tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Very Religious Experience

A Very Religious Experience


I never saw Andrea after that night. I've felt bad about that right up to this very day. I really enjoyed our friendship and I miss her. I have no idea where she is presently or what's she's doing.

Not long after our Christmas vacation was over, something interesting occurred. Have I mentioned that my parents are very religious? In fact, my mother is so religious she has a cross as a screensaver. Man, that's putting your religion where you want it – to protect your computer. Mwahaha! The upshot of all this religious preoccupation is that I absolutely had to attend church every week or I would never hear the end of it for the entire following week. I also sang in the church choir.

I had just been accepted into the Senior Choir. In our church we had the Cherub Choir, which was for small children and the Junior Choir which was for older children, and the Senior Choir, which was for everybody else. I enjoyed singing in the choir. I have a good voice, so singing was easy for me and I enjoyed sitting up behind the minister on Sunday morning and looking out at the congregation. When the sermon would become boring, (which it always did) I could look out at everyone and amuse myself – hehe, or amuse them. Because I'm short and also sang soprano, I would always be seated in the front row of the choir.

But best of all, I 'loved' our choir robes. They were deep burgundy and looked really cool, but the best part was what you could wear under them – which in my case was absolutely nothing!

Everyone else just slipped their robe on over their outer apparel, but I always disappeared into the ladies room and, after stripping down to just my shoes, I would put on the robe. I would then stash my outfit in one of the Sunday school rooms. And no one would be wiser, or so I thought, but we'll get to that part of the story later.

Some Sundays when I was bored, I would pick out a good looking guy in the congregation, establish eye contact with him and, then slip my right hand under my robe surreptitiously, and masturbate myself 'til climax. Man, that was hot too! Somehow it always felt better doing it there than anywhere else. And I wouldn't have anything to wipe myself with afterwards, so I would sit there all sticky for the rest of the hour and then still be sticky when I talked to people in the choir and the congregation that would come up following the service. I loved it! It just seemed so nasty and secret.

Another thing I used to do was during the prayers. Now I don't know how much church you've ever attended, but at several points in our services the minister would lead us in prayer. Everyone, quite naturally, was supposed to have their heads bowed and their eyes closed during this time. Well, of course not everybody would cooperate in this endeavor – I suppose for a variety of different reasons, and there would be people who were looking around at everybody.

It didn't happen very often, but once in a great while there would only be one other person besides myself looking around and, if the person was an attractive male, then I would do 'my thing.' We usually stood during these prayers, so I would make sure he was looking directly at me and then I would very slowly lift up the hem of my choir gown all the way up until it rested under my chin. Man, you should have seen the looks on their faces! It was awesome!

And invariably they would look around to see if anyone else was watching and when they would look back, I would have already lowered my robe and I would have my head bowed in prayer as though nothing had happened at all. I know this blew their minds – haha! Now they weren't certain if they really had seen that or just hallucinated it. They would always try to talk to me after the service, but I always managed to avoid them.

Now this went on for awhile and then catastrophe struck. It started innocently enough. The minister had us stand and bow our heads for the end of the sermon prayer. I raised my head and looked around and observed a young man staring right at me and he was way cute too! He was about five foot, eight inches, which is a good height for me. The young man appeared to be in his late teens and he was absolutely gorgeous!

In fact, as soon as I saw him, I was thinking in terms of allowing him to talk to me after the service and I had never done that before. So looking right at him, I raised my choir robe and kept it up for over a minute and I don't know if you're really aware how a long a minute is, but it can seem really long, depending on the circumstances. Realizing the minister was reaching a conclusion, I quickly lowered my robe and winked at him.

He was grinning broadly at me. I don't know what it was, but something made me turn my head to the left and I was looking directly at Mrs. Hatfield, who was glaring at me with all the hatred in her soul, which was plenty! I almost fainted dead away, as my blood ran cold. There was no way this old harridan wasn't going to tell.

Now as soon as the service was over, the minister walked down the main aisle and waited at the back doors to shake everybody's hand and talk to them briefly. Of course that old bitch was headed right on a bee line towards him and she kept rounding around and glaring right at me, as if to ascertain that I was still present.

I wanted to get out of there pretty badly, let me tell you, but I was blocked in from all the people who had gathered around to talk to the choir. These were usually friends and family members of the choir members. I also observed that boy coming up to me too, but I didn't have time right then to worry about him. I just wanted to get the hell out of there! But what was I supposed to do? Walk on people?

Anyway I finally managed to get free by practically crawling on the floor, but I got out and I immediately headed back to get my clothes. That was my big mistake – well, that among many. I should have just left.

