tagNonHumanA Very Merry Xmas

A Very Merry Xmas


It had been snowing for several days. Everything was covered in a blanket of white. Silence reigned. It was if the world had fallen asleep. Of course, it had. It worked that way. Winter is a season of sleep, of death. Cernunnos has given of himself and Danu mourns for him. Nevertheless, he will come again and with him will come the warmth of spring.

Winter is not my favorite time of year. That is not to say it isn't beautiful in its own way. I just prefer the bright colors of spring when the world is new. I like the changing of summer into fall when all the earth prepares for sleep.

However, this year Yule brought with it some very pleasurable distractions. My home is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I prefer it that way. Forests surround my house. It is peaceful and quiet. There is only a one-lane road leading to it. They must have been driving slowly to see it amid the snowfall.

Nevertheless, I heard the car well before it came into view of the house. It was not one of those large SUVs. It was a small Renault alliance. I was surprised he fit into it but somehow he managed. They walked up to my porch and knocked on the door.

"Evening," he said in a low husky voice.

He was about my height at six foot, muscular but not overly so. He worked out but did not take it to the extreme. His dark skin tone spoke of his Native American heritage as loudly as his fine high cheekbones. I felt the first stirrings of desire when I looked into those dark eyes. His hair was pulled back from his face. A ponytail showed when he turned to look at his companion. Apparently, my silence had unnerved him a little bit.

"Good evening," I said softly, leaning against the doorframe. Reluctantly I tore my eyes from him and turned to look at the person standing at his side. He dwarfed her. Oh but the curves were in all the right places. Her lush figure made my hands itch to caress every inch of the alabaster skin.

Her heart shaped face spoke of sweetness but the look in her large green eyes said there was fire in that tiny package, fire and passion. Long dark lashes swept down to shield her thoughts but it was too late. I had already seen the lust in them as they had roamed over my bare chest.

"My name is Erik. This is my girlfriend Renée. We're sorry to bother you this late in the evening, but we seem to be lost," Erik said.

"You're a long way from any of the main roads," I said. "I'm surprised you even found my driveway. Come inside and get warmed up."

I held the door open and stepped to one side so they could enter. Renee's eyes immediately went bouncing around the foyer. It was simple yet elegant. I liked it.

"You may hang your coats in that closet. There's a mat at the bottom for your shoes," I said. "I'll go make some hot cocoa. We'll see if we can't warm you up a bit from the inside before we do anything else."

I turned and padded, barefoot, into the kitchen. Even though I was a distance away, I still heard their conversation. I am a Sidhe after all and these pointed ears are not just decoration.

"Erik," the woman whispered. "I want him."

"You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that," Erik groaned.

For a few moments, there was silence. I had to smile to myself. It was obvious what they were doing and the scent of their arousal was rather intoxicating. It was a good thing I shared their desire. Otherwise, they would have been in for a rude awakening. This was my home and I ruled here.

By the time they finished making out in my front hall I had the cocoa ready. I smiled as Erik took the seat closest to me. He smelled musky, spicy. It was a very tempting scent. There was no cologne to mask it. Renee took the stool next to his as I handed them each a mug.

"This should warm you right up," I said. My voice had taken on that husky quality that usually precedes really great sex.

"You live here alone?" Renee asked as she carefully sipped her drink. Her fingers twirled a ringlet of heavy auburn hair from the tail at the back of her head.

"For the most part," I answered, a small smile barely tilting the corners of my mouth. "I have the occasional visitor. Sometimes a lover stays for a few days. Not many though. Only the ones I deem special enough get to come here."

"You have many lovers?" Erik asked from beneath hooded eyes.

"I'm particular about who shares my bed," I answered as I moved to stand behind his chair. Leaning forward, I whispered in his ear with barely a centimeter of space between my chest and his back. "They have to be able to keep up with me. Only a few have succeeded. I can be quite... voracious and aggressive."

I could hear Renee panting as she watched us, standing so close together. I turned my head to look at her, my braids sliding over my shoulder to lie along his back. Her eyes were dark with desire. Her breath made her breasts heave beneath the tight fabric of her shirt, such a tempting sight.

"I'll find you something warm to change into," I said casually as I stepped away from them. The groans were music to my ears. The fire within them was growing.

