tagLoving WivesA Used Condom

A Used Condom


"Tomorrow is trash day!" my wife called down to me in the kitchen. "You need to get the trash out to the street."

"No, problem, I'm on it." I returned to her request. I started picking up the trash room by room, in the large trash bag. When picked up the kitchen trash and dumped it into the collection bag, I got the surprise of my life. A used condom from the middle of the kitchen trash can fell onto the floor. I picked it up, looked at it and started to call to my wife. Before a word came out of my mouth I stopped. There was no reason for there to be a condom, no less and used condom, in our house. I had a vasectomy many years earlier and our only child, a daughter, was only 12 years old. Was my daughter sexually active? Not at 12 and not having a real boy friend.

That only left my wife! I was really pissed off as I turned to take the condom and confront my wife. I pictured a man's cock inside the condom, inside my wife's vagina, as he pumped his semen into the end. I was ready to through the condom at my wife and find out who and when. But as I held it in my hand, my cock started to become rigid. The idea that the outside was coated with my wife's vaginal fluids and the inside was coated with her lover's cum was arousing both at the same time. I wanted to see her and her lover's protected cock as they climaxed. With that picture burned in my head I pulled my cock out, pull the used condom on it and jerk off, adding my cum into the condom. I needed to find a way to catch my wife getting fucked by her lover.

To prove to myself that it really was my wife and not my daughter, I searched my wife's dresser draws the next day before she got home. There in the back of her lingerie draw was a box of condoms, with only 4 of the original 12 remaining. I thought back through the last week's schedule, trying to determine when my wife would have been able to meet her lover. The only time I could come up with was Wednesday, since she has off Sunday and Wednesday, I work all week and our daughter is in school. Wednesday was the only choice.

My wife and I have been married for 14 years and are both 36 years old. She is 5' 6", 120 lbs., with a girlish figure of 34A-21-35. She has a flat stomach, dark red silver dollar areola and nipples that are always ridged. Her nipples press through her cloth and are visible all of the time, attracting attention from males' young and old, even thou her tits are not big. She loves to have her nipples sucked gently, because they are so sensitive.

I decide to stake out the house that next Wednesday to catch my wife. I ask her if she had any plans and she responded she didn't. So next Wednesday was going to be the day. I went to work as normal and waited for an hour after the time our daughter left for school. Then the hard part of the task started. I drove back to my neighborhood and stopped down the street from my house. I waited and then drove past the house hoping to see something and yet not be seen. After 2 hours of waiting my plan paid off. I saw my wife greet a person at the front door of my house and let him in. Hopefully this was her lover and I could catch them.

I waited 10 minutes and then walked down the street to my house. I went around to the back of the house looking in all the windows as I passed. There were no signs of anyone in the house, so I decided they must be on the second floor, in the bedroom. I let myself in the back door quietly removing my shoes. I stopped and listened, only hearing faint talk and laugher from up stairs. I moved to the bottom of the stairs to hear better and waited for the right time to go up.

My wait wasn't long. I heard the first of several passionate sighs from my wife and knew that she was being sexually aroused. Now was the time to move up stairs for a better view. I slowly moved up the steps until I was just outside of our bedroom. The sexual were louder and stronger, mixed with the unmistakable grout of a man receiving pleasure. I wanted to jump up and yell, but I also wanted to watch my wife perform. My anger and jealousy were overcome by my hard-on that was now straining at my pants; pure animal sex was winning out. I peeked around the open door of the bedroom with the same feeling as a little kid looking down the steps at Christmas. The shock was almost more then I could bear, when the full seen in the room came into view.

There was my wife naked, laying on her in a 69 position with a young black man. I realized that this was the young man who had just come to work in the store, where she works, after graduating from high school; he couldn't have been more then 19 or 20 years old. He had is head in my wife's crotch, orally stimulating her, as she sucked on his shiny black erection. His cock appeared to be 8 or 9 inches long and not overly large in diameter. Her head was bouncing off the bed as she took the entire length down her through. I wanted to jump into the room and tear his cock out of her mouth.

Before I could catch my breath she pushed him off and made him stand. She got down on her knees, looked him in the eyes telling him how must she need his cum. My jaw dropped, she had seldom given me a blowjob like this and never let me cum in her mouth or on her face. She continued to work his cock in her mouth as the signs of his ultimate climax appeared on his face.

Then his cock appeared to twitch; he lounged it forward, firing his hot load of semen into her eager mouth. He shot about six times before his cock settled. My wife continued to suck his cock as his semen dripped out of the corners of her mouth. She swallowed several times and then pushed his cock out of her mouth with her tongue. The leftover cum ran down her chin and onto her chest, where she smeared it on her breasts. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

Now what? I thought to myself. My question was answered quicker then I realized. Her black stud helped her up to sit on the bed and kissed her deeply getting his fresh cum on his lips. Then he laid her back and told her it was now her turn. His cock had never softened completely but that wasn't what he intended to use. He open my wife's dresser and pulled out a dildo about 10" long. With the new toy and his tongue he started into on her vagina, bring her to her first orgasm almost immediately. He continued to work on her as she had orgasm after orgasm.

Then I noticed that his cock was at full strength again. He stood up and got a condom from my wife's dresser as she moved up to the center of the bed. I knew what was next and I was glad to see that she made him wear a condom, she not on any birth control. He moved between her legs and she rolled the condom onto his cock, as she had done for me years earlier. He propped himself up with his arms as she guided his rubber cover black cock home. Slowly he worked his cock into her already wet vagina, as she wrapped her legs around his waist. They started pump in unison, like a well-practiced team. I watched as he cock slid almost all of the way out. The condom was coated with her vaginal fluids making clear and shiny. I wanted to move into the room and join in, filling my wife's ass with my cock, like I had done a few times.

But, I watched as they both started peaking towards their climax's'. Then as she reached yet another orgasm her lover grunted and pressed his cock into her a deeply as he could. I knew what the that the condom was being put to the test, collecting all of his hot sperm before it had the chance to impregnate my wife. When they settled from the climax's he pulled out exposing the cum filled end hanging from his cock. My wife reached forward and removed he condom from him and brought it to her lips. She smiled at him and saying, "No use in letting this go to waste", and dumped the white liquid into her mouth.

That was all I could stand. I ran into the room catching them totally by surprise. Her young lover reached down and covered himself as he jumped back to defend any possible attaches. My wife screamed out in fear that I would attack her and her lover. But that wasn't what I had in mind. I tore my cloth off and moved forward between my wife's legs to use her already well-fucked cunt. I quickly push my cock in her as I forced her back on the bed.

Now that I had her on her back she wrapped her legs around me as she had just done to her lover. I pumped as quickly as I could depositing the largest load of cum I have in years. As I laid there panting, I told her how I had enjoyed watch them and that we needed to get her on the pill so she could enjoy the hot loads of semen in her womb from her lovers. Needles to say we were going to have to work group session into our schedule now.

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