tagGroup SexA Visit to a Sex Club

A Visit to a Sex Club


It was her picture that I saw first. It was a normal portrait photo of head and shoulders, taken while at ease in a restaurant. There was no studio lighting, no special arrangement in it, just a normal snapshot taken when she was at ease. It was beautiful and she looked simply stunning. She had shoulder length dark hair that cascaded round her shoulders and framed her beautiful face.

I then met her at a swinging party I had arranged and the picture was on the profile of a "couple" I had invited, and against all the rules I became smitten and here I was a year or so later taking her to a swinging club in Brighton. Well, that is not strictly true as it is an unusual club. It is licensed as a "health spa" and as such everyone is nude. However under this guise no intimate or inappropriate contact is allowed in the facilities downstairs, even though everyone who is there is desperately hoping for such contact. There are rooms upstairs however where anyone is allowed to play.

We had arrived at the club quite early and after paying our entrance fee we were given a couple of towels and shown into the changing room. Here everyone strips naked and then uses the club dressed only in a towel. I had not been with Dee for a few months and god I was looking forward to seeing her naked again. Trying to remain blasé about disrobing I got undressed and helped her with her clothes.

She had been saying how fat she had become but what I saw took my breath away. She is very tall, just under 6ft and has the most wonderful figure. Her breasts are small and perfectly formed and the swell of the breasts sit high on her chest and the nipples point upward and are pert and surrounded by small aureole that harden and crinkle when she becomes aroused.

She was unabashed as she stripped and after removing her bra she placed it in the locker. Next she bent over and removed her knickers and totally naked she turned to me to collect her towel. She was just awesome. Her abdomen was firm and flat and the waist pulled in to accentuate the curves she has. She was shaved and the flat of her stomach led down to a rise of her mons and then the top of her pussy. Her sex is just so beautiful and perfectly formed. Her lips are neat and firm, just like the rest of her, and she is totally shaven. She is without doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

We had arrived soon after the club opened but already there were lots of men there. Downstairs there are the spa facilities, two steam rooms, two saunas, a pool, two Jacuzzi and a couple of hot plunge pools. We made our way downstairs and Dee was in her element. She exudes confidence and strolling naked amongst the men, she made an immediate impression.

We decided to try the steam room first and leaving our towels outside we entered the hot foggy atmosphere of the steam room. There was already a man in there and we took the top platform. I sat on the tiles with my back against the wall and got Dee to lie between my legs, stretched out on her back. She lay like that, at ease, for anyone to see her. She is wonderful. There was a light sheen of perspiration forming on body giving her an oiled look. I got her to lift her leg nearest the wall and slightly part her legs. Her sex was now visible to anyone who came in. She lay there showing off all of her magnificent body. Her nipples had hardened and she knew what effect she would have on anyone who came in. Long long smooth legs slightly akimbo, the most beautiful shaved sex with perfectly formed lips framing her vulva, a smooth mons and a flat taught tummy that shows off her wonderful waist. Her ribcage was rising and falling slowly and her nipples on her small but oh so perfect breasts where pert.

It didn't take long for the steam room to fill up with naked men! Word had got around that there was this beautiful woman there were soon 6 or 8 men in the room trying to act normally as they gazed at Dee's wonderful body.

Unfortunately this first steam room was too hot and after 5 minutes or so we decided to move on.

Dee, proud of her nakedness and body, casually held a towel draped across her arm as she strolled around the club. We looked into the saunas, both of them, but gave them a miss. We decided to go into one of the Jacuzzis as all sorts of things can happen under the bubbles, but not this time! The bubbles stopped and so once again we moved on. The pool was next and after the Jacuzzis it seemed freezing. I got in first and Dee sat on the edge legs dangling in. She was joking about how cold it was and wouldn't get in. I moved between her legs and was in awe of her beauty as her smooth legs were parted and her body such a delight to gaze on.