Rummaging through the several closets in my house, I located robes for both of them. Renee's was a soft dark green and made of silk. Erik's was deep blue velvet with rope trim. The house itself was fairly warm but their skin would still be a bit chilled from their wet clothing.

When I returned downstairs Renee was leaning against Erik. I hid my smile at the way their hands absently stroked each other. I watched them for a few moments. Their mouths met and danced away, teasing and then returning. I could see Erik's tongue slipping into her mouth, stroking and then withdrawing, making her chase it. She whimpered softly and I felt a tightening in my groin. Oh yes, I would have them, both of them, tonight.

"If you would follow me upstairs," I said as if I had just come in. "I'll show you where you can get changed. I hope these fit. If you want, you can take a warm shower after you get out of those wet clothes. You'd probably feel better."

"That's very kind of you," Renee smiled.

"This way," I answered.

My movement changed as I led them up the stairs. The desire flowed through me, making them almost liquid. I could feel their eyes on me, running over every inch of my body. I didn't glance over my shoulder. I knew they would follow wherever I went. I had them hooked. I stopped at the rooms next to mine. Leaning against the doorjamb, I waited for them.

"You can change in here," I purred. "The shower is off to the right."

When Renee walked into the room, she made sure to brush her body against me. Soft curves pushed ever so slightly against my bare flesh. I couldn't help but smile a bit at that.

Erik was a bit bolder, a bit more aggressive. He pressed up against me for a few moments. His breath fanned my ear as he whispered.

"You're not the only one who's voracious," he growled.

"I should hope not," I answered, letting my lips brush his cheek. "I would be disappointed. When you've finished, come to the room next door. The time for these little games is over. But there is other fun to be had in my house."

I walked down the hall and into my room. They would not dawdle in the shower. Neither would they get each other off. These two knew how to control their urges. I was looking forward to this. Each of them appealed to me in many different ways. Renee's delicate look combined with the fire in her eyes tempted you to taste her, to see if she would burn as fiercely as she promised. Erik was strong, his body toned and hard. I wanted to see if he would yield to me, to the pleasure I would give him.

Pondering the many possibilities of the evening, I changed into a black silk robe. With a wave of my hand, hundreds of candles came to life, giving the chamber a soft sensual glow. On the other side of the room, I had already opened the curtains that hid the floor to ceiling windows. The view was spectacular. A full moon hung bright in the sky, her reflection mirrored in the glass smooth surface of my pond. Snow continued to fall but it was no longer as heavy as it had been earlier.

There was a gentle knock on the door just as I settled myself back against the pillows of my custom made bed. It was easily larger and roomier than a California king.

"Enter," I commanded as I spread the silk of my robe to the sides, framing the lean lines of my body in black. My hair, pulled to one side and still in braids, trailed down over my chest to pool at one hip. My eyes were silver, I could tell, and only the small glamour I put in place would keep that knowledge from my soon to be lovers.

Slowly the door opened. Erik entered first as I knew he would. He stopped as soon as his eyes lit upon the bed. I watched his body come to full life, his thick shaft bobbing proudly before him. An animalistic growl rumbled from his broad chest. His hair was still bound. With effort, he tore his gaze from my body and turned to the door. Holding out his hand, he led Renee into the room. She too was completely naked. Her beautiful hair had been taken from its confinement to swing about the sweet lush curves of hip and buttocks. She demurely dropped her gaze to the floor but could not stop from licking her lips. Slowly they approached the bed.

"Stop," I commanded, the tone brooking no argument. They froze in place. The uncertainty in Erik's eyes letting me know it was not a usual occurrence with him. "Remove your hair tie, Erik,"


"Remove it," I repeated, my eyes narrowing. Slowly he complied but it was clear he was not used to being commanded. I could tell Erik topped in most of his encounters. Tonight he would receive and I would show him how good it could feel to let someone else take charge for a bit.

The waves of his hair swirled around his broad shoulders. It looked so soft; my fingers ached to run through it. I wanted to feel it sliding over my skin. I lifted one hand and crooked my finger, signaling them to come closer to the bed.

"Tell me, Erik, what does Renee like?" I asked softly as I let my eyes run over the beauty before me. "What pleases her? Makes her scream with it?"

