tagRomanceA Valentine Remembered

A Valentine Remembered


I watched as the tall, auburn haired woman walked past the coffee shop window. Granted, I always watched women walking past the window, but this woman seemed different, somehow. Familiar in one way, but very unfamiliar in other ways. She intrigued me. She intrigued me more when she came in and ordered a coffee. "Chelsea, your order is ready." I heard the barista announce. I had known a Chelsea, but she looked nothing like this woman. This woman who locked eyes with me and headed for my table.

"Hello. You don't remember me, do you?" Chelsea said it as much as a statement as a question.

I stammered as I got up from my chair "N-no, you have me at a disadvantage. I'm Ted. Please, join me?" My statement came out as a question, but she took me up on the invitation.

Her eyes were very familiar, but the face, the body, not so much. "Yes, I do have the advantage. And I plan to keep you twirling in the wind for a bit." she said as she stirred her coffee. One cream, one sugar. Vaguely familiar, but then a lot of people took their coffee like that. "Think back. in your past. Not too recent, not too distant. I'm in there somewhere." A smile crossed her face.

She had me. I was totally intrigued. More than I had been in my twenty eight years on Earth, but it wasn't entirely unpleasant. It was a bit exciting. "So, can I get some more hints?" I asked. I hope I do, I thought to myself.

"Yes, but on one condition. You take me out for Valentine's Day. Dinner. And who knows what else." She wrote as she spoke, leaving ten digits on the napkin. I hoped they weren't a dodge as she got up, turned and walked out of the coffee shop with her sweet, light coffee. I wondered if she knew that I had no other place to be for Valentine's Day and this was definitely the best offer I had had in, well, forever.

I made a reservation at a nice Italian place I knew. Rather old school. The waiters wore starched white coats and they had booths where they pulled the tables out to have you slide in to the back of the "U". And of course crisp white tablecloths. The kind your teachers said reminded men of bed sheets. Whatever that meant. I also found the least gouging place to pick up some roses. That happened to be my local grocery store. A little trim, some good paper and it would look good enough. I would get them later, still had a couple of days until the date.

The phone rang after I entered the numbers. That was good. Now I hoped that it wouldn't be a police department or even worse, the call in line at the local radio station. "Hello, this is Chelsea. Ted, leave me the place and time. "

Wow. I did not expect that. I obediently left the information. I still could not place her. The only Chelsea I could recall was in high school. I don't recall ever dating her, but our lockers were close by. I wondered. Could that be her? If it was, it was half of the Chelsea I remembered. That one had been very large and people had made fun of her. I did wonder whatever happened to her. Hmmmm, Chelsea. She had definitely gotten into my head. This was going to be a Valentine's Day to remember. Or to forget. But it wouldn't be typical, that much I knew.

The night arrived and I went to the restaurant. Roses in hand. The appointed time came. And went. My drink was sweating in its' glass, as was I. I took a sip and placed the glass back on the circle of dampness it had left. As I was starting to get more worried that I had been stood up, I saw movement. A tall, lithe figure approached the table. Heels and an exquisite dress, cut high in the skirt and low in the top left enough to the imagination to warrant more investigation. A pair of hazel eyes bored into mine as Chelsea said "I always like to make an entrance. I hope I didn't make you nervous."

"Not at all. I knew you would be here." I lied as she slid into the booth next to me and the waiter returned the table to its position. The walls of the booth were tall enough to hide most of the surrounding area from us, and us from them. The lights were dim. Ah, ambiance. She looked, smelled and sounded wonderful. Three of the five senses down, I still had two to go. I hoped.

"So, have you figured out who I might be and how we came to be here?" she said in a voice that I felt nearly as much as heard. Three and a half senses completed.

"Honestly, no." I said truthfully. "The only Chelsea I knew was nearly twenty years ago in high school. A chubby girl with a locker...." I let the words trail off. The look she gave me as she sipped the wine I had ordered told me that I was on target.

"Okay, if you are that Chelsea, Wow! What a transformation. Good for you! But I have no clue why we are here." The waiter returned and we told him we needed a little more time.

"So, you do remember 'double chin Chelsea'." she said as she smiled. "I am glad. Let's order now."

After ordering, Chelsea turned to me. "You still don't know why you are here, do you?" Her grin was a mixture of mirth and mystery.

"No, I am glad I remembered you, but I have no clue what brought you to me. I am glad it did, whatever it was." I was getting more lost in her hazel eyes. "Where did you go when you left school?" I asked.

"My dad was transferred and we moved around a lot. But that isn't important. That is the past. I think we should focus on the present." As she finished she moved closer to me and raised up slightly, pulling her skirt up. Her hand reached over and took mine, placing it on her now bare thigh.