I had just stepped inside the Sunday school room, where I had stashed my clothes. Then I made my second mistake, I didn't lock the door immediately behind me. I didn't think I needed to, because I knew it was going to take the minister a few more minutes to shake everybody in the congregation by their hand.

Unfortunately I had forgotten about the assistant minister! Our church always had an assistant minister. He would be a young man directly out of seminary, who wasn't quite ready for his own charge yet. Usually the major problem would be that he was too young. It's a drag, but a lot of churches just didn't trust a minister who was too young. I think maybe they don't trust someone, who hasn't lived long enough to have been tempted by a lot of sin.

Anyway I had forgotten about Thad - Thad Jenkins. He was our assistant minister and apparently the minister had pushed Mrs. Hatfield off on him. Not that I blame him – she was one ugly old bitch alright. I'd only been in the classroom enough time to walk across the room where I had my outfit hidden, when the door opened and in walked Mrs. Hatfield with the assistant minister.

Despite my out and out shock, I knew what to do. I put my most innocent look on my features and inquired, "Why, Minister Jenkins. How are you this morning?" I'll tell you, I was so cool, butter wouldn't have melted in my mouth.

Before he could answer, Mrs. Hatfield pointed her arm at me and spoke in an incredibly dramatic voice, milking her one big moment in the sun, "There's the little strumpet, herself. She's the harlot, who exposed herself to that decent young man during the service."

'Oh for God's sake,' I thought to myself. 'She's probably going to swoon in a minute.' And then I realized that sounded like a good idea, so I acted like I fainted dead away. It's not hard to do, but you have to remember to allow your legs to just carry you to the floor rather than throwing yourself down. And you have to be able to risk it, you can't attempt to catch yourself in any manner.

The next thing I 'knew' (hehe) assistant minister Jenkins was leaning over me patting my hand. "Are you okay, Sara?" he asked, sounding gravely concerned.

"She's okay, that harlot is just faking something," the old harridan explained.

The young minister whirled around and instructed in a firm voice, "Mrs. Hatfield, please!"

"In fact," he continued speaking, while gently pushing the older woman out of the door of the classroom and into the hallway. "Thank you for all your help, but I need to speak with Sara alone."

As Mr. Jenkins was shutting the door in her face, I could hear the old bitch exclaim, "Don't forget to have her take off her robe! Make her show you what's under her choir robe."

"Alright, I will," he placated. Shutting the door and locking it, he turned to me with a smile and expressed, "Geez!"

I had since regained my feet. I smiled back at him.

"I'm very sorry, Sara. I don't know what's come over her," expressed the young minister.

"Maybe the devil made her do it, Mr. Jenkins," I quipped.

"Haha!" he laughed. "But please call me Thad. You're only a few years younger than me and when you call me that, I think my father is in the room."

Now it was my turn to giggle. "Shall we go?" Thad inquired.

I forgot to mention that Thad was just cute as a little 'ol bug, didn't I? Well, he was. He was about five foot, six inches tall. Personally I don't think he had gotten his full growth yet, but he definitely had in certain areas, if you catch my drift. I think his being so short was another thing that was holding him back from acquiring his own church. It just made him appear so young.

He seemed to have a better than average physique beneath his black suit. He had sandy brown hair, blue eyes and a cleft chin. I wouldn't have been surprised if he had had dimples when he smiled.

As he began to unlock the door, I said, "Wait!"

Thad glanced at me with askance in those beautiful blue eyes. "What is it, Sara?"

"Don't you think as a man of God that you should live up to your promises?"

He inquired, while displaying a quizzical expression across his handsome features, "Whatever are you talking about?"

"Well," I continued shyly, "You promised Mrs. Hatfield that you would check beneath my choir robe."

The young minister smiled and responded, "Oh, is that it? Ok, what's underneath your robe, let me see."

Believe you me, my heart was pounding in my substantial chest and adrenaline was racing through my body, as I reached down and pulled the choir robe off completely revealing my total nudity.

I heard his sharp intake of breath and Thad appeared as though he might pass out for a second, but then he appeared to gain control of himself.

"Sara!" the young minister exclaimed, shocked.

I stood there smiling at him, but did not choose to answer him.

"Sara!" Thad exclaimed again.

This time I answered, "What?"

"You're so beautiful," he murmured, while reaching out and taking me by my right hand.

I flushed more from his compliment than by standing nude before him. The young minister pulled me to him and held me embraced in his arms for a number of minutes. Oh my God! It was so romantic I couldn't believe it.

Then Thad began to kiss me – everywhere. The handsome young man at first passionately kissed me on my mouth. His lips were so incredible soft and yet they sent shivers down my back. I pushed my tongue into his open mouth and against his tongue.