"She likes to be spanked," he answered, his voice gruff with desire. "The feel of my hand coming down on her ass makes her shake. It makes her so wet her juices drip down her thighs."

Gracefully I rose from the bed and moved to stand in front of them. I reached out and caressed Erik's face, studying him closely. My touch made him tremble and he wasn't sure how to handle it. Lightly I ran my hand down his chest, circling his nipples with one finger in ever closing rings. I let my hand dance over his skin, savoring the feel of hard muscle beneath smooth flesh as I turned my attentions to Renee.

"Part you legs my sweet," I purred. "I want to see how wet you are for me."

With a soft whimper, she moved her feet shoulder width apart. Her curls already glistened with her desire. I moved around to stand behind her, smiling at the groan of protest from Erik. With the barest of touches, I caressed her body, circling over her curves with a ghostlike touch. She was so responsive, her body quivering with each stroke. From behind, I reached gently between her legs and stroked with one long finger. She cried out with pleasure.

Erik's eyes never left me. I watched them darken as I ran my fingers down his spine in a light, teasing caress. As I leaned over to swirl my tongue over the curve of Renee's shoulder, I slid my fingers between the firm globes of his tight ass to caress his opening. A shocked gasp was my reward. He was not used to such boldness.

"I can smell your desire," I whispered, letting my voice dance over their senses. "I can feel the heat of your bodies and hear the panting of your breath. Your arousal teases against my skin, letting me know how badly you want me."

Renee whimpered softly, trying to turn towards me. I held her in place with a look. I could see the fine quivering of her body as the anticipation increased her pleasure. I believe Erik was too entranced by the feel of my fingers teasing his anus with bits of pressure.

"This is my house," I purred into her ear before shifting over to his. "There is pleasure to be had here but it is mine to command. If you give yourselves over to my care, then you will obey every order given, to the letter. In return for your obedience, I will give you a night you will never forget. You will never experience its like again."

"And if it is too much?" Erik groaned as I stroked him. "What word?"

"Ah a very good question," I smiled as I moved to stand in front of them, the black silk swirling around my body.

For a moment, I said nothing. I simply brought the fingers of my right hand, slick with Renee's desire to my lips, licking slowly. Looking up from beneath my long black lashes, I laughed softly.

"There is one word that will get me to stop," I answered. "Speak it and all ceases. That word is Iron."

"Iron?" she panted.

"Iron," I answered. "Now, do you give yourselves over to my care? Or do you return to the room next door and sleep peacefully, undisturbed, until morning?"

They looked at each other for a moment, communicating silently as long time partners are wont to do. Then, after nodding, Erik turned his eyes back to mine.

"We accept," he said.

"Bring the chair from the corner," I ordered him. "Place it at the foot of the bed. Do not speak unless in response to a direct question."

I took Renee by the hand and led her to the bed. They were so aroused already that little foreplay would be needed. She fairly dripped with desire. Gently I pushed her down to her knees facing away from the door. My bed was set on a small dais and so she was able to kneel and lean against it, Her rounded buttocks exposed and tempting. Her pale skin was flushed a tempting pink. How would it be in a few moments?

I positioned myself at her head, sitting back on my heels. Her mouth, lush and inviting, was inches away from my cock. The urge to push between those full lips was almost too much. However, I had not lived so long without learning patience.

"She is beautiful is she not?" I asked softly as I studied her face, the lines of her body. "Such delicate looks but the fire makes it a lie. She can take a pounding and still beg for more."

I heard a low groan from Erik. He stood at the foot of the bed next to the chair, his eyes roaming hungrily over both of us. Little did he know what I had in store for him, for them both.

"Cup your breasts little one," I purred softly.

Eagerly she obeyed, holding her ample charms in manicured fingers. Her eyes, wide and dark, clouded over from that slight contact. I tore my gaze away from that delicious sight and looked at Erik. His muscles twitched and jerked as he watched.

"Show me Erik," I ordered. "Show me how Renee likes to be spanked. Make her drip for me."

He knelt down behind and to one side of her. Slowly one hand circled her rounded ass, once, twice and a third time. Suddenly he snapped his wrist and a sharp slap echoed through the room, followed immediately by a cry from Renee.