There was one man who had caught our attention in the steam room. Late 30's early 40's but well built. Over 6ft, muscled, and in proportion with no flab or fat on him....he was a good looking man. He passed behind Dee and playfully threatened to push her off the side into the pool but she warned him not to, and as I though she wouldn't get in as it was too cold I suggested one of the plunge pools. These are deep but very small a bit like a vertical bath! He could hear so when Dee and I went he followed us!

There was a small sign as you climbed in saying that only 2 people were allowed in but we ignored it and the three of us squeezed in together. It was impossible not to have physical contact between us in the warm deep water but no sooner had we got in than one of the attendants came over and ticked us off and said one of us has to get out! Dee immediately lifted herself out of the water and there were no further arguments which was just as well as both of us men were visibly aroused and that is considered inappropriate behaviour! Our arousal wasn't lessened by seeing Dee sitting on the side of the pool, legs slightly open, water glistening off her wonderful body, showing us her in all her glory!

We then got out as we were still being watched by the attendant and our friend moved away. After a quick chat we decided to go to the 2nd steam room. Unlike the first one this was much cooler and not so much steam fogging up the atmosphere. Dee and I lay down on the top bench. We were the only ones in there but not for long. Half a dozen men came in to see what may happen and it of course included our muscular friend. I signalled him to hop up onto the top bench next to us which he did.

Slowly I began to stroke Dee's body. Starting along her side and then across her abdomen. She lay on her back and was showing signs of arousal. Her legs parted a little allowing the other men to gaze at her sex. Her nipples firmed up and became hard and erect and her breathing became deeper. As I increased the more sexual nature of my caresses, our companion, sitting next to Dee tentatively touched her arm with the back of his hand. She responded by stroking his arm, signalling that the contact was welcome.

My caresses were becoming more sexual and as Dee reached across to caress our new friend's leg, I worked my way down her body and started kissing her body. As she lay on her back, I positioned myself between her open legs and started kissing up her inner thighs, as I got nearer to her pussy, I licked around it and then down the other leg. I retraced my journey again...getting closer and closer to her sex. It was simply awesome as I could inhale the heady aroma of her arousal and see the moisture on her lips.

We were being watched by half a dozen men by now and they were not shy about showing their state of arousal. Hard cocks were being stroked and one guy was even sucking another off.

Dee was at this time lying back as our friend (and we never did find out his name) was stroking her breasts and sucking her nipples. She had reached across and was holding his erection. I meanwhile concentrated on her pussy. I had been careful up till point not to have touched her there and as my tongue worked its way between her spread legs I teased her a little longer. I kept away from her sex and licked across her mons and then down between her legs and crossed over to the other side licking the sensitive area between the end of her vulva and her anus. Then up the inside of the other leg.

Dee was undulating her hips and opening her legs wider, she wanted contact with her clit but I then licked down round the outside of her cunt lips. Down one side towards her anus and up the other. Reaching the top, I extended my tongue and parted her lips...and slowly again licked the insides of her lips. God she tasted wonderful. She was hot and very very wet and I loved the sensation of her juices on my tongue. I parted her lips and really licked her inside and worked my way up towards her love bud.

I was lying face down between Dee's legs and felt someone open my legs. I parted them and then a felt a hand reaching for my erection. I lifted up a bit and the hand firmly held me and started to pump my cock up and down. Then a finger circled the tip of my cock and got covered in my precum that was leaking from me. As I continued to lick Dee this finger then probed for my anus and slowly, covered in my own juices, it was inserted into me.

Meanwhile Dee pulled her knees back and thrust her pussy up to meet my probing tongue. As I finally licked the stalk of her clit she moaned softly. Then I concentrated on her clit and worked my tongue back and forth across her. She was rotating her pelvis and pushing against my probing tongue and the movements became more intense. Slowly she built to an orgasm and then it hit. She jerked for a bit and then lay still and the taste was wonderful!

As I moved away the hand stroking me let go and I turned over to lie on my back next to Dee. We looked around and saw that our show had aroused all in the steam room. Erections were being rubbed and one of the men leaned across and took my cock into his mouth, and Dee grinned at me in delight as she watched this, she loves to see mm sex and it was turning her on.