A few minutes later the young man began to kiss down my neck and then down to my breasts, God, I couldn't believe it. I had never have anyone be so passionate or caring and concerned about my pleasure. Maybe it was from his being a minister and caring about people, or maybe he was just that good in bed – I don't know.

He began to suckle on my nipples until they grew as erect as I'd ever seen them and they became so sensitive that I could hardly stand anything to touch them. Thad then began to kiss me across the soft down of my lower belly, finally ending around my pubes. Man, let me tell you – I was squirming by then.

I thought he was going to start tonguing my pussy and I didn't want that. I wanted him to fuck me – NOW! So I attempted to pull him up to me, but he just shook his head no. Thad proceeded to kiss me softly down my inner thigh.

Good grief! No one had ever kissed me there. It was so sexy. He continued to kiss down to my feet and then made me turn around and he began to work his way back up my bare body with his mouth. The young man literally kissed my ass. Haha! I thought that was just an expression.

When the young minister reached the back of my neck, he turned me around and silently embraced me again. I whispered, "I want you to make love to me."

Being a true gentlemen, Thad complained, "But Sara, you're too young."

"No, I'm not!" I insisted, in a firm voice. "I'm not a virgin, and haven't been for months and I want to make love right now!"

To convince him of my intentions, I reached down and unbuckled his belt and then unbuttoned his black suit pants. His trousers fell halfway to his knees and I observed the head of his penis poking out from his boxer shorts. It looked so cute – just like it was searching out pussy.

I sank quickly to my knees and helped him step out of his trousers and underwear. I folded them nicely and placed them on a activity table. I didn't want to him to look all rumpled when he left me. Thad appeared completely stunned by this time about his standing there half naked with his penis sticking straight out at a stark naked parishioner. He was probably wondering what was his new career was going to be after he got booted out of this one. Haha!

I took him by the right hand and led him to the front of the room. I lay down on my back across the teacher's desk with my legs spread wide. I patted the inside of my thigh just below my pussy lips in invitation. Thad just stood there before me staring at me. He seemed to be completely frozen. I don't know if he was watching some battle between God and Satan or what. If he was, I think God won, because I just don't think Satan is for anything that is as sweet as lovemaking – it just has to be God's bailiwick.

By this time, I am as hot as a fire cracker. With all the kissing of my body that he did, I think I could have made myself go off just by touching myself a couple of times. But I didn't want that. I wanted Thad to make love to me and to feel his explosion inside of me and then I would go.

I sat up at the end of the desk and pulled the handsome young minister to me. I reached down with my right hand and helped guide his erection into my completely distended labia. I then reached behind him with both of my hands and began pulling him towards me and then pushing him away with my body.

I did this for a good couple of minutes, while he just basically was still frozen and I'm telling you – it was a lotta work. You got to be strong to do both parts, when you make love. Finally just when I didn't think I could continue, Thad woke up. I think he decided if he was going to lose his job over this, he may as well enjoy himself.

He began to thrust inside of me with great vigor and I immediately went off – just when I didn't want to. But what the hay – sometimes you just can't control these things. As it was, I just came and came and came as he continued to move inside of me with immense energy and then all of the sudden I felt him tense and then begin to spasm as his sweet semen spurted suddenly into my grateful pussy.

"Ah, ah, oh God!" the young minister moaned, as he saw his first glimpse of heaven right here on earth or so he told me later. When we both had finished our sexual catharsis, we remained slumped against each other in an embrace for a number of minutes.

Suddenly a loud knock came upon the door. I had to nudge Thad hard to convince him to respond. Finally he answered, "Yes, what is it?"

His voice cracked on the last part of the sentence and I giggled causing the young man to offer me a stern glance, which caused me to giggle some more.

"Thad, is that you? What's going on?"

It was Thad's boss! "Yes, Minister Harkness, it's me," Thad answered. "I'm speaking to Sara. We'll be finished in a minute."

"Oh, that's okay. Take your time. I'll be in my office when you're finished. We need to talk about that disturbing Mrs. Hatfield."

I couldn't help myself and giggled again. "Stop it," he hissed. "Alright sir, I'll do that."

We listened, as we heard the minister's footsteps leading away from the door and then we breathed a sigh of relief.

Thad stood and watched me get naked in reverse, as I pulled on my clothes. (Think about that one for awhile – haha!). I swear he enjoyed every moment of it right up until I sealed every part of my body away from his eyes. Then he donned his apparel and we kissed once and made a promise to try to meet after choir practice on Tuesday night.

Oh God!

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