"Each time you feel his hand," I whispered, feeling the desire build as I looked into her eyes. "Pinch your nipples. Tweak them, feel the pleasure rush straight to your core."

Each strike against her pale flesh became red and I knew it stung. She was in ecstasy. By the way she kept staring at my cock I knew she wanted it. In her mouth, in her pussy, up her ass, she didn't care as long as she got it.

I let Erik continue until he was panting and she was writing on the bed. Rising, I moved to stand behind him, pressing close and letting him feel the hard ridge of my cock against his back. I ran my hands through his hair, indulging in my earlier desire. Gripping it tightly, I pulled his head back and claimed his mouth. I claimed it as surely as I would claim him this night, thrusting my tongue deep and tasting his musky earthy scent. His moan vibrated against my mouth.

'On the chair," I growled against his lips. "Grip the legs and spread your thighs wide. I want to see your cock and balls."

Once he was positioned exactly where I wanted him, I turned back to the bed. Renee was panting, her body quivering with little shocks of pleasure. Her sweet ass was bright red with Erik's efforts.

"Very nice," I purred, caressing his hair as I surveyed his handy work. "Very well done Erik."

I was very pleased when he didn't respond. I had a small armoire to the left of my bed. It held certain items I occasionally enjoyed using and I decided to employ some now. Opening the top, I pulled two sets of matching items and then returned to stand next to Erik. With teasing hands, I attached the small nipple clamps to his taut peaks. He groaned and hissed at the pinch but still said nothing.

Lifting Renee, I positioned her on the bed facing him. I circled my fingers around her breasts, teasing her with the metal. Each circle came closer and closer. Each pass made her breath hitch and speed up until she was nearly hyperventilating.

"Easy pen dithen (little one)," I whispered as I kissed her lips. "We do not want you to pass out... at least not from lack of air. I'd much prefer to overload you with pleasure."

I put the clamps on her nipples, easing the pressure of keeping them open a little at a time. She could feel every minute movement as it tightened around the sensitive nubs. What made these clamps unique were the tiny weighted fairies that hung from them by silver chains. They were a personal favorite of mine.

Suddenly Renee found herself on her hands and knees. A moan tore its way free from the sudden push as the clamps swung back and forth. I continued the pressure until she leaned on her elbows, her head practically in Erik's lap.

"Ladies first," I purred.

Her scent wafted up to tease my nose. The light of the candles glistened over her slick thighs. Slowly I circled her nether lips with one finger, listening to each mew and whimper and delighting in it.

"Keep your eyes on us," I ordered as I caught and held Erik's gaze. "Do not move. Do not speak and most importantly, do not touch yourself in any way."

Slowly I ran my hands up her back, savoring the soft silk of her skin. So smooth and warm, she was a sensualist's dream. Every part of her was an experience to relish. Desire hummed through me, building and swirling inside. This night would indeed be one to remember for all three of us.

As I stroked her buttocks, I contemplated the tiny rosebud buried between. Lightly I ran the tip of my thumb over it, delighted when her body jerked and she moaned. That was definitely worthy of further investigation. However, it could wait until later in the evening. I knew which ass I would claim first and it wasn't the sweetly rounded one beneath my hands now.

Flicking my robe behind me, I positioned my straining cock at her pussy. A small movement forward brushed the head against her. The immediate response was a push back with her hips and my hand came down on her already red buttock, eliciting a delighted yelp.

"Ah, ah," I reprimanded. "Hold still."

I could see how she tried to hold herself still. Renee made such an effort that it deserved a reward. With one steady thrust, I buried my cock deep inside her. The scream was well worth it. She was filled and she knew it. I buried one hand in her riot of curls, tugging back until her neck arched, as I set a steady pace, fucking her with firm deep strokes. The other hand gripped her hips as I pistoned back and forth, savoring the slick wet heat surround my cock. She was tight and felt so incredible.

Lifting my hot gaze from her sweat slicked back and half closed eyes I looked at Erik. Muscles twitched and his chest heaved as he watched my pound into her pussy repeatedly. Precum dripped from his cock as it jerked with each of my movements. He wanted in on this in the worst way but I wanted him to watch.

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