Our friend was getting emboldened and soon gilded his erection towards Dee, who took it in her hand and then leaned across and started to suck him.

Unfortunately, we had a couple of close calls as the staff were wandering around and every so often someone in the steam room would issue a warning and we all had to disentangle ourselves. It was a frustrating time and did interrupt the flow of activities.

We decided to move upstairs. Here in the "play" rooms and activity is allowed and no one comes and tried to stop you. I caught our friend's eye and indicated that he would be welcome to join us.

When we got there, there were lots of men waiting! Standing around either naked or with a towel and most were stroking themselves. They started showing their ejections in a hope of an invite but it was only our friend we wanted to play with I wondered how long they had to wait for some fun! There are a variety of small rooms there. One is quite large and has mirrors on the walls and ceiling...and no door. It is ideal for a group playing but this was not what we wanted today.

Another room was quite large and had a lock on the door and Dee and I decided to use that one. I asked one man who was in there if he would leave so we could have the room to ourselves. Then our friend followed us into the room we locked the door.

Dee laid her towel onto the bed and then laid out on her back stretching luxuriantly. She looked perfect and just so sexy.

We each lay on each side of her and started to caress her. She threw her arms over her head and her body was exposed before us. Her nakedness was such a turn on and we started to caress her breasts as she lay prone and compliant before us. We both started to lick her nipples and she responded by holding both of us behind our heads and pressing us into her breasts.

I shifted slightly and started to caress her sides and legs and she reached out to feel my erection. God it felt wonderful as she deftly held me and slowly stroked me. I moved her other hand and got her to hold our new friend and I wondered how she felt...holding the two of us, and knowing what she was doing to us!

This stage was always going to be for Dee so I let our friend continue with increasing his stimulation of Dee and it didn't take him long to want to climb on top of Dee. I knew how he felt at this moment. He would be feeling her pinned down beneath him, feeling her body along the full length of his as their chests pressed together, and his erection pressed against her abdomen, her mons pressed against his thigh.

We have to be careful and always play with others using safe sex, but our friend was unprotected. He was grinding his erection into Dee's belly and she was responding in kind. She has a liquid movement and was undulating sensuously beneath him. It was like a peristaltic wave guiding his member down to that perfect part of her body between her legs that she wanted to be filled.

I sat back a bit to watch this erotic display, and Dee reached out to me, as thought to say I am still involved. We held hands as their bodies moved in their inexorable way until they reached that point that they both wanted and desired. As they reached the point where his erection started to find its way to Dee's sex and started to press against her lips he stopped and got up.

"I have to get a condom" he said.

He got up and opened the door to go and collect one, and I moved across to taste Dee's arousal and lick her. It was as though she was on heat, and her body radiated sex. She had a knowing smile and her body was ready and receptive.

It seemed almost immediately he returned, and he locked the door behind him. Subtlety had flown out the window and it was all about consummating this act now. He ripped open the pack and Dee took it from him. She got him to lie on his back and took his erection in her hands and rolled the condom over his erection. She then climbed on top of him and started to rub her wet pussy against him.

I moved behind her and between his legs. I held his erection and lifted it so that parted Dee's pussy. It seemed no one moved for a moment, each savouring the feelings and sensations, and then Dee, this married mother and housewife, lowered her body on top of this strangers cock. It was beautiful to see as he entered her and she moved on top of him, controlling the penetration.

I moved up behind them, and pressed my erection against Dee's beautiful rear. I asked if she wanted to have me inside her alongside our friend, to have two rampant cocks fill her pussy at the same time. This is something we have done before and I love the feeling of another cock alongside mine while I am inside her. As our friend was quite small I thought we could manage this easily, but Dee said she didn't want to this time.

I sat back again and watched the show, and it wasn't long before Dee's movements and feel of her body and I am sure the internal muscle that she was using was bringing her newest lover to a climax. He rolled her over so he could be on top and without any finesse he started to pick up his pace. He fucked her with increasing sped and Dee encouraged him to cum. It didn't take long and he suddenly stiffened and pushed himself into her as far as he could. His buttocks clenched and he orgasmed and his cum filled the condom.

