanded."

I did as I was told feeling totally ashamed that this should be happening.

I closed my eyes to hide the sight of them before me.

Bill started to stroke my thatch, then running his finger along my slit and without warning he slipped a finger into me. I could feel more fingers inside my cunt as he began squeezing my clit. I shuddered whether it was from the sensation or the revulsion I don't know.

Bill took a handful of my pubic hair pulling it downwards and forcing me to collapse onto my knees. He pushed my head into Bernie's lap until his cock pressed against my mouth.

I tried with all my feminine whiles to get him to come, his breathing rate increased but he just wouldn't come. After several minutes he told me to stop and start sucking Bills cock. I shifted over to make myself more comfortable and began licking, sucking and stroking his balls. There was no way I could take all of it into my mouth.

While I was doing this Bill maneuvered himself behind me and was roughly squeezing and rubbing my tits and nipples. He lifted me off my haunches so that I was kneeling like a dog and inserted his fingers into me, roughly pinching my clitoris and making me even wetter than I already was.

His hands touched my thighs and moved my legs apart. I had heard the saying many times and now I was going to find out exactly what bookends was like, it was a shame that I wasn't going to enjoy it with these pigs.

His cock slid into me with ease and the pounding of his body against me caused me to impale myself onto Bernie's prick, it hit the back of my throat and I began to wretch.

It was soon forgotten as Bill gave me one hell of a slap on my arse and told me to behave myself. The positions changed until all of them had had the pricks in my mouth and in my cunt and still none of the bastards had come.

They tired of this and led me into the bedroom pushing me onto my back on the bed.

Bill laid his body across one of my arms and Bernie did the same to the other so that my arms were trapped beneath them.

John tormented my tits with his teeth and fingers, I could see by his face that he was not amused that my nipples were still asleep.

He pinched one and then the other but nothing would make them stir. In anger he grabbed a comb off the dresser and started hitting my nipples, softly at first and progressively harder until at last they sprang into life. Maybe pain turned me on, I don't know for sure, but I did know they felt sore after his sadistic attentions.

That he had achieved his aim pleased him so he focused his attention on fucking me. Forcing his cock between my legs he pounded away unmercifully, after a while he changed positions with Bernie and finally Bill had his way and still none of them had cum.

I was feeling sore and wanted it to be all over, the humiliation was taking its toll.

The next room I was led into was the bathroom. I was made to sit in a wicker chair and my legs placed over each of the arms.

From the bathroom cupboard Bernie removed a razor and shaving foam, I was frightened at first that they may cut me but he was ever so careful as he squirted the foam over my pubic hair and began shaving me.

It didn't take long before the hair had all been removed, my cunt was completely exposed. He dried me off and gave me a good licking his tongue felt as long as his cock as he played with my clitoris.

As much as I tried I couldn't stop myself from coming which gave great satisfaction to all three of them.

I was led back into the bedroom. Bill lay on the bed and told me to kneel above his cock and lower myself onto it, John stuck his cock in my face and told me to suck it and Bill shoved his cock up my arse. I had all three of them fucking me at once, all available holes in operation.

Bill was the first to cum followed quickly by the other two. I felt the cum run into my cunt down my arse and down my chin. At last it was over, five hours they had been going at me watched all the time by Alex. I know he enjoyed watching and I would get my revenge one-day for putting me through this.

I was pushed away by Bernie and rolled onto my back. One by one they left the room. Bill shortly returned he was almost dressed. He sat down on the bed and with one hand forced my cunt lips apart and shoved paper deep inside me. It was the money Alex had lost.

Bill turned towards Alex and said, "there's the money for fucking your whore, not bad but I've had better," and he left.

We heard the front door close and I burst into tears. I had hated every minute of that night and cupped my hands over my eyes as if to hide from the world. Alex removed the money from inside me, undressed and gently fucked me, our arms tightly wound around each other.

Alex never contacted any of those three again, not because they fucked me but because Bill had called me a whore, which I suppose I was that night as they had paid for it.

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