Hidden by the tablecloth I was free to move my hand higher. As I did, Chelsea spread her legs slightly as an invitation to go even higher and her tongue darted out of her mouth licking her lips. I kept my eyes locked on hers and moved slowly to the top of her leg and felt an incredibly smooth patch of skin and a warm junction of her torso and legs. My heart was beating as fast as if I were jogging as she turned slightly, spreading her legs even more. "It is fine if you want to explore deeper." Her voice soft but commanding at the same time. I took a finger and moved it to the opening. Four senses complete, only one remained. Taste.

About that time the entree arrived. If the waiter knew what was happening beneath the table he didn't let on. We both returned our hands to the table and proceeded to devour whatever items we had ordered. I can't recall what it was, my focus was not on satisfying that appetite, but one a little lower.

We opted to skip dessert at the restaurant, instead Chelsea accepted my offer for a drink and to catch up at my place which was not far off. I know I had a supply of chocolates and other sweets for dessert, but I know what I had a taste for, and that was Chelsea. I hoped she felt the same.

We held hands as we walked the two blocks to my apartment. "You look fabulous, Chelsea, and you feel, well, that was incredible in the booth. I, um, hope...." You would have thought I was sixteen, not twenty eight. Stammering like a kid on prom night.

Chelsea finished my thought. "If your hope is to explore further, then we share the same hope. Then perhaps I'll give more of a hint why we are here. Tonight."

We entered the apartment and Chelsea immediately had her arms around my neck, her mouth on mine and her tongue parted my lips. We half walked, half stumbled to the bedroom where I lay her down on the bed which I had actually made in the hope that I would be rewarded for doing that mundane chore. It appeared as though I was about to be handsomely rewarded.

After a few deep kisses and embraces, Chelsea raised up and said "Now where were we when we were so rudely interrupted by dinner?" She stood, unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor revealing everything in the soft light coming through the window.

Chelsea lay back on the bed. Her legs spread slightly and I moved between them. I used my hands to spread them further and I lay down on top of her naked body. I began kissing her mouth and moved my mouth to her neck as my hands moved from her hips to her smooth breasts. I heard her softly moan as I encountered a hard nipple and rolled it between my fingers before moving my mouth to cover it and flick it with my tongue.

My left hand caressed her right breast as my right hand resumed the position it had found in the restaurant at the opening of her vagina. I moved it slowly in a circle, finding the hot moist folds of skin that felt so tender and seemed to ask to be touched. Within there was a hard little button, her clit which responded as I touched. I continued rubbing as I moved my mouth lower. At her navel I found a small piercing and played with the round metal ball with my tongue, moving it as I continued to rub her pussy and clit.

Slowly I inserted one finger inside and explored. I withdrew and moved it in again, as deep as it would go. Finally I moved my face to between her legs and began to lick. Her hands grasped the back of my head forcing it in as her legs closed tightly. Clearly I was not going anywhere anytime soon. That was fine with me as I satisfied my fifth sense. Chelsea tasted marvelous as I licked and sucked on her smooth wet pussy. My hands were each on an ass cheek pressing her towards me as her hands pressed my face firmly on her. Her soft moans encouraged me on.

She moaned louder and her back arched as she began to climax. My hands held her close then I moved my face away to let them insure she came completely. I watched as my fingers dipped in and rubbed her and she writhed on my bed and finally came to rest.

"Enough of that, I want you in me, deep inside me." she said as she looked at me and reached to invite me in. My cock was hard and had begun to seep some precum as it waited. It slid nicely in the wet hole between her legs and her pink lips closed around the shaft making a perfect seal.

The feeling was incredible as I pumped quickly and then paused deep within her and slowly withdrew, only to enter again. I never wanted the feeling to end. I paced myself as much as I could, sliding in and out as she moved in tandem with me. Suddenly I felt my release well up inside me. I drove in deep and a wave of intense emotion washed over me as I came hard inside her. Gush after gush of cum came forth. I felt as though I had emptied everything within her and fell off to the side on the bed, exhausted. Now, that was what I call dessert.

After the needed bathroom break we returned to the bed and the last thing I recall was falling asleep holding each other beneath the sheet. Naked body against naked body. Sensual, more than sexual. I do recall smiling with the thought that each of my five senses had been more than satisfied by Chelsea as I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke early, but Chelsea had obviously awakened much earlier than I had. On the pillow next to me was a simple little paper valentine, the kind that you took to school for the whole class and a short note. "To explain a little about yesterday. I came back here because you gave me my first and only Valentine. You were the only one who did not tease or judge me. For that I thank you. Use that same number I gave you for next Valentine's Day." It was signed simply with a "C". I turned the paper Valentine over and it bore my youthful writing, "To Chelsee from Teddy." I always was bad at spelling. But I made a note to call that same restaurant. I wondered if the took Valentine reservations a year in advance.

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As superbly romantic as it was erotic!

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