Sweaty and breathing heavily he pulled out of Dee. He had a grin from ear to ear and couldn't believe his luck that he had just had sex with this most sexy woman. He leaned over and gave Dee a kiss and said he was going to be on his way and leave us alone.

After he left Dee and I lay together. She was damp and moisture covered her body where he had laid full length on top of her and their heat of their coupling had generated sheen on her skin. Her breasts were firm and the nipples hard and pert. She lay with her legs slightly apart and her sex was also slightly open, the lips filled with blood, and her juices had given lustre to the whole area around her vulva. If ever there is a vision of perfection I was looking at it now, here was a woman at the height of physical perfection and more erotic was the knowledge than she knew how to enjoy it to the full.

Although she had enjoyed the coupling her recent lover had not brought her to orgasm, and as she was ready for the next round. She got me to lie on my back and I was tumescent. Being a part of their sexual play had been intencly arousing and I was looking forward to further more personal sex with Dee.

I lay on my back and Dee straddled me. Having just been penetrated and well and truly fucked she didn't need to feel me inside her. However even though our friend hadn't brought her to orgasm, she was aroused and the smell of her sex filled the room. As I supported her torso with my hands and felt the firmness of her wonderful breasts against my hands she rubbed her pussy against my erection. I am reasonably thick and I could feel my member part the wet lips and rub along the length of her opening. She controlled the pace and length and was enjoying the pressure as my cock pressed against her lips and rubbed along her clit.

She lifted off for a moment, to catch her breath I thought, and I was happy to lie there touching and looking at this, the most wonderful woman I have ever known. Then, without warning, I felt a warm sensation flowing onto my cock. I almost exploded at that point as I instantly knew what she was doing. With her head held low, and looking down between our bodies, she had opened her bladder and was playing her pee along my cock and directing the stream of hot piss onto the very sensitive area at the tip of my cock.

I groaned with delight as the sensations washed over me. Dee has great control and stopped her flow. I looked into her eyes and she grinned with delight at the pleasure she was giving me. My voice had become a croak as I said I wanted to drink from her.

She grinned again and said "Kinky!"

Still on my back, she crawled up my body and then knelt astride my face. I will never forget that moment. I looked up to her looking at me. God she is so beautiful. Then down across her body to her breasts that had nipples hard and erect. I was touching her waist and her flat tummy lead to this most awesome view. The contours of her body were flawless. The curve of her pelvis as it went between her legs. The rise of her mons accentuating her sex. The smooth junction of her legs and the totally hairless sex that is so neat and so beautiful. The aroma was powerful up close and the lips of her pussy were very slightly open and revealed her arousal and were red and covered in her juices. Her lips are the best part of her sex and are neat and frame her most intimate part exquisitely, and just visible at the top was her clit peeping out from behind its hood, illustrating how aroused she was.

I open my mouth in anticipation.

She smiled and then with masterly control directed her pee into my mouth. I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy. Her pussy had opened slightly and her pee came out of her in a thin stream, it wasn't spraying at all, and Dee kept it directed into my waiting mouth. This was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, and my senses were going into overdrive. I had this most fantastic view, the aroma was a heady mixture of our sexual secretions, I was touching her warm smooth body, I could hear the sound of her piss as it filled my mouth. She then stopped.

Closing my mouth I swallowed her. Oh my god this was mind-blowing. With all of the other four senses in overdrive, it was added to by the sense of taste, and although the taste was fairly neutral it was sparking off all sorts of things in my brain. I felt her flow into me as I swallowed and a new feeling that I had never felt enveloped me. It was a feeling of such intimacy and personal connection.

Men are used to passing part of their bodies into a woman, and women like to receive this and it's what sex is all about! This however was a first for me as I took a part of Dee deep within me. Part of what had been inside her was now inside me and we were joined in the most intimate of ways and I found it to be sexually thrilling. It was as though fireworks had gone off in my brain as I was being both mentally and physically stimulated in the most erotic way possible with all senses receiving sensations at once.

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